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Upside-down #WHPmirrorimage
Lights seeker #WHPmirrorimage
Modern house. Sonoma, CA. 2018.
Modern house. Sonoma, CA. 2018.
Modern house. Sonoma, CA. 2018.
Today's #architectureinlife photo is taken by @ijoeel What an amazing piece of art! Keep up the great work and keep on sharing them with us! For a chance to be featured, Tag #architectureinlife Follow @architectureinlife
Comment If Your trying to do SFS i’m tryna get this account bigger
A cadeira Allegra é o complemento ideal para seu projeto! Moderna e confortável. Garanta a sua aqui na nossa loja. 😉
If your life is in crisis today, you need to remind yourself how God leads. Do not look for it in outward, powerful manifestations—the strong wind, an earthquake, or fire. - Rather, listen for that “still small voice.” That is how Jesus speaks to us today. Read carefully the words of John 16:13, - “However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.” - God has given you and me His Holy Spirit to lead and guide us. And, friend, when God leads you, it is going to be through the still small whisper of the Spirit in your heart.
Amazing Minimal House design, Tag Architecture Lover ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . . . 🎨 Architecture is Love affair with Life ♥️ 👉 follow us @concepts_of_architecture ✓ 📽️ YouTube channel @concepts_of_architecture ✓ ✓ Link In Bio ✓ for Architects & Designers..! . . . #arc_inspire #concepts_of_architecture
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I miss u, Saint Petersburg🔆 I like Petersburg because this city with beautiful architecture, kind people and interesting history. ⠀ What your favorite city? Why? ~ ~ #saintpetersburg #stpetersburg #piter #citywalk #favoritecity #architectureinlife #goodpeople #interestinghistory #history #питер ❤️ #любимыйгород #архитектура #история #хорошиелюди
Apa hikmah hari ini? Tentu saja akan selalu ada banyak masalah dalam kehidupan tinggal kita saja yang menyikapi masalah itu. Saya pun memiliki banyak masalah Dan tentu saja saya adalah pendosa . . . . . Untuk semua nya saja
It’s been an exhausting week, luckily the internship is going well. Happy weekend everyone! 📸 . . #KentonwaSZ #KLxMinimal 🕴🏻
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This space 🖤 💭
Atlantes aka atlases, the male equivalent of caryatids, are often seen on Haussmannian buildings in Paris, less so on modern edifices. Those 2 bronze statues framing the entrance hall of a modern buildingsfrom the 1990s are an exception. This photo was taken running after @soniaqualitystreet . . Office building. 34 avenue de Matignon. Architect: Jean-Jacques Fernier. Sculptor: Dominique Babinet. Completed: 1992. Bronze atlantes and matching door handles and doorbell. . #amazing_architecture #archi_features #archi_focus_on #archilovers #archinotrepassion #architecturelovers #arkiromantix #architectureinlife #buildingswow #espacioenforma #gf_architecture #icuarchitecture #jj_architecture #kings_miark #lookingup_architecture #pocket_architecture #ptk_architecture #seemyparis #sensational_architecture #structure_bestshots #rustlord_unity #WOYH #igersparis #likerlaville
I took this picture while photowalking with Sonia aka @soniaqualitystreet . Sonia says she strolls. I say I run. But she may be faster than me. Only she just stops more often to take pictures. Check her account if you like Parisian architecture (and good food). On that day, she awed at mascarons and other Haussmanian details while I chased modern architecture and lines. That I found in that surprising building pertaining to the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa. . Embassy of the Republic of South Africa. Quai d’Orsay. Architects: Jean-Marie Garet, Gérard Lambert and Jean Thierrart. Completed: 1974. Distinctive features:  facade and  balconies shielded with cast aluminium panels to ensure the necessary privacy of the embassy activities. Modern movement. . #amazing_architecture #archi_features #archi_focus_on #archilovers #archinotrepassion #architecturelovers #arkiromantix #architectureinlife #buildingswow #espacioenforma #gf_architecture #icuarchitecture #jj_architecture #kings_miark #lookingup_architecture #pocket_architecture #ptk_architecture #seemyparis #sensational_architecture #structure_bestshots #rustlord_unity #WOYH #igersparis #likerlaville
So, have you been drink coffee today? #shadowphotography
Makhluk gemulai tak berbeban. Tanpa nafas dan kedipnya tatapan. Biru dan hidup, Dingin dan bernyawa. Kau angin penuh tekanan.
V I L A D E C A N S / Parc de la Marina @batlleiroig arquitectos
Passive villa📍Cologny - Geneva - Switzerland
Gunakan mata dengan baik bukan dengan licik. Hehe . . . Model : Kacamata
“Truck!!! Yes, trucky, trucky, truck-truck!!” -me when I see the truck rolling down the street. Melbourne, Sept 2018. Gosh, I missed this city already. Poke @sashiasamira
Needed some reddish hue in my Insta grid | Hobart, Tasmania, Sept 2018 #hobartandbeyond
🚧CAUTION TRUTH BELOW🚧 - - You need to prepare, make PLANS and work hard to achieve them, but ultimately commit these plans to God. The way to success may not be easy as we may want but please don’t give up! Do your best, commit your plans to God and let God’s purpose prevail in your life. • Proverbs 19:21 says “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail” • Jesus, during his ministry on earth entrusted his PLANS to God and worked HARD to achieve these plans amidst the difficulties and trials. He kept pressing forward to meet His life GOALS despite tribulations. He worked hard and let God’s will prevail. • It is very essential to make plans, prepare and work hard to achieve these plans but we should not give up when our plans don’t materialize the way we want. As Christians, LETS commit our plans to God to order our steps, do our part by working HARD and let the plan of God for our lives PREVAIL. - @boldloveapparel
___ minggu sore yang cerah untuk tersenyum ⚡ ___ #whpperspective #peopleandarchitecture
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