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Day 199: This corner is right next to my job’s staff kitchenette. Typically around 4 o’clock the lighting of this corner just blows me away. It’s typically super bright because of the yellow wall and how the sun shines directly at the door. Yet somehow, the shadows and yellows always catch my eye. Heck, I have even used the lighting from this corner for a few of these posts, and in all honestly I probably will keep using it. Anyways, that’s just a small excerpt from my day that was mainly spent working since I slept through my class.
Fall soon🍁
Bringing black & white film to Yosemite was one of the best choices I made all summer. #believeinfilm | #trix400
Big Cottonwood Canyon is a special place for me, I’ve been hiking, taking photos, and spending time with friends and family there for many years, and I’m not sick of it. Making sure that this place stays clean and beautiful for years to come is very important to me, and is why I’m partnering with @environmental_defense_fund , and their #SoItLasts campaign. I invite all of you to join me in donating to the EDF, to help them with the important work they do to protect our beautiful Earth! Check out the link in my bio to donate! #SoItLasts @environmental_defense_fund
I think I have always loved staring into space. When I was a kid, I saw the movie “Treasure Planet” in theaters. It’s not exactly a masterpiece of film, but it’s hard not to wonder about the stars after watching it. I think every one needs a little more star gazing time. . . . . . #stars #stargazing #fruita #fruitacolorado #sky #travel #nature #photography #photo #getout #getoutstayout #optoutside #goatworthy #backcountry #actfreely #lifeofadventure #visualsofearth #visualsoflife #takemoreadventure #thecreatorclass #igers #instagood #beauty #travel #summer
I don't always wear hats but when I do, I pose with them. 🤠 thank you @itseyetea for this photo! I love it! 😍
I hope that you all have moments where time stops and all you can think about is how grateful you are to be alive right here, right now. Life is all about moments; chase them, cherish them and embrace them ☁️🌊🌲 #minacaptures
Last weeks print giveaway winner is announced on my story! Thanks again to everyone who participated and to all you who support my art! It seriously means the world! 🤘🏼 also here’s a pic of my lil snack of a wife doing bad ass stuff 🤗🤙🏼 . . . . . . . . #yosemite #findyourpark #actfreely #getoutside #NationalParkService #TheGreatOutdoors #yosemitevalley #taftpoint #thestoked #visitcalifornia #wonderful_places #beautifuldestinations #travelawesome #explorelander #earthfocus #OurPlanetDaily #TravelingOurPlanet #roamtheplanet #stayandwander #rawcalifornia #hikeandshoot #lostfam #packandgo #welivetoexplore #explorelander #pursuewithpassion #modernoutdoors #yosemitenation #theroguecrew #travelstoke
Day 198: If you have seen my stories you have probably surmised that today was a little crazy. It started off by waking up stupid early to go catch the sunrise at Sandia Peak with two awesome people, Dakota and Keely. Despite being up so early, I am so we glad did it. The lighting up there was incredible and the fresh crisp air is something I have been missing this summer. After we took lots of photos, me and Dakota started to longboard down the road. As we were cruising along and having a blast bombing the hill, Dakota hit a darn pebble with his board and went flying. This spill shattered his collar bone and scraped him up pretty badly. Naturally, we took him to Urgent Care and spent a few hours there while they looked at him. Once they gave him a sling and washed his scrapes up we took him home. What was supposed to be a casual photoshoot and rad cruise down the Sandia Peak turned to so much more, so quickly. Each of us will definitely have some memories from this morning, especially Dakota. Heal up quick dude!
From assignment a few weeks ago at one of the most awe inspiring places in the world. The rare gypsum sand dunes at white sands are the largest of its kind on our planet. It's otherworldly. Ever since I was a kid, so many fond memories with family and friends were made here. @environmental_defense_fund recently created a campaign calling everyone to take action against climate change #soitlasts for future generations. I encourage you to look into supporting this cause and help do your part to keep places like this clean and maintained. Growing up appreciating nature I have always respected organizations like @environmental_defense_fund that strive to make an impact for the betterment of our environment. Please visit the link in my bio or watch my story and swipe up to see how you can make a difference when you donate or buy a print. 100% of proceeds go directly to the cause.
#shotoniphone at String Lake, Wyoming
A perfect day for a walk by the river
Dartmoor pinks 🌤 - I noticed my feed was lacking some Dartmoor in recent posts - thought I’d bump this to the top of the list to get published 👌🏼 - The variation on places on my feed got me thinking! It’s been a while since I last asked and I’ve grown quite a bit so... where in the world are you guys from? I’d love to know! 🗺 . . . . #dartmoor #devon #lovedartmoor #pink_sky #pinksky #welovesunet #wildernessculture #modernwild #optoutside #getoutstayout #ukscenery #britains_talent #sunrise 🌅 #backpackerlife #actfreely #adventurenow #adventuretime #makemoredetours #passionplanner #passionpassport #beautifuldestinations #themoutainsarecalling #nochilluk #bmtravel #pinkskyboutique #eastcoastcreatives #travelguide
Lazy Sunday?? I wish. 😴😴 Thank you @nikhilk.photos for this photo 😌
If it’s going to be 90°, the least Utah could do is leave some wildflowers alive🙄
Day 196: Taking photos of changing one’s oil is not that glamorous. Especially when your hands are covered in oil but you still have to grab that photo. Anyways, today was rather simple but really enjoyable. Only one class and just a little work. I love the simple days, they are what I live for. In all honesty, if it weren’t for some simplicity in my life I would probably turn into a crazy person.
There’s something about this place that keeps making me want to come back to it again and again... anyone find that about a place in your life? 🤔 - This outcrop of rock is one of a few absolutely incredible cliff structures on the North Devon/Cornwall coast! It’s a must see with so many legends and stories attached. And yes, the rock really is this thin, so if you like adrenaline rushes... this is definitely a place to walk out onto 😂 - Watch out for a new video up tomorrow over on my YouTube!Been meaning to film it for weeks now! 🎥 . . . . #adventure_culture #adventureculture #neverstopexploring #travelcommunity #optoutside #travelgram #theoceaniscalling #budgettravel #travelblog #modernwild #wildernessculture #wildernessnation #folkscenery #weroameurope #eastcoastcreatives #liveoutdoors #outdoorsupply #actfreely #instapassport #makemoredetours #theoutbound #ukpotd #britains_talent
I was trying to think of a clever artsy quote but I got nothing. I fell asleep by 9:30 last night and woke up wide awake at 5. Thank Bob it's Friday. Thank you @phototimwhite for this photo
This is out!! Follow the link in my bio... And then the link in my Nikita Faie bio... It's all very confusing 😂 for some reason ig won't let me put the link on my account here 🤔 anyhoo, hope you like it! 😘 If you can find it that is 😂
Day 195: I didn’t really have time to take a picture today so I figured I’d share this one from a few months ago. This was definitely one of the more fun photoshoots I have been on, especially since it was the first time I had done one at the Bosque. Anyways, today was pretty productive. I buckled down and knocked out a lot of editing and homework since this week has provided me with a little more work than usual. I still have some more to do tonight though, that might result in a mildly late night. No worries though, that just gives me more excuses to drink coffee.
I went on a 3 day backpacking trip with my family 2 weekends ago. It was great to spend some time away from society with the family, before my sister goes back to school. I also shot photos in harsh light, which I’m not really comfortable with, and I’m actually very happy with how they turned out. Swipe to check out some of my favorites images from a great weekend in the High Uintas.
an early morning reflection from a brief hike to Leigh Lake in the Grand Tetons
Is that dandruff or white fuzz on my dress? The world may never know. Amazing shot by @phototimwhite
Day 194: As I was editing today I sat back and took a quick break. I looked around and allowed myself to become aware of everything surrounding me. The music blowing in the earphones, the chattering of people and their important lives, and the whirring of the coffee grinder all came to. Listening to all of this, I realized that one day I will long after moments such as this. I will long after the calm, simple evenings at coffee shops. The evenings where I don’t necessarily have an agenda. The special ones where Bon Iver really pulls at those heart strings, or whoever I happen to be listening to. It is almost as if I was feeling the nostalgia I will experience in the future. However, I am excited for the future. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me, because, it will probably be something worth longing for too. Many more memories are to be made, whether they are in a coffee shop or on the top of a mountain. I will never cease to make amazing memories.
Found some cooler weather this morning, and it really made me excited for fall. Cold mornings & fall colors are on the way.
It’s amazing the hikes you can find in Hawaii ✈️ #keepfilmalive | #portra160
Double tap if you love a good lighthouse 😂 - Throwback to Start Point earlier this year with @minty.matt 🗺 - This is still one of my favourite ever photographs and places... got to return here 😍 - Apparently those little buildings besides the lighthouse are holiday cottages to rent... would you stay in one? 🤔 . . . . #actfreely #ukscenery #sunrise 🌅 #wildernessculture #adventuretime #adventurenow #modernwild #passionpassport #passionplanner #ukpotd #lighthouse #coast #coastal #coastalliving #coastline #lighthouse_world #lighthouse_lovers #pinksky #beautifuldestinations #theoceaniscalling #backpackerlife #devon #wearedevon #bmtravel
Friend: Act natural Me: Awesome photo by @phototimwhite
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