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My new rims for the whip Tank-rear fender and front fender for a motorcycle not a bad day for your hot rod husband @tylersmith0117 Super proud of him cant wait to see the final products πŸ‘Š #hydrodip #truerefinshing #truecanadiancarclub #truefx #carrims #purplecarbon #truesmoke #dipping #customtanks #custompaint #proudwife #talentedhusband #melty #bentandbart #thisishowwedoit
When John Paul Getty III, grandson of oil magnate John Paul Getty, was kidnapped, it took a severed ear for his family to pay up. "I kept thinking about them threatening to cut me if they didn't get the money and I thought – 'Oh, Christ, they're really gonna do it,'" Paul Getty told us in an exclusive 1974 interview. The story of the 1973 abduction has been turned into a new FX show, 'Trust.' Click the link in our bio to learn the wild story of his abduction and its aftermath.
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