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А какого цвета твоя осень? 🍷❤️🍁 Слева направо: 🍷Серьги с жемчугом Swarovski, темно-красного цвета. Застежки - английский замок, латунь с позолотой и микроинкрустацией фианитами. Длина - 13 см. СТОИМОСТЬ - 2090 РУБ ✔️ . ❤️ Серьги ярко-алого цвета. Фурнитура класса люкс - латунь с родиевым покрытием и микроинкрустацией фианитами. Длина - 15 см. СТОИМОСТЬ - 2590 РУБ ✔️ . 🍁 Серьги цвета шафрана. Фурнитура класса люкс - латунь с позолотой и микроинкрустацией фианитами. Длина - 13 см СТОИМОСТЬ - 2190 РУБ ✔️ . 📦 БЕСПЛАТНАЯ ДОСТАВКА ПО РОССИИ ПОЧТОЙ 1 КЛАССОМ 🌍 WORLDWIDE SHIPPINING ___________________________________________________ Спросить и заказать 👉 директ или 📲 +79126748611 WhatsApp / Viber. Ссылка для связи в шапке профиля 👌😊 . Contact me 👉 direct or 📲+79126748611 WhatsApp / Viber 👌😊 ___________________________________________________ СЕРЬГИ В НАЛИЧИИ СМОТРИМ ЗДЕСЬ 👉 @vitrina_brooch_brooch ✔️ ___________________________________________________ #_brooch_brooch_ , #красные_bb , #жёлтые_bb , #сережкикисточки , #купитьсерьгикисти , #украшенияЕкатеринбург , #серьгиручнойработы , #вечерниесерьги , #свадебныеаксессуары , #подружкиневесты , #серьгикистиКазань , #серьгикистиЕкатеринбург , #серьгикистиМосква , #серьгикистиКраснодар , #серьгикистиНальчик , #allwhatisbeautiful , #jewelrydesign , #tasselearrings , #tasselmania , #tasseljewelry , #серьгиназаказ , #серьгипитер , #длинныесерьги , #яркиесерьги , #trendjewelry , #fashionearrings .
So in the last 3 days I've achieved 26 episodes of Once Upon a Time. I'm pretty proud of myself. It's the first time in 4 years I've been able to binge watch Netflix 😂 #bedrest How's your weekend been my loves?
“Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” - Golda Meir ⠀ Who can relate to these words? I am constantly fighting against those tiny sparks of possibilities and sometimes just too afraid to turn them into flames. Allowing myself to be vulnerable or, even worse, showing it, I am really bad at that too. ⠀ I once read that Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. I’ve been always afraid of showing it on social media especially because it takes a lot of courage to put it out there. However lately I felt like I wanted to create something new, grow a brand but not just another shopping destination or a brand with pretty curated pictures. Together with my dear friend Madina @thesematters we decided to create a place where we can share our journey of trying to build a brand that will help empower women, give them courage of getting out of their comfort zone, show their vulnerability along way. ⠀ That’s what we want our new project @chunkymishka to be. We want to show you that behind any dream there’s a lot of hard work, struggle and vulnerability. It’s a process that starts with plenty of doubts and fears but it’s also a chance we are willing to take. Regardless, we’d love to inspire and encourage other women to go after their dreams and find that courage within themselves ❤
Union creates Power. It’s an Italian saying and a motto we truly believe in. Have you ever been afraid to do/create something because you felt lonely and lost in your own dreams in goals? Sometimes we have big ideas and big dreams that we are even afraid to speak out loud, let alone share with the world. Fear of failing, fear of judgement, insecurities push those dreams further away. If you have a dream and an idea that you want to make a reality, join forces with someone like-minded. There are times that we are scared of pursuing our goals but success is generated by team work. That’s the power of making those dreams a reality, sharing ideas, brain storming together, supporting each other and believing together. Find the one who amplifies your forces and walk hand in hand towards your dream with them. It’s ok to feel lonely and it’s ok to be afraid of falling. We all fall in our lives, that’s how we learn to walk but the good thing is that there will always be someone to pick us up and get us going ❤ #ModernWomenUnited #GirlPower
🔻Как я учу английский🔻 Пост номер 100500 На самом деле, по своей методике я продолжала заниматься до сентября. Я уже на слух могла понимать английскую речь, но грамотно составить свою у меня получалось с трудом. Поэтому я решила, что все таки нужно пойти туда, где меня этому научат. И вот я записалась на курсы. Я пока не буду говорить куда и к кому хожу. Сначала нужно приглядеться, если у меня будут сдвиги, то следующий пост будет на эту тему уже на английском 😄 ▫️В субботу был первый урок, и вот чем мы занимались👇🏽 🔸Первое задание - нужно было познакомится со своими одногруппниками, узнать их номера телефонов и адреса почты, и все это на английском. 🔸На самом деле очень круто находится с единомышленниками, которые как и ты стараются преуспеть в английском. 🔸Далее мы изучили глагол to be, обговорили примеры с его употреблением. 🔸Выполнили ещё несколько упражнений из учебника и не заметили, как пробежало 3 часа. В целом мне очень понравилось это погружение в англоязычную среду ☺️ ❓А какие языки вы знаете? Легко ли было изучать? 👇🏽
#Серьгивеера цвета винтажного сливового вина 🍷 Сделаны на заказ и уже мчат к своей хозяйке👌 . 📏 Длина сережек около 7,5 см 💰 СТОИМОСТЬ подобных - 2240 РУБ . 📦 БЕСПЛАТНАЯ ДОСТАВКА по России почтой 1 классом 🌍 WORLDWIDE SHIPPINING _______________________________________________________ Спросить и заказать 👉 директ или 📲 +79126748611 WhatsApp / Viber. Ссылка для связи в шапке профиля 👌😊 . Contact me 👉 direct or 📲 +79126748611 WhatsApp / Viber 👌😊 _______________________________________________________ ДРУГИЕ СЕРЬГИ В НАЛИЧИИ СМОТРИМ ЗДЕСЬ 👉 @vitrina_brooch_brooch_ ✔️ _______________________________________________________ #_brooch_brooch_ , #серьгивеер , #фиолетовые_bb , #серьгикисти , #серьгиекб , #tasselearrings , #allwhatisbeautiful , #minimaljewelry , #geometryearrings , #крупныесерьги , #вечерниесерьги , #украшенияЕкатеринбург , #серьгиекатеринбург , #серьгимосква , #серьгикистиКазань , #серьгикистиЕкатеринбург , #серьгикистиМосква , #серьгикистиКраснодар , #серьгикистиНальчик , #серьгиручнойработы , #ярмаркамастеров , #серьгисвадебные , #подружкамневесты , #серьгиекатеринбург , #серьгигеометрия , #массивныесерьги , #винныесерьги .
Marocco 🇲🇦
Peafowl - National bird of India 🇮🇳 commonly termed as a Peacock. Vividly colorful and exuding oodles of grace, the Indian Peafowl commands a lot of attention. It is indigenous to India and Sri Lanka, but now features in countries all over the world. Peacocks are sometimes domesticated and kept in the garden for aesthetic purposes. . . . #balibirdpark #bali #indonesia #globetrotters #balidairies
Gorgeous spaces give me life 💐🌷✨🌹@rafverwimp
So pleased to see you Sunday and my lie in 🙌🏻 I wish, I have been up since the crack or dawn 😳 . Letters are from:- @peonyandgrace Fabric bears are from:- @trudesigns_ Fabric numbers and shapes @peonyandgrace
It was a good night. The kind that leaves you things to laugh about for another 30 years! Happy Birthday again @queenlovescooking
Happy first day of Fall! 🍁
WARNING! This post is extremely important to me☝🏼 ⠀ Some of you have noticed that I’ve been off Instagram a lot this summer. And many of you have been so kind to leave thoughtful comments and send me messages asking how I was. I truly appreciate it as I do all of you for being here and reading this. I think I owe you an explanation. ⠀ All has been well with us, and I have deliberately decided to take the much needed break for several reasons. I will share them all with you in the coming days, and I am starting today. There is a new post on @chunkymishka page, which is one of the exciting projects I was lucky to start with my friend @masha_theone. I am sharing my thoughts there today because the whole idea of the project is to reveal “behind the scenes” of a brand starting from scratch until it’s all set up and running. But well, let me not reveal all of it right away. If you head over to @chunkymishka , you’ll find out what it is, why we decided to do it this way and how it might help you in the future 🙌🏼 ⠀ P.S. I’m so so so excited and curious about your reaction to our project! ⠀ /// Одна из причин, по которым этим летом я взяла здесь паузу, - это то, что я уделяла больше времени проектам в оффлайн. Один из них - создание собственного бренда вместе с чудесной @masha_theone. Но мы решили не просто представить вам готовый продукт. Ведь тогда вы увидите только конечный результат, а все наши страхи и мечтания, ошибки и победы останутся за кулисами. Так вот, мы с Машей решили показать вам весь процесс рождения и становления нашего бренда @chunkymishka. На этой странице мы будем делиться нашими шагами вперёд и назад, тем, что нас сдерживает, и тем, что нас мотивирует. Вместе с вами мы пройдём весь путь и увидим, станет ли бренд успешным или нет. И кто знает, может, это поможет чем-то и вам 🤗 ⠀ А подробнее - на странице @chunkymishka (тексты там на англ яз и всегда можно нажать кнопку «Перевести») ♡
Outdoor showers of pure beauty✨Appreciating a good cleanse of cold water, So thankful for you my sweet dream🌈💫🙏🏼 . . . . . #enchantedchildhood #littleandbrave #allwhatisbeautiful #naturegives #candidchildhood #leththembelittle #holdthemoment #seeksimplicity #treasuredmemories #peace #habitandhome #worldoflittles #artofslowliving #slowlivingforlife
Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create. - Oprah Winfrey
П а р к З а р я д ь е 📍Z a r y a d y e P a r k || Такая погода (+26) в Москве в середине сентября - просто подарок. Отложите дела и идите гулять и греться на солнышке 😎, иначе потом будете жалеть. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Such warm weather (26 degrees Celsius) in Moscow in the middle of September - a gift from God, no less. Put your to do lists away and go for a walk, enjoy the warm sun rays, if not - you will regret it, trust me. 👌☀️ #igmoscow #igrussia #citizenfemme #ginger #allwhatisbeautiful #travelinsider #exploretocreate #wheretofindme #stayandwander #traveldeeper #passionpassport #darlingescapes #beautifulmatters #darlingweekend #sheisnotlost #travelvibes #wearetravelgirls #lifeofadventure #wanderlust #lovelife #collectmoments #topmoscowphoto
•This post is dedicated to my negative thoughts• I used to be a really anxious kid who would let my negative thoughts completely overwhelm me without ever questioning them. These thoughts made me give up drawing, even though it was one of the things that actually brought me joy. But I was simply not good enough to go on. Or so I was led to believe by these thoughts. Fast-forward to now, I have been living abroad alone for almost a year and a half. I’ve managed to learn Dutch sufficiently enough to interact with a customers on a daily basis. Managed to form close friendships. Slowly started drawing again. Enrolled in an art course, where I was able to follow the lessons in Dutch. Immersed myself into a whole bunch of new interests. Goddamn, I even decided against cutting my hair short and now I’m really happy with the way it looks. And yet, there are still days when everything seems meaningless. I have huge anxiety before the art lessons because of my Dutch language skills and my art skills. There’s still a voice telling me that I’m not dedicated enough, not good enough and should already give up on trying to prove it wrong. (I’ve been willing to turn this abandoned insta account into an art account for about four months now, but my negative thoughts always stopped me). Anywho, my dear sis @laurazolyte recently recommended to me @nprinvisibilia ‘s episode called ‘The Secret History of Thoughts’ and gosh I needed to hear it. I was reminded not to take my thoughts too seriously. Let them go. These thoughts do not define who I am. They will come and go, and I will remain, focusing on the things that make me feel whole. For all of you out there, who are struggling with their negative thoughts today, I am sending my warmth to you. It’s a process, but do not expect consistency. We all have our days off. The important thing is not to dwell on that too much.
Beautiful and picturesque so called Floating Temple!! 😊 Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Bali - Indonesia 🇮🇩 . . #ulundanu #bali #indonesia #balidairies #wanderlust
Experience the vibrant spirit and spectacular architecture of the city of Madrid. 📷 by @estercuni #DiscoveryAwaits
Italia mi manca 🇮🇹 Actually in English, we say the other other way around “I miss you [Italy]“. Doesn’t matter as long as #Italy is in my mind! Next week, back to #Italian courses. Graaazie mille @nichhow 🇮🇹 Buon fine settimana ~ Have a great weekend! 🍁 - - - - - - - - - - - #italia #pisa #toscana #exploreitaly #bellaitalia #facades #doorsandwindows #chasing_facades #doors #houses #jj_doorsandwindows #pursurpretty #streets #tv_streetlife #bevisuallyinspired #finditliveit #allwhatisbeautiful #tv_doorsandwindows #jj_streetphotography #kings_villages #stayandwander #tlpicks #letstravel #theartofliving #vsco #vscogram #tasteintravel #theweekoninstagram
Fell in love with this cute little #pub in #belgravia hope everyone has a great saturday 💟💟💟
🍂 Our autumn finds 🍂On Monday it’s the first day of autumn 🙌🏻 we are already for you over here 👈 . The girls have been loving creating the autumnal flaylays with me. Collecting nature and making patterns is just the best for all those of you that are creative out there 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 did you see the autumn wreath we made?? .
Capture of Capture. Moments from Barangaroo..
When earth perfectly creates a pathway to it’s soul; how seamlessly they merge so well together. #atithisdiaryofthoughts #flashbackfridays
O filho de vocês também já querem escolher a roupa que vai usar? A Hadassa está nesta fase de independência nos looks do dia. E a escolha das peças foram essas da loja virtual @patpatshopping @patpat_sharing . Eu e a Hadassa somos apaixonadas nas roupas incríveis dessa loja. Usando o meu CUPOM DE DESCONTO: Aline12 vocês terão 12% off em compras online realizadas no site da loja. Não percam tempo, corre lá e deixem seus filhos ainda mais fashion! . PS: Link da loja e cupom na bio. . Thank you @patpatshopping @patpat_sharing for the opportunity. God bless you! In love with each piece. You are the best!! #patpatshopping #patpatsharing #patpat #backtoschool Segue os links do look que ela tá usando. Rabbit Pattern Long-sleeve Dress with A Bag: https://www.patpat.com?adlk_id=32609 Brown Shoes: https://www.patpat.com?adlk_id=32610 Suspender Jeans: https://www.patpat.com?adlk_id=32611 Tank Top and Striped Pants Set: https://www.patpat.com?adlk_id=32612 Canvas Shoes: https://www.patpat.com?adlk_id=32614 #inspiremyinstagram #allwhatisbeautiful #morningslikethese #feelfreefeed #dametraveller #liveauthentic #momentsofmine #thatauthenticfeeling #documentlife #darling #welltravelled #earthpix #rising_masters #agameoftones #createexplore #beautifuldestinations #theprettycities #seemycity #patpatshopping #patpatsharing #patpat #backtoschool
‘The struggle you in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.’ It’s been a really tough week to say the least. 😏 Busy at work, Alexander has the worst cold ever 😣 (which meant a few visits to the doctor) and my husband was on business travel. Trying to juggle it all alone has not been easy. How do you super-parents manage when (or if) you are on your own? 💞 .................................................................................... [My Dress: @needleandthreadlondon and Shoes: @kurtgeiger Alexander’s Outfit: @marksandspencerpr and Shoes: @adidaskids . . . . . . . . . . #babycentre #thingsiwanttoremember #thesweetlifeunscripted #mymomlife #alittlebeautyeveryday #solovelysofree #petitjoys #letthekids #kindredmemories #kidsbabylove #greatcaptures_children #distractionsandinspirations #flashofdelight #acolorstory #persuepretty #abmhappylife #britmums #ig_motherhood #whatmamawore #mumdresscode
“There is only one success—to be able to live your life in your own way.” – C. Morley How true is this quote and it’s meaning ? Sounds all so simple and easy and yet life can be so complicated sometimes and the circumstances around it too . But why can’t it just be as simple as it sounds ? I guess the answer is ... that’s LIFE #nevereasy #neverboring but still so damn beautiful ✨ Happy Friday everyone ! Hope it’s full of light and fun ❤️
Have we met? If not, there are 9 weird things you should probably know about me: 1. I’m an American “married single mom” of a toddler and a baby, in France, by choice (my French husband lives in England for work each week). And yes, we make it work! 2. I have three teenage bonus kids. Blended family life isn’t easy. Being a “stepmother” (can we find a new title already?!) can be hard. But each of them is unique, kind, funny, and ✨brilliant✨, and I am humbled that they continue to invite me in their lives. 3. I am one of those baby bedtime fanatic parents, and I’m good with that. 4. I hate killing anything. Even bugs. Unless they bite my kids and then it’s Mama 🐻. 5. I looovvvvvveeeee chocolate cake. 6. Before I retired from law at age 31, I’d already started sneaking in work as a doula. Then, I took a year to ride elephants in Thailand, learn compassion at monasteries in Bhutan, and teach yoga to babies (and meet Ibu Robin, birth whisperer) in Bali. 7. I had an eating disorder for 14 years that led me to a therapy sessions that changed my life. I am forever grateful for those 14 years, and encourage anyone to find a neutral, objective, supportive person who’s dedicated solely to helping you live your best life. 8. I excelled academically, but once I did so badly on a test that I left it blank and at the end just wrote “I have no f*ing idea.” 9. I was bullied through elementary school for being “ugly.” It was painful. But each day I’d come home, look at myself in the mirror, through my Coke-bottle glasses and huge frizzy hair, and say “I know I’m beautiful. They just can’t see it yet.” Now I wanna know you. Tell me one weird thing! #fridayintroductions
Look at these cute birds 😘 💕 Loved our visit to @balibirdparkofficial Bali Bird Park and these cute birds even when they were attacking me 😄 It’s so much fun!! Swipe right 👉🏻 to see more photos. 💕 Bali Bird Park is one of the definite must-see attractions on Bali. 💕 Have a tour to Bali Bird Park with me and check out a new video on my YouTube channel 📱🖥💻 👉🏻 Go to my profile and click the direct link to Youtube video. Hope you enjoy the tour just as much as we did!! ☺️ 💕 Happy Friday... Wishing you all a fabulous weekend 🤗☺️💕
You Me and Opera 💃🏻🤳#tgifwalks
Flowers on Friday ...
It’s Friday 🙌🏻 have you got that Friday feeling????? Matilda still can’t believe she has to go to school AGAIN 🙈 Phoebe all week has been trying to explain to her she has to go 5 days a week now 🤣🤣🤣 - I am so looking forward to my tomorrow lie in .....................let’s just hope they sleep 🤗
Throwback to the time of questionable decisions and lessons learnt. Only good thing, having @iamdharshh to exchange clothes and moral support ❤️😘
Throwback to brunch with my ladies at one of my favorite brunch place. 🍓
One of many stunning views we could admire today while taking a 4x4 tour to the north of the Madeira island.
There’s no place like Venice . #Art via @emelinaah
Self Love 💕
Home sweet home via @audreyrivet
One of the things I love about being a Maker is discovering so many talented people on Instagram. One of which is @tatterhood_ if you don’t know her work pop over to her grid 😊 as soon as I read this one it really moved me and made me think of me and my little family 💗 we all survived the first day at big school today! - picture in stories x #magpiesbounty #awaywithwords #poems #bigschool #bournemouth #timeflies #handmadejewellery #allwhatisbeautiful #madetocreate #makersgonnamake #handcrafted #makersofinstagram #creativelifehappylife #makersmovement #creativityfound #jewellery #handmade #handmadeisbest #smallmomentsofcalm #livefullyalive #seekthesimplicity #letsgosomewhere #dorsetlife #dorsetmaker #dorsetcountryside #dorsetcoast #letsgosomewhere #livecolourfully #makeithappen
Crushing over all those blush layers ✨
Fall Mood full on 🍂✨ Wearing my new favourite coat from @boden_clothing which I have no intention to take off for the next three months #bodenbyme Photo by @alleksana_photography
🎼O Barquinho ~ Nara Leão 。 🎵Dia de luz, festa de sol E o barquinho a deslizar No macio azul do mar 。 Tudo é verão, o amor se faz No barquinho pelo mar Que desliza sem parar Sem intenção, nossa canção 。 Vai saindo desse mar E o sol Beija o barco e luz Dias tão azuis 。 Volta do mar, desmaia o sol E o barquinho a deslizar E a vontade de cantar 。 Céu tão azul, ilhas do sul E o barquinho, coração Deslizando na canção 。 Tudo isso é paz Tudo isso traz Uma calma de verão E então O barquinho vai E a tardinha cai🎶 . . . . . . . . [ #theeverydayproject #littlestoriesofmylife #allwhatisbeautiful #letsclicksociety #girlsvsglobe #adventuremamas #featuremama #abmlifeiscolorful #thesweetlifeunscripted #hotmessmom #momonamission #familyadventures #thehappycapture #ourcolourplay #preciousmoments #thingsiwanttoremember #inspiremyinstagram #creativelifehappylife #darlingmovement #selfcare #adventurevisuals #neverstopexploring #wanderlusting #welltravelled #theglobewanderer #wandertheworld #travelandlife #adventuregram #livetheadventure #jetsetfam ]
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