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#завтрак • творог мягкий 4,5% 180г • тост с сладкой 🥜 пастой, 🍌, сиропом из фиников, 🥥 стружкой и корицей • тост с соленой 🥜 пастой, 🍌, 🥥 стружкой и корицей • кофе ☕️ Доброе всем! 💕 Настала учебная неделя 📚 Сегодня у меня 7 уроков, 2 химии 🥴 Надеюсь, всяких контрольных не будет 🙅🏻‍♀️ После школы как всегда погуляю, потом буду делать уроки 😌 Замечательного дня, удачи! 💖 #anorexia #анорексия #нехудею #ппеда #food #еда #здоровоепитание #дневникпитания #интуитивноепитание #рпп #правильноепитание #завтрак #breakfast
(Old pic) wanted to share with you all that I had my fave quest bar (+a big apple) for afternoon tea today! I used to have these all the time and boy did I miss it. Yeah, they’re not cheap but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself. Hope you’re all well and had an enjoyable Easter ❤️❤️🐣
💮💮💮 Привет,я так же как и ты борюсь за тело своей мечты,пробую на себе разные диеты,что бы достичь желаемого веса 45кг. Буду рада если мы подружимся и будем поддерживать друг друга! . . . #рпп #голод #анорексия #будухудой #жирная #тощая #45кг #0ккл #питьеваядиета #дневникпитания #булимия #water #rpp #anorexia #skinny #45kg #fat #eat
Добре утречко, дамы и господа💓 На завтрак: •воздушный рис с соевым молоком🥣 Сегодня будем с мамой убираться по квартире, естественно после школы.. Помирать так помирать😂 Желаю тебе отличного дня❤️
i can’t live like this TW • had a breakdown this afternoon... as you can see on my story, i received chocolate today, but i knew what i was going to receive. i planned it all and divided it mentally in advance so that things would fit. i have this problem where i can’t keep food at home. i need to get rid of the chocolate as soon as possible because i don’t want to be stuck with it if that makes sense? it’s too stressful. so i usually buy small quantity of food to never have a lot at once. anyways, i was anxious with the chocolate, but decided to eat most of it to get rid of it. im not proud of this decision. im literally not having a proper meal and only having chocolate which is not healthy for me. i skipped all my meals basically, but still reached 1650 calories which is not enough... slowly increasing. but i didn’t move all day. can’t find the motivation to get out of bed. • the problem was when my mom bought more chocolate. she appeared in the house with bags full of chocolate and i freaked out. i bursted into tears. it was overwhelming for some reason. it’s like now that it’s here, i have to eat it. i was quite sad considering that i told my mom that i struggled with this, but she still bought a bunch of chocolate. she said i could have just a little, but i can’t. ed rule that says it has to disappear as fast as possible (without eating extra calories). what happens is that i substitute meals for desserts which shouldn’t happen! • i calmed down after awhile, but im scared of the extra chocolate and don’t know what to do. i don’t have place for it in my intake... i already planned my days and it doesn’t work. ahh... what do i do. it’s so hard just seeing it. so had this birthday cake chocolate egg (my first real egg in god knows how much time), oats with chocolate, reeses egg, mango, blueberry, protein bar, and yogourt. seems like so much but at the same time there’s no meal... so much sugar though ahh. tomorrow is scary: i have a family supper which means being under the family’s constant judgment. i have trouble eating in front of them, i just want to eat alone... but at the same time, i think im ready to change things. start living a real life.
This book is amazing. I've always struggled with therapy. I'm a writer not a talker. What makes me sad is that with every exercise it's apparent my fear of committing 100% to recovery is that 1. I don't think my weight is low enough to deserve recovery, 2. That I'm scared of not being 'thin' 3. That for some reason I think people think better of me when I'm thin. I can see how disordered this is because people are worried, being thin is not an accomplishment worth anything, no matter how much weight I lose I have to gain it back, I AM NOT A BETTER PERSON WHEN I AM SUCCUMBING TO ANOREXIA. I also think I'm actually afraid of looking like an adult almost my whole life I've looked prepubescent. I find myself looking and comparing myself to 13 year olds. I'm f*cking 29, that's ridiculous. This is ridiculous. I've wasted 19 years obsessing about food and weight maybe it's time to just try something else. What's the worst that can happen?! #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #anorexia #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder #recovery #hardtruths
Throwback to the @bringmethehorizon concert in Brisbane with my little sister. This band has been a long time favourite of mine and I never felt so connected to something like their songs. The lyrics to their songs were a voice for my inner thoughts and feelings when I didn't have the voice or words. Thanks so much to my sister for helping tick off one of my major things off my bucket list; see BMTH live in concert. It has made my year 💋
create your own sunshine 💕 × × × ignore tags: #anorexia #ana #bulimia #notthinspiraton #notthinspo #diet #exercise
{not me} i was forced to break my fast at 39 1/2 hours and now i want to binge and i was just given chocolate so guess who’s gaining 2 kilos today because my fatass cant stop fucking eating ~useless tags~ #ana #mia #thin #anorexia #anorexic #bulimia #bulimic #ed #eatingdisorder #mentalillness #depression #bipolar #anxiety #selfharm #suicide #cutting #handspo #ribspo #armspo #legspo
dear young maddy, i know you never expected in this. i’m sorry for destroying the carefree girl you once were. i miss the days where food wasn’t the enemy. i miss the days where you were able to eat what you wanted. i miss the days where you weren’t slowly killing yourself through starvation and restriction. one day that girl in the pictures will be back. that girl who loved food just like any average person does. that girl who was nourished and was able to flourish as best as she could. she will be back. i will not let this disease win.
Already missing the NYC bagels despite how challenging I found the last 2. Looking back, this being the last one, I can see how anorexia fueled my choice. The filling became less, from cheesy meaty goodness to plain cream cheese, the bagel itself went from flavour filled everything to a safer sesame. It's hard to realise how normal the anorexia voice is to the point where I don't even realise when it's making decisions for me. I think the restriction in what I ordered actually made the action of eating it more challenging because it wasn't actually what I wanted. When I really challenge anorexia I find it much easier to eat and enjoy eating. #edrecovery #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #recovery #prorecovery #mentalhealth
When I graduated from the OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center this summer, my mom gave me a necklace engraved with a phrase I adopted from the clinic: “Live Uncertain.” No matter what form of OCD people have, they feel a burning need to be 100% certain. For those with contamination OCD, they seek 100% assurance that they are clean. This may result in excessive hand-washing, avoiding doorknobs, constant cleaning, etc. People with harm OCD seek 100% assurance that their loved ones are safe and they don’t cause harm to others. This can result in hiding knives or other dangerous objects for fear of accidentally hurting someone; being hyper-aware of illness and spending hours googling symptoms; or driving back and forth over the same stretch of road to make sure they didn’t accidentally run someone over. For people with scrupulosity like mine, we seek 100% assurance that our behavior is 100% appropriate and acceptable. This leads to constantly asking others if something we did is bad; confessing misdeeds to everyone in hopes that they will tell us it’s okay; belittling oneself to make sure we aren’t being prideful; and so much more. My family can always tell if I’ve missed medication for too many days because I start obsessing over very minor social interactions or things I’ve done and ask my family members if my behavior was acceptable. Recently, i started a fitness challenge with friends. I am tracking my calories in My Fitness Pal and have a calorie goal to stay within each day. I started retreating back in to my normal pattern of under-eating by 300-500 calories so I could make sure I was 100% honest when i reported to my friends that I stayed within my goal. There is so much uncertainty when tracking food because calories can vary and it’s hard to get portions exact. But I realized what I was doing and shared with my friends this particular OCD struggle so they could support me in being healthy. Having that support system is critical! Tune in next week on #mentalhealthmonday for more about how to “live uncertain” and how to help your loved ones with OCD live in the gray.
happy easter 🐣🐇 !! today was different..it didn’t go as planned. planned on spending all day with my fam and decorating eggs and all that, but my sister is sick, and I thought she was just physically sick, but no one told me it’s more mental and they put her on medicine and also have been trying to get her to eat bc her anxiety is making her so nauseous, and on one hand I feel so bad bc I’ve been there and it kills me that she has to go through this now but also it kinda hurt bc my family has never gotten me medicine bc my illness was just “not eating” when I’ve really had depression, anxiety, and ocd. just a remember that anorexia is not just physical, but also mental. anyway...breakfast was cinnamon rolls! (I was the only one to have one :/) lunch was ham, cheesy potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus, and candies carrots. then my mom and grandparents decided they had to drive and bring my sis back to college so I had to stay alone for 5 hours. mom got home at 9 and then I got a snack plate with cottage cheese, sour cream and onion chips, and fruit. - - ---#anorexic #anorexia #anxiety #food #fit #foodporn #fitness #fruit #apple #eggs #boiledeggs #breakfast #exams #finals #depressed #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #help #sad #burger #turkeyburger #avocado #watermelon #scrambledeggs #penne #pasta #italianu #watermelon
dreams don't work unless you do 💕 × × × ignore tags: #anorexia #ana #bulimia #notthinspiraton #notthinspo #diet #exercise
Big shoutout to all my PEEPS struggling with an eating disorder today🌷 I know Easter isn’t easy but just remember to do your best, whatever that looks like. I couldn’t make it through this year but I gave it my best shot and that’s what matters. Keeping my head up and pondering GOT theories to pass the time lol. HOPPY Easter and I hope you all have an EGG-CELLENT day🐣🍬🐰
Easter brunch! I went out to a beautiful buffet set up at a hotel where Obama usually stays.. 😱 A friend of the family, who is 79, treated my grandma, uncle, and I today and although it was hard, it was nice to see her. The ED thoughts were troubling as I paced around the buffet trying to decide what to eat.. I ended up trying French toast for the first time which was delicious! Had a parfait, some potatoes, berries, and eventually had a pistachio cube for dessert. Couldn’t stomach the chocolate covered strawberry although it was cute. It’s tough going out to buffets when everyone around you gets 2, 3, or even 4 helpings and you struggle with just the 1.. but at least I went 😊 Happy Easter!
You are in charge of your own story! Heal and grow on your terms 🌺 • Art by @frizzkidart ✨ • Tag your friends in the comments below to remind them of how special they are! Share on social media to help spread awareness and positivity 🌱
Sorry for being inactive how was everyone’s day ??
#Repost @crazyheadcomics • • • • • • i think that some people underestimate the amount of effort it takes to navigate the world as a mentally ill person. especially if you have several diagnoses, as many of us have. speaking from personal experience, it’s honestly really hard to function day to day, and it can take a lot of effort to simply “appear” like everything is cool all the time. i can be in public or with friends and all the sudden, i feel dissociated, or anxious, or get racing thoughts, or something else that’s a product of my mental illness(es) and it’s hard to keep it together. but i’m trying. we cannot contain and control our symptoms all the time. we are not trying to ruin the mood, we’re not trying to get attention, we’re not choosing to display symptoms of mental illness. we wish we could be normal, and function, and be happy all the time, but we simply cannot. our symptoms are not decisions, we didn’t choose to be mentally ill. we are just trying to make our way through a world that wasn’t made for us, a world that often punish us for our illness, a world of people who doesn’t understand why we “have to act that way”, or why we “can’t just be normal”. it’s a disorder, not a decision. we aren’t choosing to be ill. • • • #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #psynligt #nostigma #mentalhealthwarrior #recovery #schizophrenia #eatingdisorders #bulimia #anorexia #ptsd #borderline #bpd #ocd #bipolar #bipolardisorder #anxiety #depression #pain #chronicillness #adhd #art #digitalart #artistsoninstagram #comic #crazyheadcomics
На завтрак овсянка с черникой и бананом и кофе. Вес сегодня 40.1 (+500 гр). Из за веса не так сильно уже переживаю, больше питание наладить хочется. И так, эту неделю я должна буду питаться идеально. Вообще, я планирую наладить питание на всю жизнь, но для начала хочу попробовать поставить себе более лёгкую задачу, поэтому пока что неделю. Если сорвусь, пообещала маме, что месяц буду мыть посуду и пол только я)))) Если не сорвусь, будет мне какая-нибудь награда.
SO IM HOME— and everything feels kinda surreal rn. im so happy to be back idek how to explain it rly. that being said as exciting it is to see everyone again its also very energy consuming so found some time this morning to have a lil snack in the sun and have some me time :)) im rly genuielly so happy and its crazy how easy its been to slip completly back into my old life. w some people and some places it feels like i never left at all which is honestly rly comforting oddness aside. tho i wont lie there have been some challenges!!! a) not Everything feels the same naturally— some relationships have changed a lot and that can be hard to deal w but im learning to take comfort in those that still feel like home and accept a changed friendship as still one worth valuing!!!! b) my body did not take to the travel here too well ahhahaha— the combination of stress, 10 hour plane ride, lack of drinking water, time change *i was awake for 26 hours straight wtf*, and the amazing but high sodium amount of chinese food i ate made my bloating actually INSANE and i gained 6 fuckin pounds overnight and couldnt help but melt a bit bcos i saw a number i havent seen so high in a LONG time. buuuuut im doing my best to fight the negetive thoughts that come along with that by recognizing the factors i listed before. its impossible to gain that much real weight in one day I KNOW THIS all i can do at the moment is drink lots of water and not let it affect me too much. bloating will pass— my body will return to its normal state— i will be fine. a good week is coming up tho! doing my best to not let anything dull my joy of being here eek! hugs 🌞
bestie sent me her workout routine🌻 i’m gonna be doing this till i can’t anymore. feel free to borrow! #ana #analifestyle #anorexia #proana #meanspo #thinspo #sweetspo #thin #skinny #needtobeskinny #workout #anaworkout #diet #anadiet #abcdietprogress #anabuddy #journeytothin #thinspiration #thinning #rexie
Went for a beautiful hike and had a picnic with my little family today 💜🌲 The best thing for my anxiety and mental health is to be outdoors, so I try to be outside as much as possible. 🌞
Good evening, I hope everyone had a wonderful day, no matter if the celebrated Easter or not. I relies that all of my posts have a very long caption, that may be tiring to read at times. So todays post is just a quick and short check in. My Easter started of pretty terrible, but got a bit better. I have already had a few pieces of candy, and I plan to have some as a night snack, that I may post on my story. Tomorrow I will possibly be doing a day in my life, it’s up to you. Go to my story to vote. 💛
Hope everyone had a great day and Easter if you celebrate 💓💓 Dinner was pretty hard butttt.... later on I had the best chocolate cake warmed up with some vanilla bean ice cream !!! (( SWIPE TO SEE DREAMY CAKE )) And I haven’t had the things on the plate in so long and they were really good!! On the plate is some ham, potatoes, corn pudding, pecan pie, chocolate cake + vanilla bean ice cream & a cup of almond milk (( kind of wanted a little sample of everything hehe ))🍰🍫 Comment some of the foods/ desserts you had today ⤵️
to my love. link in bio.
to my love. link in bio.
Depression is a ruthless killer. But the worst part of all is that it can affect anyone at any time and unless they say something, you probably won't have a clue they they are suffering. Always be kind to people because you never know what they are going through. Someone smiling on the outside could be crying on the inside. Smiles are one of depressions favourite masks, so don't dismiss a smile when you think of depression. Wishing everyone strength today! If you are fighting depression, know that the storm passes and will be replaced by a beautiful rainbow. Just make sure you stick around to see that rainbow.
Not gonna lie. I ate some. I know it isnt good for me. But I am a firm believer in eating with presence. Looking at what your eating, smelling, tasting, experiencing it. Being fully present when we eat something allows us the variety of food experiences without fear of binging or overeating. We will also naturally make food choices most often that leave our body feeling good because we are consciously eating. Allow yourself to eat the chocolate (or whatever) that you want. Even if you know it isnt good for you, you can enjoy it with presence and you will probably realize that you dont like it as much as you thought because you feel sick afterwards. Or you realize you only wanted a few bites and you have the awareness and presence to stop. . . . #mindfuleating #eatingwithpresence #bulemia #anorexia #eatingdisorders #consciouseating #norestrictioneating
Easter Haul 💞 Trigger Warning: So I’m losing weight again which is worrying both my doctor and my therapist. I am not allowed to be vegan anymore (which sucks but I understand why they don’t want me to be). I’m actually not doing it on purpose this time. My appetite just suddenly decreased which may be because of the meds I just started taking. I don’t know what's going to happen but I have an appointment with my nutritionist coming up soon. I hope you all had a great Easter!💖 • • #edrecovery #recovery #anorexiarecovery #anorexia #eatingdisorder #edwarrior #eatingdisorderrecovery #ed #mentalhealth #depression #food #anxiety #recoveryisworthit #ana #anarecovery #foodisfuel #bulimia #edfighter #prorecovery #strongnotskinny #eatittobeatit #foodie #edfamily #OCD #edfam #selflove #recoveryispossible #foodporn #hope #vegan
I’ve used Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs ever since I became a certified life coach through @franklincovey back in 2001-03. It has served me well in the grand scheme of things. At the very root of life, if you feel the people, places or situations don’t provide support for what you value most, negotiate terms so at least 50% is in your favor and it feels like a YES, otherwise it has to go. You must cut ties. ASAP. Otherwise you give away your power, and you send mixed messages to the Universe in terms of what you value, and what you require for happiness & joy in life. You must take action. Posted @withrepost@crazyheadcomics chances are, you’ve heard of the Maslow's hierarchy of needs, a psychological theory with a set of human needs, where the most basic ones are at the bottom, like safety and love, where the goal is to reach the hierarchy and attain the top need; self-actualization. well, this is my spin on the hierarchy, of my personal mental health needs !! these are all things i want to work on attaining to feel as good as i can as a mentally ill person. down at the base i put my most basic needs for mental well-being, support, treatment, and sleep. a good mental health day for me includes the majority of these steps ! most days i don’t reach all of these and that’s okay, our journeys are all peaks and valleys, and happiness can never be constant, that’s all right x • • • #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #psynligt #nostigma #mentalhealthwarrior #recovery #schizophrenia #eatingdisorders #bulimia #anorexia #ptsd #borderline #bpd #ocd #bipolar #bipolardisorder #anxiety #depression #pain #chronicillness #adhd #art #digitalart #artistsoninstagram #comic #crazyheadcomics
Happy Easter y'all! Sorry I've been so busy y'all I had work today! 🐰 I actually got to see my family today! I also had such a good day yesterday with my grandparents and my boyfriend. It was exactly what I needed because I've been pretty down especially because of my relapse so yesterday helped me so much.😊😊😊
I’m just gonna leave these here for y’all 😜
I just had a morning snack half an hour after breakfast...Hey, anorexia: fuck with me. . . . Yo bod ain’t no clock! Your body doesn’t give a toot what the time is. Your body just knows it NEEDS food. . . . It’s so easy to get caught up in meal times. I, for one, am completely guilty of neglecting my bodies cues and becoming a slave to the time on the clock. I have strict times in which food is “safe”, “deserved” or “warranted.” But this is just another BS way anorexia tries to control my life. . . . Funnily enough, one of my main rules, came about in hospital; a nurse (who I wasn’t really fond of, to be honest) told me you should only eat every three hours. And so the rule was born: I MUST leave 3 hours between each time I eat. Ugh, what nonsense that is. . . . Anyway, guess who’s giving that rule the finger 🖕 today? THIS GAL! I just had a morning snack half an hour after breakfast...Hey, anorexia: fuck with me. . . . P.S. What better way to talk about BS anorexia rules than over a big ole bowl of oatmeal? 🌼 🌸🌿 Spread those recovery wings and set yourselves free 🕊🌻 #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #anorexianervosarecovery #anorexianervosa #ed #edrecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatittobeatit #nourishtoflourish #nourishdontpunish #edfam #ana #anafamily #beatana #edwarrior #edfighter #anafighter #anawarrior #fearfood #recovery #anarecovery #strongnotskinny #warrior #loveyourself #challengeaccepted #anorexiafighter #anorexiarecover
Sun & Moon
• happy easter! i hope you’re all having a great holiday, or just a great day if you don’t celebrate 💕 my family isn’t super big on easter, so today was pretty relaaxed for me. as you can see, i did a lot of baking 👀 i made these bunny cupcakes using @mydarlingvegan ’s chocolate cupcake recipe and frosting made from @earthbalance vegan butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and oat milk. i also made some cookie dough eggs by forming @wiz_kaleifa ’s chickpea cookie dough into eggs & covering them in dark chocolate. they didn’t look quite how i wanted them to, but they still tasted amazing 😊 i hope you ate as much chocolate as you wanted today. if you had a lot, that’s okay. holidays are for celebrating, and food is part of that for a lot of people! so don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you went a little overboard on the candy. if you read this far, let me know your favorite easter candy 👇 mine is definitely white chocolate reeses eggs 😍
“EMDR” Mixed Media 28cm x 36.5cm $200 - A painting about a specific form of therapy and my experience with revisiting childhood memories through such therapy. The “sun and moon” represents the contrast of emotions through the process of revisiting memories.
⚠️ Atenção: Só iremos liberar mais Receitas para quem curtir a foto e comentar 🙋♀EU QUERO🔐 e se é novo por aqui segue nosso perfil: @emagredie 💟 . Pudim de iogurte 🤤😍😍 . Receita⬇️ . ingredientes: 4 ovos 1 colher de essência de baunilha 500ml de iogurte natural 200ml de leite vegetal 1/2 xícara de açúcar demerara ou xylitol Para calda 1/2 xícara de açúcar demerara ou de coco 1/3 xícara de agua Modo de fazer Calda: Em panela Derreta a açúcar demerara,adicione a água .mexa até obter ponto de caramelo.coloque o caramelo em uma forma e reserve. Pudim : Bata todos os ingredientes no liquidificador ou misture em uma tigela. Colocar em uma forma caramelizada. Asse em banho-maria por 40 minutos . Comenta "Eu quero" para receber mais receitas como essa ❤ Siga @emagredie 👈🏻 para não perder nenhuma receita deliciosa 😋 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · #cetogenica #vidasaudavel #tratamentoscorporais #bulimia #repost #foco #crossfit #sa #treino #fitnessmotivation #estetica #comidadeverdade #jejumintermitente #celulite #cinturafina #emagrecimento #healthyfood #anorexia #barrigachapadaemoutubro #muscula #barrigachapada #jejum #for #vida #bumbumnanuca #bemestar #beleza #healthylifestyle #academia #emagredie
A smile can hide so much. TW mention of weight but no numbers. The past few days have been so hard. Behaviors are through the roof. I feel utterly out of control. And at the same time tightly in control - of the eating disorder. I keep wondering if this is rock bottom. I’m feeling certain that one day I’ll look back on this month and see this is awful time. My weight is the lowest it’s been in as long as I can remember. At least since before I was 14 and began weighing myself. Perhaps I was this weight when I was 13? Or 12? I’m 26 now. So why do I still think I look huge? I’m trying to accept that logically I’m not but I feel embarrassed even writing that because surely you will all take one look and be like “ummm yeah you could lose a few pounds.” I’m seeing my dietitian tomorrow. I’m going to talk about eating lots of small snacks as anything bigger results in purging. Then I’ll see my therapist and on Tuesday I’ll see my doctor, and friends later on. I just have to figure out how to get through this week.
YURRRRRRRRRR THIRD EPISODE OF ANIEXTY OR SOCIETY VIDEO UP. Link in bio. Nobody: Me: Comment below for video suggestion. BRINGING MORE AWARENESS TO MENTAL HEALTH. I LOVE YALL AND GOD BLESS #mentalhealth #matters #anorexia #aniexty #dep #depressed #depression #overthinking #moodswings #sad #happy #mad #angry #youtube
Ich liebe meine Freunde dafür das sie mich immer so ablenken können. Dieses Wochenende konnte ich einfach weg von allen Problemen der Woche. Wenn auch mit Alkohol, aber es hat sich gelohnt nicht immer im Zimmer zu sitzen sondern einfach raus und neue Leute kennenzulernen #depressed #sad #cry #tears #fat #ana #anorexia #skinny #hatemyself #selfharm #cutting
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