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Final Meteorite Cocktail - 1 oz Dry Red Wine or whatever 1 oz Clear Rum or whatever 1/2 oz Orange Juice or whatever Top w/ @faygo Arctic Blast Pop - Shake everything but the pop with ice and strain into an iced double rocks glass (or whatever), top with pop and garnish with a granola bar. Art & garnish provided by @lishdorset - Spotted on @nbritsky - Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with! - Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸
I love working with @langijo on boozy desserts, and this one has all the right carrot-eristics 🥕🍨
So this is probably not going to make my 'favorite mugs' list for obvious reasons but visiting Las Vegas for the first time last year and hitting Frankie's Tiki Room with my good friend Brandon @brandon__jaynes will hit my 'great times' list! After walking thru all of the smoke filled casinos and grabbing poorly made gin drinks along the way we were too late for the fountains at the Bellagio! Ha! So we jumped in a cab and hit up Frankie's. It's a pretty cool place w tons of Polynesian pop artwork throughout. I of course, in the true celebration of tiki sexuality and provocation, had to order the Bearded Clam. Here is my improvised version based off the notes on the menu. Bearded Clam (Improvised) 1 1/2oz Flor de Cana Seco white rum 1/2oz Flor de Cana Gran Reserva rum 1/2oz Fresh lime juice 1/4oz Passion fruit syrup Tsp confectioners sugar 8-10 mint leaves 2oz Grapefruit soda water Muddle mint leaves with syrup, sugar and lime juice in shaker tin. Add rum and crushed ice, shake until sufficiently chilled. Strain into Frankie's Bearded Clam mug over fresh crushed ice. Add soda and garnish with mint sprig and Frankie's swizzle. Basically a mojito with passion fruit syrup. Hence the 4 armed naked woman spilling drinks and serving severed heads? #tikithesnowaway hasn't seen anything like this yet! Cheers
Casino - 50ml Old Tom Gin Barspoon Maraschino Liqueur Barspoon Lemon Juice 2 Dashes Orange Bitters - Stir ingredients well and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry. - Spotted on @todays_tipple - Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with! - Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸
Our “Grander Rum-Tonic” is a simple way to mix up your go-to cocktail. Ingredients- 2 oz Grander Rum 3 oz Tonic Water 1/2 oz Meyers Lemon Juice 1 Meyers Lemon wedge (Garnish) Preparation- Add ingredients into Colin’s glass with ice cubes. Garnish with Meyers’s lemon wedge.
“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” #tbt Tobacco OF // High West Double Rye // Talisker 10yr // Tobacco Cordial // MM Red Eye Bitters 📸@bomisuzuki
The blueberry pecan cocktail recipe is up on the site! We also included a recipe for our home made pecan orgeat as well :)
PROMOCIONES MORA NEGRA! Jueves de chicas!!! 20% de descuento en coctelería Mix it up sólo para ellas!!! #ArtOfDrinks #CocktailTime #CasiViernes
#WinterVibes at #LEVELTWO ! What are your plans this weekend after the #Autoshow ? Stop in for here for #GoodTimes AND #GoodVibes . We'll be offering promotions and specials on #DRINKS !. . . We are located at 535 Monroe Ave, in Detroit... Right above @thegreekdetroit. . #cocktails #craftcocktails #bartender #artofdrinks #igdrinks #cocktailphotography #cocktailporn #oldfashioned #drinkoftheday #foodanddrink #mixology #draaaaanks #Clubs #detroit #BestinDetroit #BestinTheD #GreekTown #dancing #bar #LevelTwoDetroit #drinks #fun #club
A Tiki Negroni? Why, yes!! It’s the perfect refreshing drink! Loved it and will make it again! Negroni grog (seen on @fredericyarm ) 1 oz London Dry gin (I used Citadelle) 1 oz Sweet Vermouth (I used Cocchi di Torino) 1 oz @campariofficial 3/4 oz grapefruit juice 3/4 oz lime juice 3/4 oz honey syrup 1/4 oz Allspice Dram (homemade) Shake with ice, strain into a glass fill with crushed ice and garnish the tiki way. @tikithesnowaway
Cheers! You’ve made it past hump day! Hopefully you can find some time to relax today and enjoy a cocktail for one! [link to the Winter Sangria on livinglark.com in profile]!
Brown Butter washed rum here! 👇💣 🍹 #Repost 📷 @foodietails ・・・ It’s actually snowing in Charlotte, NC right now. Unbelievable. @tikithesnowaway ! This is an original creation from last year (3•23•17) that easily became one of my favorites. Can someone name this please? Thanks 😂 • • Brown Butter washed @donqrum Gold | @liberandco Passionfruit Syrup | Herbsaint | Lime | @angosturahouse Float. • • Shake, strain over crushed ice, ornate. Cheers! ❄️
What the Mai Tai? So many Mai Tais! 🍹💥 #Repost 📷 @brandon__jaynes ・・・ Tonight for @tikithesnowaway I went with another riff on the classic Mai Tai recipe - a pinch of nutmeg right in the shaker makes the subtle marzipan flavor of the orgeat come out a bit more on the palate. I also used key limes, because it's way more fun to juice 500 tiny limes than one regular one, right? Here's today's #drinkoftheday : We Need to Talk About Donn 2 oz Plantation 5 year .5 oz orange curaçao .25 oz orgeat .75 oz fresh key lime juice Pinch of nutmeg Add all ingredients to shaker with ice, shake vigorously until well-chilled. Pour over cracked ice, garnish with key lime, orchid and palm fronds. Enjoy!
Scotch & Pineapple Rum Mai Tai! 🍹💥 #Repost 📷 @liquorary ・・・ And here's how I used the last bit of my vintage Scotch from @oldspiritsco , in a Mai Tai: 🍹 1 oz vintage VAT 69 blended Scotch 1 oz @plantation.rum Stiggins Fancy Pineapple Rum 1 oz lime 1/2 oz orgeat (@liberandco ) 1/4 oz aged ginger liqueur (@thebigoliqueur ) 1/4 oz dry Curacao (@pierreferrandcognac ) 🍹 Scotch and pineapple and ginger and lime...I made this one before I got my @tikithesnowaway swag but this is a pretty solid Tiki drink if I do say so myself.
Time for a Toddy! 🍋 . Here from 5PM to warm you up . #tribeca
Two of Hearts - Bostonian Gin Housemade Raspberry Syrup Lemon Juice Soda garnished with a lemon spiral and raspberry trio - Spotted on @thenycbartender - Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with! - Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸
Blueberry Moscow Mule with @titosvodka , muddled blueberries, fresh squeezed lime and @barrittsgb in a custom @theindianqueen_aug copper mug. Worked with @showpony.co to make sure we got the best quality mugs out there! Come pick up a pair today. #theindianqueen #augustaga #neighborhoodbar #thecommunitybar #customerservice #cocktailsdaily #craftcocktails #igcocktails #moscowmule #blueberries #titosvodka #lime #barrittsgingerbeer #drinkart #freshmerchandise #classiccocktails #vintagecocktails #drinklocal #coppermug #artofdrinks
Dodo Flip - Courvoisier VSOP cognac Homemade advocaat Spiced syrup Coconut milk - Spotted on @demonandwise 📷 @wisebartender - Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with! - Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸
The @baconbarguy Bloody Mary is a work of art! 🍅 #artofdrinks
Coco Lopez is 💣💥🍹 #Repost 📷 @susandjones27 ・・・ It’s working!!! We were meant to be getting another 6-10 inches of snow this evening through tomorrow, but as of an hour ago (it’s 1 am), not a single flake! Maybe we have tikied the snow away!!! (And maybe it’ll just roll in tomorrow😫). Anyway, this is the Falinum from the @smugglerscovesf book: 1oz lemon juice 1oz coconut cream (I used about half that because all I had was Coco Lopez, and the recipe called for the SC homemade) 1/2 oz Velvet Falernum 2oz aged rum (I used Abuelo 12 yr) 1 Dash orange bitters Instead of shaking with gobs of crushed ice, I shook it with three or four ice cubes I’ve made with coconut water and poured it all into a double OF glass. This was great!! #tikithesnowaway #tikituesday #cocktailsbythebook #Jan2018SC @tikithesnowaway
Yum! 🌏 Parasol Igloo? #Repost 📷 @athomecocktails ・・・ #imhappyagain It’s been raining in Perth and there is nothing quite like that feeling of letting go and singing out loud in the rain. I’ve been to the snow a few times but I’ve never felt a snow flake fall from the sky. Bucket list item #22 sing in falling snow ❄️ ........I digress This cocktail contains the following ingredients and warms the cockles of the heart ▪️spiced rum @thegrovedistillery ▪️white rum @mountgayrum ▪️persimmon bitters @owlandwhale ▪️charred cedar bitters @blackcloudbitters ▪️lime juice ▪️hibiscus syrup ▪️pineapple juice . #tikithesnowaway #singingintherain #rum #bitters
@gsaucelove makin it raaaain at the spot daily // #thunderkingcoffeebar x #socialcostamesa
One of my resolutions for 2018 is to “drink healthier”. Although I’m not fairing too well thus far, change starts with awareness, right? - You can expect to see healthier (sometimes low ABV) cocktails like the one depicted here on my feed this year. If you want my recipe for the “Hoppy Scotch Highball”, checkout my last post. The @glenfiddichus IPA Cask is 🔥 in a cocktail 👌🏽
Ted Hawaiian 🏖🍹 - 50ml/1.5oz white rum 25ml 3/4oz coconut rum 25ml 3/4oz Grenadine 100ml/3oz Pineapple juice Half a squeezed lemon - Fill all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice then shake until cold strain into a hurricane glass filled with Crushed ice then garnish with Pineapple wedge and cherry. - Spotted on @homebartenderuk - Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with! - Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸
🌴🗿 🍹 #Repost 📷 @thefarmersspoon ・・・ #hubbiepost This #tikimugtuesday calls for one of my new favorites! (The mug & the cocktail he's holding 😉) Think Kingston Negroni meets Piña Colada. So. Damn. Tasty. . Amaro di Coco (by Ryan Lotz @ryanlotz , via @fredericyarm 's blog) ✅ 1oz Appleton 12 Rum ✅ .75oz Pineapple Juice ✅ .75oz Campari ✅ .75oz Punt e Mes ✅ .75oz Coconut Cream ✅ .25oz Black Strap Rum (Float) . Method: Shake with crushed ice to chill; strain over fresh pebble ice into your little tiki mug of choice & top with the float of black strap rum. . Garnish Option: Fresh Mint . I found this little guy when I was out on the hunt for a tiki bowl at a local antique shop. Not what I had in mind but what a score! Thanks to @ntitz for entertaining the help while I looked around. What a guy. 😏 . Cheers Friends! . #amarodicoco #amarodicocococktail @tikithesnowaway #tikithesnowaway
Autumn Spiced Pear Cocktail - 1 1/2 oz Ginny’s Gin 3/4 oz Asian pear juice 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice 1/3 oz spiced pear syrup - Spotted on @ginnysgin - Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with! - Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸
Our lovely friend @janecryan took on the challenge of a night out with a friend, without the booze. . Read about her evening via link in bio. . .
Lovebirds - Havana 7 Strawberry Syrup Lime Elderberry Butterfly Sorrel - Spotted on @dickies_bar - Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with! - Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸
Early Jungle Bird ... One of my all time favorite tiki drinks is the jungle bird, so the concept behind this drink is combining it with my favorite type of liquor: amaro! I’ve also added cold brew coffee to this as it blends flawlessly with the Amaro, black rum, and cacao Campari. A perfect morning cocktail to start a weekend, the Early Jungle Bird always gets the worm ... 1 oz @highwirechs Southern Amaro 1/2 oz cacao infused Campari 1/2 oz @goslingsrum Black Rum 3/4 oz lime juice 3/4 oz pineapple juice 1/4 oz Demerara syrup 1 oz @chameleoncoldbrew black ... Shake and double strain into a crushed ice filled rocks glass. Garnish with pineapple leaves. Cheers y’all ... #shakeandstehr #cocktails #cocktailculture #mixologist #htown #houstonheights #houstontx #bartender #bartending #bartenderlife #homebartender #drinkstagram #instadrink #cocktailart #booze #thirstythursday #whiskeygram #cocktailpicsdaily #drinks #happyhour #imbibe #liqpic #junglebird #campari @campariofficial @campariusa #thursday #drinkup #rum #amaro #artofdrinks #tikithesnowaway
Before you say anything, yes, Edition 3 is missing from the shot. But if that's your main complaint, you're doing Edition 1 and 2 a grave disservice because both are delicious. Certainly staples of #mywhiskylife . As for the cobwebs, well, hell, let's say it's a #tbt to #halloween and roll with it. 🙃 Happy #thirstythursday yuh thirsty bastards! Cheers, Peat #whiskyarch #whisky #scotchwhisky #macallan #singlemaltwhisky #cocktails #flatlay #onthetable #sockgame #artofdrinks #throwback ? #notreally #rollwithit #happyhour #imbibe #hustletouch
🤷🏾‍♂️ Separation Anxiety. ————————— The Botanist Gin Luxardo Apricot Liqueur Lemon Juice Raspberry infused- White Balsamic Vinegar Emulsified Olive Oil Sweet Basil Seeds. . . . . #wednesday #gin #oliveoil #density #basil #raspberry #seperationanxiety
Another yummy tequila-based tiki drink from @deathandcompany Gilda Cocktail by Brian Miller  2 oz Tequila Blanco ½ oz pineapple juice ½ oz lime juice ½ oz cinnamon bark syrup Shake all the ingredients with ice, then strain into a coupe. Garnish. @tikithesnowaway
Upgrade your Old Fashioned on Whiskey Wednesday and get it made with that bourbon you’ve been meaning to try for half off after 7pm! 🥃 #Davis #oldfashioned #artofdrinks #imbibegram #thirsty #bourbon
Cocktails can be dangerous because they taste like juice and then you can’t walk 🤷🏻‍♀️ (Please, drink responsibly.) #holyrolleratx
Pretty things. Tasty things. Take you to another place things. . Photo by me 📷 for @raineslawroom Cocktail by @gingerrickey BACKYARD SWIZZLE jamaican rum, cinnamon, pineapple, lime, muddled blackberries. shaken & served on crushed ice
Lucy and Carter, a banana tiki cocktail. Link in profile ✨
My turn to Mai Tai. On my last trip back to Chicago I made it to Three Dots and a Dash. I had never made it while I lived there (pre hardcore-tiki) but had a great time! The drinks are big and the food is decent, but they have a pretty sad selection of their mugs available for sale. I ended up w a pair of these Mai Tai glasses for the collection. So I put Smuggler's Cove Mai Tai in it! Mai Tai 3/4oz Fresh lime juice 1/4oz Rich simple syrup 1/4oz Homemade orgeat 1/2oz Dry Curacao 2oz El Dorado 12yr rum Combine all ingredients with 12 oz of crushed ice and a few cubes in cocktail shaker. Shake until a frost forms on the Shaker and pour the entire contents into a double old-fashioned glass. Garnish with a spent lime shell and mint sprig. #tikithesnowaway is a great time to bring everything out of your cupboards! Cheers #cocktailsbythebook
Sip on our “Grander Paloma” and fly away into the night! Ingredients- 2 oz Grander Rum 4 oz Grapefruit soda 1 Lime wedge 1 Grapefruit Wheel 1 Tbls Pink Himalayan Salt Preparation- Stir ingredients together, then strain in a cocktail glass with pink himalayan salt rim and crushed ice. Then garnish with lime wedge and grapefruit wheel.
Take Flyte - 2 oz @pierreferrandcognac 1.5 oz peach juice .75 oz strained lemon 3 oz ginger beer - Spotted on @spiritedla - Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with! - Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸
This is a Sloe Gin Sour - 2oz Homemade Sloe Gin 1oz Lemon Juice 1/2oz Sugar Syrup 2 dashes Angostura Bitters 1 Egg White - Shake the first four ingredients with ice, then add egg white and shake again. Then remember that you forgot to take out the ice so do that and then shake again. Then strain into a coupe glass and wonder if your mistake with the ice is the reason for all this lovely foam. - Spotted on @cocktailchap - Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with! - Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸
Saved you a seat...
Only from the heart can you touch the sky 🌌 . . 🥃 Negroni Sbagliato & Island Old-Fashioned
Our Hawaii 177 - Bacardi Carta Blanca Coconut rum Blue curacao Roasted pineapple syrup Fresh lime Grapefruit juice Orgeat Tiki bitters - Spotted on @trailerh - Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with! - Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸
Our answer to a snowy day ❄️ . Winter Arbor ~ Calvados, Italicus, Grapefruit, Verjus, Prosecco . 🍸 by @gingerrickey 📷 @missvanbree // @eightyfivestories
Foraging Hawaii for 🍹 #repost 📷 @zerospecbebop ------------------ MacGyver Punch v4.0 | Angostura 5 year rum | Lime | POG juice | Bundaberg ginger beer | The annual trip to Hawaii, this year we are on Maui, means I bust out MacGyver punch, which must contain rum and POG (passion fruit, orange and guava) juice. I tweak the recipe daily based on what I get my hands on. Hopefully I can pick up some passion fruit syrup and curaçao tomorrow. Either way, good times!
Roasted Squash Purée - Bourbon Roasted Squad Purée Demerara Lemon - Spotted on @darkrumdiary - Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with! - Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸
✨New Recipe✨ - Balled out for this cocktail a wee bit, using the unique, experiential IPA Cask Scotch from @glenfiddichwhisky . I’ve loved sipping on this Scotch but really wanted to give it a go in a cocktail. I built this highball the way I did so you can easily substitute this Scotch for most others (anything that’s not too peaty will work here). Happy Hump Day & enjoy 😜🥂. - Hoppy Scotch Highball: 🔹1 oz @glenfiddichwhisky IPA Cask Scotch 🔹1/2 oz Lemon 🔹1/2 oz Honey Syrup 🔹1/2 oz Campari 🔹1/4 oz Fresh OJ 🔹1/4 oz Luxardo Maraschino 🔹Topped with Soda Water 🔹Garnish Lemon Peel & Spritz of Mezcal
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