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Birthday 🎈
You try to catch me when I’m finally free.
Приятного на Лиговке.
Доброе, солнечное.
How awesome is this view? 🌿 Follow @awesome.escape for more daily travel inspirations. Thank you @thefreedomcomplex for this awesome escape.
As a little girl I dreamt about becoming a flight attendant, for this exact reason ☝ I absolutely LOVE to fly.. • • • • • #beautifuldestinations #traveltheworld #wanderlust #travel #happyheart #flying #dreamchasers #goalgetter #blessed #visualsofearth #placestogo #weekendvibes #nature #outdoors #adventure #travelphoto #lifequality #exploremore
Pura estasi, gusto pieno, sapore sublime. Vieni a provarlo, il nostro panino con la #lingua . #dittaerdinigro #welovelampredotto
Another one from Lempuyang and Mt Agung! 🙌 🌋 #lempuyang #mtagung #bali #indonesia
'Family first ' - Willka, Copacapbana, Bolivia Bolivians are incredibly in touch with their indigenous culture. Natives make up 62% of their population and they even have a second flag with 36 coloured squares representing the various indigenous tribes that make up their country. The two main being aymara and Quechuan. They also currently have an indigenous president. Willka was aymaran and I was lucky enough to have a guide who could translate for me. I found many aymarans in the country did not like having their photo taken so I was lucky when willka agreed. Worldly Wisdom series ----------------- Wisdom discovered becomes wisdom learned. Advice to learn is not confined by age, aptitude nor circumstance. Everyone has good advice to give (even when we forget to take our own). This is a collection of Photojournalistic portraits of people I meet along the way accompanied with a line of life advice.
- Cabo’s locals just chillin. The whopping local sea-lion loves a feed of fresh fish when the local fishermen clean up at the end of the day 🐟 L✌️
Mon amour qui enchante!!!❤❤❤
Meet me where the sky touches the sea🌊 #travellerslife #rovinj
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