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Weekend rafting in the cold with rain and mist! I’ve decided that I really enjoy rafting and while these ‘rapids’ weren’t anything crazy, it was still beautiful to be on the river. Do you enjoy taking part in activities in the rain? ☔️
dyllón burnside, 2018 photographed at @alexdrogersstudio
Been really good to catch up with @timothygirard again. It’s been just over 5 years since his first, and last, visit to Cape Town. Feels like yesterday now. Safe travels home this evening, Tim. Think it’s our turn to visit you next time 😃
//central park west & 72nd.
noir et blanc... —————————————————— Old work I did with @aososie on the tennis court. I just tried to keep at it by always taking photos. #ConsistencyIsKey . . . #bnwmagazine #noiretblanc #harmonixshots
Homies, Lovers and Friends
Here’s a shot of a couple kids and a multicoloured umbrella, on a hike to a mountain called Le Pouce, which is situated in the middle of an island, which is found somewhere in the Indian Ocean 😅♥️ It was hot, humid, steep and it really got me short of breath... but I did eventually make it to the top, only to be gifted with lovely views of clouds obscuring the beautiful landscape below and flies that wouldn’t leave us alone! . . What is the strangest thing you’ve ever taken hiking with you, or what’s the most interesting trail you’ve ever done in terms of location? Happy Friday everyone 👋🏻🌿🌞
Meet the highlight of my dive trip (apart from getting my advanced adventurer dive certification) - a local representative, this not so little puffer fish that came around to check out the visitors to his hood and give us a short tour. Yes, it proceeded to follow us for quite a distance after inspecting us. >>> Right for video - Diving allowed me to enter an environment so alien despite it being just at our door step. It humbles you, underwater you are a mere visitor, unfamiliar to the inhabitants and surroundings, a transient guest to this incredible world. After witnessing baby puffer fish playing with each other, sleeping turtles and bat fish at their cleaner stations, you realise that the animals that inhabit the oceans are every bit as intelligent and intuitive as we are. Yet, we are mindlessly contributing to the destruction of an entire ecosystem, their homes. #savetheocean #fisharefriendsnotfood 📷 /🎥 : @joycetyy #diveplus
#nike for kappa alpha psi at #NupeMall photographed by @alexdrogersstudio
gary b. photographed by @alexdrogersstudio at the shore club this time last year #tbt
Shot for @iammarvinza. The new @mercedesbenzsa A-Class read all about it on Marvin.co.za . . . #Marvin #mercedesbenz #harmonixshots
#throwback to that time when we traveled to Malawi, met some awesome people from all over the world in a backpackers and then 3 months later they came to visit us in Durban 🌞 🌿 miss you guys!
Who is ready for Halloween?? Quagga also painted by myself 🖤🖤
Slowing down. #CentralPark #NYC #Travel
Hi 👋🏻 1 x yogi nature doctor at your service 😝 What a day... from a lecture about what NOT to say if you get called to court as a witness for assault cases (from the state lawyers), to going out to the rural clinic to teach the staff there how to do basic life support/ CPR, to coming back to a full casualty after a car accident with many patients needing stitches and X-rays. And lastly, the ambulance personnel finally arrived to transport the small baby that I saw yesterday with severe sepsis to the tertiary hospital for more definitive care/ ICU. I think I need a big dose of breathwork/ #pranayama and some #yinyoga to relax. Also, how big is that termite mound in the background?! #yogachallenge #yogainspo #weexploreza 🧘🏽‍♀️
It’s #waterfallwednesday 😬 This is one of my favorite waterfalls and one that features a lot on my Instagram because I’ve been so many times. It really is magical to visit and I’ve admired the plants that grow out of the rock face of the waterfall, covered in moss. I love its miniature ‘beach’ where I’ve tanned before after swimming and its small forest that curiously leads you up to the waterfall, with different viewpoints to see the falls from all angles and I love the fine spray that settles on your skin from high above, with echoes of this powerful force of nature all around ♥️ #chasingwaterfalls #waterfallssouthafrica
So I ended up going home to fetch my camera to make sure I got the shot, by the time I got back the @burjalarab turned the colorful lights off. But what I did capture is this moment and this moment embodies what it means to me to go out and shoot! I obviously went overboard with the edit but that’s because that’s how I roll, I like to be creative, I see things a certain way, I post my feelings and I gotta say dayum it feels good to shoot. Do what you love no matter what, don’t let haters discourage you, and always be true to yourself! Remember that. . . . . . . #LifeOfAdventure #AGameOfTones #JustGoShoot #FatalFrames #Exklusive_Shot #AOV #CreateExploreTakeover #CreateCommune #Way2Ill #Moodygrams #ArtOfVisuals #VSCOgood #HeaterCentral #MobileMag #VisualCurative #AGameOf10k #MG5K #Dubai #Imaginatones #ExploreMore #ExploreEverything #AllDayExploring #Loaded_lenses #Burjalarab #IllGrammers #HouseOfTones #VisualsGang #dubailife
Blue is the warmest color💙🌺
#fromwhereiwork Not hard to be inspired when this is where I spend my days. #globalkinetic
A parallax!! Finally, thank you everyone for your patience, let me know what you think 💙 Keep your mind, keep humble 🌼 Song: Chlorine by Twenty One Pilots In frame: @j.m_shots1508 • ⬇ Hashtags ⬇ • #hiinfluencercollective #southafrica #photoshopcc #agameoftones #awakethesoul #photoshop #ftwotw #buildandbloom #bleachmyfilm #exploretocreate #instagramsa #visualcurative #featureacreature #instaphotography #quietthechaos #adobemax #creativetones #portraitphotography #portraitvision #portraitsofsa || @lightroom @photoshop @bleachfilm
‘Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.’- Eckhart Tolle . . . . . . . A scene of the beautiful moon from my nightshift last night. Luckily though, I wasn’t needed and got a full nights rest 😬❤️
Another work in progress : #visvamitrasana #sideplankvariation
Like a feather falling past your cheek. Feel the breath of heaven on your face. And we all die trying to get it right. We're all gonna die trying to get it right So aim high, and aim true @vancejoy Toulouse 2018 #vancejoy #wealldietryingtogetitrigt #toulouse #france #europe #exploretocreate #createexplore #gooutside #visualsgang #cathedral #church #artofvisuals #visualcurative #adventure #justshoot #create #explore
I just spent a weekend laying in my bed almost the whole time (apart from morning yoga sessions) and working on my laptop planning my travels to India for next year. I’m so excited! Does anyone have any must see or must do tips for India? . . . . . . . . In the meantime, #throwback to Nepal.
More of Angela, Luis and Lorenzo.
What a great evening for a Family/Engagement session with Angela, Luis and baby Lorenzo. Glen Island Park is always a great place to capture some beautiful photos but this evening was especially perfect as the sunset and clouds blended for a really cool background. A family that started early is about to get its cherry on top when Angela and Luis have their much anticipated wedding next October. We are extremely happy for the three of you and we wish you a lifetime full of love and laughter. Thank you for choosing @legacy_studios_ny to capture these special moments and thank you to Angela’s mom Carolyn who orchestrated a wonderful engagement party for the two of them. Photos of the party to follow in the coming weeks.
Personal journeys are quite important. You learn to shut out the things that don’t matter and you discover the importance of just being you. . . . #portrait #selfcare #ditlou
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