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Views from home #glaciernationalpark #lostfam
Mango’da bu file çantaya 100₺ verirsin ama burası ankara kalesi😂✌🏾
vulnerability time :: being a self-employed photographer isn’t easy. i love what i do, but i’m also aware of the unique challenges that come along with this lifestyle. 📸 you can spend weeks at a time nonstop traveling to beautiful places and creating wonderful memories and doing work that fills you up, and then come home and work on your computer for days, feeling overwhelmed by feelings of loneliness. you can step into some of the most beautiful, intimate moments of people’s stories and then never see them again. you can make a few thousand dollars in one month and only a few hundred the next. you can receive a paycheck and put all of it into your business and taxes, and wonder how you’re going to make it the rest of the year. you can easily waste time and then wonder why you’re not getting anything done. you can feel pressured by all the different tasks for which you’re responsible pulling you in countless directions. you can feel exhausted working all day plus weekends, and then feel guilty when taking time off. you can get lost in the comparison game and listen to the lies of inadequacy which unceasingly call for your attention. 💻 but then you can receive an email from a client telling you how they’ll treasure their photos for the rest of their lives. or someone says, “you captured who i am PERFECTLY. this feels like the real me.” or you receive a thoughtful message from someone who simply believes in you. and you’re reminded why you’re doing this. because you love people and this unique ability you’ve been given to serve them by telling their stories in a special way. and it’s all worth it. ✨ lately i’ve been reminded how important it is to live with purpose and intentionality. i believe everyone is lonely in some way, and it’s my responsibility to SEE and LOVE the people around me. so when i feel overwhelmed by the stress or worry or solitude of my job, i remind myself to look upward and outward. my work is for God and other humans, not just myself. when i trust in Jesus to provide for my needs, and shape my life around truth, everything falls into place. 💛 what about you? what motivates you to keep moving forward when life is difficult? share below!
This was actually our destination the other day: a lake with so clear and bright blue water. If I hadn‘t seen it myself, I wouldn‘t believe this is not photoshopped.
Deep rivers run quiet - Haruki Murakami
today is my best friend’s birthday. this world is better off with you in it. thank you for teaching me daily to be better just by being yourself. I really don’t know where I’d be without you. you’re so sweet, encouraging, friendly, giving, compassionate, beautiful, inside and out, trustworthy, hilarious, fun to be around and much more. there’s nothing I love more than knowing you more each day, than being YOUR husband, than making you laugh, than impressing you, loving you, serving you and celebrating you. you’re the best. I can’t believe we’re growing up so fast, but I wouldn’t want to grow up with anybody but you. I love you Lisa Alkire. you have my heart, my eyes and my attention, always. 💕
late night eats #mamiya645
One of the world wonders is a great Abinci Vacation ✔️ #IAmAbinci
Pretty incredible weekend in Wales
Blue hour #capcorse
Glistening 🇫🇷 #onestchampions
Annnnnnnd we’re back. I spent the last week in Lander at the International Climbers Festival, partying the days away with friends, new and old. It was a ton of fun, but now it’s time to focus on what’s in front of me. #themountainsarecalling
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It happens every single night, but you remember the times you’re able to witness it
You probably can’t see it, but there was a hummingbird on those power lines. Basically cool as shit because I’ve never seen one take a second to chill... also learning life lessons from hummingbirds on power-lines . Always take a second to chill. Or 5.
A love letter to the roads that shape us. . . @berghausofficial delivering the best protection while out exploring.
Who would you take on a journey around the world? Tag them below 🌎 @everchanginghorizon & @jess.wandering #journey #jungle #travelgram
If you have a favorite adventure pal, comment with a 🐶 below @natewyeth #dogsthatexplore #dogsofinstagram
as ideas flashed in my head
Confession: this isn’t actually from our recent trip to NYC; it’s from back when we lived there. But I just love this shot from an East River Ferry ride too much, because I love the color of NYC summer skies, and I wanted it in our feed as a reminder. Summer in the city is just perfect. ❤️
. . . An Amazing Sunset 🌅😍 . Anzali Port | #Iran . ✈️🇮🇷 🗺 Photo by : @anzali__port Copyright ©All rights reserved for the photographer __________________________ Share your experiences in Iran with us: #KimiaJourney #FeelIran #Trust_and_Try
The places I’ve been have privileged me with day dreams like this 💭
. . . ✨آن كه در درون آسايش دارد، همه‌ی دنيا را در آسايش می بيند. . 👤آنتوان دوسنت اگزوپری 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 خانه تاريخى هوانس | #اصفهان_زيبا 🍉🍉🍉 #اصفهان_زيبا Photo by : @iman_hakimzadeh Copyright ©All rights reserved for producer __________________________ Share your experiences in Esfahan with us: #EsfahanZiba #ILoveEsfahan
Mayan Ruins. Playas del Carmen, México. #mayan #ruins #culture #méxico
Had fun this weekend ill see you guys later this week #bootcamp
The view from our campspot last week ✌🏼
From sunrise to sunset #lot54goods PC: @aaronarryo
Honestly this place is insane. Its a bit of a trek to get up there (sorry babe @_iheartvegan_ ) but its absolutely worth it. Its like a little slice of Jurassic Park in the peak district.
Balinese dancing in the heart of Ubud 🌞
Cheers to an awesome weekend up Golden Ears
When you wake up before the sunrise and your family photos are in your email. The morning never looked so good! I love you, family! And thanks @oh_deer_photography for capturing us this year! 🔷🔸🔶🔹🔷🔸🔶🔹 #in2nature #adventuretillwedie #love #natureromantix #letsgosomewhere #ig_shotz #exploreeverything #bevisuallyinspired #keepitwild #vsco #vscogood #vscodaily #travelgram #utah #shoot2kill #shootermag #rsa_nature #canon #eos #familylife #theoutbound #neverstopexploring #familyphotography #visualoflife #utahanomous #familyphoto #moodygrams #WeRUtah
Ditelan lifestyle
“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.” So lately I’ve been stressed out, stabbed in the back, betrayed, disappointed, lied. But everything has its own silver lining, maybe mine is that I found out I’m not numb. Yet.
The Singapore government envisioned Supertree Grove as a way to raise the standard of living in the city. The grove features 18 trees, ranging in height from 80 to 160 feet. Over 162,900 natural plants live on the manmade trees, which light up at night and play music for the Garden Rhapsody. (📷: @smilewithjeryl ) #landscape_gf #adventure_sumbar #vacationtrip #landscapeporn #vacationland #outdooradventures #adventuretillwedie #landscapealma #adventure_time #vscofeed #nature_captures #landscape_perfection #ceu #outdooractivity #hikers #skystyles_gf #adventurehunt #destinationshoot #landscape_prime #vacationrental #vacationmood #vacation2018 #naturehippys_ #peak #adventurepic #vscolike #sky_captures #sunriselovers #nature_uc #instasky
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