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So on this page I will post my favorite scenes that make me want to draw the characters I have been and becoming obsessed with . . . . How wrong a father can be ? Out of all his sons the one born boneless became the most ridiculous, violent , vengeful son of all. . . . #whowantstobeking
Do not be of the sort who boast, wish or gossip. . This is a waste of time, resources and relationships. . Do not be oblivious to the challenges and consequences of what you are working toward. . Or you will be caught unawares and lose your fortitude or your senses when you need them most. . Envy no one. We all have our burdens we must bear. . Work on yourself daily. Be of service to others. Only then can you be happy: and be the noble kings and queens of your universes we all hope you to be. #mindset #discipline #gratitude #selfawareness #selfmastery #stoicism #whowantstobeking #chopwoodcarrywater #hysellessentials #noblesavage #sundaythoughts #clockin Shared from @dailystoic and “Vikings” on @history
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