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Good Morning (or goodnight for the USA and some countries) And... 2 DAYS TILL SWEETENER⚡️ #goodmorning #gm #gn #goodnight #arianagrande #bilboardmusicawards #bmas2018 #bilboard #notearslefttocry #ari #ariana #grande #arianagrandebutera #grandebutera #agb #ag
"Omg i messed up!"☁️ @arianagrande
-good morning everyone☁️! -credit: @lockbutera 👼🏻 -ari is so cute on this pitcure😍 -i want you to have a nice day✨ - - - #ariana #grande #butera #arianagrande #arianagrandebutera #arianators #agb #dangerouswoman #sweetener #notearslefttocry #thelightiscoming #godisawoman #queenariana @arianagrande ☁️
this pic is literally mOoD. hii angels i made this outline long time ago lol tag @loren @lorenxgray 🌧
this vid: 1. moonlightbae 2. met gala glam 3. ntltc a concept. #arianagrande @arianagrande
's 1st post. {💎} my old account just got hacked. I could scream. It's the third time now. {👥} 0 {📆} August 15 2018
◇ Absolutely LOVE this!!! 😍💞 ◇ QOTD: How long have you been an arianator? ◇ AOTD: I've liked her since Sam & Cat, but stanned her since 2014 💞 . •Hashtags•  #ArianaGrande #Ariana #Agb #butera #officialfan #arianator #arianators #arianastanner #stan #ourqueen #Fan #FanAccount #idol #stan #arianaismyidol #arianaismyqueen #welovearianagrande #game #arianagame #instagame #timber #arianavideo #arianavideos
Mesmo ainda faltando 2 dias para seu lançamento, e com apenas 3 músicas lançadas, o álbum #Sweetener já ultrapassou 500 MILHÕES de streams no @Spotify. É o quarto disco da cantora a ultrapassar esta marca.☁️
hopping for better days ♡
this is insane ... remember calling sweetener ag4 and we hadn't no idea about it and now it's coming 2 days ?! i couldn't believe that i would say this BUT LESS THAN 48 HOURS TO IT
queen 👑❤️
AGB 70's inspired XL blouse #ad #forsale #poshmarksellers #agb #70s #poshmark #blouse #cute (link in bio)
2 DAYS!!☁️🙇‍♂️ #ArianaGrande (Via Instagram)
i’m so sorry for not posting i’ve been stressing and studying for a test that determines wether or not i get into advanced or grade level math
Mood and I’m getting Emma chamberlain vibes from this and I feel like a marshmellow.
|-2 days til ɹǝuǝʇǝǝʍs☁| OMG!!! This is so crazy, 2 days til Ari bless us with her new album😱😍 Are you excited or nah?
i love you all, goodnight i’m so tired
++ give creds to @shansedits if using :) - - - - i loveee this edit, i wanna finish it hehe
i’m gonna post a picture of me every now and then just so instagram has proof!!
++ i cant read the user but give them creds if you can find out what it is opps haha - - - - this is a cool preset, hopefully the video idea helps you all <3
Comment your birthday and find your insta twin😍😍😍 Follow @glossfvl for more ! 💕
Hi guys omg 48 hours until sweetener!
i’m actually proud of this lol🙈 appreciation post for ari; my love for u is just unreal. i know you’ll be the person that will stay in my heart foreva. because you are the one that always makes me smile n feel loved.🌧 but i have too many emotions that words can’t explain. i just wanna give u the biggest hug ever n never let u go. issa the most beautiful feeling in the world. to many people she’s just a normal woman,but to me, she’s my guardian angel,my hero,my whole universe. out of 7 billion people,my heart choose u. even tho i have never met u,i hope i will,but i feel like u are my bestest friend n no one could break our friendship.☕️ ahh thank u for being my hero n also for making me laugh through my darkest times. u completely changed my whole mf life. i can’t be more grateful wow. i luv u ari. this thing i just wrote is just the tiniest thing i can do for u. please don’t forget that i love u for so many reasons.-no. not because u are famous. but because u are a fighter,such an animal lover, a woman with angelic voice. -and the most important thing; a woman who makes other people laugh. including me. thank you for being a woman that never gave up of her dreams,that made me confident n that always makes me feel loved n safe here. words can’t describe how presh are u. u literally have bomb songs that u wrote by yourself. wow. i look up to u since i was 6. ok i’m done now. i’m just a kiddo that’s writing this in 5 pm bcs guess what? i can’t sleep anymore bye. @arianagrande -franka
ari with cats is everything 💗😭
guys i finally finished my summer assignments so i’m baaack to posting all the tiiiiime 🎉 #arianagrande
Белая Эмаль. #алталия . Получился скандинавский стиль. Однотонные стены и белые двери. Ничего лишнего. #AGB #archie #алталия #установкадверей #монтаждверейвновосибирске #никакихсистемпросторабота
I can’t stop watching this omg @arianagrande
a lil somethin. she cute or whateva what do u think?
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