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Earlier this week I went exploring with my future pup ☺️ • Michael and I are moving to our own place next weekend, and we are getting a dog! We are subletting an apartment for a few months because 1. We get to take care of this little fur ball for 3 months, 2. We will be going into a fully furnished, 2 bedroom apartment... that will be all ours ☺️, and 3. we will have a chance to save up some more money for the future because you know I’m all about savings now! One of the reasons I’ve moved to australia and created a base and signed up for full time work is so that I can be a responsible adult and boost up my long term savings. Minimalism helps so much in this department! • I am so excited to continue on our journey of creating a base in Sydney. Have you ever wanted to live in another country? Where else would you love to live??
There’s something about Wales that lends itself to wondering what lies yonder; beyond the fields, beyond the mountains and the sea.. #wales #cymru #rural #uk #uktrip #createexplore #visuaosoflife #stylingtheseasons #ofwhimsicalmoments #quietinthewild #flashesofdelight #adventurebeautifully #girlsaroundtheworld #uk_greatshots #girlsthatwander #wildlifegirls #girlgetters
🇬🇧 Our last night in Czech Republic 🇨🇿 . We had great fun and memorable vacation. Tomorrow we will be leaving back home and looking forward to our next trip somewhere new ✈️ Wish you all a great weekend 😘 Credits: The Mystery Guy 😎 ° ° ° ° 🇫🇷 C'est notre dernière soirée en République Tchèque 🇨🇿 On s'est bien amusé et eu des vacances inoubliables. Demain on rentre chez nous et on hâte pour notre prochain voyage dans un nouveau pays ✈️ Je vous souhaite tous un très bon weekend 😘 Crédits : L'Homme Mystérieux 😎 • • • • #happyweekend #weekendvibe #spreadthelove #dametravel #femmetraveler #jetsettingchicks #girlaroundtheworld #travelbabes #girltraveler #darlingescape #thetravelwoman #adventurebeautifully #shetravelz #femmetravels #travelgirlsgo #ladieslovetravel #girlstraveltale #thewanderingtourist #roamingwomen #shesnotlost #thetravellerwomen #iamtraveller #iloveprague #summer2018 #iloveprague ❤️ #iloveczechrepublic #czechtrip #praguetrip #prague2018 #praguetourism
Now you see me, now you dont ✨
I think I was built for warm climates, open horizons, and barefoot days. ::: Adventures with @inadventures.travel
Almuerzo veraniego perfecto: mesa de picnic ✔️sombrilla de colores ✔️tirita de bombillos 💡✔️bbq 🍔✔️
“I can be all the things you told me not to be” Ariana Grande, God Is A Woman ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷 regram: @agirlwhoblooms #thepalmpursuit #sunshine #palmtrees #gooddays #lookup #travel #adventure #explore #explorer #exploring #blueskies #love #wander #adventurebeautifully #discovering #travelbrilliantly #travelgoals
↪🌸The beauty of the world and people are in the details. You just have to pause and appreciate them. This is just a friendly reminder to stop and smell the roses now and again... ♢♢♢It's so easy to get caught up in life and work and pushing ourselves to always be going. And yes it's good to live life to the fullest, and good to push ourselves to achieve that next goal. But what's the point in it all if we don't actually take the time to stop to enjoy those amazing things that already surround us now! * * * #enjoy #your #summervacation 💃 #jadore #myfloraldays #wonderingdreamsquad #adventurebeautifully #globaltravels #inspiration #fashiongram #istanbul 🇹🇷 #turkey 🇹🇷 #europe #myhappyplace #myviewfromhere
I believe in pink 💗
Throwback to the day I discovered what "trulli" were 🇨🇮
U used to call me on my 📞
life figured out ﹏
one for you, one for me 𓎡
We are digging this nail art by Saga using our Caviar Manicure Luxe- Lustre 😍😍🙌🏽 what do you think? Grab at while stocks lasts ONLY 10 AED . . Buy now link in bio . nails #nailart
Unexpected friendships are the best ones 💕💗
Today we got into Krakow, Poland…and typically I’d be all for hitting the town and exploring the sites. But unfortunately Cam and I are feeling pretty under the weather. After making it through 15 countries unscathed this trip the sickness bug finally got us! 🤧 It got me thinking about how important it us to take a break from time to time. In today’s fast past society we’re so accustomed to moving a 1000 miles an hr (especially us millennials 😉) trying to fit more than humanly possible into a day…slowly running ourselves down. Following this pattern day in and day out doesn’t necessarily increase productivity, it can actually have the adverse affect and will eventually burn you out. I’m totally guilty of this! Which is why I remind not just you but myself as well that taking a break is a GOOD thing. So relax…take a day off, and hit the refresh button; your mind & body will thank you for it!
Things got a little rocky 🎈
Connaissez-vous le nom de ce lieu unique et atypique, où la nature rayonne de toute sa splendeur ? Un indice, cela se trouve sur l'île de Beauté… Où certains passent peut-être leurs vacances ! Crédit photo : @sophiepinet
Pretending the algorithm doesn’t suck... 😒 | El algoritmo de IG me la tiene montada... escucho ideas 💡...
Those Friday vibes c/o @carotran at the impeccable @hotelilpellicano in Porto Ercole Tuscany. #carewhereyoustay
This place is really something 🏜
Just like the moon I go through phases 🌙
Yaay weekend ahead! 😄
Getaway in style with @ophelieguillermand and discover all the beauties of Corsica @grand_hotel_de_cala_rossa
Happy Friyay🎉 It’s my sister’s last weekend in New York and we are going on a camping! I hope weather forecast is wrong so it won’t rain..🙏🏻 What’s your plans for the weekend? . . 📷@jpinnyc_photo 벌써 동생과의 마지막 주말이에요. 캠핑가려고 예약해두었는데 비가온데요. 매번 틀리는 일기예보가 이번에도 틀려야할텐데🤣🙏🏻
'People are like stained-glass windows. The sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within'✨ • • • #deep #deepquotes #deepthoughts #sarzasnapped #explore #samsung #samsungs7 #withgalaxy #travel #instadaily #instagood #artofvisuals #moodygrams #agameoftones #shotzdelight #createexplore #visualsoflife #gramslayers #exploretocreate #illgrammers #instatravel #adventurebeautifully #femmetravel #girlsthatwander #traveldreamseekers #edinburgh #castle #uk #photographer
Street Eats on a Friday Night #Yum #VietnamTimes #HelloPhúQuôc 🍢🍡🍧
Let the weekend adventure begin ! #readyfortheweekend #leavingworkonfridaylike
Weekend at Bill Bensley’s Marriott and it’s absolutely divine! @jwmarriottphuquoc #BensleyProperties #HelloPhúQuôc 🖤
How To Make Your Weekend Rad: 1) Throw All Your Beach Essentials into @indochinemaison ’s New Hué Baskets 2) Wait For The ☀️ To Come Out 3) Head To The 🏖 #BeachDays #IslandLife #HelloPhùQuôc 🏖☀️🌿
DETAILS: Gypsy Soul Hand Chain 💫✨ Dress @roxyluluzelmanstyle #LiveCriscara #bohojewels #gypsysoul
Rio is so gorgeous 💗
aloha hawaii, i think you and i will get along just fine 𓆸
★ today I made a change ★ on the home screen of my phone ★ I changed the place of the IG icon ★ because I feel I'm using this app too much ★ and I’m trying to fix this ★ I even had some moments when I wanted to say a forever 'bye, bye' to it ★ but I still find it inspiring ★ I love this creative space ★ and the fact that I'm ‘surrounded’ by many beautiful people like you ★ well...now I'm trying to find a balance ★ I made it my goal to have two IG checks all day ★ and to take up this challenge for, at least, one week ★ hopefully, I am not gonna fail miserably ★ wish me luck ★ ••• ★ someone else relating to this social media addiction? ★ should we do the challenge together? ★ • • • • • #instagramaddiction #instagramchallenge #instagrameffect #inspiremyinstagram #beautifulpeople #beautifulmatters #manzanillobeach #costaricagram #costaricapuravida #instagramaddict #motivation #inspiration #laponaenigel #creatorswillcreate • • • • #liveyourbestlife #livelittlethings #budgettravel #travelcommunity #primerolacomunidad #culturetrip #watchthisinstagood #followmetodream #adventurebeautifully #earthfocus #sheadventures #folkscenery #ourlonelyplanet #backpacker_photography
As I move into working full time, I’ve been upping my #selfcare and doing more things that make me happy 😁 • These things include: being outside, being creative, skin care (lol but I truly love it), lots of reading, journaling, yoga, and cuddling up with Michael every night with candles lit. I’ve been looking at cookbooks to inspire more healthy recipes, and I’ve been going for lots of walks every day. 🚶‍♀️ • What is your favorite selfcare practice??
How lucky am I to get to go to An Evening with Ellen DeGeneres and these fine women!!! Bucket list item to see Ellen’s standup: ✅🎉😂💕 She is just as kind, funny and beautiful as I had hoped! She was generous enough to do a 30 minute Q&A session afterwards as well. What a woman! @theellenshow 🔥😍💃🏼
The thing I love most about the Castle Ashby Orangery is the shapes in the architecture. The design of the place is absolutely incredible! It’s the type of place that you could spend hours in, just walking around admiring the details #whpshapes . . This post is also a reminder to get outside this summer with my #takeyourbookoutdoors project ( see my stories for more info) . So tell where do you love to read outside, where is your favourite spot? . . #castleashby #tonesbox #visualsgang #peoplescreatives #createexplore #visualsoflife #exploretocreate #bookstagramgirl #humansofbookstagram #bookishlove #stylingtheseasons #ofwhimsicalmoments #quietinthewild #flashesofdelight #bookishpost #adventurebeautifully #girlsaroundtheworld #girlsthatwander #wildlifegirls #girlgetters #bookishfeatures #bookstagramfeature #bookishgirl #booksoutofdoors #booksoutside #readingoutside #booksoutdoors Credit: @bookishbronte
I really really really don’t want summer to end
It’s WAY past my bedtime here in Sicily. But, I stayed up late writing about our latest adventures in... you guessed it - Ireland!! Check it all out over on the blog. Link in bio, of course!!
•English in comments. AUTOS CLASICOS EN CUBA Hay alguna otra imagen mas característica de este país? Quizás nunca te preguntaste cual es la historia detrás de estos autos 🚙 Los autos que tienen una “P” en su patente como el de la foto indica que son de un “particular” y generalmente están en la familia desde hace varias generaciones. Aquellos que pueden acondicionarlo para que estén bellos y funcionales son usados para la explotación turística, ya que allí es donde está el verdadero flujo de dinero en Cuba 🚙 No es raro encontrarte profesionales ganándose la vida como taxistas como así también rubro hotelero y gastronómico, como mozos o recepcionistas. Y es que considerando que un mèdico cobra alrededor de 32 dòlares mensuales y un litro de aceite sale 2,5 dólares, la subsistencia queda muy por encima de la realización personal a través de la profesión. 🚙 Si no tienes la suerte de poder insertarte en mercado laboral del turismo, solo te queda el trabajo en el sector público que representa aproximadamente el 70% por tratarse de un país comunista, y no es nada agradable 🚙 No solo tendrás sueldos más bajos, sino que el empleo público es utilizado por el gobierno como herramienta de control social. Aquellos que desaprueban las políticas del gobierno y realizan manifestaciones públicas al respecto, se atienen a ser despedidos arbitrariamente y una vez que son despedidos, resulta casi imposible encontrar un nuevo empleo 🚙 Esto es así porque el Cuba existe el delito de “contrarrevolución” que implica tener el propósito de “hacer retroceder a la sociedad” destruyendo el Estado socialista. Y si no tienes trabajo, también puedes ser acusado del delito de “peligrosidad social” que tiene por objeto castigar un delito antes de que suceda y por el cual hay hasta cuatro años de prisión. 🚙 Y a vos? Te gusta tu trabajo?
Les oeuvres d'art peuvent aussi se trouver dans des endroits insolites... Comme sur la plage du Faena Miami Beach, immortalisée par @lusttforlife
All I see is magic ✨
Clams all day, every day | Lo que más me gustó de ir a los Hamptons fue toda la comida de mar! Hay miles de kioskitos donde venden coctél de 🦐, langosta con mantequilla, sándwich de langosta, ostras, etc etc.... yum 😋
"A rose-red city half as old as time" . Petra remained unknown until 1812. It was "rediscovered" by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt whose great ambition was to discover the source of the River Niger. Calling himself Sheikh Ibrahim Ibn Abdallah and paying for protection from local sheikhs he travelled about in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. On his way south from Nazareth to Cairo, with a group of traders and sheep and goats, he heard from local people about ruins in a narrow mountain valley off the road through the desert, near the supposed tomb of Aaron, the brother of Moses. Saying he wanted to sacrifice a goat to Aaron, he hired a local guide to lead him to the ruins, where he marvelled at the ancient tombs. He was convinced it was Petra but could not linger because he was afraid of being unmasked as an infidel searching for lost treasure and almost certainly attacked. He duly sacrificed the goat to Aaron and that night went back to rejoin the road to Cairo . UNESCO described the historical and archaeological city as “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage”. The name Petra is derived from the Greek word ‘petros’, which means rocks. It is believed to have been established in 312 BC, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. . Petra was the capital city of Nabateans, who were ancient southern Arab people that arrived in Jordan. Situated between the Red and Dead Sea, Petra was a significant junction between Egypt, Arabia and Syria-Phoenicia during Hellenistic and Roman times. It was also a key hub for the silks of China, spices of India and the incense of Arabia. This incredible city is testament to the profits these wily traders made by controlling the region's caravan routes. . Petra contains numerous tombs, most of them built at the edge of the city, beyond the main street. The best known tomb at Petra is called the “Khazneh,” which is Arabic for the “Treasury.” It is called this because at one time local people believed it contained hidden treasure. Today, archaeologists regard it as a two-story high tomb, albeit a masterful one. Its facade measures 82 feet (25 meters) wide and 128 feet (39 meters) high.
make it happen! ⚡️
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