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Relic. Is cursive dead? The future of education and writing is unclear; with the massive usage of technology in everyday life we are gradually forgetting traditional means of communication, such as handwriting and cursive writing. Teaching cursive had a positive impact on pupils’ memory and language abilities, however it is becoming relict, by being replaced with faster means of communications, such as typing. People in the future might need to study cursive as a separate language to be able to read anything handwritten. Killing cursive is just another occasion when humanity is giving up to a technological progress, and it is just a matter of time when it will come back with the post-digital wave.
Proud to announce that we have a brand new #website : click on the link in our bio to access it from #Instagram . We are growing our team! Follow us on LinkedIn and discover how you can apply for a position at our company. Looking forward to meeting you! // Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer que nous avons un tout nouveau site web. Suivez le lien dans notre profile Instagram pour y accéder. Nous agrandissons l’équipe ! Suivez-nous sur LinkedIn et découvrez comment postuler chez nous. Au plaisir de faire votre rencontre.
Thanksgiving Office Dinner. Grateful to have the pleasure to work with this wonderful group of talented people Happy Thanksgiving! #wheresalbert ?
Lenka PETRAKOVA, "Urban Regeneration of the Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul Competition." •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• SCI-Arc critics: Andrew Zago, Tom WISCOMBE, Peter TRUMMER. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• see more at: www.suckerPUNCHdaily.com
The best facade book you'll never own. Double tap if you want it in your collection, there was a suggestion it may be reprinted - hopefully this is a possibility. If you know who owns the copyright I'd be keen to find out. • This is an absolute go to book for any designer interested in structural glass even though these systems have changed and become ubiquitous the structural principals are the same. • #Fachada #curtainwall #glass #facadesection #architecturaldetail #arquitectura #facade #arqsketch #design #detail #architecturelovers #facadelyfe #archdaily #lowressketching #architecture #architectureporn #architecturestudio #drawings #architectureschool
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Modular housing addition for a vacant lot in Newark, NJ. (Zoom) #aiasinstudio #instudiorender
While it’s not perfect (there are always minor errors, #bondo ) you just can’t beat the satisfaction of holding an early design model in your hands. For this #culvercity project, @laneylainc printed two section models, painting the outside black, and the inside white. This young architecture studio also figured out how to prepare the model directly in #archicad , which can save time. When paired with #BIMx , you can really make your design process leap off the page 🔥👌🏻
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