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Best part of the day is coming home to my little fam💛 I’m learning to love everything about the season I’m in and really, REALLY trust Gods timing on my life. Not only do I work a 9-5👩🏻‍⚕️ but I continue to work my dream after✨💭🤳🏼 You’ll either find a way or you’ll find an excuse🙅🏻‍♀️
I’m so glad I took this leap of faith and jumped of my comfort zone 👏 All these months later it makes me happy to know I’ve helped and continue to help so many not only have great hair but also earn money for them to do the things they want to do, I’ve met many great people and made new friends and I’m having the best time with so much self-development and it doesn’t feel like work. I’m glad I didn’t let this opportunity pass me by! This business can help you: -save money on your taxes -make money while you sleep -not worry about being laid off. -set up for early retirement -spend more time with the kids. Please reach out if you are ready to change your life in so many ways ⭐️ Who would think such a small investment could change your life! #socialmediamarketer #directsales #workfromhome #workfromphone #stayathome #networkmarketing #leadership #success #mompreneur l#smallbusiness #workfromhomelife #mombiz #onlinebusiness #empowerwomen #buildyourtribe #businessowner #hustlehard #beyourownboss #goaldigger #bosslady #solopreneur #womensupportingwomen #biztips #empowersocial #womenhelpingwomen #naturallybasedproducts #dontmissout #groundflooropportunity
I’m ready!! $1.6 BILLION DOLLARS BABY!! 💰🙏🏼💰 #wifimoneyclub
“Here’s something to think about: How come you never see a headline like, ‘Psychic Wins the Lottery’?” 🔮 - Jay Leno #wifimoneyclub #jayleno • 🚨 FREE BOOK ALERT 🚨 • If you’re an Entrepreneur or Marketer, get your FREE COPY of the #1 Personal Branding Book of 2018: ‘Expert Secrets’ | 🔗 in bio • This is a playbook to finding your message, building your tribe, and changing your world.🌎 • 🔗 in bio @angel.del.carpio
I still can’t believe this!! 😍 💲20 to join my team RIGHT NOW!!!! If you've ever thought about making an extra 💲500-💲5,000 from your phone each month, comment an emoji below and I'll message you the details on getting started! And you'll get tips from myself and our team on how to be successful! ☀️ I'll be with you every step of the way and teach you everything I've learned in the last few years!! 💓💓 ✨✨6️⃣ spots left✨✨SO HURRY!
Reflection on My Day: I love the fact that I want to capture a picture everytime I see myslef. Self love is the cure to self hate. #joinourtribe #startnow #blessed #workfromphone #inspire #singlemomlife #40poundsdown #letsgo #learntoearn #adventure #apopka #askmehow #letsgo #learntoearn #adventure #life #singlemomweightloss #grateful #workfromphone 📱
I love getting to travel everywhere! These were the first 3 essential oils I reached for this morning before flying home from Texas. These are also the ones I use daily! Peppermint was most important for me today to make it through the day of traveling and work, with only about 3 hours of sleep 🙈 ————————————————————————- #peppermint #lavender #lemon #essentialoils #essentialoil #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #yleo #naturalproducts #energyboost #toxinfreeliving #toxinfreehome #toxinfree #toxinfreeproducts #diffusercombo #joinmyteam #travel #plantbased #hairstylist #salon #workfromanywhere #workfromphone #lovetraveling
Si están eligiendo un producto y están usando alguno de los típicos softwares, eviten los productos que aparecen recomendados, sobe todo si usas uno de los tradicionales como Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, habrá cientos de personas cotizando los mismos productos, usa las herramientas a modo consultivo. #amazontips . . . . . . Vamos con los hashtags #familyday #b2c #internetmarketing #santiagodechile #miamibeach #makeyourmagic #businesssuccess #valparaiso #puertomontt #antofagasta #entrepeneurs #familygoals #thetimeisalwaysnow #digitalbranding #beyourownboss #amazoncoaching #ecommercelife #salescoach #amazonchile #amazonmexico #amazonspain #españa #madrid #barcelona #happywork #workfromphone #livingthedream #coachinglife #onlinestore
Mae’s animal project. Absolutely love her little face. ❤️❤️❤️
New phone, who dis? 😏📲💣 #AppleTrumpsAndroid
Getting some business taken care of with hubby.
When you are supported by the most amazing entrepreneurs ... @jessica_takacs
Messy hair and a knitted sweater. It's definitely fall here in Ohio - finally! ◽ I'm looking for people that would like to earn some extra money for the holidays. Weekly bonuses and rewards! Who can say no to that?! ◽ #rewards #bonuses #workhard #workfromphone #motivation #everydaylife #wellness #health #buildyourempire #opportunity #takeachance #moneymaker #mindbody #socialmedia #networking #entrepreneur
It took me 28 years to learn that I'm a really bad employee. Like, I start something and I think I love it then I get bored and start making mistakes and not doing what I should be doing. 😬 I am SO glad I found a career that I can take with me wherever my phone goes (...which is like...everywhere) Car ride? No prob. Lemme just tap tap away and connect with my peeps while bumpin' some 00's rap 😘 The future is mobile and moving fast! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #workfromphone #makinmommymoves #dogmom #future #futureisnow #outsidethebox #social
If i told you that you could be making an extra $200-$500 a month getting started on my team, would you believe me? If yes:: I need you to imagine yourself in 2 years!! 🤔Where will you be in life?! 🌤🌎 Now ask yourself; could you work really hard, try something you've never done before & in 2 years be where you want, when you want, with who you want? 🙌🏽💎 💖 txt “opportunity” 📲 to 916•284•5450 #itworks #workfromhome #workfromphone #startingabusiness #womenempoweringwomen #weightlossjourney #hustle #workhardplayhard
I‘ve opened 2 positions to join team Bombshells!✨ ✔️extra income each month ✔️no boss ✔️work your own hours ✔️work from anywhere If you love social media and have a passion for health, this may be for you! Throw me some love or pop me a message & I‘ll be in touch with you💗 *Full training included *18+
Save save save. Pay even less to start your own at home makeup business for the rest of this month #homebiz #workfromphone #opportunity #makeup #lifechanging #retired #womeninspiringwomen
One of my goals in life is to travel. I am like a puppy in a car window!! Take me anywhere and I am happy!😂 That has been the most exciting thing with my #notsosidegigmoney for the past 20 months....travel that has been paid for!🤗It's been so nice to not have that expense coming out of the regular budget! What do you do with extra money?! . . . #eatwell #traveloften #travel #traveler #toothpastebiz #directsales #workfromphone #workfromanywhere #socialmediamaven #socialbiz #socialexpansion #getpaidwhileyouplay #instagood #instagrowthboss #sidegigmoney #mompreneur #momboss #teamleader #amazingproducts #sugarmomma #extraincome #joinmeforfree #beyourownboss #bossbabe
Finally made it to 22 ✌🏽✌🏽 and a lot has changed ❤️ My stress levels stay low, my anxiety stays in tack, depression is no longer in running my life, I’ve lost 35 pounds (the healthy way , avoiding an eating disorder this time) & I’m still married to my Tuxedo Mask ✨ But at the same time I still love Sailor Moon 🌙 & Michael Jackson 🎤. 21 Savage is still in my top 5 rappers even though I’m (22) 😜. J.I.D holds my heart as y’all know. I still plan to go to as many concerts as possible every year. Financial freedom is in my reach , so is a special project that I can’t talk about yet but can’t wait to share with y’all 🔥🙌🏽 but my 22 years of life have always been amazing and I plan on making every day that I have in the future just as awesome.
WHAT?!?!?!?!?! I love this company!!!!!!! As you all know I am going to Florida 🍊🌴 at the end of January for conference and they gave me something special!!!!!! Something that ONLY distributors attending conference get to use!!!!!! 🙈🙊 I get to give a coupon code to TWENTY and ONLY twenty people 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ who are ready to start their phone 📱 based business for ONLY $20!!! Like can I sign up again?! Are you finally ready to change your world?!?! Message me! I promise this codes won’t last and 3 have already been spoken for!! 🗝 lock yours in! • • • #itsyourtime #letsdoit #yesyoucan #entrepreneur #workfromphone #workfromhome
If we told you a decade ago that during your trip to Paris you’d be staying in a strangers house you met online, and you’d be driven around by someone you had never met in their private car. Meanwhile, someone you sourced on a website (and never met) would be taking care of your dog back home — you’d be forgiven for thinking that we had lost our marbles! If that weren’t bewildering enough, all of this would be done via your phone, and you’d never have to take your credit card out. Assuming you remember a time before all these everyday luxuries existed, you’d surely be left flabbergasted. Task Rabbit, Upwork, Airbnb, Lyft, Uber, Rover, Fiverr, Postmates, Door Dash — these services have all simplified our lives in one way or another. If you’re on the supplier end in this new global sharing economy model—then your smartphone has become your lifeline. It’s your work schedule and often, the provider of some financial freedom. This business model has many monikers — the gig economy, sharing economy, peer to peer community, the on-demand, internet or platform economy. The line between gigs and work is getting increasingly blurred. What all these concepts have in common is that they are made up of shorter-term workers that go from ‘gig to gig’ providing much needed and flexible services to many businesses around the world. By 2020, about 43 percent of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of independent contractors and freelancers, according to Intuit. That’s almost half of all Americans. Is this because fewer jobs are available so that we have to get creative? Or are businesses and employees just seeking more flexibility? My side gig is based on traveling & creating life experiences. What’s your side gig? #sidegig #sidegiglife #entrepreneur #lifeexperiences #workfromphone #lovemysidegig #mysidegig
It's prep week of our new test group and today was only 15 minutes. While pushing through it it hit me that when this original program previously launched I was in a really dark place. I had a hard time getting through each day without crying and feeling completely broken. Getting out of bed each morning seemed impossible some days. I found a natural mood enhancement to see if it would help me get through the really daunting days -- but I truly needed more than that. Starting the new program I was introduced to a new trainer that began to breath life into me. It wasn't just the workouts but the motivating words and positive fired up energy that he brought everyday. I would cry through some of the workouts but over time I grew encouraged, empowered and confident in life again. I had forgotten the significance this program and trainer played in pushing me out of that nasty grueling place. I truly believe we grow through these times to be stronger people. It gives a new perspective and appreciation for life. Going through this NEW test group with a new improved excitement for life I can't wait to see where it takes me. and not only me but those who have chosen to do it with me! I am SO EXCITED FOR THEM!!!! It's NOT TOO LATE to join me in this exclusive test group since we are still prepping! And I'm promising you if you do you will go to new heights in your healthy, fitness, emotional and mental state!! If you are ready for THAT. post "lets go!" below. #girlbossquotes #fitnessismybusiness #maltipoomom #coffeetalks #travelbuglife #goalsdigger #superfoodsmoothie #workfromphone
Let me take a quick second to introduce myself! My name is Julie Little and I’m a wife, busy mom of 4, entrepreneur, “Uber-Mom” 🚕, soccer mom ⚽️, and spend my “extra” time traveling to beautiful remote beach 🏖 or mountain 🏔destinations...just kidding, there’s not that much extra time!😂 Let’s just say, I’m super busy, but like anyone else, I have the same 24 hours in the day and I MAKE time for what’s most important! . I’m passionate about empowering women to write their own story. As a SAHM for the last 15 years, I never had a “career” out in the corporate world. I was already married when I graduated from college, worked for a year and then started having babies! I got “lost” in the world of toddlers and toys and forgot who I was! I craved something more for myself outside of my children; a community of women, adult conversations, challenging of my mind, a way to earn money and support my family, flexibility utmost still be able to stay home...I had a tall list! This business has met each one of these requirements! . I have 2 more spots this month on my team for 2 motivated women who are ready for a change! It is possible to create a life you love! 💕 Why not YOU? I will be helping you every step of the way...would you like to make an extra $200-$1000 before Christmas?? Who’s ready to change their life from their phone!?! Text 2OCT to 949-667-0645
Let’s talk Business! Ask me how I can help you start a new business and make extra money while looking fabulous #independentconsultant #paparazziaccessories #fivedollarjewelry #fivedollarjewelryfix #shoppingonline #workfromhome #workfromphone
Let’s talk Business! Ask me how I can help you start a new business and make extra money while looking fabulous #independentconsultant #paparazziaccessories #fivedollarjewelry #fivedollarjewelryfix #shoppingonline #workfromhome #workfromphone
I know what I have my hands on! A multiple six figure potential and I work for the best health and wellness network marketing company out there!!! And along side me I have an amazing team on our way to make killer money and enjoying their freedom 💙 We will spend the next two full calendar months working together. You can earn: bonuses & product $500 + commission $100 + cash Plus a lot of fun and some new friends! If it's not for you, you can stop at any time... No risk and no long term commitment. Super small startup of only $20 and a HUGE potential return!!! Dm me or leave 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️👇👇 . . @itworksadventure #workfromphone #skinnycoffee
On this ladder of success, some are at the top of this ladder. There are some one the middle and even more at the bottom, and a whole lot more that don't know there is a ladder. Get on and start climbing. #hustle #bringmethehorizon #meninbusiness #jointhemovement #joinmenow #jimlarsen #hustle #rodanandfieldsconsultant #rodanandfields #business #businesswomen #rewards #reachhigher #myteam #mindset #motivated #mompreneur #stayathomemom #workfromhome #workfromphone #worldchanging #keepitreal #nothingtolose #nowornever
Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be difficult! For the last decade I've been in various marketing roles, but when it comes to interviews I'm always coordinating BEHIND the scenes. Being on the radio or camera has always terrified me. I recently decided to step outside of my comfort zone and said YES to a radio interview this past month. Guess what, it actually wasn't so bad. I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone. Try something that scares you...even if just a little :-)
Could you use some supplemental income? Would an extra $500/month be helpful to you and your family? What if you could earn it simply by using your phone or laptop while juggling your family, job, school, and anything else that's important to you? What if I told you that $500/month could be just the beginning?! #iamdoingit #justwatch #workfromphone #workfromhome #businessopportunity #bossbabeswanted #socialmediainfluencer #socialmediamoney
Sometimes, you might not see things the way other people see them. Take the Leaning Tower of Pisa here. It ain’t leaning, is it? Well, maybe if we took a few steps the left or the right things would look a little different. Same in your day to day. Just take a few steps in either direction & you’ll see things aren’t what they seem.
Stress is part of all of our lives and the best case scenario is that we are effectively managing our stress and do not feel overwhelmed. What about those times when stress overtakes us? Can we support our microbiome in such a way that even in extreme stress we can remain calm & happy? Yes- I did say HAPPY! I am here to tell you that we absolutely can... and that maintaining a calm disposition is possible with the right supplementation. Be the Mom, the wife, the friend, the employee, fulfill all of the roles in your life while keeping your Cool 🥒!! I can show you how 💆🏻‍♀️
Who doesn’t love fresh pumpkins?! I love the look of this print made with a self adhesive silk screen transfer on one of our box frames (: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #box frames #chalkcouture #felandesignco #workfromhomejob #stayathomemomlife #workfromphone #diycraft #silkscreenart #chalkpaste #easydiys #quickgift #homemadedecoration #homedecorinspo #diytutorial #diyideas
My sweet Juno had surgery this AM. Darn #hematoma hoping she has a speeding recovery. Not looking forward to her wearing this cone for 6ish weeks. #jamminwithjanelle #jazzyjams #thinksocial2018 #bluetickcoonhound #rescuedog #rescues #bluetick
I’m so thankful for my company’s heart and mission. I have a new customer who has her whole family on our powdered produce. Her mother is in her 80s and has cancer, but says she doesn’t feel like she has cancer since she has started eating the chewables. She feels great and all her numbers have improved! Her doctor told her to keep doing what she is doing. Then the saddest thing happened – her home was burned in a fire, along with her chewables. 😭. So I called our company and shared the story. And they are replacing them! 🙌 And they told me to let her know they will be praying for her! 🙏 I love helping families get healthy and I love partnering with a company who really cares for our customers! 💜💚❤️🧡 #workforthebest #expectthebest #companywithheart #entrepreneur #virtualfranchise #lovemycustomers #jpwithme #prayer #faith #poweredbyplants #workfromphone #wholefoodnutrition #healingfoods #fightcancer #franklin #nashville #inspiration
Je suis payée pour bien manger, faire du sport et le partager🥑🥒😘💕 c’est trop bien n’est-ce pas? Ça fait quelques mois que je me suis lancée dans cette super aventure! Je peux : 💕travailler d'où je veux, 💕quand je veux, 💕je fais connaissance de supers personnes 💕je peux me faire plaisir sans être dans le rouge à la fin du mois 📌si tu cherches toi aussi un complément de revenu voire un salaire à temps complet, commente avec " Info" et je t'en dis plus en privé 😘 #recrutement #recruting #girlboss #workfromhome #workfromphone #workfromhomejob #motivation #minciravecplaisir #coachingfitness #loseweightforgood #loseweightfeelgreat #healthylifestyle #vivresainement #mincirsainement #weightloss #reequilibragealimentaire #perdredupoids #perdreduventre #pertedepoids #biendanssoncorps #biendansmoncorps #positiveattractspositive #goodvibes #positiveattitude #eatwellbewell #positivethought #positivemorningthought
I’m a goofball, 100%. I’m also a total introvert and so it takes time and patience to peel back the layers and get to the real me. . It’s not easy for me to post selfies. In fact, I totally cringe every single time. I also HATE smiling for photos... whenever I post a photo of me smiling, there is always a picture next to it in my camera roll of me making an ugly face. . I could easily post pictures of food, my dogs, my husband, motivational quotes, etc. and leave it at that. And while those things are important parts of me, ME is this. This goofy outtake of me trying desperately to take a picture of myself after my workout, looking like a monkey. . I want to be transparent, to a degree. I want anyone who follows me to get to know me. No fluff. No fillers. Not a bunch of pretty pictures edited perfectly. Life is messy, I can be messy, my hair is always messy. I promise I’ll always be real here. So instead of posting the ONE decent photo I got out of 33, you get this. 🤷🏼‍♀️
“Cassie, I have been wanting to do this FOREVER, but I just don’t have the money 💵 to get started!!!” Girl, LISTEN!!! 👂🏻I GET YOU! I understand 100% because I had to ask my family to borrow money to get my $99 to start my business because I didn’t have the extra money. A decision I’ve never regretted!!! 🙌🏼 Right now I have 17 coupon codes for 17 more people to get started in this business for just $20! What a great time to join and earn some Christmas 🎄 money!!! What do YOU have to lose? Who wants IN?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Comment below ⬇️ so I can get you more information!
Playing the lottery should be something you do for fun but not your only option. . . Don’t spend all your money 💰 on playing the wrong game. Play if you can and invest the rest in your business. . . . Your business has better odds of producing more than enough income for you to: - Have all bills paid Credit on all utilities Paid for car Paid for house Paid for trips
Heute war bei mir Video drehen angesagt Und iwie hatte ich heute einen Knoten in der Zunge 😅 dementsprechend lange dauerte es 🙈 Es gibt Tage da geht's schnell und an anderen ist es so wie heute 😂 Umso glücklicher war ich heute den Abend gemütlich ,mit meinen Lieben ausklingen zu lassen 😍 Hast du auch hin und wieder solche Tage?
Are you spending your days as you want❓ I always believed you had to WORK. For years I would commute to work in my suit and gear up for many days in a courtroom with a lot of stress and fighting. PINCH ME. This is “work”❓❓ Today I choose to stay in yoga pants, be home, and have team mates (and friends) over my house to really get work done but in the BEST setting ever. Oh and did I mention I earn more than I did in my corporate lawyer days❓ Sounds too good to be true right❓ BUT IT ISN’T. 🙌 It is just that YOU need to be open minded to other possibilities. Our overhead❓❓ FOOD. 😮
Sometimes when it's grey, rainy and cold a little sea therapy is required ☀️ Do you agree? . #juliehwillits
Do you have these 3 things? You can have an amazing business #anywhere #anytime with #limitlesspotential We live in a fast changing world! Business is changing rapidly. If you have a #heart #smartphone and a #voice you have everything you need to work with me! #onlinebusinesses #joinme #freetojoin #lowcostbusiness #timefreedom #financialfreedom #quityourdayjob #retireyoung #retirerich #workfromphone #workfromhomejob
At point one of my life I was a mom, wife, full time student and had two jobs! My schedule was crazy! At times very hard to manage it all. I chose this because it works for me❤ This can work for you!!! Being able to work from my phone, sharing products I love and helping others and getting paid is such a blessing! If you want this for your full time income or side income this can help you! How about extra Christmas money!🎁How about earning your products for free!😍 I jumped on board with this business for so many reasons❤❤👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 ➡️ $0 to run your business ➡️ free product monthly ➡️no website fees OR mandatory autoships ➡️no cold messaging ➡️Bonuses and vacations ➡️You can earn a $1200 bonus paid in FULL in your first 14 days when you become promoter! I’m ready when you are! Message me📲 or join my team today! (LINK IN BIO)
Let’s get real for a moment....... What do you need to have an international business like mine?. ..A phone. That's it. No really, I’m not joking. Oh and maybe a little coffee ☕️😉 🍁no monthly sales requirements 🍁no fees EVER 🍁no autoships 🍁not required to keep stock 🍁no in-home parties 🍁paid 3 hours after a sale 🍁no recruiting pressure 🍁no, you don't have to sell to your friends 🍁no, you don't need to know a lot of people 🍁yes, you can have a full-time job & still have time for this It's your future. If you need a job, or a second job, why not try this? If you want to try something new, make new friends, & push yourself to grow, this is it. You never know what "trying something different" can do for you! #WorkFromPhone #WhyNotYou #RadiantlyRavishing . . . . #mommakeup #selfiequeen #makeuponthego #makeupguide #longlashes #coffeequeen #coffeeloversclub #momneedscaffeine #guessbag #guessgirl #glamgirl #fashionlover #beautytime #bossqueen #makeupmom #makeupmomma
The 1st day I was under contract to work for somebody else ➡️ THE LAST 🙌🏼 . I honestly didn’t see the entrepreneur lifestyle coming for me even a year ago... EVEN when I signed up for this “little side gig” that helped me get in awesome shape & help others do the same with me. . You never know what could happen when you open yourself up to something new. 🌼 . . . . . #transformationtuesday #vegantransformation #veganbusiness #veganentrepreneur #wfpb #wfpbno #wholefoodplantbased #seattlevegan #veganseattle #pnwvegan #floridavegan #vegancoach #beforeandafter #progresspicture #progressphoto #corporatewoman #corporateamerica #deskjob #busyvegan #veganonthego #pnwfashion #seattlestyle #vegantraveler #vegantraveller #travelingvegan #vgang #veganfriends #workfromphone
Currently caffeinating to get through the store flip to Christmas! It may look like fall outside, but today has been spent hauling in and merchandising all the new stuff for the holidays 🎄I’m not ready for that time of year yet 😩
Today is the PERFECT DAY!! . . Haven’t you always wanted to change your life? . . Have you had the desire to make money from your phone and not work a 9-5 job? Or even be your own boss? . . If this is you, you should consider joining my company. No BS. DM me if you’re interested! . . #hairtransformation #hair #haircompany #motivation #self -employed #workfromphone #haircare #changeyourlife #hairproducts
So many reasons to jump for joy!❤️ - ✅ My parents are visiting us in Moab and the weather is amazing 😎 #shortsinoctober ✅ I launched my first ever course yesterday and the 20 early bird spots were filled in less than 30 minutes 😳🤯 ✅ We’re almost 6 months into our #fulltimerv adventure and we’re absolutely loving it 🚎❤️ - This #fulltimetravel lifestyle has been so much better than we ever thought it would be 👍 - We get to explore so many new places (with loved ones too ❤️) AND pursue our #entrepreneuriallife goals 💪 - If you’re interested in my course, check out the link in the bio - I’ve already had great feedback (check out stories)! - #fulltimervlife #travelentrepreneur #remoteworking #freedomlife
💥Congrats Robb!!!💥 Super excited for you and your team ... and proud of the leadership you provide to all of us!💥 Robb is a Natural Health Care provider who is sharing our amazing products with others!💥
3 years ago my life looked completely different!😕 I was depressed, lost, & extremely exhausted! I was working 2 jobs that I hated while going to school full time, which I also hated!😩 I was beyond busy & to even think of adding something to my plate was crazy!🙅🏻‍♂️ But God had MUCH bigger plans for me!!🙌🏼 Because I said YES to the opportunity that was offered to me a little over 3 years ago, my life took a 180° turn!😍 I now work for myself from wherever I am in the world, own my own time, get paid to travel, && the best part is I get to help others do the same thing!!🙏🏼 I’m sitting in bed at 9:59am drinking my coffee instead of sitting at a job on the clock working for some boss who under appreciates me && definitely under pays me!🖤 If you’re not content with your current situation, change something & decide you are ready for something better!!!😘 I did!!!🔥 • • • • #underwear #andrewchristian #bosslife #coffeeinbed #coffee #inbed #friends #family #workfromphone #workfromhome
F•E•A•R: has ✌🏽 meanings: ☝🏽 Forget Everything And Run or. . ✌🏽 Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours. . Chose your F•E•A•R wisely ✨
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