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Few days away before the Xmas rush at work so went to swanage, explored my heart out 👌 thanks dom for coming up to walk around arne forest....it was like we were kids again 😁 #swanage #arneforest #extramagnificentinautumn
🌳🏵 #arneforest
Need to look up more often, what a view #trees #arneforest
And last but not least the Bug White Stag. The reason I love going down to Arne. This little buddy is sometimes difficult to find and when I first saw him down there I couldn't get close enough to take a picture, however this time round I got close enough to get this and I'm over the moon 🦄🦄🌲🍁💗💗
Cheeky squirrel have a good old munch on the seeds and nuts. Popped over and looked at me as I made an attempt to quietly sneak over for a photo. 💗🌲🍁🐿
Hiding in the grass the sneaky stags. Made me feel I was somewhere else in the world other than my home. Arne forest never disappoints 🦄🌲🍁💗 #stag
Sunday walks in Arne. If you live in Dorset I would highly recommend the place. It's a beautiful walk and there is plenty of wildlife to see. 💗🌲🍁🕊