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I keep forgetting BUT I’m 8 years clean and sober today! 💕 Thank you everyone who has helped me get there 🙏🏼The fact that I keep forgetting is a testament to the healing that has occurred over the years! ✨ I don’t share about this part of my life very often as it’s in the past for me but if anyone is struggling out there with any form of addiction whether it is drugs, alcohol, food, binging, anorexia, love and sex addiction, gambling or anything else know you are not on your own. Know there is a way out and know that there is a pretty amazing life on the other side. . If you are young and worry that stopping drink and drug will result in a boring life, this is not true. I still go dancing till 8am, I go to dinner parties where everyone is drinking, I travel, I socialise and I smile a lot. I’m comfortable being me, l love, I live and I smile at people while they smile back at me. . Life is not perfect. I had difficult times in recovery. I have been ill, hurt and heartbroken more than once. But I kept on doing the most loving thing regardless, which was not pick up a drink, drug or go overeat / binge to shut down my feelings. Each time I chose the loving choice instead of the self destructive one, my self esteem grew and still grows to this day. Integrity is important. Self love is important. Get your internal world right first and everything else will be reflected in your external world. . If anyone is struggling out there, know I love you and I honour you. Don’t give up. . Also feel free to private message me! . So much love xoxo • • • • • #personalstyling #personalstylist #personalshopper #imageconsultant #selflove #selfesteem #confidence #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #recovery #addiction #addictionrecovery #edrecovery #livingclean #createalifeyoulove #makeyourdreamscometrue #raiseyourvibration #sexandloveaddiction #eatingdisorderrecovery #loveaddiction #fashionstylist #fashionblogger
Free. I am free to my body. Free of feeling opressed by beauty standards, by men, by humans, by rules, by waistlines, by make up, by materialistic items. I am free of everything that once ruled me and pulled me under. I am free in myself to heal and be honest. To use my words without restrictions, to express my body, the way it moves, the things it desires. To indulge in my spiritually, to become to my beliefs. To feel my power & feed my magic. To energize in myself. I've found that once we give up the pressures and the stress we become true to who we really are. We become the being we were always destined to be. and above all it is the feeling of being free. * * #anxiety #anxietyhelp #addictionrecovery #anxietydisorder #anxietyrelief #addiction #anxietywarrior #depressionawareness #depressionrecovery #depresssion #girlswithtattoos #itsokaynottobeokay #mybodymychoice #nomeansno #postaddiction #ptsd #picoftheday #spirutualjourney #spiritualist #sober #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #sobriety #spiritualwarrior #tarotspread #tattoos #tattoo #postaddiction #ptsd
A question I receive all the time – and something I was anxious about before I stopped drinking too – is how on earth does a person #relax , without #wine ? ⠀ ⠀ Thankfully, there are tons of ways! I’ve experimented with #meditation , #yoga , #massage , long walks in #nature , #journalling , #dancing around my living room, EFT – and even acrobatics and hoola hooping! 😄 All of which made me feel incredible, and helped relax my sensitive soul and overactive mind. So I was excited to see if floatation therapy might also float my boat!⠀ ⠀ Floatation therapy (also known as floating in isolation or sensory deprivation tanks) is reported to promote #calm and #peaceful #relaxation , soothe #anxiety , relieve #pain , boost immune function, and facilitate #freedom from #habits , #phobias and #addictions .⠀ ⠀ Filled with 500kg of Epsom salts (helllooo huge magnesium hit!), your body floats effortlessly, while the sensory deprivation in the warm tub allows your mind to truly unwind. ⠀ ⠀ I first tried it about a year ago, and while I loved the novelty of it, I found it hard to trust and let go. Keen to try again, I recently headed back to see if my experience would be different. Thankfully, it was. This time I truly enjoyed the sensation and found myself sighing as the soft meditation music came back on, signalling that my time was up. ⠀ ⠀ But the best feeling came about an hour later, when I felt like my entire central nervous system had been reset. #bliss ⠀ ⠀ Have you tried floating? What did you think? ❤️x⠀via @sexysobriety
Authenticity starts with embracing our inner weirdo 🤪
Some of us just chose to spectate. Great day in the sun. #lifeinrecovery #addictionrecovery #fvrc #mayfieldcentre
Football at the Friday Recovery Cafe. #recoverycafe #addictionrecovery #footie #cleanandsober #fvrc
day two of being sober. feeling positive that i can do this. didn’t sleep much but that’s ok, i will eventually. my internet got cut off and i can’t afford to set up a new one, hoping my phone data will last for a bit until i can sort it out. i dreamt about him last night.. can’t remember much but it was sad waking up. drinking my yerba mate tea then going to do an ab workout and some of my therapy book. doctors on friday, then it’s just waiting for a therapy group to accept me. im scared but im ready to change for the better. i thought i was ready before when i was going to group but i can see now that i was just going and hoping to get better by just being there. i need to put in work everyday while im on my own. #addictionrecovery #icandothis #fixingmyself #meditatedontmedicate #doingthisforme #doingthisforus #hopefulforthefuture #yerbamate #vegan #mentalhealth
It is in the release of fear, it is in the embrace of intuition that you truly feel interconnected, through the energetic force of unconditional LOVE © Edel O'Mahony www.edelomahony.com www.media.edelomahony.com www.books.edelomahony.com #fear #fearless #embrace #intuition #interconnected #energetic #force #transmutation #love #unconditionallove #selfinquiry #mindemptiness #noeticscience #buophotons #presentmoment #addictionrecovery #philosophy #namaste #meditation #author #consultant #edelomahonymedia #POTPW #peacefulwarrior
Hey you! Yeah  you! I am talking to you! I know this past weekend you indulged a little more than you should have. You are now feeling guilty and that you have ruined all of your progress and are back to square zero. This keeps happening and you have no freaking idea how to over come it. Here is where to start! I have created a Youtube video all about the difference between binge eating and over eating and how you can over come it! Life doesn’t have to be filled with reoccurring guilt! Take the time to check out this vid (link in my bio) to change your life today.
Cellphone selfie addict??? Explore ways we bypass our true selves and find ways to connect with spirit at your star will SHINE weekend @joyprovisionuk @broughtonhallestate @avalonwellbeing
Unaware I’m tearing you asunder
Dont question yourself or believe a word the doubters & haters have to say, you're amazing, you're worth it, we believe in you #addictionrecovery #westerncounselling #drugrehab #alcoholrehab #detox #bristolrehab #bristoldetox #12steprehab #12step #sobriety #abstinence
that are incapable of feeling because their brain chemistry is off
“Resilience is knowing that you are the only one who has the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up.” #resilience #dopamine
Nothing lasts forever and it’s fine . Right?
[Road trip chronicles part 4] Next up: Nelson! I loved this quaint little city full of steep streets and hippy vibes. I met up with my parents at the Farmer's Market that weekend and got to enjoy more waterfalls and gorgeous views. I even rode the Nelson trolley, Streetcar 23. . Everyone told me I'd love Nelson, and they were right! ...which is why I had to make another post just for Nelson pics so stay tuned, it's coming right up. 😁 (By the way, that's non-alcoholic ginger "beer" I was drinking. So tasty and so good for the gut! It's a highly anti-inflammatory drink that's just the right amount of spicy. 👍 It's a great alternative to regular beer if you're in recovery/don't drink!)
Today we are talking scars. something that once made me embarrassed now makes me proud. - thank you to the little child who pointed out a couple of my battle wounds today and reminded me, i have a story to share. And a human being out there to relate too. on my left wrist I have multiple scars. Each of those scars are from self harm. They are years old. They each hold their own story, they are a reminder of just how hard it rained. Their still really visable even with mr fishy there. The tattoo represents. YOU MUST KEEP SWIMMING. and that like a fish, if you stop moving forward. You will indeed stop breathing Of all the tattoos on my body. This is my favorite. And here is why.... I can remember how embarssed I felt when I got this tattoo. I went pretty quiet and just hoped the artist wouldn't notice them or mention it. I didn't get it to cover up those scars. I got it to remind myself of where I had been and how far I had come from that place. - I feel so lucky these days for how few and far between my bad days are. But when they do drop by - I just look at this little guy and smile to myself. Because if you can survive thunder. What's a little rain? 🐡 - big thank you to my tattoo artist for doing a boss job on this little guy and making a human feel good about herself.
I find myself going back to read the story of Renee Yohe often. Her story has taught me that my suicidal thoughts, my anxiety, and depression can be conquered. When I first heard about @twloha I was 13 years old and rummaging through the world of MySpace. I felt like I was understood when I read her story. The story of why my favorite company was founded. I felt hope. I didn’t reach out for help until I hit my 20’s though. That’s when my true recovery started. Mental health and addiction are real. You do not have to fake it. It’s okay to stop and rest, take care of yourself. It’s okay to ask for help when you feel like you’re all alone. Hope is real. Help is real. Your story is important. #twloha #mentalhealthawareness #addictionrecovery #suicideawareness
Repost @makedaisychains Feel like this is important to repost. . CN: mention of self harm but nothing in detail. I’ve wanted to make this for a longgggg time but am always quite hesitant because I don’t want to make triggering stuff or romanticising mental illness stuff. I feel like this isn’t talked about enough. Missing your mental health problem, self harm, eating disorder, addiction, drugs, alcohol, skin picking and many more does happen. Recovery is about managing those moments where you really really miss it. Never feel guilty for missing it though, it’s normal. But do talk about it. It doesn’t make you a bad person and they’re not bad thoughts. I hope that makes sense. 🌈 [visual description: a digital illustration of a person. You can see from just below their shoulder to the top of their thighs. They have a rainbow sparky long sleeved jumper on and mint green jeans. Their right arm is resting on their left upper forearm. The person has pink nail varnish on. They have light coloured skin tone. At their fingertips there are flashes of light. There is a bright pink banner at the top which says “it’s ok to miss self harming when you are recovering”. The background is blue sky with white clouds. ] #mentalhealthrecovery #selfharmrecovery #addictionrecovery
Matr has beds available and is advertising for more clients. Social media is our means of advertising. Please share this with others you know in need of treatment. We do not accept Medicaid, Medicare. We Do Accept most all insurances and offer Discount package rates, if you don't have insurance. Matr has been in business for 25 years and has helped hundreds of wonderful people become even greater individuals. If you've not heard of Matr, please check out our website and Facebook and other social media advertisings. Call and refer and share about Matr. 435-462-2781 and 801-691-1280. #addictiontreatment #addictionrecovery #sober #matrbehavioralhealth #matrincsubstanceabusetreatment #matrbehavioraloutpatientservices #family #friends #love #healing #home #instagood #inspiration #beautiful #self #bridge #to #selfie #a #v #i
By helping others 💪 ❤️
A fond farewell to longtime Step Up employees Kimm Baersch and Len Lovallo. Baersch joined Step Up in 2002 as its first Director of Development. Kimm always put her whole heart into supporting every aspect of Step Up's mission. Her dedication and hard work has played a key role in Step Up's expansion. Lovallo has been with Step Up's Vocational program for 14 + years, progressing from Job Coach to Director of Vocational. Len taught the value of compassionate, caring, and effective management. His unwavering support of everyone's individual success within Step Up has inspired confidence and capability in them.
Inspired by @tsikkithau http://www.magnifiquemag.com/now
So it’s day 21 Raw Vegan. Starting tomorrow I’m doing a 7 day Smoothie island. Fruit smoothie or melon in the morning and green smoothie for lunch and dinner. I need more greens. #truth #mindsetshift
Failure teaches you self-discipline and willpower. How do you know your limits if you don’t fail. Defeat is temporary until you give in to old habits. Willpower is a skill that must be learned and then applied. Giving up old habits will feel like deprivation at first until you begin to reap the benefits. This is why some people hit rock bottom, they change because circumstances have forced them to and this is why change is perceived at “painful”. If you don’t change you can often times be doomed to repetitive circumstances and this is why you need to move forward without looking back. #wakeuptolife #areyoulistening #nogoingback #loseweightordietrying #getreal #thehypnoticdiet #yourmindsetisinyourdiet #mindsetiseverything #scottsdaleaz #addictionrecovery #healhyliving
I almost gave up on myself before the miracle a week ago. It was the night before I was supposed to start my new job. My ego told me I couldn’t handle it. I proceeded to get the ok from all my friends. School, my commitments, my parents. And a job too. It was just too much! I told my father my new plan. And he flipped out. His reaction was violent actually. Beyond cruel. He called me names. He screamed. It was ugly. I know now It was actually God. You see my dad basically told me I had to take the job. He’s never been pleasant about the way he has challenged me to be more - in fact he terrorized me as a child - but I can see the behavior for what it really is - love. And now because of that love I have the job of my dreams that I got a compliment at the first day for one of my ideas! The second day - today - I got asked if I would go to a conference and report back to the whole office. And school? I just got an A+ on my first graduate level paper and I’m getting a 99% overall because the truth is, I can do just about anything I set my mind to because I LOVE MYSELF and others do too. 👊 #growingupgay #fullcirclemoment #grewup #painistemporary #observation #highereducation #graduate #gradschool #masters #mastersdegree #careergoals #dreamjob #counseling #addictionrecovery #addiction #wwhl #mariannewilliamson #oprah #oprahwinfrey #oprahsbookclub #ahamoment #miracles #miracle #fearless @supersoul @cbsnews @60minutes @cbsthismorning @owntv @oprah @gayleking @oprahmagazine https://patrickarolandauthor.weebly.com
I have looked back so much this last year of sobriety, at pictures wondering how it was I didn’t know that I was headed for the worst day of my life that I almost didn’t live through and really didn’t want to. I look so oblivious in this picture but I was drinking like a fish every night and living in complete isolation! 2 weeks after this picture I hit the lowest bottom you can hit and honestly and truthfully by the grace of my higher power I was pulled out of the depths of despair. This has been a rough rough year but I didn’t pick up a drink, didn’t even want to! God grant me the ability to get through these next two weeks so that I can celebrate 1 complete year alcohol free! I surrender to you my doings each day! #surrender #sobriety #sober #soberlife #recovery #bythegraceofgod #recovering #rockbottom #addiction #addictionrecovery #grateful #lucky #blessed #faithful #trust #trustheprocess #onedayatatime #onemomentatatime #program #progressnotperfection #roughyear #higherpower #aa #selflove #12steps #love
He is known as the end of the road for addicts of all types. He’s also one of the sweetest men you’ll ever meet. His success is owed to his own personal journey through addiction and his ability to overcome the darkest parts of the self. Roy Nelson, founder of The Nelson Method is a powerful healer and world renowned for his unique modality to truly help others get well now. Listen at this link: https://meghaworth.com/how-to-truly-heal-eating-disorders-and-addictions/ for FaceBook fans or it’s on my bio for Instagram fans. . . . #roynelson #addictionrecovery #healer #podcastseries #itunes #thenelsonmethod #getwellsoon
Families helping families
Media. 🗑
I'm sitting in my room tonight feeling completely worn down, near transparent. Parenting my two wild toddlers and growing 7 year old, supporting my fiance into his new journey of himself after addiction, and catching the tears of dear clients at work, growth of our facility, (while also being a bit ocd about housework) makes it hard for me to focus on.... Anything! . I decided to pull out my oracle cards (I don't pull them out often). I asked a bit hopelessly... "how can I make this life better? We are so strained" we are strained for food, time, money, and sleep. . . This you see is what I pulled out of a 44 deck of cards 💜. My prickly kitten came, and decided to lay down next to them afterward, while I was thinking... And it screamed "Instagram photo op!" . And so here I share. The card at the top was the direct answer to my question, which was to write out my worries and fears and release them, burn them, put them in a box or whatever I find appropriate to let go and trust. . The card to the left pertains to the immediate past of the situation, the middle: present, and the card on the right: future. . . I thought this was really nice and it cleared a lot of fog for me. . . . It is so easy to lose sight. Always trust the process, nurture your soul, and of course #RememberwhatyouKNOW 💜 love you guys. . Dont get lost in the fog.
Family is one of nature’s masterpieces ✨ _____________________________________________________ www.design4recovery.com _____________________________________________________ #sober #sobriety #soberissexy #westlarecovery #change #perspective #help #recovery #recoveryhome #soberliving #compassion #designforrecovery #addiction #addictionrecovery #alcoholics #recovered #designforrecovery #dfr #alumni
Read of the night! So random, but along a trail walk today in a book drop I look in and see and pick up the first book I reach randomly for, I open up the cover and find this. Irony? God? Chance? Whatever you believe, but how crazy is it that a recovering IV Drug user open up to read something like this? #summer18 #jordansjourney #beautifulday #beautifullife #addictionrecovery #roadtorecovery #read #teacupfullofroses #notashamed #powerinadversity #powerinresistance
*CBD Oil and Opiate use*. (Viewers Discretion!!*) This is Jesslee's testimonial ( in her own words) 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 This is my mother’s feet As you can the before photos, her skin is breaking down from longterm use of opiates- Endone, OxyContin, Lyrica and Targin to name a few of the 2300 tablets she takes in a month! Since starting the CBD oil and Relief cream, (see the after pictures), these were the results in 3 weeks. As well as pain relief It’s been amazing and she is overjoyed with the results 😁 This is no joke!!. Everyone should get this oil! #cbdoil #cbdheals #cbdforthepeople #cbdforthewin #opiateaddiction #addictionrecovery Before we continue, please read this... *#Disclaimer * *These are people's testimonials...sharing how CBD oil has benefited them... their own words and their own experiences* We are careful not to say that CBD oil will *"cure"* anyone.. It certainly has many beneficial properties and in the long run, our bodies adapt differently. These are in no way absolute statements. It is always recommended that you do your due diligence : research about CBD oil and make sure to consult your physician whenever beginning any health program as results may vary.
FYI, PSA, Write it down, screen shot it if you have to, stay sober, stay woke. I’m so glad I no longer live and die by alcohol. There is SO much more to life. Thanks @thesoberglow 😊💛🙌🏼🔮 . . . . . #quotestoliveby #recovery #sobergirl #sobriety #sober #soberaf #soberissexy #soberlife #teetotaler #addictionrecovery #alcoholfree #drugfree #staywoke
This was the most wonderful bath. I am realizing that I love AA because it forces me to look at my part in the problems in my life AND it gives me a set plan of action to address these problems. I have been in therapy since I was 16 and let me say, validation can only get you so far. The people in AA won’t put up with my bullshit. And I will definitely keep coming back. #sober #recovery #mentalillness #addictionrecovery
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I want to explore the world with two things in my hand, a camera on my right and her hand on my left 🌎❤️ #GypsySoul
Here’s something about recovery that you’ll find out the hard way. At some point, you’ll realize that some people aren’t rooting for you. They secretly hope you’ll fail. They’re waiting for it. When you first discover this, you’re gonna feel sad and mad and bad. It’s cool, though - you have to accept it. Just don’t let the bastards drag you down. I’m telling you this because I love you and I want you to be happy. And for godsakes, if you’re in recovery, remember this simple advice: #dontdrinkmotherfucker
Meme therapy: - My mind: see that wasn’t too bad. Me: Yeah. 🙄
“You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That's a part of it.” —Denzel Washington #banyantree21_rehab A 21Days Residential Mindfulness-Based Therapy Programme For Addiction Treatment and Recovery https://www.banyantree21.com Call us for A Free Assessment ‭+66637780505 . . . . . . . . #cleanandsober #recovery #angermanagement #sobriety #soberlife #alcoholaddiction #codependent #recoveryispossible #thailand #chiangmai #letitbe #codependency #livingclean #soberliving #addictionrecovery #addiction #recoveryisworthit #justfortoday #addictivemind #alcoholrehab #drugsrehab #rehab #rehabilitation #stayclean #soberliving #rehabtime #recoveryjourney #onedayatatime #mud
"I'm sorry" is one of the most powerful things a person can hear... sadly those we need to hear it from most typically aren't able to do that. Your ex, your highschool bully, that co worker that makes life miserable..... none of these people are able to give you the apology you need due to their own limitations and psychological views. But you still deserve it. so on behalf of whoever hurt you, whoever caused you emotional trauma, I am sorry. let's be a #partofthesolution and not a part of the problem ❤
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