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Date Squares. First time baking a batch. Baked and cut but I’m chickening out of taking them out of the dish in case the results are more like Date Smush than squares 🤷🏼‍♀️. It appears that we have finally found the limits of my kitchen bravery 💁🏼‍♀️ They can eat ‘em with a spoon if the bars don’t set 😂 #TheKeswickBlog #KitchenAdventures #MumLife #MomLife #BakingMyWayThroughTheSnow #AintNeverGonnaBeSkinny 💃🏼 #SorryNotSorry
When winter shows up and brings icy cold sadness with her, I look to this girl, Hula Betty, to remind me of warmer, sunnier, less sucky days. She’s my #KitchenGuardian . #TheKeswickBlog #HurryBackSummer #Betty
Tucking the boys into bed and my hair was getting in my way so I decided to embrace my inner Cousin It and roll with it. Pax asked to use my phone to take a picture, how could I say “no”? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #GlamourShot #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MomLife #CrazyHairDontCare
My husband had a great idea to go and explore the waterfront in Orillia this afternoon. Mostly just the six of us and a few dog walkers mixed in with the occasional joggers (they’re actually probably regular joggers, they looked pretty fit 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️) were out enjoying the boardwalk and snow. Observed our moment of silence in the car and listened to the service on @981chfi - I tear up every time. #TheKeswickBlog #Remembrance #Family #MySmalls #MumLife #momlife #LestWeForget
#TBT 24 years to @declaanphillips first summer. I was too young to know just how much I didn’t know about being a mother and he was WAY too young to have figured out that he may be in a bit of a pickle (but his face is screaming “you’ve got to be KIDDING me with this chick!”) But we figured it out, made mistakes, did some things right, weathered the storms and today, he’s all good. As for me, I’m none the wiser, I just have more kids making that face at me. #SorryNotSorry , my loves! 😂😍😂 #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MomLife #90sBaby #whyihavefivekids
Monday: Followed the plan. Beef stew on the left, vegetarian chilli on the right. Dinner (and leftovers) are ready! #MealPlan #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MomLife
New post on the blog today. One week of no-spending/shopping, to use what we have and get the household budget balance sheet to, well, balance. 💁🏼‍♀️ Will update in a week and share if my well was a win or a fail. Link in bio, as always 🥰 #TheKeswickBlog #MomLife #MumLife #Money #Budget #frugal
This is my spot. This has been command central for the past six years. This also happens to be our kitchen table (kids have always eaten at the island). Today, I decided to move my computer and paperwork all back into my office and get more disciplined about how I allocate and use my time, so as to maximize the time that I have with my family and also the time I spend running our household and lives. #ChangeIsHard but it’s also necessary in order to continue to grow and move our lives forward. No more hopping on my laptop to check something, schedule something or figure something out while I’m in the middle of doing “life” with my family. Discipline. 💪🏻 It will be my new name from now in. I mean, if I can stop eating Halloween-sized bags of Doritos after 16 bags (may have run out at the point, but still) then I think that I have more than shown just how disciplined I’ve become in my adult years, yes? #TheKeswickBlog #HousewifeLife #MumLife #MomLife #KitchenTableWriterNoMore
A pirate, a taco, a rasher of bacon and a hot cat-dog walk into a bar... #TheKeswickBlog #Halloween2018 #MySmalls #MumLife 👻🎃
The three dudes out partying on the weekend, stayed out all night and woke up wearing disguises. Their emoji-faced sister 😜 kept close to home and remained frost-free. Snow before Halloween? Sacre bleu! And now it’s raining buckets. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it stops before it’s time to troll the streets looking for candy 🧛🏻‍♂️🧟‍♀️🎃👻 #TheKeswickBlog #Halloween2018 #MumLife #Pumpkin
And THIS, boys and girls is exactly why I #aintevergonnabeskinny . @testkitchen Flaky Dinner Rolls and Quick Cinnamon Rolls while we wait for the Family Favourites Cheese Lasagna to finish baking in the oven, and I’m not even sorry. #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MomLife #HomeCooking #SundayDinner
So, I guess we’re carving pumpkins and roasting seeds tonight! #TheKeswickBlog #Halloween2018 #MumLife #AllThePumpkins 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
This kid is 12 today! 12! How did this happen? He’s so smart, strong and sweet, he has been from day one and I am beyond privileged to have been allowed to call him mine and be his mama. The years are flying by (despite how long the days sometimes feel) and I am so excited to see where his journey takes him. He is my sunshine, then and now. #TheKeswickBlog #HappyBirthday #MumLife #MomLife #WhyIHaveFiveKids #DeaconMyDeacon 💚💚
Shhhhh! Don’t tell Gargamel, but Smurf Village is in Keswick! La la la la la la sing a happy song 🎤🍄 #TheKeswickBlog #YesImmaADork 🤓 #Autumn2018
Spaghetti tonight for dinner. Fast, cheap and easy. Everything I don’t like in people, I covet and seek out in food. Don’t worry, the sauce is homemade. I have not yet given up completely 🤓 #TheKeswickBlog #MomLife #MumLife #EasyDinner #Autumn2018
Thanksgiving road trip to #Tervete . The first picture was taken start of the trip while everyone was still happy and no one was squished or cranky (note #MissMoon is doing her emoji impression) and the second picture is of my beautiful boys during the ferry crossing. I once was young and full of bravado “I regret nothing!” I would declare to my gobsmacked parents after yet another questionable life choice. Well, I’m older now and I do have regrets, but being mum to #MyFive will never be one of them. Neither will that second piece of cheesecake that I always eat, because life is too short for that sort of deprivation. 😜 #TheKeswickBlog #Thanksgiving2018 #MumLife #MomLife #whyihavefivekids
So, I’m sitting here, in the kitchen, just minding my own business, not bothering a soul, when BANG! My glass mixing bowl just up and breaks clean apart. It was just sitting on the stovetop. No one else is home. The stove is OFF. My bowl is RUINED 😭😭 But honestly, what in the world?!? I bought this three-piece set from @ikeacanada probably 15 or more years ago, and I’ve worked them like rented mules since then, but still, I wanted to have them FOREVER 😩 #TheKeswickBlog #KitchenDisaster #MomLife #MumLife #OfCourse
I’ll grant you, it looks a bloody mess, but I’ve been wanting to play with phyllo pastry for a long, long time. If following along with me on IG or Facebook has taught you anything about my personality disorders, it’s likely that you have deduced that a) I allow my mind to intimidate me to the point of inertia, b) eventually my stomach always wins and I do the scary thing in order to feed my gluttony and c) Afterwards, I almost always declare “why did I wait to do this?!?” And “I’m going to do this ALL the time!” So, tonight it’s phyllo wrapped salmon for dinner and phyllo wrapped apples for dessert. Tomorrow? Who knows. Probably phyllo wrapped Mac and cheese or some such absurdity. Because my mind knows no normal. And I’m starting to be okay with that. #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MomLife #Baking #HomeCooking
These are the people about whom I refer to as #mysmalls . As you can see, the tag is outdated. But they are still almost all of #mypeople and today they sat still in one place for long enough for me to take a picture. In other news, it turns out that peace between siblings is found in two places; at the waters edge and in mountain-sized piles of dirt to play in. Put them in either of those two environments and there are no arguments or tears. Put them in front of a t.v. and wait for the brawl. #TheKeswickBlog #kidsunplugged #getoutside #LakeSimcoe #mumlife #momlife
Deck support posts? Nope! Not anymore! #TheKeswickBlog #Summer2018 #Grading #homerenovation
It’s what’s for dinner. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Luckily, my kids embrace my dorkiness. Of course, doing otherwise would result in empty tummys, so I applaud their choice to deal with it (/me). 💁🏼‍♀️ #TheKeswickBlog #BreakfastForDinner #mumlife #momlife #WifeLife #Chalk
A future farmer, mechanic, crash test engineer, athlete and veterinarian all started school today. We’re five for five this year for ‘back to school’ pictures for the first time ever! College, high school, junior high and elementary school x2 - oh my 😱 #TheKeswickBlog #MomLife #MumLife #whyihavefivekids #backtoschool
I’m not a good mother, I just play one on social media. *************************************************************It’s the last big weekend of soccer. Two of my boys are playing on two different teams, two games a piece. Two wins, a third win due to forfeit, the fourth, still in progress. *************************************************************But it’s raining and rain is wet and I like to be dry, unless I’m swimming, showering or sobbing. So like a petulant prima donna and most unlike a seasoned mother of five, here I sit, in my mum minivan watching one of his last games of the season and cheering like no one can hear me. Because they can’t. Their hearing is impaired by falling rain, giant umbrellas, and their own smug sense of superiority. ************************************************************But, being the mother that I am, my kids will have WAY bigger scars than this to heal in therapy when they are in their 40’s. ************************************************************ #TheKeswickBlog #MomLife #MumLife #MediocrisyMaster #Summer2018 #Winning #Parenting #Twitter
I live with the guilt of my violent attack and the sorrow of my loss. But in the infamous word of Scarlet O’Hara, “...Oh! I can’t think about this now! I’ll go crazy if I do! I’ll think about it tomorrow. But I must think about it. I must think about it. What is there to do? What is there that matters?...” “After all tomorrow is another day.” In other words, I’ll solve the bra issue first and worry about the rest tomorrow 😏 #TheKeswickBlog #Twitter #momlife #mumlife
Outdoor movie night. Welcome to the Jungle in our backyard #Jumanji2 #Summer2018 #TheKeswickBlog #momlife #mumlife
Even woodpeckers wanna hang at the beach today. This dude was tap, tap, tapping right above my head. Usually I hate it when we go to the beach and it’s all but empty and someone will decide to set up camp thisclose to us. This time though, meh, it wasn’t so bad. Turns out being crowded out by an animal is far better than being crowed out by humans. Go figure, right? #TheKeswickBlog #Summer2018 #BeachDay #birdwatching
Year three, kids are at camp for the week. The house is eerily silent. And getting tidier by the moment. It’s not as awesome as one might imagine. We dropped them off yesterday and missed them like crazy before we even backed out of our parking spot. This is why I never wish for freedom and a day of complete silence. Both are over-rated once you have kids. But I know they are having fun beyond fun, so I’ll suck it up and keep my self-pitying tears to myself. #mysmalls #thekeswickblog #whyihavefivekids #mumlife #momlife #Summer2018
The post started with: “My smalls brought me a gift. Usually dead things are not my thing, but this perfect dragonfly specimen is the exception. It makes my heart happy that their instinct was to gift it to me, rather than ignore or brush it aside.” #TheKeswickBlog #GardenGifts #MumLife #MomLife #Summer2018 #whyihavefivekids
So, um, yeah. Well, welcome to Sutton. For your dining pleasure, we’re serving up samples of the local residents’ spit and other delicacies they have projectile ejected from their oral orifices, at no extra charge to you. Please enjoy your visit and come back again soon! 🍒🤢 #TheKeswickBlog #LocalFlavour #SometimesFreshIsNotBest 🤯
Because everyday we hear how other drivers frustrate their fellow drivers on the road by not following the rules of the road and practicing basic courtesy. This time, I was one of those “other” drivers. http://thekeswickblog.com/2018/07/sometimes-while-driving-the-jerk-is-you-this-time-it-was-me/ #TheKeswickBlog #Summer2018 #MomLife #MumLife #Apologies
When your youngest two kids beg you to take them out for a jog in 30C weather, and you realize in that moment that they couldn’t possibly be related to you, but you’ve become accustomed to and super attached to them at this point so you keep your mouth shut about the whole “switched at birth” thing and just take them for their fricken jog (but of course you walk while they run because, well, boobs and dignity). #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MomLife #Summer2018 #FrugalFun #whyihavefivekids #MySmalls #KeepingItClassy
The ‘spa’ was open! Four wiggling, whinging, sometimes smiling and sometimes moaning, non-paying yet demanding customers today. All survived with a minimal amount of trauma and tears. Closing up shop now and kicking them all out to play (read: fight with and torture each other) while I clean up the homemade facial mask carnage (oatmeal, egg, water, and herbal tea leaves). On the upside, #mysmalls are all super-excited to look five years younger 😂 #TheKeswickBlog #mumlife #momlife #whyihavefivekids #Summer2018 #FrugalFun
These two-year-old Persian sisters adopted us a month ago and have mostly been as grumpy as they both look in this picture ever since. But, I’m hoping that we’re finally turning the corner with them and that they’re about to shower us with all kinds of affection instead of this unrelenting (c)attitude. Don’t worry, I’m fully aware and am prepared to be disappointed. As much of a pain as these two have been, that flat little face and the enormity of the fluff factor have a little bit stolen my heart (and of course #mysmalls LOVE them). Introducing #AgnesMartha and #FluffyFifiFruFru aka #AggieBaggie and #WoolyBully #TheKeswickBlog #catsofinstagram #cat
9.9lbs of freshly picked local Ontario strawberries. Am I making jam, you may wonder? Nope, I wish. 🤷🏼‍♀️ This bounty will be consumed and the baskets left barren and breathless within 36 hours, tops. But the kids love going picking and the incredible sweetness of these gems puts the imported berries to shame. #TheKeswickBlog #GoodThingsGrowInOntario #momlife #mumlife #Summer2018 #ShopLocal #EatLocal
Missing @declaanphillips from this collage, but he and #MySmalls are ready to do@summer up right and then tackle all the new adventures they will face in September. And we couldn’t be prouder of or more grateful for each and every one of them. #TheKeswickBlog #WhyAreTheySoBig 😭 #MumLife #MomLife #SchoolDays #Summer2018
I had no idea what I was doing when I had my first baby, I was just a kid myself so naturally I thought that I knew EVERYTHING. Meh. It turns out, that I had so much left to learn and still do and while I’m not sure that I’ll ever truly be the mother I want to be, but I do know that I’ll never stop trying to be a better mother. Some people were born to be doctors. Others were born to be CEOs, astronauts or world leaders. Me? I’ve (mostly) come to terms with never setting the world on fire with my brilliance. I always wanted six, I got five. Sometimes you really don’t get what you want, but you do get what you need. I was born to be their mama and knowing that makes my heart happy. #MyFiveReasons #mumlife #momlife #TheKeswickBlog #GrowingUp #MyFive
I have voted in every election, at every level of government since I turned 18. I’ve never before been faced with so many poor choices and not even one mediocre one. So, seeing as time is limited, and the way things are going, Miranda’s Magic 8 Ball is as good a way as any to decide how to vote today. #TheKeswickBlog #OntarioElection #2018 #KindOfKidding #JustVote
This past weekend was ‘kick off’ weekend for the Lake Simcoe Soccer Club. I absolutely love and adore how #MissMoon came completely prepared for the days’ games. She packed her own bag and spectated like a boss. This girl is my #goals all day long. Her brothers all played amazingly well and can’t wait for their next games, proud mama! 👦🏻👦🏻👦🏼⚽️#TheKeswickBlog #mygirl #whyihavefivekids #MumLife #Spring2018
I spend much of my life energy washing stuff. Kids, clothes, floors, fruits and veggies 🤷🏼‍♀️#thekeswickblog #MumLife #MomLife #EatTheRainbow #FreshNotFake #HousewifeLife #Spring2018 #CommunalBathTime 🍏🍎🍇🥒🌶😍
Sometimes something will get me so riled up it makes my hair hurt. Send high calorie, sugar-laden snacks. Or don’t because I’m already uncomfortable enough in my “fat” pants. So, instead just raise good humans who are not as entitled and useless as this greaseball. #TheKeswickBlog #RaiseGoodHumans #Twitter
Anyone wanna bet that today the neighbours will NOT be (falsely) claiming ownership of the trees planted on our side of the property line? Hmmm? No takers? Yeah, me neither 🤔 #TheKeswickBlog #TreeDown #Spring2018 #Storm
By the looks of this, someone has been getting into the Harry Potter books again. 🤔 This had better be the beginnings of the spell that will make me skinny once and for all 😂 My oh my, the things I find when I venture into the boys’ room to vacuum 🤷🏼‍♀️ #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MomLife #WhyIHaveFiveKids #HousewifeLife
When I was growing up, all the cool girls had French braids. My parents met while they were both attending Bruno’s hair dressing school. My hair was never French braided. #Irony . So, I naturally figured it must have been one of those super-complicated-only-the-chosen-can-attain skills. Like finger whistling (which I can do) or back hand springs (which I definitely cannot). So I turned French braiding hair into this impossible task that I could never learn how to do. Except that today I did learn. And while it’s not perfect, it looks pretty darn good in my estimation. And while #MissMoon has always been my absolute definition of ‘a cool girl,’ being able to do this to her hair for her is the icing on the cake for me. —————— #TheKeswickBlog #MyGirl #MumLife #MomLife #StopSayingICant #firsts #WhyIHaveFiveKids
When you have frustrated your postal delivery person to the point that she leaves you a broken key and no other way to collect your parcel from the community mailbox, you have two choices. I’m choosing to take the road less travelled here and saying “well played, my worthy adversary, well played.” A relatively quick call to @canadapostagram and the kids should have their socks and undershirts that are currently being held hostage in that tiny compartment sometime next week... ——————— #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MomLife #OnlineShopping #PostalMishaps #ItsAllGood #LaughDontRage
Home from the @harlemglobetrotters game in Oshawa this afternoon. Thanks for a great time, so much fun! @tributecommunitiescentre #TheKeswickBlog #MySmalls #MumLife #MomLife
It’s doing it again! 😭 Stop it, just stop it! #TheKeswickBlog #Spring2018 #Winter #SnowHailRainConfusion
When your seven-year-old decides that she’s a vegetarian and sticks to it throughout Lent, you make her meat-free meals with pleasure. Then it hits you and you wonder where this raw pea pod and raw broccoli eating human came from, because you’re a card-carrying Pizzatarian... —————- #TheKeswickBlog #MyGirl #MissMoon #MumLife #MomLife #ThisAppleCantBeFromThisTree 😂 She is always #HerOwnPerson
Dear Winter, thanks for visiting, but it’s time for you to move on now. We’ve had our fun, will cherish the memories made, but I’m done. It’s not me, it’s you. 💨❄️ —————- This is one of the easiest break ups EVER. Now if the other party would just get over it and leave... —————- #TheKeswickBlog #Winter #Spring2018
Our kids are watching and listening to everything we do and say. Even when we’re positive that they’re not and we’re just raising a pack of sociopaths. They are taking everything in and all of talking, behaviours and beliefs come out in little moments like these. The rabid, feral moments are part of the journey but if we stay the course those moments will not be the final destination. ———- #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MomLife #WhyIHaveFiveKids #KeepAtIt #KindnessIsContagious
We call her look this morning ‘ homeless chic’ This girl has a fearless style that’s all her own and she helps to light up my world every single day. #MissMoon #TheKeswickBlog #WhyIHaveFiveKids #FashionForward #MumLife
Sometimes the pricks are the voices in your own head, creating self-doubt, robbing you of motivation and joy and filling you with darkness. Don’t let the pricks win. #IgnoreThePricks #LetTheLightIn #TheKeswickBlog #ButForAMoment #ThisTooShallPass
We said an unanticipated good bye to our beautiful Lucy last night. Our hearts hurt. Our tears come easily. We miss her. Her story is on the blog today. @404vethospital , thank you for your kind and quiet care. ————— #TheKeswickBlog #LucyLiu #Cat #catsofinstagram
As much as I do not appreciate snow, freezing, and winter, I do appreciate how much #MySmalls love to play and build in the snow. I will be immeasurably sad when/if they decide they’re too old to play this way. #TheKeswickBlog #Winter2018 #Siblings #MumLife #MyHeart #TheseAreTheDays
And finally, the day has come. Around here, #pizza is life and tonight’s the night. Homemade ‘za and lots of it. When we order pizza, it comes to just over $35. I can make way more pizza at home for less than half that cost. But I won’t. I’ll make just the right amount 😉#AintNeverGonnaBeSkinny #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #Menu #chalkboard #MomLife #PizzaNight 🍕🍕
I wrote out a two week menu plan almost, well, two weeks ago and stuck it on the fridge. I want to pretend that I did it because I’m a unicorn riding, rainbow jumping goddess, but that would be a lie. I did it so I could point to the fridge any time one of #MySmalls asked me (at breakfast time, mind you), “Mumma, what’re we having for dinner?” ———— The real news is though, I have stuck to the plan and not flaked out once. I think that after almost a quarter of a century doing this “Mum” thing, some lessons are finally sinking in. Like menu planning works when you follow the menu - duh. 🤦🏼‍♀️ ————- #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MomLife #WifeLife #Menu #SoImNotAChalkBoardArtist 💁🏼‍♀️
The whole story is on the blog today, but the shortest version is to know your prices before heading to the store, and then double check the store hasn’t played silly bugger with their prices 🙄. Link in profile #TheKeswickBlog #Rexall #HousewifeLife #Frugal
I dropped this container of toothpicks not once, but TWICE in a row while making dinner tonight. It was a magnificent example of my graceful, confident and competent culinary skills. Not. And sadly the spills also did not result in a stellar display of my genius, but rather my extensive repertoire of colourful and not-child-friendly language. Oops! I’m not ashamed to admit that I cannot see scattered toothpicks without getting the urge to learn how to count cards and then watch Judge Wapner. #TheKeswickBlog #Rainman #MumLife #MomLife #KlutzLife
When your husband travels to the Netherlands for business and brings home the goods, you know you chose your mate well. I know that chocolate may not be what draws most people to Amsterdam, but it is an excellent reason to make a pit stop! #TheKeswickBlog #FairTrade #ChocolateForDays #AintNeverGonnaBeSkinny #WifeLife @tonyschocolonely_nl
Despite the title and cover art, #HowToFight by @thichnhathanhsangha is about anything but violence. It is a beautiful little #book encouraging and teaching #Mindfulness through developing insight into our feelings and reactions which in turn aides us to grow into more compassionate and open citizens in the world in which we live. I always thoroughly enjoy reading his meditations and prose, I’m always left with a great deal of thinking to do about how I can be a better me; for the benefit of not only myself, but more importantly for the benefit of those around me. ————— #TheKeswickBlog #KeepReading #LoveMyLibrary #FreeLearning
Homework time at the library. I love beyond love that #MySmalls use actual dictionaries to find words and that their first impulse isn’t to say “but I can Google that!” #TheKeswickBlog #RaisingReaders #KidsUnplugged #MumLife #MomLife 🤓📚
#MySmalls make excellent, yet terrifying conversationalists. And I should take up drinking if I’m planning on surviving their adolescent years if this is what #GradeTwo is like. #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MissMoon #MomLife #NotReadyForThis
Rise of The Guardians + popcorn and snacks = a #MovieNight with #MySmalls . These are the moments that matter. #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #MomLife
Extremely high-tech #MealPlanning happening here. 🤓 With all the toys, tech and convenience, I remain, forever, a slave to my paper and pen. On the bright side, I’ve managed to stick to this menu plan four days running, which takes a ton of stress away from dinner prep! ——————— #TheKeswickBlog #MumLife #homecooking #FridayIsForPizza 🍕
This turkey pot pie sure ain’t pretty, but it’s going to be delicious. I just KNOW it. I froze all the Christmas leftovers for later. Today is later. Thawed the leftovers, made a gravy, butchered a pie crust et voila! Ugly but totally edible dinner. —-———————— #TheKeswickBlog #DomesticGoddess #OnePotDinnerThatUsedThreePots 😂 #HousewifeLife #LikeThugLifeButWithMoreLaundry #MumLife #HomeCooking
I’ve had these double thermal sip set cups from @epicureofficial forever and am just now trying them out. Wow! I think I’ve found my new favourite tea cup! ———— As an aside, am also loving the tab on the end of my #traditionalmedicinals teabag string that says: “He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” -Persian Proverb ————- #TheKeswickBlog #NoHandles #HotTea #steepedtea @tradmedicinals #TryingToKickTheDietPepsiDependence #NotAnAd
Happy birthday wishes and strawberry (daiquiri) kisses. 70 years. I wish you were here to celebrate. The party would have been tremendous. #TheKeswickBlog #CraigRussell #GoneTooSoon #LifesADrag @theaidsmemorial ———— http://thekeswickblog.com/2018/01/and-today-he-would-have-turned-70-fabulously-adorned-in-sequins-stilettos-and-feather-boas-no-doubt/ ————-
#LucyLiu has been sneezing. Our kitty has a cold😿 so I guess that’s why she’s hanging out with me in front of the fire. During warmer weather she’s a total outdoor fanatic, complete with hunting and other Bear Gryllis-like survival skills. Once the snow starts to fly, she’s the indooriest cat ever and acts as though outside doesn’t exist 😹😹 #TheKeswickBlog #Winter #catsofinstagram
Bedtime was late tonight 🤦🏼‍♀️ #NoMoreWords #MumLife #TheKeswickBlog
My pizza addiction is seriously the root of 99% of my life choices and bad decisions. At some point I may need to take control of it, but it won’t be this week 💁🏼 #TheKeswickBlog #Pizza #SoWeak 😍🍕🍕😍
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