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I love jamming to music while I edit and lately I’ve been loving Frank Sinatra, my hubby says, “you just love listening to that cause it reminds you of Christmas music,” he knows me too well! 🤗 What have you been loving lately, I would love to hear some new stuff! #jenhousephotography
No one would deny that Cory is a man's man no-nonsense kind of dude. But if you talk with him even for a little bit you would know that the ladies in his life, melt his heart. . When Shannon walked down the aisle at their wedding, he was a teary mess. His first dance with his mom and grandma made me cry and was one of my favorite parts of their wedding day. And we can't forget their pup Hazel, whom after seeing her for the first time had to bring her home and surprise Shannon. . It is such a joy to continue to tell their love story, see their beautiful home and hear about how married life has been this last year.⠀ . Congrats Shannon + Cory! You two mean the world to me :)
Just finished an amazing shoot with two even more amazing new friends! So much happiness right now! Can’t wait until next year!! #shannonsklossphotography #milano #italy #destinationweddingphotographer
A date night idea for when you want to go out: Re-enact your first or favorite date. If your first date wasn't the best or impossible to recreate then pick one any date that you loved or have a redo of your first date and what you would have done differently! ⠀ ⠀ Make sure to take a photo and post it tagging #cnpdatenight so I can see and you can inspire others to connect with the person they love most! . Venue: @thecasinosc Florist: @mulberryandmoss Rentals: @cherishedrentals + @sweetsalvage Calligraphy: @pirouettepapercompany Beauty: @thefaceofbeautyus @rachelshadesofbeauty Cocktails: @bottlesandblooms Artisan Pies: @blackbirdartisanpie Dress: @truvellebridal Necklace @bhldn
Today I am feeling as giddy as these two cuties look because my fall flowers have finally sprouted! It took a little longer than I expected and I was worried they wouldn't come up at all! ⠀ ⠀ These flowers are the first thing to grow since I was given permission to overhaul a garden bed at my apartment! I spent two months amending the soil so plants could thrive. That looked like digging trench after trench adding in healthy new soil and compost.⠀ ⠀ I was worried the soil still wasn't good enough, but after last week's rain, tiny baby leaves have pushed their way to the surface! And I am taking the time to be excited about this little success! ⠀ ⠀ What's something small you are excited about today?
Take me back to Ravello on the Amalfi coast of Italy !! This is probably the prettiest place I have shot a wedding to date! I mean look at this couple and then throw in being surrounded by 1000 year old structures along the green cliffs and hills overlooking the entire Amalfi coast line and ocean! I couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for a better destination wedding location ! • • Where would you have your destination wedding at if money wasn’t an option?? • • Bride 👰🏻 @vgkdev Groom 🤵🏻 @ryan.alarid • • • • • • #adventurouswedding #arizonaweddingphotographer #californiaweddingphotographer #coloradoweddingphotographer #danbushkin #danbushkinphotography #destinationwedding #elopementphotography #epicelopment #laketahoeweddingphotographer #lasvegaselopement lasvegaselopementphotographer #lasvegasphotographer #lasvegaswedding #lasvegasweddingphotographer #nevadaweddingphotographer #portlandphotographer #sacrementoweddingphotographer #saltlakecityphotographer #phoenixweddingphotographer #socalweddingphotographer #tahoeweddingphotographer #utahphotographer #vegaswedding #vegasweddingphotographer #wanderingphotographers #amalficoastwedding #amalficoastweddingphotographer #ravelloweddingphotographer #ravellowedding
Because you guys only got the iPhone version of this last time. 💕Beautiful Italy, I'll never get over you.
You wrapped me up in the color of Love... Sade #jenhousephotography
Italy bound! About to be lost over the Atlantic and couldn’t be happier to return to one of my favorite canvases for 3 AMAZING couples. So blessed! Milan, Florence and Amalfi coast here I come! Follow along via my stories for behind the scenes and our travels! #shannonsklossphotography #travelsofskloss #italy #destinationphotographer
Happy Tuesday!
The cutest newlyweds around 🖤
Only the cutest little baby bump 🙌🏻
Brb - off to get married again so I can wear a cape like our radiant bride Mikayla from the weekend 💫 📷 by Dylan . Custom cape - @newcastlebridalhouse Dress - @zavanabridal Hair - @vibesalonbowral Makeup - @makeupbykatarinak
Ready to be reunited with this guy 🙌🏻 and let’s go back to paradise
My brother and sis in law and their cute pup Scout 🙌🏻
Best of friends 🙌🏻 cool hats = @bittybrah #bittytobrah
Time to get these two married!!✨
It a beautiful day for a wedding today!! This morning’s weather has me so excited for fall!!🍂
GET MARRIED IN ITALY! 😍👌 Wedding, elopement or vow renewal offer: Guys, seriously, don't miss this promotion - JUST $1000 (USD) for full photo and video coverage from us! View details and enter here: https://www.degrootfilmco.com/blog-1/2018/9/9/italy-destination-wedding-wedding-in-italy-elopement-photographer-elopement-videographer-wedding-giveaway-hy3jz __________ #italy #italywedding #veniceweddingphotographer #veniceweddingvideographer #romewedding #romeweddingphotographer #romeweddingvideographer #napleswedding #naplesweddingphotographer #naplesweddingvideographer #amalficoast #amalficoastwedding #amalficoastweddingphotographer #amalficoastweddingvideographer #italyelopement #italyelopementphotographer #europe #europewedding #europeweddingphotographer #europeweddingvideographer #sorrentoitaly #sorrentowedding #sorrentoweddingphotographer #sorrentoweddingvideographer #turinitaly #turinwedding #turin #juventus #degrootfilmco
A date night idea for when you want to stay in: Have a pumpkin spice movie night. ⠀ ⠀ Step 1: Head to Trader Joes. Each of you has 5 minutes to grab 3 pumpkin flavored items of your choice. (Set a timer to make it more fun!) ⠀ ⠀ Step 2: Choose a fall movie and share your pumpkin treats! ⠀ ⠀ Here are some ideas for a fall movie: ⠀ - Dead Poet Society - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone ⠀ - Halloween town⠀ - The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown⠀ - Hocus Pocus ⠀ - Practical Magic ⠀ - Edward Scissor Hands⠀ - What we do in the shadows⠀ - Phantom of the Opera⠀ - Coco - The Illusionist - October Sky Step 3: Take a photo and tag #cnpdatenight ! ⠀ . . . Venue: @thecasinosc Florist: @mulberryandmoss Rentals: @cherishedrentals + @sweetsalvage Calligraphy: @pirouettepapercompany Beauty: @thefaceofbeautyus @rachelshadesofbeauty Cocktails: @bottlesandblooms Artisan Pies: @blackbirdartisanpie Dress: @truvellebridal Necklace @bhldn
The struggle for a photo these days... I love him anyways 🙌🏻
Let’s talk souvenirs! When you go on a trip, is there anything you like to buy and bring back home to remember the trip by? Do you collect certain things? Here is what I brought back from our month long road trip: a T-shirt from the Grand Canyon (because ya know I deserve a T-shirt after hiking that dang thing). A dried branch that I will turn into some kind of wall decor one day for sure for sure - my husband called me a hoarder and threatened multiple times to throw “the dead piece of wood” away 😂😱, what kind of savage is he?! Some pebbles from the prettiest creek (swipe right 💆🏻‍♀️) and a postcard like the one above from every Nationalpark and National Monument we went to. My favorite souvenirs though? All the pictures and memories in my head and heart. #roadtrip #ontheroadagain #souvenirs #postcard #greatsanddunesnationalpark #travelblogger #travelphotographer #glt
She was the camp lifeguard, and the first time Taylor saw Lyndsay he said, "who is that???" Camp crushes don't always last but this one did. It lasted beyond the summer, beyond living states away and beyond the test of actually being in the same place. ⠀ ⠀ We both attended the same college and for a time lived in the same dorm, but I didn't get to meet them until after we had both graduated and they were visiting my church! It's been two years since then and I have treasured their friendship. So naturally was exactly to get to document their love!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #cnpcouples
This couple, I like them! Left our session feeling like pals
Want to know how to make your life easier when planning a wedding?⠀ ⠀ Set limitations for yourself.⠀ ⠀ My sister is getting married in France this summer (I am wayyy to oexcited about it) and recently she asked me this: what is the point of choosing color pallet? I told her, that the color palette, theme, and mood of a wedding not only makes for an especially beautiful cohesive wedding day but it will make every decision so much easier and wedding planning less stressful in general.⠀ ⠀ She decided her colors were going to be blue and gold. So now instead of searching the whole vast expanse of the internet for bridesmaids dresses, she could search for navy floor-length bridesmaids dresses. Saving her time and mental energy.⠀ ⠀ Before doing any research, before opening Pinterest, before you start looking for vendors, know what you want and stick to it!⠀ ⠀ #cnpweddingtips Venue: @thecasinosc Florist: @mulberryandmoss Rentals: @cherishedrentals + @sweetsalvage Calligraphy: @pirouettepapercompany Beauty: @thefaceofbeautyus @rachelshadesofbeauty Cocktails: @bottlesandblooms Artisan Pies: @blackbirdartisanpie Dress: @truvellebridal Necklace @bhldn
Throughout their relationship, Erin + Brian have rescued each of these sweet babies. They decided they couldn’t walk down the aisle without them, so they brought them all the way from Texas to Tennessee to stand by their side on their day 💕
Currently on a flight now from NYC to DFW. Two days at home and then heading to San Miguel de Allende Tuesday for a super fabulous engagement session! I ❤️ busy season. #shannonsklossphotography #destinationwedding
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