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the earth is flat dont @ me
Took this last night walking around uptown with my good buddy Levi. Didn’t get many pictures but had a great time just enjoying the weather and the people. To my fellow photographers, when is your favorite time to put the camera away and enjoy the moment? . . . . . #🔴📷 | #theimaged#illgrammers | #instagood | #way2ill | #visualambassadors | #streets_vision | #artofvisuals | #ig_color | #createexplore | #gramslayers | #urbanandstreet | #moodygrams | #welivetoexplore | #way2ill
Robando miradas, despertando los sentidos, Música en la calle. Stealing glances, awakening the senses, Music on the street
Purple rain... Purple rain
More bridges!!!! Just kidding this should be the last one.
Yes I love my neighbor more than I love his papers @kb_hga #LLTC
🔊 Something About You (ODESZA Remix) - Hayden James 🙋🏼‍♀️: @amy.m.borgs • • •
S/o to my mans and also congrats on becoming an ambassador for your favorite company @beauhoryza 📸
Cuando llueve comparto mi paraguas, si no tengo paraguas, comparto la lluvia. . . Enrique Ernesto Febbraro
This is part of a series of self portraits I made about depression. It’s ok to have days when you feel down and like you are falling . It’s ok to have days when you are happy and enthusiastic. It’s ok to have all types of days as long as you are able to see no day lasts forever . Most importantly you are never alone . Trust you , trust yours . Parte de una serie de autorretratos que realicé sobre el suicidio. Está bien tener días en los que te sientes en un hueco. Y tener otros en los que estás emocionado y lleno de ilusiones . Pero lo importante es recordar que todo pasa y nada dura para siempre . Sobretodo, recordar que debes y puedes confiar en ti y en los tuyos .
Is there anybody out there
Clean shadows and some shoddy photoshop skills going on
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You have galaxies inside you. 🌙 #nofilterneeded
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