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Super psyched to premiere a bunch of new music next week at this beautiful event. We're going to be raving & raising money for a vibrant soul who has been torn away from their community by the bootlicking neo-facist force that is ICE. Please check out their gofundme page to read their story. https://www.gofundme.com/bring-matthew-rojas-home-now?fbclid=IwAR3qpVr6YgU1KEh_jNNw4nhzh2Mn4NzFBfoK4DUZBIF_NjO-NXzJUNF1NvQ plz plz donate some money if you can & support the effort to bring Fantasea home. Infinite love and solidarity to anyone who has been effected by this current wave of state terrorism and violence. #acab #abolsihICE #AbolishAllBorders #queerinsurrection
From yesterday’s protest at the San Diego / Tijuana Border The border and those who protect it are violent but will never be impermeable for it is in our human nature to move across the world, to cross and defy borders is instinctual and many will continue to do so for love and for survival #mobiltyisahumanright #abolishallborders #loveknowsnoborders
Chicago #solidarity action with #migrantcaravan ✊🏾🏴🖤 #abolishice #abolishallborders
Until all settler colonial borders crumble, Turtle 🐢 Island 🌴 to 🇵🇸🏴✊🏾 #gaza #usmexicoborder #abolishallborders #abolishice
There age SO MANY beautiful places in this world, never for a moment believe you’re confined to just one “country” - these borders we draw are all just social constructs anyway. It’s the dawn of a new era, one where the lines inside which we were born do not have to define us. I see myself as a citizen of the world first, not an “American first.” Sure, my whole life I’ve lived here, my parents are here, and this country is full of beautiful sights... but you know what? This whole world is full of beauty & beautiful places. . . Beautiful memories from a beautiful Istanbul summer day. If I could, I’d be packing my bags & leaving this country on the double. #cryforamerica #theamericandreamisdead #leaveyourbox #abolishallborders #abolishallacronyms
"FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT is not a right; IT IS A REAL LIVING FORCE. Despite all the obstacles that states put in people’s way — all the barriers of barbed wire, money, laws, ID cards, surveillance and so on — millions cross borders every day. For every migrant stopped or deported, many more get through and stay, whether legally or clandestinely. Don’t underestimate the strength of everyday resistance. People move for many different reasons. Many of the causes of global migration can be traced back to the West’s imperial and capitalist ventures: western-manufactured weapons and armed conflicts, wars of aggression in pursuit of oil and other natural resources, repressive regimes backed by Western governments, climate change and land grabs, and so on. But this is not the whole story, people have always travelled in search of better living conditions, or simply to pursue their dreams and desires." —A.N.B.M. — ABOLISH ALL BORDERS — #abolishallborders #abolishice #glitchthesystem #glitchaesthetic #postglitch #modularsynthesizer #drone #ambient — All visuals+music by #nicoroxe [Link to audio track in the profile]
Deecolonize all this stolen land #abolishICE #abolishallborders
We made it! ;) Only two cars and free ride in a bus.. #welcome #to #armenia #borders #makeworld #abolishallborders #makeworldnotwar
Abolished borders and disko partizani. Up the anarchists of slovakia. #abolishallborders #nogod #nonation #fuckmilitarism #anarchiatotal #partisans #hiking #slovakia
Water for travelers. #abolishallborders