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The Billies looking to represent well in the Barber to Boise 10K Saturday! See you out there!
You spoke to the dark and fleshed out the wonder of light. - Hillsong
Sometimes in life, you encounter special people, people who you need to hold dear and put into your pocket for the good times and the hard times alike. Sean Penney is one of those special people; ready for anything, lover of life, encourager to the nth degree, professional nomad. Today he's setting off for another version of life, he's moving away from his familiar to pursue his dreams, I'm feeling very inspired and hope his journey will inspire you as it has, and does, me. South Africa needs you @sean.penney here's you, reading a row ahead of me, on a train, at the bottom of Portugal.
The rumours are true, and if you haven't heard them... here they are: I have returned home, and today I was in Nanton.
The most iconic day.
The Billies putting in work for the upcoming races this weekend fueled by @taylorswift
It’s finally starting to feel like fall!🍁🍂So, of course, we went on a hike with my 3 pittie friends👏🏼 ————————————— Asked mom to make a pit stop at Moe’s to get me some chips & salsa! She a sucker for this face and can’t say no😏😉 • • • • • • • • • • #chanel #pom #Pomeranian #dogsofig #activedogs #adventuredog #adventurecooler #dogsoftheday #meowsandwoofs #dogsthatexplore #explore #petsofalabama #instagrambham #gooutdoors #optoutside #hikingdogofinstagram #excellent_dogs #campingwithdogs #dailybarker
Idaho is terrible, don’t come here
Water is a force of nature, it can bring life and destruction. It can make things grow or rip things apart. We’ve seen a lot of destruction in NC this last month from this force of nature. In the hurricane seasons of the soul it’s easy to feel like the waters are quickly carrying us away or shredding us to bits. Just yesterday I told a friend that I no longer felt like I was keeping my head above water, but that I was bobbing for air. Submerging under water and kicking off the bottom just to stay above water long enough to gasp for air before plunging into the depths again. This week the words of Isaiah are even sweeter, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you.” The water may be very present today, and we may feel it surging all around us, but there is One mightier standing in the middle of it all with us.
One for the boys #adventurecooler
If you lose your appreciation for the outdoors, please go outdoors again
Can’t take it for granted that I live so close to such greatness. Seriously, the truck is right down the street and they always have $5 burritos.
Anyone who has been in the mountains knows their indifference, and has grasped the sense of their lack of interest in us. Well, in small doses this feeling is exciting. #mountain #neverstopexploring #climbing #mountaineering #alpine #purealpine #sonyalpha #sonya6000 #dolomiti #dolomites #theoutbound #gopro #sonyalpha6000 #rei #rei1440project #AdventureCooler #optoutside #patagonia #keepitwild #keepexploring #wondermore #petzl #climb #liveclimbrepeat #welivetoexplore #exploremore
Fall checklist: ☑️ home made punny mat ☑️ flannel ☑️ pumpkins I’d say we are set!! Proceed into fall now 🍁🍂 ————————— Bandana: @hootandco ————————— • • • • • • • • • • #greataustralianlab #topdogs #dogsofbham #dogsofinstagram #dogsofig #activedogs #adventuredog #adventurecooler #dogsoftheday #meowsandwoofs #dogsthatexplore #explore #petsofalabama #instagrambham #gooutdoors #optoutside #hikingdogofinstagram #excellent_dogs #campingwithdogs #dailybarker
The Mediterranean's cedar trees and the salt's waters
FREE SWAG FRIDAY!🎆 This week we’re giving away an Ice Mule Cooler🐴 A dry bag cooler that keeps ice up to 24 hours❄️ It’s a back pack & it floats!🎒To enter, like this post💖tag two friends🚻and comment what you’d put in your cooler!🥤Winner will be chosen at random Saturday🧞‍♂️ • • • • #shoplocal #naplesfl #naplesoutfitters #freeswag #giveaway #NOF #icemule #orange #classic #cooler #medium #15L #staycool #rollup #itfloats #waterproof #adventurecooler #staysaltyflorida #florida #sun #sand #ocean #gulfofmexico #hashtagflorida
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” • • • Our young buck Grayson a few weeks ago after crushing the @cirqueseries snowbird race, 1st place expert and 10th overall!
TLC keeps saying not to chase waterfalls yet here we are...🤷🏼‍♂️
Strong showing by the Billies last week at the FitOne Boise 10K! Managed to place all within the Top 12. Getting everyone dialed in for the fall races, especially XC club nationals in December.
What more do you really need? // #aocoolers #ultimatesoftsidedcooler
I celebrate coffee everyday, especially on Monday mornings when I’d rather be drinking coffee high above the Linville Gorge.
These days are getting shorter with the arrival of Autumn, but we’ve still got time for Summer adventures.
Cool spot I found in Málaga a while back.
A decade ago I found myself navigating this place as a college freshmen. But this place had sunk its grip deep into my soul years before. 13 years prior I had arrived here hungry for adventure. As a 5 year old, my family set out on the grandest adventure I had ever known. Mom said we would sleep in a tent and cook our meals outside. Dad said there would be bears and marshmallows over a fire. It was an adventure that started, but never ended as we returned to Montreat summer after summer. I came alive on the trails and in the creeks. I conquered the deep water test at the pool and the paddle boats in the lake. I stopped hoping I wouldn’t see a bear and started praying I would see many bears. Before long I found myself back in this place without my family. In a dorm instead of a tent. But while so many things had changed, the woods, the trails, the lake, the creeks, they stayed the same and whispered comfort to my soul. And now, after coming to this place for 23 years, sometimes yearly, for a season it was daily, and now it’s weekly, I swear I hear these mountains whisper, “The adventure is not over yet.”
Current picture of me running into the weekend 🍂🍂 catch me if you can 💨 —————————— Bandana: @bandedpines —————————— • • • • • • • • • • #greataustralianlab #topdogs #dogsofbham #dogsofinstagram #dogsofig #activedogs #adventuredog #adventurecooler #dogsoftheday #meowsandwoofs #dogsthatexplore #explore #petsofalabama #instagrambham #gooutdoors #optoutside #hikingdogofinstagram #excellent_dogs #campingwithdogs #dailybarker
Santorini is a beautiful beer location. Sent in by follower. @angus_moore
As the dust has settled on recent backlash I have to give it up to these guys for the way they handled their business. They have been transparent, remorseful, and quite kind to all criticism. They have come a long way and changed so much since this photo was taken. Hands down still one of the best breweries in the state. Party on. @mondaynight #craftbeer #politicsaside
That feeling when you turn the final 100 meters to see no beer garden in the finish area...ugh 😔
Last week was ROUGH. I had to miss two days of work with a nasty, painful infection on my arm...went to the doctor Monday, put on a bunch of antibiotics and was told I couldn’t go back to school for 48 hours to prevent the kiddos germs making it worse. If you know a teacher you know they hate being gone (also had nothing prepared) thankfully my awesome teaching partner and assistant kept everything in order! Not sure I remember what a full work week feels like...but here’s to smooth sailing come Monday morning ⛵️ 🌊
Madrid is a beautiful beer location.
What I love about wild spaces is they don’t care how you come, they just beckon you onward. Come sweaty and tired. Come bruised and bloody. Come mourning and heavy hearted. Come confused and doubtful. Come exactly as you are, your whole self, and there’s a good chance you’ll leave better than you came.
No bad days 🏝
Happy weekend! Hope you all can find a nice place to sit and soak it all in.
Albufeira is a beautiful beer location.
The look you get when when bae says “food” _________________________ Side note: we are ready for fall now...anyone else? _________________________ • • • • • #greataustralianlab #topdogs #dogsofbham #dogsofinstagram #dogsofig #activedogs #adventuredog #adventurecooler #dogsoftheday #meowsandwoofs #dogsthatexplore #explore #petsofalabama #instagrambham #gooutdoors #optoutside #hikingdogofinstagram #excellent_dogs #campingwithdogs #dailybarker #hootandco
While I love traveling, the East Coast has my heart. We had a relaxing time hanging out with Molli and Oatmeal in the salt marsh in Massachusetts. 💛💜 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @icemulecoolers @allagashbrewing @molliandoatmeal Video by @briskventure
These Sierra sunsets never disappoint 🌄
This weekend we finished up our 8th season of @dockdogs at @broomfield_co days. Bear won second place in finals and got some cool new @outwardhound toys! Huge thanks to our amazing sponsor, @nutrisourcepetfoods as well as @icemulecoolers for taking adventures with us this summer! Also a shout out to @raisingcanes for helping sponsor the event! #canes4k9s @rockymountaindockdogs #rockymountaindockdogs #rmdd #outwardhound #broomfielddays #sportdog #dockdogs #dockdiving #bordercollie #bordercolliemix #picoftheday #photooftheday #adventuredog #adventurecooler
The path that once seemed so clearly laid before us can soon become overgrown with the doubts in our own minds.
Valencia looked like something out of a sci-fi film, an absolutely crazy place filled with fantastic people!
When hurricane Florence interrupts a weekend camping trip, you set up camp in the living room. Needless to say Samson enjoyed getting to join this campout. Who knows, maybe camping is in his future after all.
It's a funny thing, letting go of the past.
Life’s too short so love the one you got!
Whether on the coast or high in the mountains, this land is home. It’s made up of strong people and rugged land. May we weather this storm and come out stronger on the other side.
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