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Ketika kamu sibuk berpikir mencari inspirasi, orang lain justru sedang berkarya tanpa banyak pikiran - @pidibaiq
Kunwari studious 😂
Любовь 💖
Shadow light
✨🇰🇭Does your family portrait have both a seven-headed Naga statue & Independence Monument in the background?!! 🇰🇭✨✨ My Khmer friend has stunning archival family photos from Cambodia. This picture of her parent’s is my favorite because the artifact captures the singularity of Khmer aesthetics & culture. I haven’t seen another image like this in the diaspora. A sliver of the magic & majesty of Khmer history. We also note clothing styles. Her mom’s khmer sarong & her dad’s Western suit. Both parents survived the Khmer Rouge Genocide.🇰🇭 @theartofsurvivalseattle to learn more about the rich diversity of Khmer art in the diaspora. ✨ #TheARTOfSurvival
Paguriran, Sorsogon
For Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPtwinning @instagram #instagram
Selamat ulang tahun @mayasari_tita semoga panjang umur dan makin jangkung, maaf ga bikin puisi soalnya suka di copas sama orang 😂
somewhere between "Ground mein aaja" to "Online aaja" we all grew up. @instagram 's #WHPtwinning 👬 . . #puddlegram #reflectiongram #TheWeekOnInstagram
Hai... Apa kabarmu di sana...
Morning Walk...!~
Going to the movies here in #jakarta is still one of the main way as an leisure activity. Metropole Theater is -probably- the only self standing movie theater. The building is straight from the colonial era which is restored very proper. . . . . . #artistry_flair #exceptional_pictures #colorplanet_legit #amazingshot #timeoutsociety #artofvisual #estheticlabel #pro_ig #thelensbible #eclectic_shotz #awesome_photographers #colors_of_the_day #goexplorenow #collectively #createscenery
Aloha Friday Cotton Candy Sunset on West Oahu just happened 1 hour ago ! 🤙🏻😎
After a brief lull due to various commitments, we finally made some time for traveling and got to spend an exciting long weekend in Fairbanks, Alaska. Needless to say, we were looking forward to getting some good views of the northern lights. . After incessantly tracking the usual indicators of solar activity, we landed around the time of a predicted geomagnetic storm. It all depended on the weather gods from here on, but the thick cloud cover gave no indications of relenting. . After an hour or so, the sky suddenly cleared, and another hour in, we saw something moving in the sky. Is it the northern lights? We couldn't be sure so hesitated going out of the comfort of the cabin at 5°F. Weak aurora are often indistinguishable from clouds. @pmvishal braved the weather and went out to take a long exposure, sure enough it turned out to be a green streak of luck! . As we ran out into the cold, that streak gradually brightened and took all formations ranging from vertical curtains, to sharp spikes and loops curving here and twirling there. Pretty quickly, these lights were everywhere we looked. . . While watching auroras is truly awe-inspiring, the vivid colours the we see in the photographs, more often than not, elude the naked eye. The eyes use a different set of cells to see in the dark than in the day and unfortunately, those cells are not very sensitive to colour. Cameras do not have this limitation. To add to our woes, pictures are post-processed to further accentuate those colours. . In addition to the usual "photographer's rendition", swipe right to see what a raw unprocessed image from the camera looks like and further right to see how we remember seeing it with our eyes. We didn't even know there was any red in them till we carefully reviewed our pictures the next day. . . #peak  #northernlights #northernlight #nightphotography #astrophotography #travelphotography #instatravel  #wanderlust  #fantastic_earth  #wonderlust #bbctravel  #theglobewanderer  #worldtraveler #lonelyplanet #jetsetters  #nakedplanet #worldcaptures  #artofvisual #welivetoexplore  #letsgoeverywhere  #igshotz #adventureculture #optoutside #alaskaexplored #fairbanks #alaska
Ya know, life isn't about being serious. It's about connecting with human beings, being fucking real, sharing moments and laughter together. This is our Sanga and they kick some serious ass. #ytt2018
Big,strong and powerful💪
Attention to detail 🍃🌳
Having a photo taken by a fruit stand seems to be a popular thing now on instagram. __ Have a lovely weekend my dearies 😘✨ Feel free to drop by my dm if you have any questions for me! 💕
Basketball season is in full swing had to get one of my son for sure. #tbakerjr #hotAndCold #theBears
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