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The dinner is servered.
from the start we were brave
Don't forget to breath: vitamin D absorption 100% #laurentides #skiquebec #quebecoriginal #tremblant #skateskiing #goldenglow #domainestbernard
Exploring Wales in the snow last weekend! :)
Getting a little light cardio in under the veil of a super blue sky! #trouvetapiste #tremblant #crosscountryski #skateski #salomonnordic #laurentides
Can’t wait to shoot this fabulous couples wedding next year!! We are gonna be best buds by the end. I can tell.
I saw Star Wars on Thursday and didn’t post anything about it because I wanted time to think about what I thought...in conclusion...I really liked it! And my love for BB-8 just couldn’t get any bigger!!! ⭐️
It’s Sunday! And today we want to see you all in your best Christmas Jumpers! Service starts at 6:30, refreshments from 6! 🎄
the best person to keep around on your wedding day is for sure your pup. this STUNNING Indiana wedding will be on the blog next week.😍📷🤘🏽
Long week, long month, long year. Lot’s of things going on. A long Friday and a quick look at the church I’ve been probably seen 100 times already. And I happened to really notice this door. I just had to snap a shot. I grabbed my camera, snapped a few and jumped back in the car. Fun little random door. . . . . . #instagramtennessee #TheElys #roamtheplanet #photoinspiration #ventureonward #AwaketheSoul #thevisualcreator #feedbacknation #exploresask #VisualsCollective #earthvisuals #theearthoutdoors #viewsofnature #earthart #naturescreation #mountainstories #ourwild #wearethewild #soft_vision #natgeocreative #collectivelycreate #modernoutdoors #livefolktakeover #alwaysroaming #resourcetravel #createscenery #livetheadventure #forgeyourownpath #findyourplace
‘…The wonders of life and the universe are mere reflections of microscopic particles engaged in a pointless dance fully choreographed by the laws of physics.’ Brian Greene, The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory. . . . #doyouevenreadastrophysicsbro #theelegantuniverse #naturesbalancebeam #cumminsfalls
Piggy back rides and orange groves.
Simply admiring today that delicate balance between the light and darkness! #tremblant #winterwonderland #trouvetapiste #naturesart #laurentides
In addition to getting a degree in Ocean Engineer, I also decided to get a minor in Sustainability. The main reason I decided to do it was because it would not be many more classes and I thought it would look good on my resume. Well now, more than 3 years later, it has not been needed. Maybe one day it will be beneficial to have on my resume but for now it’s just words on a piece of paper. Have you ever done something that didn’t take much extra effort just because you thought it might be good for you? Has it actually helped you out since you did it? Comment below!
Sunday services tomorrow! 6pm for refreshments, 6:30pm start! Don’t forget your Christmas jumpers!! ❄️
Wondering off into the clouds. Iceland puts on a show, regardless of the weather 🇮🇸
‘Wonder world’ - @ninjarod Double tap if you think this is awesome! - Shot📸 by @ninjarod | #globaltravelers Follow @globaltravelpix_ for more awesome travel photos! - Location🌏: Philippines
When will we see each other again, Italy???
Found these gems at Diamond Beach
Remembering that time there was a crazy storm when we were in #Germany That night turned into a really fun adventure - almost crossed the border to Austria because we couldn't see where we were headed with all the rain 😂😂 I'm craving some adventures like this. #ChasingStorms #Makeitcount #eurotrip2017
Almost Sunday! Don’t forget your Christmas Jumper! 6:30 start and refreshments from 6! See you there 🎄
That wonderful moment when you know the day is going to be just as epic as you dreamed it would be! #trouvetapiste #tremblant #laurentides #visualization #quebecoriginal #skicanada
Years of glacial movement have carved away at the valley surrounding this massive crater. You can catch a glimpse of the nearby enormous glacier at the top of this picture. It’s places like this that I could stare at all day.
Love this girl and can’t wait to take her maternity photos next year!! 👰🏼🤵🏻❤️👶🏼👶🏼
🍃 ••••••
Snowfall and sunshine .... how are you rocking your Thursday ?? #laurentides #quebecoriginal #skiquebec #tremblant #winterwonderland #freshsnow @elisakurylowicz
Bring on the snow ❄️❄️❄️ The beautiful Flatirons!! I never get tired of looking at them 💗
#TBT to sunny day naps @striveandshineyyc
Obligatory Icelandic horse photo with Iceland’s most photographed mountain, Kirkjufell, in the background...I pride myself on being original 😩🤦🏻‍♀️
A little minutes pause under clearing skies to watch Orion dance amongst the stars.... #trouvetapiste #tremblant #nightskies #midnightmagic #laurentides #lookupmore
Explore more. #reserveyourstyle
I will never be bored of black and white.
We are really looking forward to all our Christmas services coming up over the next week and a bit! Normal Sunday service this week at 6:30pm. Christmas Eve we have a family service with lots of treats at 4 and then our midnight service at 11pm! Hope to see you at them all 🎄❄️⛄️
Hiking up for a swim in the thermal river was a perfect after work adventure 👌🏼🇮🇸
So engineering degrees in college have a lot of classes that have labs where experiments are done related to the material covered in class. Some of these labs are not too enjoyable while others were actually really cool. This is just like in life where you will have things that you really do not enjoy and others that you love to do. One key in life is to figure out how to eliminate as many tasks that you do not enjoy as possible. By eliminating that which you despise you are setting yourself up for a more enjoyable future. Are you ready to eliminate the negative in your life and do more of what you love? Click the link in my bio and get started with me today! You will grow to love your life when you make the change!
We just picked up @fournine from the airport!
Still morning walks with my guy. • Rest with me tonight at @treehouseyogaaustin • 8:30pm
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