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Colabration with Jackalx. Thank you Ethan from Toypanic for giving me the chance to shoot this 1/6 figure from Jackalx (this figure so awesome!!!) your guys can get these figure at Toypanic.com Here the story about Sergeant John Reese : Age: 38 years old Origin: Eugene, Sector 2 (Old Oregon) Military Experience: John joined the military at the age of 15. He was a war veteran and got involved in many major battles during X2-War. He was the youngest person to obtain the rank as Sergeant in the 6th Special Squad. John’s first humanoid kill was taken during the initial of X2-War. During sabotage period, he shot an old lady humanoid who carried C-4 approaching his team. An unofficial report showed that she was cradling a toddler in her other hand. John Reese later stated, "That lady was already a dead. I wasn’t going to let her to take any of my team members with her. It is my duty to protect my people and the children on the nearby street. It was a tough decision to make, but my conscious is clear". At the end, John Reese and his surviving team were able to get rid of all the danger threats. Throughout the process, he was shot twice and 3 of his team members were killed. For his heroic and selfless act, he was honoured with 3 Eagle Claws Medals. It was the highest award for bravery by military personnel in Sector 2.
I was tagged by @yingkeet0675 & @superdinorobotninjas to show my #august2018favetoyfotos (thanks for the tag brothers!!) so here there are.feel free to join. #toyphotography #akmalphotoygraphy
Here my behind the scene from my previous picture Thanks for watching 😘😘😘 #toypops3 #toyphotography #behindthescene #akmalphotoygraphy #sonya6000 #toyphoto
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