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Coral me Crazy but we love a peek-a-boo in pink and blue! Shop our Style ☝️@thegrovewp #shopourinstagram
🌸🎉💛 meet me at the ring toss 🤹🏽‍♀️
Day 20 of 365: The future is unicorns. #365Project
A very neutral little farmhouse is the theme for the new house. I may have made a trip to Home Depot to get the closest sample to all of our choices. Cause who doesn’t do that 🤓 I am beyond excited to have my own office again that has doors 🙌🏻 . #michelleleacreative #designisinthedetails #acolorstory #nothingisordinary #risingtidesociety #interiordesign #statesonhomes #savvybusinessowner #thegoodlist #thehappynow #graphicdesign
#WomensMarch Sign: "Without Hermione, Harry would've died in book one."
❤️ @holmesawayfromhome. ❤️
On the easel
Three generations
✨Pure sugar✨ . Dress and bow @melissasmithdesigns use “Brightspot10”
Weitere Infos werden folgen. 💡📷
I wish I could cultivate flowers like these... Alas, I have the opposite of a green thumb... What is it called? A dark brown, drying and rotting thumb? 🙄 🤔 🤔 #beautifulgardens #floweringbalconies #colombia #visitcolombia #cartagenadeindias
Nails are trimmed, mountain climbing is done...now for an afternoon nap 😴
The day I was walking around London streets 🏫🏢
Our kids know the drill-Saturday’s are Mom & Dad’s date night. You know what’s funny though? They’re the ones pushing us out the door to go each week. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we get them junk food (Dollar Tree for the win on that one), pizza & allow them to YOLO it up when we’re gone? 🤔 Either way it’s a win! PS-Love how much our squad loves each other. ❤️
You know what we need? 30 second dance party.
Feeling so happy to be home, getting back into a regular life routine with my husband. Nick and I have been together a really long time (9 years as of our wedding day) but getting married still feels like a new season of life and I can’t wait to dive in. Traveling was great, but PGH is my favorite. And of course, home is where the kitties are! Thank you for all of the kind words over the last couple weeks. We ❤️ you guys! Lots of honeymoon photos still to come, and we’ll share full recaps on the blog in the coming weeks. 📷 by @lyssflorentine
We’re in the midst of moving and I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen and start baking again. With spring just around the corner, this Triple Berry Cake with @marthastewart ’s angel food layers is first on my list. Find the recipe in the Deco Tartelette archives...
Natural Beauties 🌸🌱🙌🏻@simplyelegantdallas #hyacinth #floralarrangement
❄️Hey there winter, welcome to the party❄️ #snow #wintertrees #januaryisthenewnovember #shotbypixel #teampixel #acolorstory
// Wake up, it's morning Wake up, my darling Wake up and see for yourself // • Honey, it’s alright - Gregory Alan Isakov • . To be honest, Today was a good day. It’s the first time in a while that I actually feel refreshed and have peace in mind without anxiousness or stress. I hope everyone’s Saturday is going well, and that all your cups are full of cheer. 💛🌷☕️🌲🐝
// Day 18 of the #21daysinmyartworld • Celebrate! • Today I’m showing you my first work that lead to my discovery of installation. My work currently incorporates painting and installation but without this piece I wouldn’t of discovered installation at all. This piece lead to multiple pieces that were displayed on the floor. They acted as a miniature landscape ✨
Qual a sua cor favorita? 🌈🦄🌸💕
Cars Land⛽️💙 #disneyland #carsland #acolorstory
Encaustic (layered wax) painting in progress
“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.” - W.E.B Du Bois ... Shout out to all the women marching today! 💪🏽💖 @womensmarch (📷: the incredibly talented @lexietorre ) #mexicoinmypocket #mimptravel #🇲🇽 • • • • #VisitaMexico #TravelMexico #MexicoMagico #DescubreMexico #Mexico_Maravilloso #ig_mexico #coloresdemexico #womensmarch #womenempowerment #acolorstory #abeautifulmess #dametraveler #photographyart #mexico_maravilloso
Snowback Saturday, when park Tivoli was covered in snow☃️ #snowback #tivolipark #youngiza
Theres always a light on your darkest day #repunzel #tangled #mickeyandthemagicalmap #iseethelight
Spiraling swirling in the breeze Photo by @hannah.rankin #colorinspirations
I answer your questions about social media strategy, new Instagram tools, changes in algorithm, but here’s the answer to the R E A L question we ask ourselves every Saturday! (📸 and 🎨: @chipperthings ) #yoursocialteam
vibrante desde la estación.
Birmingham’s very own chocolatier!! Stop by and support a wonderful local business. @chocolata_bham #artisanalchocolatier #chocolatabirmingham #supportlocal #acolorstory
We actually got to hang out outside for a little while! (Like 15 minutes lol)
Regalos que son para toda la vida, La Familia, esa parte que define nuestro ADN. ¿Que tienes un sueño? La familia, sin dudar un instante, se unen para darte fuerzas en esos momentos de bajón. A solo un examen de acabar esta primera etapa y pintan notan buenas. ¿Cual es mi recompensa a tanto esfuerzo? El viernes que viene me voy de viaje, Si, Si de viaje CREATIVO, ya os contaré más detalles. Ahora a disfrutar del sábado noche 😘
Cheers to weekend #YUM at @popbarftw ✨🤩✌🏻📸: @themamahoodblog @christinawkoo
Color, my endless love affair.
#treecloud 🌳☁️
Weekend goals 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #brb
my favorites line up (and swipe for my favorite clingy pitbull 🤗)
Cali - 2017
Those rainbow brushes hard at work! 🌈 Squirrelly boy has been working on an art project for the play room. It’s a slow process and he’s currently refusing to have anything to do with paint, preferring stickers and trains instead. Sigh, oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️ You can’t rush art!⠀ ⠀ •⠀ ⠀ •⠀ ⠀ •⠀ ⠀ •⠀ ⠀ •⠀ ⠀ •⠀ ⠀ •⠀ #acolorstory #colormehappy #carveouttimeforart #colourinspiration #happycolors #colorgram #colorhunters #letthembelittle #thenativecreative #worldoflittles #colorscollective #crafttherainbow #colorsplash #createeveryday
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