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•Be Wary• One day you will understand the reason why I have stopped letting anyone into my life except you. . . 📷 Canon EOS 6D #whpwindows
Weekend sunshine vibes 💦
That time I had an NSX to film
“I got to say it was a good day” 🌃
HK streets 📰 Somewhere along Des Voeux Road🚶🏻‍♀️
Handsome rob
I call this photo set “people just trying to live their lives in black and white” I should probably think of a shorter , and better, name but I won’t. If you think of a better name leave it in the comments for me
Sunset at noon from Tromsø
Sunroom hangs w/ @iszabella.savio 🌿
And in the middle of chaos, there was me.🍃💫
_ January 20-21, 2017 - 1 year today. can we all simply HateLess this year? i don’t care who’s in the oval. that’s a piss poor excuse. let’s be leaders & fixers of ourSelves before we point fingers at our fellow man. - - #thecreatorclass #streetdreamsmag #streetmagazine #washingtondc #womensmarch
Flume // Say It . #explorebandung #thecreatorclass
With some buffalo sauce on my lips, and with a cactus needle or two in my legs, I pointed my camera at the night sky
#20 . Region band auditions were today. Wasn’t psychologically nervous, but physically I was. Shivered through my whole solo. Was a fun experience, though! Afterwards went to Taco Bell with the only strawberry blonde I love. 💛 Then went to dollar stores and bought bubbles and silly string, because it isn’t a @expressingmetaphors photoshoot without something dramatic involved. Went to Newry for adventure, ran out because there was a large cockroach/bobcat/demon child/murderer on the other side of the wall. Second destination was a climb-able waterfall. Started to climb it, and then the druggies who were told NOT to follow us, followed us. Got a little defensive and heated. Overall, was a good day. Hopefully next time there isn’t roadblocks everywhere 😅
Take a ride on Las Vegas’ High-Roller Ferris Wheel and this is the view that will greet you from the top. It’s well worth returning for the evening spin too when the sun goes down and the lights come on. When I was there, it was one of the quietest spots in town. Most people were in the casinos, by the pool or at the bars.
Go wild in the age of worry
[Paradise, Paradigm] Believe it And life You breathe into it Speak it And it shall exist Find peace in every situation Find lessons in every blessing Every lesson is a blessing Or it can be Good Vibes Only Forever Good 🙏🏾🖤 • • • • • • • #goodvibesonly #illgrammers #fatalframes #heatercentral #writersofig #createexplore #createcommune #createexploretakeover #agameoftones #justgoshoot #moodygrams #moodyports #visualsoflife #visualambassadors #thecreatorclass #way2ill #killeverygram #eclectic_shotz #uncalculated #depthobsessed #words #streetactivity #houstonphotography #houstonphotographer #instagood #artsofvisuals #ig_mood #blackandwhitephotography
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