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|| LUMIERE || || Chapter 13|| •Confession Cuteness• There they were, the kids. The kids and Y/N to be precised. Where? On the open air ground beside the helipad where the bonfire was lighting up the night and the kids were having dinner. The avengers decided to fed the kids before taking off on the Quinjet because they seemed really weak and scared. A good dinner would made them feel cozy and Natasha became sure of it when she sensed Y/N was being the sweetest baby sitter anyone could for ask for. She was right. Right then, at the moment, Y/N was looking over the kids if they were eating properly and was giving them hugs while laughing away with them on jokes. With all those sweetness pouring over the toxic base, the two Asgardian brothers could not help but to admire them standing on the Quinjet's open gate. Loki of course, was literally drooling over Y/N and was absolutely in awe thinking what a sweet soul she was which surely did not escape Thor's eyes. 'Why don't you tell her?' Thor asked with glimpse of hope in his eyes. 'I think I will now', replied Loki. It took a moment for Thor to realize what his brother just said. Having his jaw dropped, he managed to ask, 'Wh..what did you say?! You seriously going to do it now? Suddenly? LIKE NOW ON THIS MOMENT?', Thor was beyond excited. 'I guess thats what now means Thor. I just feel like if I don't confess now, I won't be able to do it ever. I usually get very nervous around her if I ever think of confessing but suddenly I feel like I want to do it now, so yeah', Loki sighed in relief. 'Do it brother, go and tell her', Thor encouraged. 'Well, I am not going to tell her directly though', Loki brought out his notebook and pen with magic and started writing. 'You are going to give her a love letter? How romantic!', Thor smiled brightly. 'Not really me, but the youngest kid out there whom she is hugging right now', answered Loki pointing at Y/N and the kid. Loki took quite like 15 minutes to finish the letter. He was still nervous. Well, it was natural to be. Loki walked up to the kids and smiled at Y/N before taking the 5 year old boy on his lap and taking him a bit away from them. (continue)
So finally my results were out yesterday and I got a first class in my honours (Journalism and mass communication) and qualified to the third and the last year of university! Looking forward to work more hard! Thank you everyone for the dms! Have a great day! LUMIERE will be updated today! • • • • #follow #followme #followforfollow #followback #followher #TomHiddleston #hiddlestoners #hiddlesgoddesses #Loki #InfinityWar #marvel #mcu #followtrain #Thomas #likeforlike #Thor #hiddlesisters #hiddlesarmy #credsforcreds #thorragnarok #follow4follow #KongSkullIsland #trailer #addbackinstantly #avengers #infinitywar #Thanos
|| LUMIERE || || Chapter 12|| •She saved the day • 'Thor are you done with that creepy hallway?', Natasha, the team leader for the mission asked through her earpiece. 'Yes Widow, done here. Joining you in the underground soon. Loki, status?', Thor tried to get to Loki who was on the other side of the organization's property. 'I am kicking fine. Almost done. Have you people heard from Y/N? Its been long since she left for the lab', Loki was rather tensed. 'I am fine guys. The kids are good too. They have locked them in a safe room. Certainly they thought they would need them after defeating us' Y/N seemed quite sassed up with her answer. 'Listen, Thor and Loki are already here with me, join us soon. Few of them are left here. Lets finish and then get the kids', Natasha instructed Y/N. 'Coming', and as soon as Y/N replied, she heard Natasha's gasp and Loki's dreaded command to move back. She did not understand what just happened but she was sure it was something terrible. 'Guys?! Whats the matter?! Does anyone copy? Hey?!', Y/N was clearly on panic mode at that moment. 'Y/N, there are 6 of them still left. One of them has a chemical tube in his hand which if broken will cause a havoc in the air and we all will die. The children and themselves too. Suicidal murder at best by these assholes', Loki voice was barely loud than a whisper. 'I am coming', Y/N's determined voice came through. 'Just stay there or even if you join, be careful. One wrong step and everything would be gone', Loki warned. 'Just watch Loki and stay quiet', Y/N sounded like she rather had a plan. Soon after a while, Loki, Thor and Natasha saw a scene which made them more panicked than ever. 'Why is she walking towards them, is she out of her mind?!', Thor said quite in anger and confusion being tensed. Y/N was walking towards the 6 men and she was very relaxed and calm just like as if it was a weekend game for her. Soon enough Loki realized what she was up to and a smug smile broke out on to his face. (continued)
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