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"Fall in love with a guy who shows up. Fall in love with a guy who makes his affection obvious. The guy who talks to you not just to make you happy, but because he genuinely wants to hear the sound of your voice. Fall in love with a guy who makes an effort. The guy who doesn’t throw in the towel when things get hard, who doesn’t storm away and run when you have a disagreement. A guy who is willing to sit down and talk through shit, even when it’s uncomfortable or hard. A guy who is always honest, always direct, and speaks kindly. Fall in love with a guy who treats other people well — not just you. The guy who speaks well of people when their backs are turned. The guy who tips waiters well when you’re out to eat, and always holds his friends close. Fall in love with the guy who will leave a casual date with you if one of their friends is having a crisis. Fall in love with the guy who cares about you, absolutely yes, but also cares about their friends and humanity. Fall in love with a guy who gets along with your friends, and wants to get to know your friends. The guy who encourages you to hang out with your pals, and doesn’t insist on having your attention every second. Fall in love with the guy who treasures every moment he has with you, but appreciates that you have other people in your life that you care about too. Fall in love with the guy who you have inside jokes with. Who you’ve spent enough time around to find constantly hilarious. The guy who makes you laugh, and laugh, and laugh over the silliest most trivial things. Fall in love with the guy who brings joy to your life — not just temporary happiness, no — but longterm and enduring joy. Fall in love with the guy who shows the fuck up. The guy who is here to be apart of your life, not just take a chunk of it in the form of sex, or your time, or your looks. Fall in love with the guy who is ready to share something with you. Fall in love with the guy who shows up and makes the most of every moment. Fall in love with the guy who isn’t just going through the motions with “some person,” fall in love with the guy whose love is exclusive. To you. " Via: thought catalog
Got my hard cast on yesterday, moving up in the world! Then of course I had to paint it. Painting a cast is waaay harder than I thought it would be! It’s super porous, so you do one tiny brush stroke and the paint disappears 😩 not to mention having to paint upside down. Needless to say, I spent much longer on this than I meant to...
Happy yoga day 🙏😊😄 Why India never had a yoga day before,  Nevertheless, it is the place where yoga originated  India does not need any yoga day,  As every day is yoga day for the Indians,  However, It is better that  There is a day of yoga  As it will bring awareness among those people  Who are less acquainted with yoga  In India, yoga has various aspects  As it has been handed over to the disciples by a Guru  That is why we are having  Guru-Poornima (A full moon day) -A day for Guru  Instead of any yoga day  In India, yoga is just a tool for realizing the highest  Master is more important in Indian's life than yoga  As by the grace of the master  One can cross the ocean of world  Even without yoga. by Lokendra Singh . . . #mandala #mandalalover #mandalacollection #mandalalife #mandalasart #mandalasharing #mandalashare @i.love.sharing.mandala @manda.la.la @mandala_sharing_ @_mandala_drawings @art_social98 #art #artists #artshow #artwork #digital #doglovers #dog #animal #chakra #chakracollection #chakratattoo @sketch.art.gallery #artistic_dome #artistic_share #artistic_unity_ #artistic_empire
Turns out I liked the sketch version better. I wish I was naturally better at drawing characters. I could start more character design :,( ❤️
Este dibujo ha sido realizado por encargo. Él es JANDRO, hace unos días cuando empecé a dibujarlo estaba malito, unos días después hubo que sacrificarlo porque empeoró mucho su salud. Hoy una vez terminado, espero que sirva de un bonito recuerdo a su dueña. This drawing has been made to order (commission). It is JANDRO, a few days ago when I started to draw him he was sick, a few days later he had to be sacrificed because his health worsened a lot. Today once finished, I hope it serves as a nice memory to its owner.
My dad is a retired geologist, but he also does a lot of bug, insect, and reptile photography. When I was growing up we always had some kind of critter or two in the house awaiting a photoshoot. Everything from praying mantids to tarantulas to red eyed tree frogs, who pulled me to sleep with their chirping. Needless to say, I learned a lot about crawly critters. Now I can name beetles and insects with pride, along with some interesting fact about how they mate or their defense mechanisms. So thanks for that dad! He’s not on instagram, so I’m taking the liberty of showing you guys a few of his photos (swipe right). I think they’re gorgeous, and this is such a tiny percentage of them! He also shoots landscapes and, as a geologist, has taken amazing photos of erupting volcanoes and volcanically active lands that few people see. Maybe I’ll just make an Instagram for him... anyway, this Fathers Day gift was soooo fun, I had an absolute blast with it! The original is obviously with my dad but you can get prints on canvas and paper in my shop! 👉🏼 amilliontinylines.com (link in my bio)👉🏼 Prints
ابتسامتها حلوة اوي مفيش كلام 😍♥️ بورترية جديد ( رصاص - فحم - حبر ) 20 x 30 cm #nihal_art_gallery Instagram; www.instagram.com/nounology Contact me : 01111131098 - 01205066632 . . . . . #arts_help #worldofpencils #artcollective #draw #drawing #drawings #worldofartists #artofdrawingg #art_realisme #drawing #portraits #artprime #artistsdrop #featuring_art #artistic_empire #bandw #sketch_daily #instaartexplorer #artistsoninstagram #artistic_support #singleportrait #blackandwhite #like #follow #follow4likes #likeforlikes #like4follow #following
Practicing foil balloon numbers 🙆🏻 oh to be 1 again 😂🙌🏻
Matite su carta ✏️ #paper #draw #artwork #G_fabio
Маленькая зарисовка на бумаге для масла Arches Huile. В сети встречала мнение, что она подходит и для акварели. Решила проверить)) в общем, для меня не подходит - сильно съедает цвет, снимается краска, отталкивает воду. Но я плохой танцор, не могу объективно оценить 😂 #archeshuile #sketching #watercolorart #watercolorpainting #topcreator #proartists #artagram #art_conquest #art_daily #arts_gallery #cartel_watercolorists #artists_magazine #artistic_empire #artist_features #artfido #art_collective #art_worldly #arts_realistic #рисуюкаждыйдень #одинденьсхудожником #topcreator #pearsketch #художественная_галерея #pears #stilllifepainting #watercolorsketch #watercolor
Wow! Sculpture at the beach! Elk ,Ca. Hwy-1 , 3.5 hrs. North of SF. This work of art wasn’t here yesterday and here it is today. A mystery artist must have shown up last night? This part of the country is so magical, beauty everywhere! One of the few places I can completely relax. Ahh,vacation time.
"C'est dur d'y croire pourtant j'oublierai ton prénom Ta personne est devenue du vide Le vide est ton nouveau prénom"
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