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Peering through the gaps
The most underrated spot in Utah
This portrait is taking so long 🤣 Sometimes, I get anxious that I'm after/doing too many different things... But I think I need to let go of that anxiety and just let myself live it. I just need to be and I need to accept that it's just the way that I am. So there you go, this is me enjoying a good old painting sesh 🎨👩‍🎨 I love it!
This portrait is taking so long 🤣 Sometimes, I get anxious that I'm doing too many different things... But I think I need to let go of that anxiety and just let myself live it. I just need to be and I need to accept that it's just the way that I am. So there you go, this is me enjoying a good old painting sesh 🎨👩‍🎨 I love it!
A beautiful day exhibiting at @Broomeparkhotel wedding fayre. So lovely meeting so many new people! P.s. Mozart stayed at Broome Park back in the day 💁 so that was also pretty cool.
Happy Sunday Friends ❤💜💛💚💙 Had a great shoot yesterday with @jamesmsharma206 !!!
In retrospect, this may have been the coolest place we saw in Haiti! Kids playing soccer on the grounds like they're in a stadium, horses grazing in neaby pastures, and the people trying to gouge you for all the money you have. It was quite an experience!
Repost from @dylangehlken_photography Repost from @jordanrpassey One of the coolest things about this little app is all the amazing people we've met that all care so much about the outdoors and spending time making memories in beautiful places 🤗 this cat @obstinated is an excellent photographer and amazingly inspiring dood 🙏🏼 go check him out! . . . . . . . . #california #californiaadventure #actfreely #getoutside #californiacoast #TheGreatOutdoors #yosemite #mounttamalpais #thestoked #visitcalifornia #wonderful_places #beautifuldestinations #travelawesome #explorelander #earthfocus #OurPlanetDaily #TravelingOurPlanet #roamtheplanet #stayandwander #rawcalifornia #hikeandshoot #lostfam #packandgo #welivetoexplore #explorelander #modernvoyage #pursuewithpassion #californialove #theroguecrew #travelstoke
Silverton, Colorado. This is a very old photo taken on negative film.
Day 116: Yeah yeah yeah, I missed yesterday. I was too tired and just wanted to sleep. We’ve all been there right? Anyways today felt like how a Saturday should be. Early morning farmers market, bought some new climbing shoes, and took a nap before church. Pretty freaking rad. #shotoniphone
A moody evening at Ghost Ranch w @kateslanes
Teapot pretending to be a sculpture...
A sunrise expedition just off the coast of Cozumel Izland earlier this week 🌊
What an amazing world
Enjoying the sunset up above the city I’m heading up to @bonanzacampout ! If you’re going to be there, let me know!
Waitin’ for the penguins to come out
Ancient tulip
Day 114: Today was nice since I was able to have a casual day. I started working on one of my projects that I have planned and climbed a little too. The plan for rest of the day was to go swimming for a little see what I could get done in the remaining free time that I had. Nothing crazy exciting but I feel productive, which is hard for me to do in the summer.
Summertime warmth
Scrambled up loose rocks and watch a mountain goat calmly walk the trail below until the sun set behind the mountain peaks. This is what summer is about.
Missing you a little extra today. // @t_weaves
Beautiful white Roses in mums garden. That dusky light creating sweet bokeh ✨
Day 112: This summer is starting to feel pretty productive. It’s been nice to be working enough to actually save a decent amount of money all while still working on my passions. Another project of mine is in full swing while I am planning out a second project. The second one will require some saving up of the moneyyy, so it might take till the end of summer to produce. I am really excited for both though, even if neither of them gains much traction, at least I’ll have fun doing them. That’s what I’m here for!
The best way to free your mind
I cannot skate to save my life but these places bring me such joy.
Giving all I’ve got.
My all time favorite sunset 🌅
Monday! After a crazy weekend, I get to go to work and then the dentist again🤘 Taking care of business, every day. Loving these photos by @nikki_photography_studio
Orchids in a Chinese ginger jar
Day 110: Well, today was nice and casual. It started out by going to watch all the crushers at finals for divisionals. After that, I took it slow by going to the pool and try to rest up a little since I was really tired. Since it was a quiet day I don’t have much to say except that it’s ok to let yourself relax sometimes ;)
I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was in Canada. Dreaming of going back very soon!
Got to do something a little different and take photos of a couple of my favorite people the other day.
Dusky Summer Rose's, in all their beauty.
Day 108: Recently me and Sofia have been volunteering at a youth homeless shelter. It just recently opened so we don’t have many people coming. However, we have been going out on the streets a lot to spread the word. It’s been a really awesome experience for me to get out of my comfort zone a little and talk to the many people who are on the streets here in Albuquerque. So far they have been all kind, grateful, and good hearted people. I think that is something we often forget when we drive by in our nice cars speeding off to work or some sort of recreation. We don’t have to feel guilty about how we may be blessed, but we can’t forget that people who may be less fortunate are still human and still have hopes and dreams.
De cute liddle monkhey 🙊
Way before it got scary 😂
You could let the rain ruin your travels and vacation.... or, quite simply, you could kick it to the side with everything else that will prevent you from doing what you want in life. It's been a long time coming to learn this lesson. It's all about learing to dance in your soggy socks ✌
Prairie Coneflowers growing in my garden
Day 107: I have been trying to capture the feel of summer in my photos lately. It has always been a challenge for me, something about the lighting and colors has always been difficult to edit and pull inspiration from. This summer has been a little different though, I feel like I am coming out of my comfort zone and really learning how to capture the awesome feel of a warm summer day. It hasn’t been easy but it’s coming along. Also! Tonight was the team party for the competitive climbing team I coach. We had a party since we are officially one day away from their divisional championship. I am beyond excited to be able to coach these kids on Saturday and watch them crush all the climbs. Send positive vibes our way!
Project your love on me
The earth can be beautiful sometimes 🌍
This place was like some alien planet. This part of the Hartland Peninsula has just huge rows of jagged rock trailing down the beach - if this was a planet, what would you name it? 😉 - Hey! Sorry for not being active that much this past week - I’ve had a hectic one with trips and travel with it not showing signs of stopping 😂 but... it did make me realise how much this community means to me, cheers for everyone that engages and shows support on my work - it truly means a lot! - Double tap if you think the Instagram photography community is one of the best 😉 . . . . #epicjourneycontest #adventurenthusiasts #hiking #thruhike #getoutstayout #rei1440project #choosemountains #keepitwild #optoutside #landscapephotomag #ísland #wondermore #wildernessculture #longexposures #modernwild #wishyouwerenorthwest #lostfam #actfreely #adventurenow #adventure_culture #makemoredetours #devon #hartland #ukpotd #britains_talent
Definitely wishing I was here right now. #southernutah may or may not be my favorite place ever! What places do you like to visit when you have the chance to get out?
Goodmorning friends. I hope everyone has a good Tuesday. I woke up every hour last night to nightmares and terrible stomach pain and all that fun stuff. Yay food poisoning. 😫 Not a great way to start the day. When I find some energy I will try and crawl out of bed to eat some applesauce or something. I hope your day will be better than mine! 😂😭🤢
I swear she’s a life changer. Happier than ever, with a heart overflowing. Already counting down the days ❤️// thank you for this moment @emmashay93
Last Friday w Ethan & Rachel. So honored to have been apart of their special day. What a beautiful couple.
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