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The way harvey looks at the pizza is the way I look at harvey everytime I see him
i haven’t edited in MONTHS but anyway look at my smol baybee :’) - @hrvy ib/ a loren acc dt all harvey fans 💕💘💗💓💞
am i the only one who always gets full by eating one or two slices of pizza sometimes sjakakak
i love him
// which speed? i like very fast! how is your day so far💜 ariel liked❤️😍
|| 💓💙
{repost bc it flopped} —💸does lea know you? —💸 follow @multilxren (me) for more! —💸 tag her @leaelui
Deleted musically @babyariel #babyariel #arielmartin
i got two girlfriends and they're best friends, i love it when they french kiss. 💕 - ac: @laursaudio ib: none dt: @arielhoneyy @unknwn.ccp @saucyyy_ariel @billiexspider @yaagurlbree @staybabeariel @eyldeyneli ❤ - [ @elledanjean @babyariel #babyariel #elledanjean ]
left of right ? i really want them to meet so bad before 2018 is over :(
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|| i can’t wait for christmas
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ashtons got a dig bick deleting in the morning lol!! bye
's edit 🦋 {tag Lea please 🍯} I'm new to these type of stuff so I apologize if they aren't that good hahah, I just do it for fun @leaelui @leaandleators #outlines #like #follow #edit #leaelui #teamlea #confidentforlea #malutrevejo #lorengray #adobedraw #halloween #spookylea #selenagomez #monkeyface #explorepage #arianagrande #ARIELMARTIN #sarahmagusara
Hey :) @babyariel - PS. Send videos of you saying happy birthday to Ariel imma make an edit! - #babyariel #arielmartin #arielmartinedit #babyarieledit #babydollrecords
𝘧𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳!💓 - haha i tried video editing again🙈 i apologize for the quality in advance dt:nikki, lindsay, lexi, jen, maz, bianca & emily🌺 @loren
this is beautiful, stop comparing her and ariel they’re both beautiful, outgoing, unique, amazing human beings that get hate for just dating the same guy. bullying is not a topic to make fun of, i myself have been bullied during my freshman year to my sophomore year, im a junior as in right now but i don’t pay attention to that person, don’t let yourself down cuz of that dumb person that just wants to make your life hard, think bout others not yourself, put yourself in their shoes you don’t know what they’re going through at that moment but just know you’re beautiful your own way and take this message seriously 💓 we love you @daniellaperkins don’t feel alone, ive been supporting you for a year now and you’ve come along way same goes for your sister, keep doing what you’re doing cuz you’re doing it amazing 💓 - - @babyariel @daniellaperkins #dariel #daniellaperkins #arielmartin
so that’s why she said “kick you out 1116” at the end (yes this is a repost) @loren @loren
ariel x loren , was requested 😈 {ccp/vs} - - Ib: @haloavery dt: anyone - - #babyariel #babyarieledits #loren #lorengray #lorengrayedits #arielmartin #explorepage #loriel @babyariel @lorenxgray 💋
|| this is so beautiful💖🌨
|| it’s like 5:20 pm and i still haven’t finished my homework smh
Someone explain to me why harveys on the ncs spotify advert
hey so do u mind following @multilxren ty <3
she’s jake paul’s little sister (no right answers allowed) @loren @lorenxgray
@babyariel 💐 how are you? ———————-
|| is she back??💜
sorry this is so simple but gmm @loren @lorenxgray
+ kyo it’s amazing, so proud of her😉🤩 try to be active✅ try to be normal❎ song: one day follow @purplelorenn (ME) if you see this for more😍 @loren @lorenxgray
im going to rush this theme but idfc lolol. hmu if you wanna
please tag jacob and ariel💘they are my babes @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #sartorians @babyariel #babyariel #arielmartin
i can’t stop listening to KYO it’s so catchy @loren @lorenxgray
|| my room’s going to be redecorated soon and today me and my mum went and got stuff to do it yayyyy💜
comment ‘harvey is’ and press the middle button until you make a sentence. this could be interesting
i want to travel.
KYO I SOOOOO GOOD OMG @loren @lorenxgray
@babyariel :’(
stay happy, keep smiling 💕💘💖💗💓💞
guess who's single ooc???😝😂
♡ 𝓭𝓮𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓮𝔂 𝓰𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓮 𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓷𝓮𝓻 ♡ [comment a vine for a tbh/rate/fop] - - seventeen. cancer. boy and girl kisser. a big ass softie but tries to be that baddie on instagram. adores puppies and children. horror movie fanatic. tYpEs LiKe tHiS aLoT. equal rights activist. vine obsessed. doesn't have much friends but will do anything for the ones she has. hoodies and beanies. wishes it was fall 365 days of the year. lover of the stars. wants to be a witch l.a baby. madly in love with grayson dolan. five foot three. xxxtentacion, khalid, and alessia cara enthusiast. tries to find the good in everything. usually found with a sweet teaa sweet tea a sweet tea in her lap.
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