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She looked like a piece of art at Teefa in Trouble's Premiere Night in Karachi😩💕 "Shook"
9 favourite Pakistani reall mehndi is a brides ❤️💋 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #aishakhan #AyeshaKhan #sanambaloch #sanamjung #ainyjaffri #alizeyferozekhan #alizeyferoze #AyezaKhan #aizakhan #arijfatima #mawrahocane #urwahocane
Who is Your Favorite Actress? Ayeza Khan (Aiza)​ Aisha Khan-fan page​ #FavoriteActress #AyezaKhan #AishaKhan #AajEntertainment
✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @hassanhsy About to interview two of my friends @fahadmustafa_offical and @mehwishhayatofficial about their upcoming film loadwedding. As a special to all my amazing and loving followers, I’m going to show it LIVE on my insta live at 3:15 PM TODAY! Yes today :) @theworldofhsy ❤️ #sanamchauhdry #sanajaved #khaani #anushkasen #aishakhan #aishakhanoffical #ayesha #ayeshakhan #humtv #zainababbas #ayeshakhan #arydigital #harpalgeo #aishaomer #iqraaziz #ayeshaomar #pakistanmedia #aimankhan #minalkhan #minalkhanofficial #ferozkhan #humaimamalick #meeshashafi #humaimamalik #mawrahocane #lollywood #sumbuliqbal #sumbuliqbalkhan #kubrakhan #hareemfarooq #pakistanmedia #pakistanmediaindustry
Hello Frandz! I'm Eshal! And im 13 (14 to be) So this is just a multifandom or whatever 🌚 Starting with my favourite singer "The Living Legend @bilalkhanmusic " and I probably can't put any other singer above him 🌚❤, also go and comment "Bilal Khan for Khamoshi most" under @ippaawardsofficial "Best singer award" Istg I'm listening to khamoshi rn.
@arydigital.tv legit leaved us in suspense that day and I was fking disappointed Btw Is anyone watching tabeer these days? #Qurban
Pakistani songs are not so bad like I thought
Iqra must visit Africa a lot because she is a'frican Queen Btw Hello Frandz. ☕
•One last time~ *Inserts Sun Saiyan Music* These two have proved that they are Outstanding actors in this show and Talking about @bilalabbas_khan then I was shook seeing his performance a Gold Talent found in Thea Pakistan Industry after a long time he's such an Energetic and versatile actor! *Hands Oscar To Bilal* I honestly can't think of someone else playing "Jamal" because Bilal Is just the perfect man to portray Jamal every scene Of Jamal Was so intense Bilal Acted so natural and The Dialogues and stuff! *Wipes Tears* I became a fan after Ep2 of Qurban! And Talking about his looks then bruv I'm "ded" ! — @iiqraaziz is my idol and Her Acting skills can't be described over here lol but her acting was so natural and She looked like Magic! Every look of her as Heer Is just so gorgeous even tho there was not a lot of makeup applied after ep 24 but you see she still looked so gorgeous! And that's reason why she is a successful Actress today! Hard work pays! *Opens Red Carpet* Heer turning from a Happy go-lucky to a Mature person! Showing how much Heer loved Jamal! Ofc I was so proud of being a fan of her! I love you @iiqraaziz !❤
Hello everyone!! I'm Eshal ( @eshalfatima_ ) I'm just another fan of the talented and beautiful actress Zara Noor Abbas! Ive been Fangirling her since Khamoshi (like all of you lol) I love her so Mich she's such a pure soul! She's beautiful from the inside (and outside too) So I'm basically not here for her likes or to fain followers! I'm only here to show Zara how much I love and Respect her!❤ Hope y"all like my crappy edits —this edit might be bad but the person in the picture is a star.🌟 @zaranoorabbas.official I love you💕
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