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Such a innovative way to document structures of your idol architect And that's what Spanish architect David Romero have done Check the whole story in the link πŸ”— in the BIO Credit @wrighttaliesin @graphitemagazine ((Long before Romero began formally working with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, in 2014 he started a website, Hooked on the Past, where he began creating renderings of designs by his favorite 20th-century architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. His work has garnered significant attention over the years and led to the Foundation’s interest in a collaboration. Even more never-before-seen renderings of the Gordon Strong automobile objective are featured exclusively in the Quarterly, as well as Romero’s renderings of three other unbuilt works, the Roy Wetmore Car Repair and Showroom, Butterfly Wing Bridge, and Valley National Bank.))
Time for some construction 🚧
Time for some construction 🚧
😍 What do you think πŸ€” Reality or rendering . . . . . . . This amazing renderings made by CM Viz studio @cm_visualisation Christopher Malhieros studio is a creative and professional visualization studio based in Paris, France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· They aim to reach perfection in visualization with realistic and dramatic approach Check their profile for more amazing and breathtaking renderings Their website link in our Bio Which one is your favorite Comment bellow 1 _ 10 respectively