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ERP feels counterintuitive. What feels “wrong” is typically the “right” thing to do. (I use the word typically because recovery is all about sitting in the never ending uncertainty- even though it sucks) When OCD strikes, your brain is sending off panicked messages that you are going to put yourself in danger (or already are in danger) if you don’t use a safety behavior. This is why when you purposefully disobey your anxiety, it will definitely feel wrong and uncomfortable. Gather your strength. Take a breath. Remind yourself you can do hard things. Purposefully expose yourself to said OCD/anxiety trigger. Sit in uncertainty. Sit in discomfort. Let anxiety hang out and get bored. I know this is hard. I also know you can do hard things. You are stronger than you think. You are brave and courageous. You got this. . . #ocd #ocdrecovery #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #intrusivethoughts #compulsion #harmocd #maternalocd #postpartumanxiety #scrupulosity #contamination #pureocd #anxiety #anxietydisorder #anxietyrelief #ocdwarrior #anxietywarrior #ocdawareness #mentalhealth #mentalillness #exposureresponseprevention #erp #mindfulness #exposure #cbt #recovery #recoveryispossible #yougotthis #psychology #selfcompassion #wecandohardthings
Perfection is the absolute lowest standard you can have for yourself because it is impossible to obtain. Raise your standards babe. Aim to be happier than yesterday, stronger than you ever have before, to grow knowledge base, to expand your heart - push yourself to be better than who you were yesterday. THAT is the highest standard you can hold yourself too ✌🏼
God is so, so good... in the best ways. I'm going to be a little more vulnerable than I want... but the other "me's" out there need to hear it. I've been quiet the past week. I'm supposed to be the girl that shares the positivity with you... but I've had a rough past week & to be honest, I'm not really sure why. It's been completely in my head. For some reason, I've felt defeated, not enough, overwhelmed, unfocused, exhausted, and the list goes on. I felt empty of motivational posts to share with you and let myself withdraw. & sometimes that's a good thing, but the past week it wasn't. It made me avoid things, make too many excuses, get overwhelmed because I was sleeping too much, etc. But today, God brought me back. ❤️ These 4 pictures were what popped up in my "Memories" today -- this is GOD reminding me of His grace and that He's always there reminding me of the GOOD things and to keep life in perspective. ✨The first picture was 1 year ago - my first coaching conference where I faced my limiting beliefs head on and found my other family that constantly builds me up. And wouldn't you know it, my friend and coach messaged me today - just when I needed it - to check on me. We are that community that always has each others' backs. ✨The second picture was 2 years ago. We were back in my hometown with these BABIES celebrating the life of Mimi - someone who played SUCH a huge role in my life. And I also incidentally decided to sign up for an Alzheimer's Walk today about 10 minutes before I saw this picture... one of the disease's that took her from us mentally years ago. ✨ The third and fourth pictures were posted 2 and 3 years ago. Today is Kindal's birthday and she celebrates it in heaven. She was such a beautiful light in this world and today, the perfect reminder I need to keep shining a light in this world - in honor of HER. So my message to you tonight is to give yourself some GRACE in those bad days, weeks or months. Crawl in that hole. It's OKAY. But ALWAYS remember to come climbing out - stronger and brighter than you were before. ❤️ ✨God is within her, she will NOT fail. ✨
Lately I have been working on incorporating daily affirmations into my life.• • • Affirmations are a wonderful tool that I utilize to bring confidence, worth, self love, and positive thinking to my life.• • • Short, simple, yet powerful statement I repeat to myself daily, usually in the car on my way to work or into the mirror while getting ready.• • • It feels silly at first. You might even laugh at yourself or feel a bit shy to do it but believe me there is magic to it! There is a power in telling yourself a positive statement, even if you don’t yet believe. I dare you to give it a try!!• • #dailyaffirmation #selflove #selftalk #positivethinking #goals #positivevibes #mentalhealth #bekindtoyourself #empoweryourself #anxiety #anxietyrelief #anxietywarrior #selflovefirst #selflovewarrior #achievegoals #selfcare
I absolutely did not want to work out today hence why it's being done later than usual. Work was a mess today. The weather is crappy and everything seemed like a better idea than working out BUT I have goals to crush and sitting around isn't going to help me reach those goals! My knee has been bothering me for the last week or so and I'm HOPING that it's because weather has been a little colder and blah because sometimes it acts up when it's like this so fingers crossed! Today's move is called "free runner." I legit could not get the coordination down how to do these even in Month 1. I struggled harrdddd, haha. But I got them down pretty good now! 2 DAYS LEFT!
This past week has consisted of some late nights. My mind has been racing of ideas, of plans, my calling, of what others think of me... you name it, I’ve overthought it. On top of that this blog process has been extremely hard!! I’m not technologically savvy and I’m a perfectionist. Not a great combo I’m working with here. 🙃 . That being said, I just want you all to know that I am so enthusiastic about this new path I’ve started on it hurts. However it comes with so many burdens and inside I’m secretly so scared that people will think I’m flaky, self absorbed, or just annoying. I’ve also been just so obsessed that I’ve spent a lot of time on everything (way more then I should.) I thought I would just be honest with you all because I don’t want to appear as something on the surface and for you to not know the true story. We are all going through things and this has been my struggle lately. . PS. I’ve been staying up late and snacking and this is my main late night snack. It is the Uncle Sam cereal with almond milk, berries, chocolate chips, and a little drizzle of maple syrup. . Thank you for all of your support. You have no idea how much it means to me. 💕💕
Mom of 3 here... zoom in for stretch marks! Today, I had to keep pulling my jeans up and finally I decided to check the size. These jeans were what I called my “skinny pants” at the beginning of the summer when I was squeezing into them! Now, these size 10 pants that I was calling my “skinny pants” just 3 months ago are now TOO BIG! • When I found my before photos from March 2017 and compared them to now, I was stunned. I didn’t realize how far I had let myself fall. Even my 11 year old said “Whoa! Mommy, you were fat!” (Kids... am I right?) • I am sure you’re tired of hearing me talk about this, but I honestly am sharing because I am passionate about helping other mamas experience this, too! We put ourselves last ALL the time ! But if we start taking 30 minutes a few days a week, our cups can be filled and we can be the best versions of ourselves again. Mama... now is your time ! 💖 . #momsofinstagram #postpartumjourney #postpartumbody #mombod #healthylifestyle #missionmombod #momof3 #ig_motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #momonamission #fitmomjourney #wahm #sahm #momhustle #postbabybod #momlife #boymom #girlmom #wifey #last90days #mondaymotivation #accountability #momswithcameras #documentlife #honestmotherhood #anxietywarrior #anxietyrelief #stretchmarks
Some of our favorite Monday moves! Hard to believe we did this same workout 10 weeks ago! We are starting all over with week 1 next Monday! Just 4 days a week, 30-40 minutes, lifting and HIIT. Each workout is unique and builds over 8 weeks. Wanna join us and finish 2018 as the strongest version of yourself yet? . . . . . . #liift4life #fitfam #fitover40 #nevermissamonday #ageisjustanumber #strongereveryday #anxietywarrior #hypothyroidism #hashimotos #hashicouple #noexcuses #dogmoms #dogparents #dogdads #busyprofessionals #homeiswherethehealthis #atlanta #athomefitness
100% therapeutic air infused with essential oils? Yes please! Our favourites are Happy, Ocean and Zen. Discover the benefits on Anxiety Gone today. Link in bio. 💆🏼‍♀️
Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working through a Mental Health program, offered for free, through the @cmhaceh. I suffer from anxiety, that can be crippling, at times. But I can manage it, most of the time. This program is designed to help give me the tools to handle my anxiety and stress better. In the first workbook, I was asked to write a letter to my future self about why I had to make changes now, and here it is: "Dear Caitlin, You are truly a joyful and happy person. Despite the fact that you trust in God and ask for His help to get through, sometimes you need to realize that God uses humans for His purposes. Treat this program as a gift, and a chance to learn practical ways to handle your anxiety and stress. Learning about how to handle things in life will help you to be the joyful person that you truly are. You may view yourself as "less" but I want to tell you that you are enough. You will conquer your weaknesses with God's help and the people and tools that He brings into your life. Take your time and take a deep breath, God has you in His arms." #honesty #anxietywarrior #Godislove #fitprayslay
Bruh, I never even got to the reason for this video 🤦🏽‍♀️ • I have been taking the gel for almost a month now and lots of great things are happening. What I haven’t been doing is working out. Did I still lose weight? Yes. BUT, I started getting down in the slumps because I wasn’t moving thy body. • I just did yoga and it was hard af. I’m so out of shape it’s atrocious. My mind feels better though. • So ya, there’s a high probability the gel will make you lose weight if you don’t change anything else, but you’ll always be doing yourself a disservice by not moving your body while you can. • #thatface #gelavores #gel #icunurse #rhodygirls #newportri #newportbuzz #newportyoga #sidehustle #bossbitch #makethatmoney #danceislife #yogaig #nurselife #musclerecovery #jointpain #libido #cellulite #chronicpain #anxietywarrior #depressionwarrior #workwithme #workfromanywhere #igersnewport #igersnewportri #nursesofinstagram #moveyourbody
Yep yep yep yep yep 🙌 repost from @meganbray_dietitian 💕
I thought I would document the fact that I took a non-workout selfie 😜💁🏻‍♀️ Also.... my hair is actually cooperating today so that’s also a win!
🌕 happy full moon babes 🌕⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Anyone else feeling all the energy or lack there of? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I know I am! The full moons have been making me feel totally drained, lack of energy and just overall blah... ⁣ ✨⁣ I caught myself second guessing and having a lot of self-doubt today! Old stories kept popping up — “I’m not good enough” “I’m not made for this” — all of it! I know that this is part of the natural cycle [which I discuss in more detail in my Spirituality + Business course that started today — you can still enroll until midnight!] but even tho this is natural, it’s still hard to pull yourself out of the self-doubt. ⁣ ✨⁣ I have been living in hustle mode lately, so this full moon is a great reminder to take time for self-care, intention setting and manifesting. ⁣ ✨⁣ It’s also a great time to reset boundaries and seal up any energy leaks. 🙅🏼‍♀️⁣ ✨⁣ The full moon in Aries calls for us to trust in ourselves fully and to be bold and brave when stepping into our ultimate soul’s purpose. It is the ultimate reminder that we are supported and the little nudges are there for a purpose. ⁣ ✨⁣ Listen to your intuition. What are you feeling called to step into? How can you serve at a higher frequency? Where are you feeling called to show up? What is feeling out of alignment right now and where do you need more balance?⁣ ✨⁣ Take time this evening to meditate, ground down, release and reset. Journal, if you feel called to, or just take time for some self-care. ⁣ ✨⁣ Aries is a fire 🔥 sign so use that energy to REIGNITE the spark in your life, relationships, business, wherever! But know that before you can spark that fire, you have to lay down a solid foundation, so take time tonight to create it!
Living my best (fall) life over here. I had a phenomenal Monday. Literally one of the best in ages. How was your day? . . . . #mondayfunday #mondayfeels #selflove #goodvibesonly #anxietywarrior #selfcareseptember #harrypotteraddict
And just like that, we’re back in it 🤘🏼 After a little too much fun this weekend (is that even possible) it was time to get back on track! Crushed my workout, and now time to finish meal prep! #chooseyourpath • • • • #nevermissamonday #mondaymotivation #dirty30 #backontrack #doitforyou #newweekahead
winter is coming 👀
Here’s a little challenge. I’ve been sharing a few posts on my family of late. But given just how much of a part this one has played in my public life I’m actually interested to know how many people know who this is already? Who is this man and why do I love him so? What, if anything, makes him super unique??? #songwriterlife #roadiesxtreme #anxietywarrior #fibrowarrior #soberliving #familymatters #fambamtime
This body is made of strength, discipline, kicking fear in the balls, healing, less workouts (yes less...) and tons of being aware. Aware of the fact that we can eat all the fucking kale and spinach and workout but if we have past traumas, emotional blocks, or any emotional vampires still tryna bite we aren't going to be fully open to an emotional freedom journey. (Read that again) A journey i say because it is never ending. As long as we are honest with our thoughts and are able to set boundaries, we are golden 🌌 mad LOVE to those who get me💘 #whocanrelate ps. TUNE INTO MY STORIES TODAY FOR A BETTER IDEA OF MY STRUGGLES AND HOW I DEAL☇👌
#Repost @blueeyedandbushytailed (@get_repost ) ・・・ Happy libra season!!♎ It's less than a week until my 21st birthday and I'm so excited to have partnered with some of my favorite small business to do a giveaway!🎂 Usually on your birthday you receive but this year, I want to GIVE because I feel so blessed and abundant in my life!🎁 A huge thank you to the following sponsors!💙 @mylalaleggings - pair of leggings with a fun design!👖 @_terynnnichole_ (Goddess Malas) - mala bracelet!📿 @caslucdesigns - fun tie dye knee high socks!🧦 @blueeyedandbushytailed (myself) - pumpkin spice superfoods in a cute fall mug!🎃☕ To enter in the giveaway: 1. Follow all sponsors 2. Repost this flyer 3. Tag a few friends in the comments to enter as well! Ends 9/29 with the winners announced on my birthday, 9/30! Good luck babes!💙🤗 🎁 🍁 🎂 🎃 #giveaway #libra #birthdaygiveaway #libraseason #abundant #blessed #bluehair #bluehairgirl #bluehairdontcare 💙 #bluehairdontcare #realfitgirl #igsalinaks #salinaks #bosswithtattoos #girlswithtats #kansasyoga #kansas #sahdm #dogmom #furmom #muttmom #muttlover #depression #anxietywarrior #mentalhealth #anxiety #teamnourish #ResilienceNation
REAL TALK, lately I felt stuck. I expected to feel/have certain things by a certain point and when I didn’t it took my faith out of myself and of the process I feel called to teach about. So I ate chocolate granola and sat around for days. (This is not an ad, this is my life during #hurricanenflorence , haha) 🤣 . And it’s ok to stop moving forward for a sec to get your bearings, but when you sit in the stagnant energy without the tools to shift out of it you get into a funk. . And like, why would anybody want to stay there. But ALSO, why is it so hard to get out of a rut!? . We choose to make it hard because for a moment there we can’t see ourselves in anything but that stuck place and we believe we deserve to be there. . LIES. ALL LIES. 🙅🏼‍♀️ . In my latest blog post I’m sharing some of the things I want you to remember when you feel stuck. Link is in my bio, I love you, go check it out, and tell me what does it feel like when you are in a friggin rut and what you do to get out of it. . PS, #fuckbeingstuck . Who is with me? 😍✨🙌🏻🍾💅🏻💃🏻 . . . . . . . #empoweringeachother #powerofshe #livebrighter #galtribe #ambitiouswomen #wellnessentrepreneur #bloggereats #elizabethsgranola #wellnesstribe #spiritjunkie #thoughtstothings #livingwithintention #gettheglow #bloomintoyou #bloomandspark #theuniversehasyourback #getunstuck #anxietywarrior #selfcarecoach #mindsetcoaching #durhamblogger
Your physical fitness and weight loss is 70% based on diet and 30% working out. What does that mean? It means that you need to follow a well balanced diet that has lots of healthy proteins, veggies and fruits. Yes you can have healthy carbs too but do not live on sugar and carbs (like I once did). Treat yourself with a treat after a good week. Depriving yourself will not end well😜. #healthychoices4ahappylife #healthychoicesmatter #fitnessjourney #healthjourney #type1diabetes #tattoomom #momofboys 💙 #anxietywarrior
The Mind is so powerful! Choose your thoughts wisely 💖 #anxiety #anxietywarrior
You guys see me wearing this shirt ALL THE TIME. 😅⠀ -⠀ First of all, pink, second of all flattering, third of all my grandma and papa gave it to me years back when I wanted to fit into a small so I told them I was a size small and then when I got a small workout shirt for Christmas I was mad bc it didn’t fit 🙄⠀ -⠀ My papa passed away a little over a year ago and it has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to accept in my life. He was a larger man, tall and bigger around and always wanted me to stay healthy. He suffered from diabetes and other health issues and I promised him I’d get myself and my family healthy!! In the past year I’ve started doing just that and it feels so good.⠀ -⠀ So I guess this shirt just has a lot of meaning behind it. I’m proud to wear it and I feel the best in it ☺️ you guys have a piece of clothing that you wear all the time? (I have several 😂)
Today could not have felt anymore like a Monday. Let’s just say one of the many happenings included having to toss my defrosted breast milk 😫 . So, I’m going to throw it back with this picture to a day that ran a little smoother. A day that reminds me that even on the Monday of all Mondays, how grateful I am for a job that allows me to spend precious time with my babies 💕
*All Questions please send via DM only ✓This page is a place where you can ask questions no matter how embarrassing all posts are anonymous please support give advice by commenting on posts ✓please follow like the posts most importantly give your support to the questions/ person needing advice Stay strong 💪💜 #crohnswarrior #ngtube #autoimmune #crohnsfighter #autoimmunedisease #crohnssucks #colitis #colitisulcerosa #arthritis #arthurmemes #hatebeingsick #ostomy #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #chronicillness #invisibleillness #crohnslife #ulcerativecolitis #remicade #humira #fatigue #colonoscopy #anxietywarrior #spoonie #hospital #stomaawareness #crohnsdisease #colostomy #crohnsawareness #spoonielife
*All Questions please send via DM only ✓This page is a place where you can ask questions no matter how embarrassing all posts are anonymous please support give advice by commenting on posts ✓please follow like the posts most importantly give your support to the questions/ person needing advice Stay strong 💪💜 #crohnswarrior #ngtube #autoimmune #crohnsfighter #autoimmunedisease #crohnssucks #colitis #colitisulcerosa #arthritis #arthurmemes #hatebeingsick #ostomy #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #chronicillness #invisibleillness #crohnslife #ulcerativecolitis #remicade #humira #fatigue #colonoscopy #anxietywarrior #spoonie #hospital #stomaawareness #crohnsdisease #colostomy #crohnsawareness #spoonielife
*All Questions please send via DM only ✓This page is a place where you can ask questions no matter how embarrassing all posts are anonymous please support give advice by commenting on posts ✓please follow like the posts most importantly give your support to the questions/ person needing advice Stay strong 💪💜 #crohnswarrior #ngtube #autoimmune #crohnsfighter #autoimmunedisease #crohnssucks #colitis #colitisulcerosa #arthritis #arthurmemes #hatebeingsick #ostomy #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #chronicillness #invisibleillness #crohnslife #ulcerativecolitis #remicade #humira #fatigue #colonoscopy #anxietywarrior #spoonie #hospital #stomaawareness #crohnsdisease #colostomy #crohnsawareness #spoonielife
You don’t need to know how to do it, you’ve just got to have a strong enough desire to do whatever it takes. I didn’t know at all how to do this coaching thing when I started at 22 years old, I was terrified with every FIRST I did for it. But I’m doing what my training taught I grew this tiny online coaching gig to a career opportunity. When I said yes to it, I gave myself no option besides trying everything to succeed. There was no trying, just DOING. And it’s brought me this... working from my desk at a new home on a brand new computer in sweat pants and no make up on in the best shape of my life and healthy mindset to date. You don’t need to know how to do it, and you definitely don’t have to be good at it to start. Just say yes and figure it out in the process of trying. Imagine you didn’t get on a bike because you didn’t know HOW to ride one? Or imagine you didn’t try driving for the first time because you didn’t know HOW to drive before you started? Don’t restrict yourself of an opportunity (anything in life) because you don’t know how to do it... just TRY🤗
If words and thoughts and meaning are blurred and disjointed. If words spoken are misjudged and replay in displaced order with lost interpretation. If trying to step back, not run in head first to let your actions define you. If I am not defined by but accept this, to not lose myself in catastrophizing the dark clouds. If I apologise for my neurosis, if I play the fool and become the manic. If I dwell on how I’m perceived and read a narrative in the silence between your words. If I try, if I accept, if I am kind to myself. If I believe in the impossible, I can just be........ #anxiety #generalisedanxietydisorder #selfcare #invisibleself #mentalhealthawareness #understandingme #learningtoacceptmyflaws #learningtolovemyself #learningtoacceptmyself #anxietydisorder #anxietywarrior
Today has been a busy day at home! No workout today, but my house is clean, and I checked a lot of to do's off of my list!! My Dolly didn't have school today so she was my helper as we jammed out to Trolls! 🤣
Mind you, isn't everything complicated on a low energy day? -CJ ------------------------------------------------ 🌟WIN unique chronic illness clothes from the Unchargeables shop! Link to giveaway in bio. ------------------------------------------------ #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #chronicpain #chronicpainwarrior #migraine #fibromyalgiaawareness #spoonieproblems #spooniewarrior #chroniclife #autoimmunedisease #chronicillnessawareness #anxietywarrior #sicklife #disabledandcute #invisibleillnessawareness #disabled #zebrastrong #spooniesunite #raiseawareness #butyoudontlooksick #disabilityawareness #invisibledisability #chronicpainwarrior #lupusawareness #cysticfibrosis #arthritissucks
Some days I’m all storm. No sunshine. I used to beat myself up for it, but storms are just the earths way of letting go of things. Getting it all out ya know. Even the Universe has to have a release sometimes. And I can literally feel it vibrating off my skin like the foreshadowing of a tornado about to touch down. The atmosphere just changes around me. I think this journey is about accepting all parts of ourselves and loving them individually and as a whole. I’ve tried for a long time now to be like others and spin it all positive and remain consistently happy “for my business”... But it doesn’t feel good to bury parts of yourself. So sometimes we just have to let it rain a little. . . . 📷 as always the gorgeous @photosbyjade_
Hey, my name is Shelby and I'm officially coming out as a basic white bitch.😂🎃☕ lol! No but seriously you guys, I've never gotten on the pumpkin spice train🚂 cause I know how much sugar and crap are in those drinks.😖 Even when I was unhealthy I knew I didn't want that addiction lol! However, when my company announced our new pumpkin spice superfoods I became so excited! I mean, pumpkin spice flavor that has 5 salads of leafy greens, probiotics, prebiotics, adaptagens, vitamins, minerals, superfoods, protein and more... Everything this #AnxietyWarrior needs to keep my gut healthy which equals HAPPY! I went live over on Facebook for a taste test and if you missed that go catch the replay cause I tell you how you can get your hands on some!😍 It's also part of my birthday giveaway so make sure you participate in that!😏 xo • • • • #pumpkinspice #superfoods #basic #fall #autumn #bluehair #bluehairgirl #bluehairdontcare 💙 #bluehairdontcare #realfitgirl #igsalinaks #salinaks #bosswithtattoos #girlswithtats #kansasyoga #kansas #sahdm #dogmom #furmom #muttmom #muttlover #depression #anxietywarrior #mentalhealth #anxiety #teamnourish #ResilienceNation
At my last doctors appointment I started crying while talking about the birth of V girl. “I just want everything to go smoothly” I mumbled as Tyler wiped away my tears (and looking at me like 👀where is this coming from 😅#hormones ) . I had the easiest, most beautiful birth for Brooks. But not after countless panic attacks + breakdowns from months prior thinking of what it would be like. I had prepared. I ate clean throughout with treats, because duh.🍕🍦🍪 I lifted at my body bump class until the week he was born. We took the classes. I was ready physically and mentally. . And I’ve prepared for this birth too. I’ve stayed incredibly active (I’d say even more so than with Brooks — thanks to my ladies + at home workouts 💁🏼‍♀️) and have followed my norm nutrition - wise. Yet I can feel those nervous feelings start to sink in in the middle of the night while the house sleeps, and my insomnia keeps me up. 💭 . But when I sit down to tackle my anxiety ridden thoughts - I realize how silly they are. My body was MADE to do this. I’m ready to endure the physical and mental strength it to takes to bring sweet baby girl earth-side ... because throughout this pregnancy I’ve worked on my mind + physical strength. On days I wanted to and days I didn’t. I showed up for her and myself. . Sometimes you just need to be your own advocate + give yourself credit where credit is due. So I kicked off Monday with my own damm pep talk. 👏🏻👏🏻 . Open enrollment for October accountability group opens THURSDAY. Join me as I crush these last nine weeks of pregnancy ... because if I can do this, so can you sister ✨
Always remember this, never forget it. This weekend I cried three times to my friend over the same thing, and each time I apologised. “Why are you apologising for something you feel? It’s fine” he said. And it’s so true. It’s okay to not be okay, it’s okay to struggle and most importantly it is SO okay to cry!! Never let anyone tell you different. T 🌻 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#anxiety #anxietyrelief #anxietyhelp #anxietydisorder #anxietyquotes #anxietyawareness #anxietyrecovery #anxietysupport #anxietysucks #anxietyproblems #anxietywarrior #memyselfanxietyandi #anxietyquote #depressionquotes #anxietysupportgroup #love #help #family #supportgroup #anxietyanddepression #anxietyanddepressionawareness #anxietyfighter
Lets show this gorgeous soul some love for her upcoming birthday!! @blueeyedandbushytailed ever since you sent me,that first message I've been following along your journey and I just want to say thank you for constantly being a great example and brightening my feed 💜 happy birthday (early birthday) hope your day is magical 🔥💜🔮 . . . #Repost @blueeyedandbushytailed • • • • • Happy libra season!!♎ It's less than a week until my 21st birthday and I'm so excited to have partnered with some of my favorite small business to do a giveaway!🎂 Usually on your birthday you receive but this year, I want to GIVE because I feel so blessed and abundant in my life!🎁 A huge thank you to the following sponsors!💙 @mylalaleggings - pair of leggings with a fun design!👖 @_terynnnichole_ (Goddess Malas) - mala bracelet!📿 @caslucdesigns - fun tie dye knee high socks!🧦 @blueeyedandbushytailed (myself) - pumpkin spice superfoods in a cute fall mug!🎃☕ To enter in the giveaway: 1. Follow all sponsors 2. Repost this flyer 3. Tag a few friends in the comments to enter as well! Ends 9/29 with the winners announced on my birthday, 9/30! Good luck babes!💙🤗 🎁 🍁 🎂 🎃 #giveaway #libra #birthdaygiveaway #libraseason #abundant #blessed #bluehair #bluehairgirl #bluehairdontcare 💙 #bluehairdontcare #realfitgirl #igsalinaks #salinaks #bosswithtattoos #girlswithtats #kansasyoga #kansas #sahdm #dogmom #furmom #muttmom #muttlover #depression #anxietywarrior #mentalhealth #anxiety #teamnourish #ResilienceNation
Just got back from spending a long day at the park. It’s still crazy to me that I can get up so early now a days. (7am to be exact instead of 12pm like it used to be.), get to the park by 10am, chase Jax around for a few hours and know I’ve got a full day of energy left in me. Thanks to my three step “gems” ➖, you’ve given me my life back.!! Life is so much better and different when I don’t let my anxiety and depression get the best of me.! 🤗😍🙌🏼
**new blog post - link in bio** I'm definitely getting there - one day at a time. #positivevibes #positivity #mondaymotivation #anxiety #anxietywarrior #domesticviolencesurvivor #survivor #warrior #milestone
The meditation spot is complete🙌🏻 —— Finally found a rug at Ikea & ordered this pillow from Amazon! —— The universe works in mysterious ways my friends, my anxiety was so high today. Wave after wave of emotion & self doubt taking over. At one point it was unbearable & the gut wrenching tears flowed. —— Then this arrived. So out come my arsenal of tools, a good TED talk, essential oils & a 5min gratitude meditation. Does it erase it all NO, but I can carry on with a smile and function through the day!
This needs to be said.... • Planning client sessions today. • Its always such an emotional process. At first I feel heavy hearted knowing that someone else out there is feeling lost, anxious & disconnected. Honestly all I want to do is curl up with them on the couch, cuppa in hand & tell them they are not alone. • Then I start to decide what im going to teach them & how ill guide them through it so they can feel confident & motivated. This is when my heart starts to race & I get excited for them. • Planning sessions is a rollercoaster but its worth it to see amazing women grow. • I want you to know something... • You’re not alone. You can have control again. You can feel confident & motivated. You can beat anxiety. You can find yourself again. • You’re fucking amazing and you are worthy of all the great things you want. • Just know that ok? • #radicalselflove #selfcarematters #takecareofyourself #iamworthy #ibelieve #gratitudejournal #iamstatements #mefirst #mentalhealthadvocate #wellnessjourney #anxietywarrior #anxietyrelief #encouraging #personaldevelopmentcoach #mindsetmentor #mindsetmatters #choosingconfidence
I figured my 💯th post should be a picture of me in my happy place 🌊 THANK YOU to all of you that follow me and my journey, support me, and encourage me. Almost 1,000 followers and 100 posts later and I am still reaching my goals and not stopping any time soon- I am strengthening my relationship with Christ every day, remaining active, making huge strides with my mental and physical health, and truly living my best life with my hubby and puppy. I feel so blessed, so lucky, and so thankful. All glory to God. 🙌🏻 Thank you for being on this journey with me. SOOO much love to my insta family ❤️🎉 • • • • #100posts #weightlossjourney #instablogger #weightloss #fitness #fitnessjourney #beachgirl #beachlife #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #workout #weightlifting #anxietywarrior #christianwoman #loveyourself #bossbabe #workhard #nevergiveup
I LOVE this picture SO much ❤️ . Not just because 2/3 of my heart is in the picture👧🏻👦🏻 but because I am in the picture too. . Honestly.. a few years ago I wouldn’t have posted this picture... . WHY? . I probably would’ve said something like “my legs look too big” 🙄 . The difference between now and then has been that I have made the decision to start loving every part of me and forgave myself for who I thought I should look like. . I have cellulite, acne and stretch marks BUT those things I don’t let define me anymore🙌🏼 . I wear bikinis 👙, i wear shorts more often now and I go out without makeup when the F I feel like it because I give myself permission too. . I am so happy that I decided to switch gears and think differently, it feels so much better being kind to myself anyway ✨ . If this is you and you struggle with this, I challenge you to start loving and accepting your acne or cellulite or whatever it is that bothers you because everyone has flaws- they just don’t always show them. . Who else can relate to this? . . . . . . . #kindnessmatters ❤️ #loveyoself #iloveme #selflovery #selflovealways #selfcarealways #thickthighssavelives #thickfit #kindnessmatters #mumpreneur #mompreneur #workfromhomejob #immyownboss #anxietywarrior #growthmindset 🌱 #alwaysgrowing #beautifulinmyownway #beautifulinmyownway #justbeyou #youareworthmore
⭐My why⭐ I take care of myself by working out & eating healthy. I do it for me. I also do it for my family. 👪 I want to be the best version of myself for them. If I'm not take care of MY health, then I cannot be fully available for them. I cannot be the mom or wife I should be. The one they deserve. I also LOVE helping others! This is what sets my soul on 🔥! There is absolutely nothing like seeing the look in someone's eye when they make that connection, that what you helped them with is what led to them reaching their goal! (Ex.diet changes, herbal remedy, fitness routine) 😍 This is why I do what I do. #selflove #helpingothers
After a long weekend full of entertainment, and interacting with friends and family, I am wiped! . As a kid, I was 100% extroverted. No question about it. But as I have gotten older, I find myself more introverted. Needing to be on my own to refresh and recharge, feeling drained after days with people, and feeling overwhelmed in large crowds. . So after meeting tons of new people on Saturday, and the crowds and long day that was the Street Party, I needed a long nights rest. I find days after these situations, I’m exhausted. Wiped out, needing space, and so dang eager to get back into my routine! So sleeping in, a cup of tea, and a good book was exactly what the doc ordered ❤️ . What do you consider yourself? Introverted or extroverted? . . . #earlytwenties #twentysomethinglife #loveyourself #postgradlife #personaldevelopment #girlswholift #stronglikeagirl #anxietywarrior #anxietyrelief #beachgirlatheart #boston #bostonfitness #bostongirl
🙋🏻‍♀️I used to think I knew what health looked like... and I didn’t like it. It used to mean eating like 900 calories a day, absolutely NO TREATS and hours on the treadmill. BARF. 🤢. I knew DIET CULTURE, not health. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ You guys, health comes in many shapes and sizes. The base of it though is MOVING your body and FUELING it with nutrients. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 2 years ago, I didn’t know that we couldn’t possibly get all the nutrients we needed just by eating fruits and veggies (hence why I drink this amazeballs shake that just so happens to be PUMPKIN SPICE flavor and is equal to 10 servings of fruits and veggies). ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I didn’t know that I could never step foot on a treadmill ever again, do 30 minute workouts from home and be happier and healthier than I’ve ever been in my life.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I didn’t know as much as I thought I did about nutrition. I didn’t know how much SHIT was in the food we eat. I didn’t know that artificial sugar is basically poison to us. I didn’t know that food was connected to anxiety. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I didn’t know these things.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Through having a community to grow with, done for you workouts + meal plans, documentaries, podcasts, books and more, I have learned SO MUCH and continue to grow each day. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ And today, an AWESOME victory to me was adding these bands to my workout (which has no bands) for some extra 🔥. I KNOW EXERCISE NOW. I could do a workout without a trainer if I wanted to. I can workout without a gym. From looking at a treadmill as an only means of exercise to THIS, is HUGE for me because I always wanted to be active. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ There’s so much to learn you guys. There is SO much to gain. Being healthy means so much more than weight loss. It’s continuously learning, growing and challenging YOU. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🍪And it doesn’t mean NO TREATS.
Grateful for a Monday filled with the job I love following a weekend with the people, places and things I love!😍 I'm not going to lie there was some stress this weekend that I created myself from being stupid but also I feel like I've always been this smart responsible person so that's what people expect from me all the time and sometimes I just want to be...well stupid I guess lol. BUT, Monday is here and my goals still exist and I'm back to responsible sensible Shelby. I'm seeking a balance between the two.⚖ Aren't we all though? #balance #libra #weekend #family #monday #bluehair #bluehairgirl #bluehairdontcare 💙 #bluehairdontcare #realfitgirl #igsalinaks #salinaks #bosswithtattoos #girlswithtats #kansasyoga #kansas #sahdm #dogmom #furmom #muttmom #muttlover #depression #anxietywarrior #mentalhealth #anxiety #teamnourish #ResilienceNation
I just wanted to share this picture with you guys as it actually an example of how far I have come in my OCD Recovery. I will explain. - I suffered with OCD in the form of intrusive thoughts for 20 years and it almost caused me to take my own life. For 15 years of that I suffered with fear of harm and intrusive urges and impulses. - During this struggle I would of avoided working with a power tool as my OCD brain would of relayed intrusive thoughts more powerful than this drill itself. - Examples would of been: - What if I drill my foot on purpose. What if I attack someone with this drill. What if I throw this drill out of the window. - All these will sound bizarre to people who don’t suffer with OCD but they are debilitating & scary. Especially when you don’t know it’s OCD. - Today I know these thoughts are just OCD thoughts that don’t mean a thing. I still get them but I am able to apply my therapy and get on with the task at hand. - If you are becoming a prisoner to your own thoughts then check out @ocdaction as they have some interesting information on their site that my help: - Now I must continue building my future:) - Dan @danwfurlong #ocdawareness #ocdproblems #intrusivethoughts #cbt
The perfect blend for clearing up those airways. #breatheagain You can make something similar with with R.C., Copaiba and coconut oil in a roller. If you have organic rose hip oil, then that's a great addition to the roller as well. . . . . . #chest #sinus #congestion #seasons #fall #oils #essentials #changeyourlife #sahm #healthyhabits #yoga #runner #empowerment #anxietywarrior #bodypositivity #natureheals #mamas #beyondthewanderlust #kidsbabylove #natural #nontoxic #plants #findyourstrong #holistichealth
L.O.V.E. is all you need. . When you are poorly or struggling it’s so important to have people around you for support. Most of the time there’s nothing anyone can do but feeling loved and cared for makes such a difference. . If you are ever struggling to know what to do for someone you love, then just know that being there is an extraordinarily thing. . . 📷 inspired by @kweilz . . . . #cfs #cfswarrior #cfsfighter #chronicillnessawareness #chronicfatiguesyndrome #mentalhealthawareness #itsoknottobeok #survivingdepression #depressionsurvivor #anxietywarrior #supportingeachother #mentalwellbeing #inspiringwomen #toughdays #endthestigma #emotionalhealth #thevisualscollective #feelfreefeed #seekinspirecreate #acreativevisual #creativesontherise #bevisuallyinspired #myeverydaymagic #magicofchildhood #exploretocreate #ourwhimsicaldays #peoplescreatives #acreativevisual
Nathan and I have started a property development business called DNA Properties. The idea is that we buy a place and then modernise to sell on. - We are starting with the property I am living in at the moment. - I have been grafting and trying to do as much of the work as I can do. It’s been good getting my hands dirty and doing so real hard graft. - That said a lot of jobs have caused my anxiety to go through the roof. I am not the most skilled individual when it comes to this kind of work. So a task that most would find simple I struggle with. - At times my anxiety told me to stop, it said I was useless and I should just pay a professional. - Thankfully I didn’t listen and continued through. I am almost ready for the tradesman to come in and do their bits now. - The whole process has taught me that I must never give into fear but at the same time know my limitations. - Not sure if this post has helped but I just wanted to share. - Dan | @danwfurlong #anxietyrelief
Finally a day off!!! Like, you have NO idea how nice it is, lol. I’ve had enough anxiety (and indigestion) this weekend to put down a horse. Yesterday was a 9 hour day for me, but by the time we closed it felt like I had been there for 15. 😳 I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing today. It’s rainy and dreary outside, so it’s the best day to stay indoors and do just that. I slept until 1:00 pm, which hasn’t happened in god knows how long, so aside from a mildly racing heart, I feel fairly refreshed. Hoping the gas pains/indigestion goes away and stays there - the heartburn I had this weekend nearly killed me. 😫 . . . #anxiety #anxietydisorder #anxietyrelief #anxietyhelp #anxietyproblems #anxietysucks #anxietyawareness #anxietysupport #anxietywarrior #instaanxietygirl #illness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #blackandwhite #selfie #blackandwhiteselfie #work #woking
If we only do things we know we’re good at we’ll never know what we’re truly capable of. If I only did things within my comfort zone, things I know I’m okay or good at... I never would have learned I can headstand on a paddle board. First time ever paddle boarding this weekend and thanks to @chelsea_hill02 for being courageous enough to experiment and play along side me, we gave these headstands a try with zero idea whether we’d succeed or fail. Turns out, we’re excellent at them🙋🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️ We’d never know it if we only did things we know we can do. Try new things and have more fear of missing out on things you’re great at than failing at things you try.
Have you ever done a forearm plank on the tops of your feet? 😲😲😲 Yeah... me either Until today, that is! I thought I was choosing a relaxing, but strengthening yoga practice today, but I did NOT. It was challenging and tough, and I did a LOT of things I hadn't done before... and, yet, it was exactly what I needed today! It's amazing how we can easily talk ourselves out of something, isn't it? We were in sphinx pose and then he said to clasp your hands together and lift up onto the tops of your feet. Immediately, my brain was like "Nope. No way. I'm not strong enough!" 🙄🙄🙄 What a bunch of BS, you know? I told that negative nelly voice in my head to stuff it so I could give it a try. Sure, it was uncomfortable, and weird, and tough at first, but everything in life is uncomfortable, weird, and tough at first, isn't it? But as we try and try and try again, we get stronger, better, and gain confidence in doing the things that once seemed impossible! So, add forearm plank on the tops of my feet to the list of things I can do that I once thought was impossible! What can you add to your list right now? Even if it's an older win, I'd still love to hear it! #NeverMissaMonday
God, I think back to our engagement. How happy we both were and how excited we were to get married and celebrate with our friends and family.. . . It’s amazing how crappy attitudes can truly effect a wonderful process... . . The non reply’s from calls or texts are starting to weigh very heavy on my heart, especially when I see them on social media so freely.. . . The drama is entirely unappreciated and is really making me question why we just didn’t elope together 😬 . . Life’s life and I know this is all part of the damn process but I just didn’t think the people closest to us would be like this considering it’s our wedding day... . . We’re a couple that hardly asks for anything. We keep to ourselves, we work hard and never cause trouble.. . . So why oh why am I so incredibly sad 😔 I know this is total #firstworldproblems but depression is a motherfucker and I can’t seem to shake it today. . . I hope getting it off my chest here will help some. I don’t know anymore. 😣 . . Doing my best to focus on the good: the love of my life, his smile, our wonderful life together, how it felt when he proposed, his warm embrace, his friendship and how much I cherish it... . . Kids, if and when you get married..just go to fucking Vegas with the ones in your day to day life. The ones that are more excited for your big day than you and prove it with their A C T I O N S, not just their words. . . We’re picking up our marriage license today. ❤️ I feel really excited and I hope it lasts. I hope everyone else has a great Monday. 💯 PC: @c_hendrix08 . . #ilovemylifewithyou #yourloveismydrug #ilikeyourbeard #mountbonnell #atxblogger
I hustle for THEM. The late nights, the early mornings, through every creative block, every "slow" month, every return, every nay sayer.. I hustle, doing something I love, building a dream, to give all of us an incredible life. To be able to show them the world, to be able to say 'yes' to new adventures and activities and instruments (Lawd, help me 🤯)... To show them that hard work, heart, and hustle, can take you anywhere! That you don't have to settle. You don't have to do what society tells you you "should do" to be happy, fulfilled and successful. What are YOU working for? What dream are you building each day? #teamforeverchanged
Today I started my new job and I felt so worried about it. My day wasn’t the best, nor was it the worst - it was just in between. I know that this is just because of how I’m feeling and that everything will be okay. It’s definitely about time I took my worry pants off! I hope that you’ve had a good day, that you’re mind has given you a break and that you’ve been able to enjoy everything your day has had to offer you. Remember, ‘You Got This’ & that you’re not alone. T🌻 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#anxiety #anxietyrelief #anxietyhelp #anxietydisorder #anxietyquotes #anxietyawareness #anxietyrecovery #anxietysupport #anxietysucks #anxietyproblems #anxietywarrior #memyselfanxietyandi #anxietyquote #depressionquotes #anxietysupportgroup #love #help #family #supportgroup #anxietyanddepression #anxietyanddepressionawareness #anxietyfighter
💫M I N D S E T . M O N D A Y💫 . We really only have two options... . I can be the queen 👑 of excuses - so don’t think I’m about to preach to you about not having any. . Just this morning, I woke up and my leg was a little stiff from not moving all night, and I immediately said to myself “oh I can’t workout today, I’m hurt!” . Two steps out of bed I felt totally fine and caught myself. I was looking for an excuse to not get out there and go for a run because my bed was pretty cozy and my boyfriend + kitten still sleeping in it just looked so cute and cuddly! 😍😻 . But I know myself and I know this situation all too well. I know the results of each of those choices. . If I stay in bed until the last second, I end up feeling rushed to get my day started, am likely late to work, and have crushing anxiety about all of that before it’s even 9am. . If I get up and get dressed, that feeling of wanting to stay in bed goes away in about 5 minutes. If I get a sweat sesh in, I feel productive, with a clear head, and ready to start my day. . And each workout and purposeful morning is taking me a little closer to my goal of being the healthiest + happiest I have ever been 💕 . Progress over excuses. 👊🏻 Maybe not every day, but definitely most days.
🤔Have you ever heard the phrase...”You become who you surround yourself with”? Well around 5 years ago I was in the WORST mental state of my life. I had anxiety SO BAD that i could not function on a daily basis and had to constantly lay down or I felt like I was going to pass out. I got chills, I felt sick to my stomach, couldn’t eat, got pounding migraines, was light headed all the freaking time, got numbness in my face, was BEYOND lethargic... 👉🏻I was useless! I couldn’t function. I had to take a leave off of work. {try dealing with that and being in charge of 30 kids in a classroom ☠️☠️☠️} I thought I had a disease and that something was seriously wrong. All to find out it was anxiety. Anxiety?!!! Like, are you freaking kidding me?!?!?! I had NO idea that’s what anxiety was like. I had NO idea what it felt like. I had NO idea how intense it was.😱😱 I’ve come a long way since then. The only way I got out of that downward spiral was by literally focusing on one verse a day. Every time if get any of those feelings, I would repeat that verse over and over and just pray pray pray I didn’t pass out while at work or wherever I was. 🤷🏼‍♀️Guess what? God got me through thathorrible time. 🙏🏻And very shortly after I started to finally feel somewhat like I could function, God brought along something so so cool that I needed in my life. He brought these amazing, uplifting, encouraging friends into my life. 💕These people have become such good friends of mine and I’ve only met most of them once or twice. 😳 So crazy!! But we talk everyday. We encourage each other everyday. We are always there for each other. It’s like a family. I’m so thankful that I decided to do something good for myself and make myself a priority after that horrible year full of anxiety. I’m so thankful I joined his AWESOME girl gang where we all strive for a positive mindset. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 These are the people I surround myself with. Positive, passionate people. Do you need a positive uplifting community? Do you need some positive love in your life? Do you need a supportive friend? Comment below or message me if you’re interested in joining our squad. There’s room for YOU!!!
Day 22/30 of Insanity Max 30 ✌ Week 4 is HERE and I’m feeling all kinds of strong and lean 😍 . Yesterday was a REST DAY and I rested sooooo hard. Eagles game, tacos, shoppin, and Netflix Perfect day! 💕 . OOOOH, if you love Netflix (like me)and want the same kind of unlimited access for your health and fitness goals to end this year strong, then you neeeeed to join my October at home All-Access BOD Challenge 🍁 Fall is HERE and it’s time for you to take control, from home. Online programs, new releases, and exclusive access to new tools and my online coaching 👭 . This group is for women who have busy schedules but want to lose 5 – 15 pounds and gain a healthier lifestyle from home. You will get meal plan tools, grocery lists, online streaming access to our entire workout program library, and my private online accountability group 📩 Comment info below if you’d like to be considered, I will be getting back to messages later today. mmurthafitness@gmail.com (USA, Canada, and UK only, open to ladies who don’t already have a coach.) 💌 . #NeverMissAMonday #NetflixAndWorkout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #SpiritJunkie #Fitspo #AnxietyWarrior #FlexibleDieting #WeightLossInspiration #IIFYM #MealPlan #MealPrep #FatLossTips #TIU #BBGResults #RegisteredNurse #Mindfulness #RaiseYourVibration #GoodMorning #GirlsWithCurves #LongHairDontCare #WeightLoss #CleanEating #DogMom #CoffeeAddict #Meditation #CannabisCommunity #Hairgoals
Another workout in the books and look 👀 who joined me AGAIN! 2 workouts in ONE week for him!! So proud 😍 . . Round 2 of this program and I LOVE it just as much as the first time I did it! . . #happyandhealthy
My Heart and My Office can be wherever I am, at the same time. Never missing a moment. Freedom of Time and WiFi Wealth are a thing. Turn your Fear 👉🏼 Faith.
Work in progress! I wish I could upload the timelapse, but the export keeps distorting, so here's a snapshot of where I am in the drawing process so far. As always, feel free to let me know what you think! . . . . . #anxiety #anxietyrelief #anxietyattack #anxietywarrior #anxietyart #anxious #anxietyproblems #anxietyawareness #artawareness #anxietysucks #art #expressionism #expressionistart #expressionismart #artwork #skull #darkart #depression #fineart #surrealart #beautifulbizzare #creativeuprising #artlovers #instaart #contemporaryart #painting
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