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Extremely proud of these three ladies that I have the privilege to coach @eitapaea @mkonui @elliegranger13 - all three competed today and put in great performances that they can be proud of. We’ve been working a ton on composure, self belief, being strong in the right areas, having faith in their own abilities and keeping things simple. It’s been a good block of training for these champs and I’m stoked with their progress. Keep up the good work Champs - keep working hard #teamdanomyte #proudcoach #trainhard #competeeasy #teamobc #anythingispossible
Massive congrats to @elliegranger13 on an outstanding performance today lifting at the @olympicweightliftingnz Weightlifting Invitational held at the @nzfitnessexpo. Ellie hit all-time comp platform personal bests lifts, 5 for 6 and reaching A-Grade total in the newly formed 64kg class. Great work Coach @jamesgranger5 !! Awesome work Ellie - we’re all proud of you mate! #TeamOBC #trainhard #competeeasy Snatch 65kg, 70kg, 73kg (PB) C&J 85kg x, 85kg, 90kg (PB) Total 163kg (PB)
It was a good round of lifting at our club comp today. Congratulations to all lifters on their performances - no doubt they will go back to training hard for the next one. Congrats to Fritha, Darren and Ryan on qualifying for the NZ Masters Nationals where they will join @eitapaea and @mkonui travelling down to Wellington for the Nationals. We are grateful to our volunteers (Flo - referee, Adam, Ardi, Callum and Dana - loaders) for helping us run the competition #grateful Keep up the good work all #TeamOBC #trainhard #competeeasy
Big session for our monthly club competition tomorrow. We will be going live on our Facebook page starting the live stream just before 10am. All the best to all the lifters #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Wishing @elliegranger13 the best of luck as she competes at the @nzfitnessexpo Olympic Weightlifting Invitational tomorrow hosted by @olympicweightliftingnz. We are stoked and excited for her as she rubs shoulders with some of the top weightlifters NZ has to offer. Here’s a clip of Ellie hitting an equal PB Power Jerk at 80kg. Massive good luck from us all Ellie - massive thanks to @jamesgranger5 on working Ellie’s corner tomorrow #TeamOBC #trainhard #competeeasy
What can I do to convinced this beauty @sandeeandmaui (avid MTB biker) to attend #obc2019lv ? Do I need 100 votes to get her approval? 🤔 there’s no easy tasks, but to invite... Thanks #teamobc for giving me opportunity to scout out. NOTE: I did have her permission to steal her pics. 😬 #hammerandcycle #hammerandcyclecali #hammerandcyclebc #obc #rideobc2019 #mtbgirls
La derrota no es el peor de los fracasos. No intentarlo es el verdadero fracaso. #TeamOBC #TeamBarberBombing
PR set of 5 back squats at 189kg/415lbs. I was gonna rest today but the itch was just too strong so I gave in. I’m not in shape to be going for 5s so I’ll pay for this big time tomorrow but YOLO right. #weightlifting #squats #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #fitness #workharder #teamOBC #sorefortherestofmylife
EVENING WORKOUT DONE TO MAKE WEIGHT FOR TOMORROW!!! LETS GO CHAMPS. #TEAMOBC #GHH 👊🏽🦍🥊💪🏽🙏 #boxing #usa #easternelitequalifierchampionships #dedicated #workhard #ghh
THE CHAMP IS READY FOR WAR👊🏽👊🏽🥊🥊🦍🦍 #GHH #TEAMOBC 🙏 #boxing #usa #fitness #trainhard #dedication
👊🏽🥊🥊🦍🦍 #TEAMOBC #GHH FIGHTS START TOMORROW. TIME TO FEED THESE YOUNG LIONS #boxing #usa #boxing #easternelitequalifierchampionships #fighttime
115kg/253lb snatch and 155kg/341lb clean and jerk from yesterday’s competition. Weighed in at 99kg... the lightest I have been in 2 years!! Really happy with this for my first one but definitely hungry for more. Great time as always with #teamOBC . Thanks to coach Trevor @crossfitscugog for all his help allowing us to just focus on making lifts and to our awesome fans who came out to support us, it meant a lot! #weightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #workharder
THE CHAMP IS READY FOR WAR👊🏽👊🏽🥊🥊🦍🦍 #GHH #TEAMOBC 🙏 #boxing #usa #fitness #trainhard #dedication
4 fighters into the ring this week-end! #obcgeneve #teamobc #boxegeneve #fight #geneva #fight #
114kg/250lb snatch and a 134kg/295lb power clean and jerk. Last lifting session before Saturday’s competition. A bit sloppy but feeling fast and strong! #weightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #fitness #teamOBC
OBC lifters were out and about over the weekend. Coach @dannynemani attempted to pull a 45-tonne Hercules C-130, @elliegranger13 placed 4th in the 63kg class at the NZ Weightlifting National Champs And @aoteafrandi placed 5th in the 90kg class. Great effort by everyone and a good step in a positive direction. Keep up the good work team #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
145kg/320lb power clean and jerk. No style points on that jerk! #weightlifting #cleanandjerk #squats #fitness #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #workharder #teamOBC
110kg/242lb and 115kg/253lb power-ish snatches. These were actually my 3rd and 4th reps of the workout. Thanks to the team for encouraging this crazy idea! @n.ridley714 @evan_mulvenna94k @jordandwilson1 #weightlifting #snatch #squats #fitness #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #workharder #teamOBC
The fire is re-ignited. 150kg/330lbs clean and jerk after a tough week off. I’ll be competing October 6th. Time to work! #weightlifting #cleanandjerk #squats #fitness #weightlossjourney #workharder #teamOBC
Saturday Squat Squad 🤙🤙🤙 #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
We had a good little club competition over the weekend. Great to have guests from @papatoetoeweightlifting club join us - super grateful to have one of NZs best lifters @jpomelile referee our comp and present our certificates #grateful Great lifting by @eitapaea and @aoteafrandi - Eni has been really working on her comp platform presence. And Aotea hit a huge 90kg SB Clean and Jerk. Great lifting all round. See you at the next one #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Lights camera action 🥊📸🎥 #boxing #modeling #teamOBC #meslabstudio
Very proud of this team for EARNING their head band! #hardwork #dedication #letsgo #obc #oswegoboxingclub #teamobc #toughmudder
Redemption!! Last week I couldn’t keep it above parallel... one of these has to count! 137kg/302lb and 140kg/308lb power clean and jerks tonight. #weightlifting #olympiclifting #lifting #squats #cleanandjerk #snatch #fitness #crossfit #workharder #teamOBC
155kg/340lb clean and jerk PR! It’s nights like this with the boys that make this crazy sport worthwhile. #weightlifting #cleanandjerk #squats #olympiclifting #crossfit #fitness #teamOBC
Following the program consistently is more important than the program. Awesome lift by @manpreet_singh1985 hitting a 10kg PB deadlift at 220kg. Manny is deep in to his prep for the NZ Log Lift & Deadlift Champs held at @crossfitotara on Aug 11th. @newzealandstrongmanseries #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Quando te conheci tinhas acabado de completar maioridade, eu ainda não fazia idéia da cumplicidade que nasceria e se fortificaria entre nós... Me viste nascer e acompanhas meus passos desde então, testemunhastes quedas, choros, conquistas e vitórias... Proporcionastes a mim uma formação em base sólida, mestres que se tornaram amigos, amigos que se tornaram irmãos, me formastes cidadã. Hoje, no dia em que completas 54 anos eu não estou aí pra te abraçar, mas tenho a imensa honra de estar fora de casa acompanhando a seleção que leva no peito a tua bandeira e que perde a voz gritando orgulhosamente teu nome. Parabéns Balneário Camboriú, és meu berço, és minha casa, és minha mãe!!! #aniversáriobalneáriocamboriú #bc54anos #niverBC #minhacidadefazanos #orgulhonativo #teamoBc #teamBC #TORCIDABC #prefeituradebalneáriocamboriú
Great lifting by @janitapoko at the North Island Champs. She equaled her Masters snatch record and won the silver medal in the 90+kg class. Her attempt on 70kg Snatch was very close and she’ll be the better for it as she heads to Barcelona for the World Masters Champs. Her lifts were Snatch 60kg, 65kg, 70kg x. CJ 70kg, 75kg, 81kg x. Total 140kg. Keep up the good work Janita! #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Great lifting by @mkonui at the North Island Champs. She placed 3rd in the 90+kg class picking up her first ever senior medal. Her lifts were Snatch 51kg, 53kg, 55kg (3 from 3. CJ 64kg, 68kg x, 68kg x. Total 119kg. Keep up the good work Molly! #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Great lifting by @etitapaea in her first Senior competition. She placed a credible 7th in the 90kg class. Her lifts were Snatch 43kg x, 43kg, 45kg x. CJ 53kg, 56kg x, 56kg x. Total 96kg. Keep up the good work Eni!! #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Massive congrats to Eni, Janita and Molly on rounding out the North Island Champs. Huge congrats to Janita on winning Silver and Molly on winning bronze in the 90+kg (Molly’s first ever senior medal). Awesome work team - it was a good weekend of great lifting and hanging out with awesome people - keep up the good work - see you at training #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Final session of the competition and Team OBC have 3 lifters competing - all the best @etitapaea @mkonui and @janitapoko #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Solid hit out by James @jamesgranger5 yesterday in the 85kg class. It was his first major competition in over a year. His lifts were: Snatch 50kg, 78kg, 81kg, 85kg x, 85kg x. CJ 100kg, 105kg, 108kg, 114kg x, 114kg. Total 195kg. Good work James #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Great lifting by Ellie yesterday at the North Island Champs to win Gold I’m a very close battle. Here are her lifts with a couple of warm up lifts. Snatch 60kg, 65kg, 68kg, 71kg, 73kg x. CJ 75kg, 81kg, 85kg, 88kg (comp PB), 92kg x. Total 159kg (comp PB). #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Awesome lifting by @elliegranger13 winning the 63kg class by 1kg in an awesome battle with Samara from Wellington. Awesome lifting by everyone in the session. Congrats Ellie - great fight and determination to get the Gold #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Team OBC are in the house at the 2018 North Island Champs in Tauranga. Check out the cool comp set up - comp platform, lots of warm up room, tiered seating - good lifting environment #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Good hit out team - @manpreet_singh1985 deep into his deadlift program with set 5 of 6x6 @ 170kg. Everyone is working hard on their craft and continue to keep progressing- keep up the good work guys #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy #snatchforshow #jerkfordough
Great having Kelly and Whetu join us at training tonight. Good tech work in the Clean & Jerk tonight guys #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Max out Pizza Saturday for the crew. Congrats James on the new PB Front Squat #teamobc #pizzahard #pizzaeasy 😂
***JULY COMP CANCELLED*** Due to urgent repairs needed on our floor under our competition platform, we regrettably have to cancel our July Club Competition held on Saturday 28th of July. #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Keep up the good work team - keep being diligent on doing the basics - water, mobility, sleep etc - keep following your recovery protocols. #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
A few good lifts from training yesterday as the team starts a new program block - it’s 4-weeks of a bit of skill work and a bit of power work. Everyone came out of the last program block with a few PBs and an increase in leg strength. Keep up the good work everyone #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy #snatchforshow #jerkfordough
Massive congrats to @elliegranger13 on placing a credible 4th at the recent Oceania Weightlifting Champs held in New Caledonia 🇳🇨 She lifted 70kg snatch and 84kg CJ in a tough class to place 4th by 1kg. We’re all proud of her at OBC and support her 100% in her journey to ‘be better’. Huge thank you to NZ coaching staff who did a tremendous job with Ellie, giving her their 100% in her second International of her short Weightlifting career. Onwards and upwards from here - let’s go Ellie!!! #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy #oceanias2018
It was a good hit out for our 5th club comp of 2018 - we had a good turn out on a really cold Saturday morning. It was great to have Lyndsey, Serenity, Deepa and Darren join us in our club comp. Great lifting everyone - especially to @aoteafrandi who lifted the qualifying total for the NZ Senior Nationals. See you all at the next one #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy #grassrootssport . Huge massive thank you to @johanhandwerk for stepping in to referee our competition and to Dana for loading- super grateful guys.
Team OBC have lifters competing in two competitions this week - @elliegranger13 hits the International platform lifting at the Oceania Champs in New Caledonia 🇳🇨 and we have James, Scott, Aotea and Eni lifting in our club comp. Good luck to all lifters at both competitions. #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy #oceanias2018 Look out for our Club comp live stream on our Facebook page and the Oceania Champs live stream can be found at www.oceaniaweightlifting.com/webcast/
Sending out a huge GOOD LUCK!!! to OBC lifter @elliegranger13 as she flys out to New Caledonia today to rep NZ at the 2018 Oceania Weightlifting Champs. Ellie lifts this coming Friday in the 63kg class. GO ELLIE!!! #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy #oceanias2018
OBC CLUB COMP #5 - Entries are open - give us a message if you’d like to enter. Our online entry form can be found on the Otara Barbell Club Facebook page. Entries close in 2-weeks (We’d 27th June) #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
A few good lifts from training tonight - everyone is refining and perfecting their technique with little adjustments here and there. It’s a never ending battle but the crew are making good head way - keep up the good work team. We’re two and half weeks out from our next club comp on Sat 30th June. More info out soon #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Good hit out team! Everyone lifted some good weight in the 95%-100% range - Ellie hitting 90kg CJ easy enough and a close miss at 92kg - not much hype in this heavy session - just concentration and focus. Everyone is looking good in their build up to our next club comp on Sat 30th June. Keep up the good work!!! #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
A few good lifts by everyone tonight in training - nothing flash, just head down and work. Keep up the good work team #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Good work tonight team - everyone is working on their technique, positions and cues. Eni and Molly start a block of work on perfecting key positions in the lifts - so there’s a bunch of holds and pauses. And Ellie is into her final few weeks of heavy training before tapering for the Senior Oceania Champs. Good work guys. We are 4-weeks out from our next Club competition held on Sat 30th of June - more info out soon #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
#TBT year 2000 my second fight iwas 6years old,1st year of school 🥊🥊🥊#teamOBC #MyTeam
Good ‘Welcome Back’ session for Eni and Molly fresh from winning Gold at the Oceania Masters Champs - here’s Molly hitting a PB Front Squat on 95kg tonight. Also, Ellie put up a great lifetime PB 91kg Clean & Jerk in this Volume Deload week - that was after 85kg and 88kg. Everyone is still working hard on their technique - awesome work team #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy #nobrainnogain
After a great weekend of results for OBC - the team were back in to training #workneverends Ellie is half way in her prep for the Senior Oceania Champs held in New Caledonia next month. Here she is hitting a PB Power Clean & Push Jerk at 76kg. Good work Ellie - keep up the good work #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy #wejustworkhard #nothingspecial
What a weekend of success for our small little club. 7 x medals won, 9 x personal bests and 2 x NZ Masters records broken in the space of two days. At the 2018 Oceania & Open Champs, @taniahodges123 won 2 x Silver medals, lifted 4 PBs and broke 2 x NZ Masters Records. @etitapaea won silver and gold and broke 3 x PBs. @mkonui won 2 x golds and broke 2 x PBS. And @manpreet_singh1985 won bronze in his debut Strongman comp in the 90kg class as part of the @newzealandstrongmanseries . Congratulations team - you have put in a tremendous amount of work to achieve these awesome results. Proud of you all #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy #wejustworkhard #nothingspecial
Sending out a huge GOOD LUCK to our three Masters lifters competing at the Masters Oceania Champs in Melbourne starting tomorrow. All the best @taniahodges123 @mkonui and @etitapaea Also huge congrats to Tania on being selected to the NZ A-team and Molly and Eni on being selected to the NZ B-Team - massive achievement for you three. We’ll link the live stream on our Facebook page #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy #masterssquad
Good work tonight team - everyone getting work done and working on their technique. Good work from Eni as she puts in her last session in before the Oceania Masters Champs in Melbourne held this weekend- looking sharp Eni #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
We had a small turn out at our club comp yesterday but with some of the best results. The 4 lifters put on a great show for the audience. Natasha CRANMER (OWNZ) had a blinder of a comp going 6 for 6, setting PBs, breaking 8 x NZ Masters Records (40-44, 63kg) and breaking the 200 Sinclair points mark!!! Great lifting Tash - great to have you join us. The OBC lifters had a good day in the office too - @elliegranger13 hit solid numbers in her prep for the Senior Oceanias, @lawrence_scott went 6 for 6 and hits PBs and Sione hit good numbers in his first comp of year - hitting comp PBs and was just 3kgs under hitting the A-Grade total for the 105s. Great lifting to the 4 lifters, grateful to Dana, Caine and Nikki for loading and for Molly, Mihi and James for refereeing our comp. Keep up the good work all. Keep an eye out for our comp next month (Sat 30th June) #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Good work team - it’s not easy grinding day in and day out and I’m not just talking about the physical grind. The mental grind/concentration needed in order to perform the lifts effectively is huge - the saying ‘No Brain. No Gain’ comes to mind 😎. Everyone in the team is working hard by studying their technique, their positional cues, having discussions about slight adjustments and changes to their lifting - after time their technique and more importantly their understanding of the lifts will become second nature. Keep working hard team, keep studying your technique, keep diligent on your recovery protocols and keep being awesome #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
Final Start list for our Club Competition this Sat (19th May). Last month was our club record for the most lifters in a session - this month is our club record for the least lifters in a session 😬 We will be live streaming the lifts too - keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the link #teamobc #trainhard #competeeasy
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