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I have like one more post coming if u guys want it (comment)
hi I’m sick
my poor heart
Dance gurl Danceeee ☁️ • Comment „ARI“ Letter by letter without being interrupted! ~ Follow @aarianasavenue (me) for more! 👀
He needs to be stopped or he needs to be treated the same fucking way a wannabe would be treated, fuck all y’all who don’t do it cuz he’s a “guy” what does that have to do with anything??? NOTHING!!!! TREAT HIM THE SAME FUCKING WAY!!!
I hate that he’s allowed to copy her and not get shit for it, literally the cupcakes give shit to gabi and the other ones but don’t give a shit about him?? They always kissing his ass in his comments smhh it’s annoying and confusing and also I’m not trying to be rude but just cuz he’s gay doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get shit for it!! Treat him like y’all treat gabi!!! Equality remember???
a godess🦋💘 -mels
hiiiiii 💓
One year since @dangerouswomantour
Ariana & Pete out in Ny ,, She looks stunning look at that highlight thoo!!!!♡♡♡♡
im thinking of you all the time bby @arianagrande
20/9/18: ariana and pete out in nyc! ♡
going to sleep now, gn :)
Yeah ❤️ I love there so much ❤️☁️❤️ ✨✨
Wtf that doesn’t even look like Ariana I’m so confused,bruh she looks like she would be a wanna be lmaoo idk if that made sense
what a fucking angel, WOW sksksksjsj♡♡♡♡ | Via Ariana’s insta story
Ariana’s promo picture for cloud💖💞💘💗
i love her smile sm !! what's your favorite thing about selena?
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