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Abang abang Kira kira kalo buat sewa abang 1 jam nya brapa? Ihh tae lu kira gue cwo apaan maen bayar 😑 Mksdnya sewa buat photoin? Oh kek gituh, biasamya 1jt dah Najis mahal amat cuh cuh Fuck haaa
Beach cruisin’ 😎 sunny sunny days got me itching for some adventure, heading to the Gili Islands tomorrow, hoping to get in some free dive training, relaxation, and finishing up some work. #islandlife #bali #pererenan
Beautiful summer nights 🌅 Thanks a lot @lozm4 for this stunning pic! For a chance to be featured too, tag your photo with #wonderlustmelbourne .
. do you keep yourself busy to avoid the feeling of lonely? or do you just like to spend it all alone? or because you feel alone then you keep yourself busy?
Stay tuned for Darren's take on the U2 gig that took over Hard Rock Stadium Miami last summer! 🔥 [Photo courtesy of Steve Jennings]
Prague rooftops are so dreamy! Prague, Czech Republic📍What are some of your favorite things to do in Prague? . . . Follow me @girlwiththepassporttattoo for inspiration and #travelhacks ! #instavacation #travelstoke #youdoyouilldome #explorenation #thegoodlife #fomotravel ✈️🌎🎒
by Chloe. is open on Thayer St! 🥥
Well, that's some kinky temple design, here in Konark, India. After seeing all those kama-sutra carvings, we just had to take a minute and sit down 😉
In the land of deep dish pizza, don’t forget about the deep dish cookie topped with caramel ice cream! @loumalnatis #Chicago 🍪🍦. - 📍Check out dotandpin.com for more cool eats, drinks and events in the city. Personalized based on your tastes and curated by #influencers .
Who do you travel with? 📷: @calsnape Use #placesforyoutovisit for features!
#SummitSaturday featuring @ryankodakbrown - "Continuing our stroll down the Pacific Crest Trail, we arrive at the famous Goat Rocks Wilderness: Here I stand in splendour overjoyed at the majesty of this place. We worked hard climbing the steep mountain as fast as our feeble legs would carry us. Our goal is a fabled campsite on the Knife's Edge. We watch the sun sinking as we hike 'round the ridgeline. It was sketchy. Mystery Man posed for a photo below some cliffs. Loose rocks tumbled down missing him by inches. Shaky legs settle. We continue on. Just as we reach our destination, the sun sets the world ablaze. A thin cloud of smoke amplifies the color, a brilliant gold that fades to red as hot as lava. You would think that Mt. Rainier, looming large across the valley, was erupting. Then, as darkness reigns, the full moon rises to pierce the shroud of night. We setup camp thankful for more than just the light. This moment is a highlight of my life, not just 2017. What truly made the moment special, however, was the company I was with. Without Mystery Man there beside me, it was just another sunset in another beautiful place. What was it Christopher Mccandless scratched into the side of that bus?" #happinessrealwhenshared #anxiety #endthestigma #pacificcresttrail #trekthepct #thetrek #pctsobo #pctig #sunset #mountainscape #backpacking
Phote by @noel.alva Love sport,love traveling,love fitness Follow us to enjoy life! . . . .
Meandering through a botanical garden in Nara a few months back
Old Paris, old photo of old Paris.
Ja tomou sua água hoje? Conhecem a Praia da Boa Viagem? É um lugar lindo pra passear em Niterói. Próximo da Orla tem a vista do MAC (Museu de Arte de Contemporânea). Ou seja, você precisa conhecer! 📷:@guersonb #021rjoficial . . . . #achadosdasemana #rioetc #ondeirnorio #porainorio #napraiario #emcantoscarioca #riofácil #turistando #blogcariocando #rio40graus #topofrio #zerandorio #sejogacomigo #igersrio #oquefazernorio #duurioo #deolhonorio #RioiLove #jornalglobo #blogmochilando #destinosnacionais
Doing stuff the Brown people isn't supposed to do since 1987. #Topptur #Bleia #Sunnmøre
just here
Happy Saturday everyone ✨ Can you guess where this pic is taken!?📸 Also, don’t forget to tag us using #WeekendsinRotterdam !
“I’m gone with the wind fabulous!” Thanks @thekenyamoore , for letting everyone know it’s ok to feel themselves every now and again. (And yeah, I’m quoting Real Housewives of Atlanta, come at me.) In Joshua Tree twirling up a storm because I feel like it.
📍The magnificent Pastoruri Glacier❄ . People used to be able to climb ontop of it, but efforts to preserve the rapidly-melting ice now require you to admire the glacier from below. . #compassesandquests #peru #visitperu #huascaran #pastoruri #glacier #southamerica #huaraz
my favorite part of wat pho was the gold tile ✨
Amorous alleyways 🌺
Found our new coffee spot in the heart of London. Carrying all my gear with my new @evecase_official 🎥 Can anybody guess where this place is? ☕️I'll spam you with likes if you guess it right 💯
Palms and clouds 💙
omg i love horses
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