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Having a great time in this wonderful place.
Checking out Sedona
Having a blast exploring Arizona
Это довольно интересная история об уличном художнике (это кстати его велик и пару чертежей )что решил поговорить с туристками . В итоге Оля ничего не понимая на итальянском выдает фразу :- «Я тебе сейчас почитаю» . Достает листок с заготовками аля «10 фраз когда ты ничего не понимаешь» и на итальянском говорит что она на нем не говорит . В итоге этот мужик выдал - добре ,Горбачев , перестройка и подарил ей картину .#bike
The Golden Gate
Panorama of the sunrise accompanied with some bay fog over the city.
Getting “Baked” in San Francisco
Architecture at Singapore . . . Adventure capture with @jagamac266 . . . @chenmin9187 . . . .
As broken as these cracks, but still shinning through the cracks 😌
some people dreaming of success while other people get up every morning n make it happen
Who knew evil girls had the prettiest face. @yourdolly
New York City booking now available! 🗽
Have a great weekend y’all!
have a good day rider : @andygopek wearing : @sick.suck and @fivehundred.co
Turned 29 today 👴🏽 🐪 📸: @cstone710
•hoje estou consciente da trilha que devo seguir.. pra encontrar o meu lugar, não acabou, falo da esperança e da Fé meu amor até em um deserto posso sobreviver pois hoje encontrei a minha paz• mais um novo ciclo que se inicia de 23 que já se passaram e me trouxeram aprendizado... hoje não tenho nada a pedir, somente agradecer! gratidão define. 🌸😍 . . . #brasilfolk #saopaulo_originals #moodygrams #thehundredspanorama #vscocam #vsco #citykillers #urbanromantix #clubigs #fatalframes #way2ill #myday #folkgood #splovers #agameoftones #aovasteryx #birthday
I love this pup so much. He may be crazy and stressful at times, but the joy he brings me is undeniable. #mypupiscuterthanyours
Taking Monday by the horns.✨ Check out the work of @saravutwhanset to see an epic side of Thailand 🇹🇭#featuremeparachut
Waiting for moments like these is what photography is all about. In an age where people take so many photos and expect results so quickly, it’s nice to wait for the shot that you visualize.
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