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Long lost mansion with mystery in the air ❤️
Magical people deserve magical places ❤️ || @lafavelabali_
Home for 4 days in #Lombok . Away from people, traffic and work. @villa_nambung a place to rejuvenate and reenergise ❤️🤩 . Thank you @scullylastri for building this amazing place and offering it to people around the globe 🌍
Can my morning looks like this everyday? • Somewhere around @t.faustine ’s place in #Jimbaran
I am more at ease with myself. Feeling closer to clarity with each passing day • Snapped this picture in @ayanaresort while walking to @rockbarbali
It could have been magical in so many ways. Magical heart belongs in magical places ❤️ • The entrance to @lafavelabali_ located next to @thebistrotbali in Seminyak
Leave it empty till someone amazingly worthy comes along ❤️
A city girl who has a crush on nature. RM50 in exchange for more sun and being close to the nature at the peak of Penang Island is totally worth it! So glad to randomly stumbled upon @thehabitatph at @mypenanghill
There’s her in between the forest • 🌳 I fell in love with the nature in 2017. Staying close to the trees keep me calm and warm. They reminded me of the miracles in this universe and taught me to be grateful of every single breath I take.e
When she goes into the wilderness a part of her soul is going home. How many of you love being close to nature? 🌴🛵
Arms wide open to receive the good this world has to offer. Living in the moment at the beach in front of our villa @villa_nambung , away from humans and connectivity!
Be your own backbone and cornerstone • I got a feeling I belong to somewhere far far away. A very big part of me wants to go #Auroville where people live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. I want to stop by #Varanasi - the spiritual capital of India to sit under the bodhi tree and have a deeper conversation with myself.
I carry you in my heart for 304 days.
I love to go back to @aura.lombok with a good book and my bikinis👙 • Situated 30mins away from our gorgeous homestay @villa_nambung
She loves the ocean but she’s a city girl at heart. She goes to the ocean to be reminded of the life that lives within her • @aura.lombok @selongselo
The things that capture your attention are not random. They are connected to your purpose 😊🏖|| @labrisabali can I take a boat home with all the little things except the cactus🌵
We live differently on a beach. We don’t count the hours but live in the moment 🏖🥥 || Black sand beach in #Bali @labrisabali
Don’t shy away from nature 🌴🛵 || @labrisabali
A foodie’s paradise • ☕️🍹Stood outside #thebistrotbali wondering if I should go in? So glad I did! It’s so beautiful inside. It has the Harry Potter feel. View insta story to see..☝🏻😍#TWDeatdrinklove #thebaliguru #thebalibible 📷: @tanwendee
Eventually all things will fall into place. Until then, laugh at confusion, live for the moments and know everything happens for a reason || Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ❤️
Everyone says there is something magical about #Bali . What do you think? 🏖🛵🧜🏻‍♀️
Taking it all in to wake up with feel good thoughts, body and soul ☀️🏖 || Podaaaa..I was waiting for my jagung bakar 🌽🤣
Here’s where people come to forget about life for a while🍹|| @motelmexicola
Life’s about balancing between vibrant shades and occasionally white
Bow cika wow wow. @motelmexicola is where your Mexican dreams come true 🌮🍻😏||
@motelmexicola everyone’s happy place in Bali. 🛵🏖 This spot comes to life during the night 😍😏 || #TWDeatdrinklove
Home to free spirits, good vibes and Mexican flavours in the beating heart of Seminyak 🏖🍻🧘🏻‍♀️ || @motelmexicola
She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes • 💫🏖
🧘🏻‍♀️New twist to an old habit. Looking forward to change the way people commute, travel and explore the world 🗺🚴🏻‍♀️
We can tell each other secrets and remember how to love || @chochafoodstore has a story to tell
She has never lost her head even when she was giving head || @chochafoodstore ’s 100+ years old window #cafehopmy #malaysiancafes #klcafe #onestopkl #klcoffeespots
We are constantly in search for the life beyond mediocrity • #TWDeatdrinklove #thebaliguru #thebalibible #digitalnomad
Seekers redemption • Here’s where they go cleanse their guilt and seek blessing #thebaliguru #thebalibible #TWDeatdrinklove
Her heart is whole, she’s at ease and she’s free ❤️ • #TWDeatdrinklove #thebalibible #thebaliguru
Chasing facade🚪 • Don’t let life pass you by, treat yourself once in a while to the desires of your heart, otherwise what is the point of living? #TWDeatdrinklove #doortraits #doorsworldwide
Blessed we are to have hummus, shawarma and lamb mandi on our table. To always be grateful with the little things in life people often take for granted • #TWDeatdrinklove
Reflect on your choices, spaces and faces •💛 A distinct beauty at the end of Changkat. Count on Halab for mouthwatering and affordable Arabic cuisine till 4am. Yummms! 😍😉 Lamb mandi, hummus, shawarma and fattoush 🌯🥗🥘 #TWDeatdrinklove
Pure fate stepping into this hidden gem. ☕️ Built in the 1910s, vintage hotel turned cafe and gallery space. I hope to display my photos in a gallery someday! 😌🙂 #TWDeatdrinklove #Jaotimkl #TWDeatdrinklovekl
Built in 1910 during the pre war era. Previously a hotel, these bricks are 107 year old with so many stories to tell || @jaotimkl 61 Jalan Sultan #TWDeatdrinklove
A strong believer that FATE brings people, places and things together 🙏🏻 // A random stroll from Jalan Pudu to Jalan Sultan, walk pass a suspicious looking door 🚪 with a “beers sold here” sign leads me to discover the latest hidden gem in Kuala Lumpur - @jaotimkl ☕️🍤#TWDeatdrinklove
Spending time alone in a cafe is therapeutic. It heals the soul, recharge energy and encourage self growth ☕️🥟|| #TWDeatdrinklove
#TWDeatdrinklove reading sanctuary along Jalan Petaling 📖 || @merchantslane ☕️🥟
It’s always sunshine & summer night in Merchant’s Lane || A former brothel turned cafe creatively designed by @powideas #TWDeatdrinklove
Nothing can dim the lights that shine from within 💡|| @theatticbar_kl 🍹a hidden bar across @ps150kl. Pass through a uniquely designed guesthouse to get here. Highly reckon ladies to wear shoes or sandals to access this bar ❤️ #TWDeatdrinklove
Kuala Lumpur, Lorong Sultan || This world keeps spinning around and I will always find art, story and extraordinary in ordinary things ❤️#TWDeatdrinklove
Look at what the light did now? If you are at the right place, in the right time with the right light..everything is extraordinary || #TWDeatdrinklove
Under these lights is where I gon’ thinking. Little did I know this is where I start putting the pieces back in place. #TWDeatdrinklove
Lights will guide us home. #HoiAn stole my heart and never gave it back ❤️ • #TWDeatdrinklove
The journey only requires you to put one foot in front of the other…again and again and again • #TWDeatdrinklove #Klang #tamanrakyat
Hiking is a way of healing. This year I picked up running as a hobby and I’ve been spending more time wandering in the woods 🌳 • It has always been the little things in life #TWDeatdrinklove #Klang
Going into the woods is like going home. The beauty and its solitary • #TWDeatdrinklove #goodvibesonly #positivity #jogging #digitalnomad
The best view comes from the hardest climb 🤣😅 • While waiting for our 🛥 to take us to Crab Island 😏 #TWDlongblack #TWDeatdrinklove #TWDdiscovernegaraku
Everywhere is walking distance if you have time • Life is full of beautiful things when you walk. #TWDlongblack #TWDeatdrinklove #TWDdiscovernegaraku
You can’t discover a new land without losing sight of the shore ⛵️• #TWDlongblack #TWDeatdrinklove #TWDdiscovernegaraku
One of the rare ones, effortlessly herself 😎 • #TWDeatdrinklove #TWDlongblack #TWDdiscovernegaraku
70 Jalan Pudu • There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors 🧐 😱#TWDeatdrinklove
78, Jalan Pudu • Find beauty in ordinary things. I stumbled upon this door while walking to @leafandco_cafe in the heart of #kualalumpur #TWDeatdrinklove #TWDdiscovernegaraku
Something old something new ☕️ • @seraph_awaken took over 87 year old kopitiam, Wan Yuen. The previous owner left behind old wooden chairs, tables printed with faded word maps and rattan recliners that have become part of the cafe 😍😊
Built in 1927. This 90 year old vintage shop is now home to @seraph_awaken. It all started with a single thought - “Everyday I wanted to quit my job as a barista and kept moving to find something fulfilling” ☕️🙂
Live a life that honour the truth within ❤️ Choose to pursue a life that makes you feel good. Let your authenticity shines through all that you do, say, see and feel 🌟🌟🌟 ...Feed me some chicken nuggets please.. 🤣😏!! #TWDeatdrinklove #TWDdiscovernegaraku #onwardsandupwards
Truly a hidden gem that separate you from the hustle bustle outdoor. ❤️#thebistrot a vintage restaurant located discreetly on the east street of Seminyak, Bali🍷🍝🥓🥞 1.5km walk from #kimsoo and #motelmexicola #TWDeatdrinklove #thebaliguru #thebalibible #balici
A foodie’s paradise • ☕️🍹Stood outside #thebistrotbali wondering if I should go in? So glad I did! It’s so beautiful inside. It has the Harry Potter feel. View insta story to see..☝🏻😍#TWDeatdrinklove #thebaliguru #thebalibible
It's a blessing to see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing • #changkat #TWDeatdrinklove #kualalumpur
Cycle out of this heart ❤️ • Ipoh road trip with the girls 😎 @nicolealdeth @hi.itsmi @sharmeenlooi @hanhushar #rootsecoresort #TWDeatdrinklove #TWDdiscovernegaraku
She always finds a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The tale says she's magical and she sparkles at the darkest hour • #lalaguna #canggubali #TWDeatdrinklove #balicili #balilivin #thebaliguru
You were the right face at the wrong time • ☀️Sunset and coffee ☕️at #KebunBistro #UbudBali #TWDeatdrinklove #athomeintheworld #dametraveler
A well designed restaurant with good food and great service tells a complete story ❤️ • #IsabelKL #TWDeatdrinklove
The basic necessities in life - to simply breathe, eat and sleep well • Certified 'food monsters' catching up over lunch at the newly open #isabelkl along Jalan Mesui 😋🍷🍮🥓🍤
We just can't stop ordering @isabel.kualalumpur 's bar snacks! By far they serve one of the best Asian Fusion bar snacks in KL. 🤤😏 Highly reckon to order banana fitters serve with gula melaka ice cream for dessert 🍷😍 _________________________________________ #TWDeatdrinklove #TWDeatdrinklovekl #TWDdiscovernegaraku #isabelkl #makeitdelicious #foodieflatlays #timeoutkl #forkyeah #inmytummy #huffposttaste #foodgalore #vscofood #beautifulcuisines #feedyoursoul #foodstyling #heresmyfood #sundaybrunch #eatdrinkkl #discoverkl #asianfoodporn #mytablesituation #coffeeshopvibes #cafehopkl #mytinyatlas #klfoodie #cafehopmy #malaysiancafes #thehappynow #myeverydaymagic #tasteintravel
@isabel.kualalumpur ❤️ This exquisitely designed restaurant is the newest addition to Jalan Mesui. Big thumbs up for the orgasmic bar snacks and dessert! Can't wait for my next visit with my friends and family 🍷 __________________________________ #TWDeatdrinklove #TWDeatdrinklovekl #TWDdiscovernegaraku #interior #kualalumpur #restaurant #malaysia #bar #selangor #kl #chef #gourmet #decor #timeoutkl #cafe #klcc #interior4all #tripadvisor #decoration #igersmalaysia #restaurants #drinks #lunch #isabelkl #lonelyplanet #travelgram #digitalnomad #mytinyatlas #changkat
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