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At times it can be easy to confuse certain familiar symptoms known to Asthma as Asthma. Combine that with symptoms of asthma being pretty individualized, from person to person... 💁🏽‍♀️However, there are a few symptoms which are more apt to be linked to [Non Asthma] conditions. Frequent throat clearing could be seasonal allergies, due to post nasal drip👃🏽 😧Upper respiratory infections (incl colds) can produce a deep wheezing type of cough associated with asthma. If the cough subsides when the infection clears then you’re probably in the clear too. Doctors look for a [Recurrence] of these episodes that relaps and recur consistently. 🥴Acid Reflux that’s sometimes associated with asthma definitely effects the chance of an asthma flare, but reflux can also be symptoms of gastrointestinal issues. 👩🏻‍⚕️See a healthcare professional if you are having a reoccurring of any of these symptoms. It isn’t normal to be wheezy and of this happens a few times a week, you’re having trouble talking in complete sentences, see your doctor. 🕵🏽‍♂️👩🏽‍⚕️Doctors will investigate to pinpoint the exact cause of these symptoms. ‼️It’s important NOT to wait if you do suspect asthma because the earlier it’s diagnosed, the sooner a treatment plan can be divised.👍🏽 💊Relying on over the counter meds to treat unidentified symptoms will only lead to further health deterioration. Be health wise and jump on top of any of these symptoms if they go on!🙋🏽‍♀️ Remember you should’nt have to ‘chase’ your breath, or your health!👍🏽👍🏽
Asthma & Allergies effect 1 in every 10 children! It is very hard as a parent to watch your child suffer with an asthma attack or be constantly worried that something could cause an allergic reaction😳 I know how that feels being a mum of two children diagnosed with Asthma. In my upcoming seminar Asthma & Allergies Gut Health Masterclass, I share my story. Find out how I turned around their health issues including Asthma & Allergies. Plus how they are both medication free and both play sports at an intense level🏉⚽️🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♂️ See and understand the power of seeing your live blood with Clinical Nutritionist Malissa Corrie. She will talk you through what one drop of your blood can tell her under the microscope🔬🦠💉 Together we can set a plan to help you improve your families health🙌 My story will inspire you to make small changes that have a very positive impact on your families health issues🥑💚 Head to my FB page to book your tickets now & tag a friend in this post who would be interested in coming to.. Link in Bio💚 #healthcoach #asthmaandallergies #seminar
Great project for these awesome ladies from @sensitivechoice helping people live better with Asthma & Allergies. This weekend @brisbanehomeshow . . . #eventarchitecture #tradeshowmarketing #asthmaandallergies #brisvegas #homeshow #events
Enjoying candles can be difficult with allergies and asthma. An alternative to the popular scented candles are 100% pure beeswax candles. These candles burn clean and emil less smoke and soot that others do. Try this great alternative! 🐝🕯️⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #asthmaandallergies #candles #beeswax #beeswaxcandles #candlealternatives #healthyair #cleanair #candlescent
This process has been a part of our lives for the last 8 years. It’s been lots of investigating to figure out how to live as normal and healthy as one could. Asthma is not fun but this guy tries to not let it stand in his way. #strongsons #rockin4kids #livingwithasthma #asthmaandallergies #raisingboys
If you suffer from asthma it’s important to know what triggers your symptoms! At the Allergy & Asthma Center of the Rockies we can work with you to determine your triggers and tailor a treatment plan to match your lifestyle. Visit: http://bit.ly/aaacor-asthmatriggers to learn more about common asthma triggers. #asthma #asthmadoctor #coloradoasthma #asthmatreatment #asthmatriggers #asthmaandallergies
..with LivingThruGrace👍🏽
Violet & Ivy have a delish new post up on the LivingThruGrace blog with listings for Allergy Friendly Sweet treats!😋🍫🍭🍡 Your thinking too late for Valentines 🤔 but wait... Is it ever too late for candy?💁🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ 🍫🍫🍫 🍭🍭🍭 🍡🍡🍡 Check it out under Allergic Living 👍🏽😋 🍭 🍭 Sometimes I think that the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want. ~Ryan Gosling Amen!😋👍🏽
Vanessa, Ariah & Clawdie have a new post up on the blog to help with MDI Metered dose inhaler techniques 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Under Asthma Health& Care: How Proper Use of Your Inhaler Can Make for Better Breathing. That’s a mouthful 😆 it’s a good thing I have good inhaler form!🤣😂 I took a deep breath and listened to the old bay of my heart: I am, l am, I am. ~Sylvia Plath
It looks like we’re moving closer to getting Sesame being added to the top Food Allergens!👍🏽 We noticed it added on the label of this cereal! Ain’t progress grand!☺️
🧙‍♂️☘️🌹The magic of plants suprised me in my late teens, early 20s... but as life went on, I began to realize ALL the stuff that is human made attempts to mimic compounds that occur naturally. I began to realize the relationship between my "sensitivities" and the synthetic chemicals I'd lived with as a child. Slowly I've peeled back the layers and ways toxins come into my skin, my digestive system, my lungs, my blood, my home and I've had 25 years of cleaning out so many layers. When I studied #herbology & #aromatherapy it made SO much sense.. so much of my life w #asthmaandallergies . 🤧😷😓 . . 😁 I'm so grateful for the magic of #clove #eucalyptus & #lemonessentialoil & the others in On Guard ❤️ and On Guard cleaner concentrates. Using an age-old recipe with modern therapeutic grade oils! 🍊🌿Made my life so much simpler, truely cleaner, healthier!! #nontoxicliving #madesimple is my jam!! 💃🏽 #bewell 🐝💃🏽#onguardcleaners #allpurposecleaner 🎯
It seems that our LivingThruGrace Crew Clawdie & Ariah have a blog post up about little Lifestyle changes that can make a difference in Asthma & Allergy management👍🏽 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧 Lifestyle Changes to Keep Asthma Under Better Control under Allergic Living!🙋🏽‍♀️ ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
¡Cuando la salud mejora! 😊 Marique cocina un curry con calabaza 👍🏼😋👌🏼 Als de gezondheid verbetert! 😊 Marique kookt een curry met pompoen 👍🏼😋👌🏼 . . #astmanagement #opademkomen #schonelucht #herstellenophoogte #1500meter #asthma_right_care #asthmaproblems #asthma_inspiration #asthmaandallergies #asthma
Asthma & Allergies effect 1 in every 10 children! It is very hard as a parent to watch your child suffer with an asthma attack or be constantly worried that something could cause an allergic reaction. I know how that feels being a mum of two children diagnosed with Asthma. In my upcoming seminar A Wheeze & A Sneeze I share my story on how I turned around their health issues including Asthma & Allergies. Plus how they are both medication free and both play sports at an intense level. My story will inspire you to make small changes that have a very positive impact on your families health issues. Head to my FB page to book your tickets now & tag a friend in this post who would be interested in coming to.. Link in Bio💚 #healthcoach #asthmaandallergies #seminar
Non scale victory!! I can tell already that my asthma is improving. I’m on four or five daily medications for allergies and asthma; I forgot one of them one day this past week and typically I start getting wheezy and lightheaded by mid afternoon but I made it through the whole day! Photo is from this past December when I realized the thing I hate most about directing is giving the director’s speech. #hashimotosweightloss #hashimotosdisease #asthma #allergies #asthmaandallergies #nonscalevictory
Draven & Vanessa’s post is up and completely hypoallergenic 🤣 Everyday Asthma & Allergy Triggers under Asthma Health & Care👍🏽 Grab a warm cuppa something ☕️ and learn what common things could be a trigger for your Asthma & Allergies 🤧👏🏽👏🏽
We’re fighting for you... but we need help! We have 27 DAYS left on our Kickstarter Campaign to fund this initiative and desperately need your help in helping others. Please help us reach 1M likes and viral status towards making our campaign successful. #asthma #asthmasucks #asthmaattack #asthmatic #asthmaproblems #asthmaawareness #asthmalife #asthmasucks 😷 #asthmaprobs #asthmarunner #asthmauk #asthmafunk #asthmaeducation #asthmarelief #asthmatreatment #asthmawarrior #asthmainspiration #asthmatics #asthmaattacks #fuckasthma #asthmaandallergies #asthmafoundation #asthmasurvivor #worldasthmaday #runningwithasthma #asthmastinks #asthmacat #asthmatriggers #asthmaissues #asthmaticrunner
We’re fighting for you... but we need help! We have 27 DAYS left on our Kickstarter Campaign to fund this initiative and desperately need your help in helping others. Please help us reach 1M likes and viral status towards making our campaign successful. #asthma #asthmasucks #asthmaattack #asthmatic #asthmaproblems #asthmaawareness #asthmalife #asthmasucks 😷 #asthmaprobs #asthmarunner #asthmauk #asthmafunk #asthmaeducation #asthmarelief #asthmatreatment #asthmawarrior #asthmainspiration #asthmatics #asthmaattacks #fuckasthma #asthmaandallergies #asthmafoundation #asthmasurvivor #worldasthmaday #runningwithasthma #asthmastinks #asthmacat #asthmatriggers #asthmaissues #asthmaticrunner
How Clean is the Air you Breathe at Home? Solicita una Demostración #airpurifier #healthyfamily #cleanhome #healthyhome #asthmaandallergies
Sesame (please forgive the girls spelling snafu in their speech bubble!🙇🏽‍♀️ they know it’s supposed to be spelled Sesame! 😆) can lurk in many foods unlabeled and that can spell disaster for those who live with Sesame Allergies. 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔 Over on our LivingThruGrace Blog the ladies have a post about what is being done about the lack of disclosure for Sesame products in our food!👍🏽 We’d love to have you over for a visit 🤗💕 Under Allergic Living: Sesame Allergies on the Rise is fresh out of the ‘oven’☺️ we promise no sesame seeds included!🤣
Maibe & Sammi’s new blog post is ‘hot’ 😆 off the press👍🏽 Living with Asthma & Other Lung Disease in Seasonal Wildfires can be found on our LivingThruGrace Blog under Asthma Health & Care 🤗🙋🏽‍♀️ We’d love to have you pop in and stay a while and discover safety and emergency 🚨 tips before and after on lung health for living after a wildfire.👏🏽👏🏽 ⛑💼🥽⛑💼🥽⛑💼🥽⛑🧳🥽 Dasvidaniya don’t get any on ya! ☺️
❄️🌬Stay prepared to protect those lungs from this cold dry air (that causes airways to become irritated and swollen) & loves to bring on breathing probs!😮👍🏽 Cover up ( like Sunday with a warm scarf 🧣 over the mouth!) and stay out of this severe weather if possible. Cold weather increases mucus production making it thicker and stickier than normal. Stay on top of those prescribed meds👈🏽 drink lots of fluids esp. water; ( after you come in from this cold 🥶 grab a hot drink tea or coffee to warm the body and get in those properties from the theophylline( small amounts in tea but hey, every little bit of assist helps right!😉 and caffeine in coffee that acts as bronchodilators 👏🏽👏🏽 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Let’s crush this week! Or at least stay warm! 😆😆 Happy Monday from the LivingThruGrace Crew!
Surprisingly this is what Rainbow can remove in our home! see those white na parang gray stuff na parang buo buo?! Those are our skin flakes 😓 Yan ang kinakaen ng mga Dustmites!!!! Are you familiar with them??? (will post another review about it). Plus the factor knowing that majority of them stay on our bed. Since mas matagal tayo dun nagstay mas marami food nakukuha ang dustmites 😧 if you have allergies or asthma they can be a big trigger. Want to see how it works? Just DM me 🌈💧#asthmaandallergies #preventionisbetterthancure #soontobemom
Let’s kick lung issues in the butt in 2019!💪🏽 Vanessa (and perhaps Ellie too😆) have a new post up on our LivingThruGrace blog titled Easy Poses for Improved Lung Capacity & Better Breathing! Now that’s a mouthful😉 Found under Asthma Health & Care get the scoop on a few really simple breath exercises to help expand lung capacity, great for everyone but especially those of us with lung diseases 👍🏽 🤔I think Ellie was getting on Vanessa’s nerves!😂 Let’s breathe better!👏🏽
Hey everyone! Our girl has been dealing with a pretty bad allergic reaction. The past few days especially have been super tough. And the doctors are still looking for answers. She had plans of starting out 2019 strong with new shirt designs and other ideas...she’s always been fast at making things happen! She is working slowly through them now. Our word for the year at church is “blessed.” What has been helping during this time is focusing on the fact that we are so blessed. We can chose to be blessed💕. . . . #unicornkidstees #episquad #kidpreneur #lifewithfoodallergies #lifewithallergies #kidswithfoodallergies #kidswithallergies #foodallergylife #foodallergykids #anaphylaxis #allergylife #allergylifestyle #allergymoms #foodallergymom #foodallergyawareness #allergyawareness #asthmaandallergies #kidpreneurs #blessed
Think your Asthma’s getting worse? Our new post is up: Severe Asthma? Let’s Look Closer; under Asthma Health & Care on our blog👍🏽 Get the scoop on what paths to take to take back your breath & your life😉 Severe Asthma doesn’t have to be a dead end, just another fork in the road to get mapped out with the right care!🙋🏽‍♀️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Did you know #acupuncture can treat a variety of different ailments? While acupuncture may be intimidating to those who are unfamiliar, those who have tried it say they feel little to no pain from the #needles , with some saying less than a bee sting in areas! Have you tried acupuncture? We would love to hear how you felt about it! Drop us a line below ⤵️ . . . #needlesthathelp #acupuncturehelps #chiropracticandacupuncture #ofallonmo #holisiticcare #holisticapproach #health #healthandwellness #chronicpain #migraines #asthmaandallergies #addictionrelief #pain #painrelief #relax #chiro #chiropracticcare #loganchiropractic #missouri #stlouis #stcharlesmo #wentzvillemo #troymo #missouriacupuncture #whenyouneedrelief #acupunctureforeveryone
Rainbow is more than a vacuum cleaner. It is a Certified Air cleaner too! Is in it amazing 😍 we get more than what we paid for. The quality, the warranty and the health it can provide?? Ohhhh how lovely🌈 But but but it has many more features. Ask for a demo and we can show you how! 👍 #valueformoney #preventionisbetterthancure #asthmaandallergies #certifiedproduct
Looking for healthier lifestyle options for the new year, to becoming more eco friendly and use less plastic. On our website www.ourbabydays.com green / Eco living section we have lots of ideas and tips for a more natural way of living, from using less plastic, to ideas on chemical free toiletries and cleaning products as well eco, biodegradable weaning plates, cups etc in our affiliate shop section (6-12 months). We also have an affiliate Eco shop section coming soon. So whether you are a family with young children, a parent expecting a new baby, pregnant or trying to conceive and are looking to for a more natural way of life for yourselves and your little ones then visit our website. #pregnant #newbaby #newborn #healthylifestyle #ecolifestyle #lessplastic #lessplasticwaste #ecoliving #ecofriendlyliving #healthybaby #healthychildren #asthmaandallergies #biodegradable #naturalcleaningproducts #naturaltoiletries #naturalbabyproducts #resusablenappies #biodegradablenappies #washablediaper
Muchos limpian su casa con su aspiradora tradicional sin darse cuenta de que al terminar y guardarla están dejando un montón de mugre y suciedad sentado dentro de esta, desprendiendo gérmenes y bacterias que luego riegan por todo su hogar 😷🤧🤢 . Con el sistema de limpieza Rainbow eliminas este gran problema. Permítenos mostrarte cómo funciona. Llámanos al 305-360-4121 o envíanos un mensaje directo . #rainbowsystem #cleaningsystem #airpurifier #cleanair #healthyhome #airquality #rainbowhialeah #asthmaandallergies #pureair
Brett is my mini me, he was born 1 minute before Brock. He is the most competitive kid I know (100% me & Hal) and he’s gifted when it comes to math (100% his Mimi although Hal will argue that’s him🤣🤷🏻‍♀️) . Brett wants to run wild all the time and give me a heart attack daily. He started struggling to breathe in the past 2 years and we found ourselves in the hospital one too many times. . I dug deeper into what was going on and found he has asthma and most recently allergies of all kinds. Even dogs and we have 2 😬 . It’s created a new normal for us with multiple breathing treatments per day, medicines, nose sprays and upcoming weekly shots for the next 1-3 years. This kid is a trooper with everything he’s enduring so he can still love on our pups. Makes me want to be a stronger momma everyday. He’s taught me patience and persistence. Whatever your gut feeling is momma pursue it all the way through. . Any mommas with asthma/allergy kiddos?
CHRISTMAS DAY ONLY! DOUBLE REWARDS!! Thank you all, and please help us help others today!! WHAT ARE WE ASKING? 1) Visit www.thebiggerpicture.net 2) Click KICKSTARTER! 3) Make even a $5 donation! (Rewards!) 4) Like us on FACEBOOK 5) Follow us on INSTAGRAM 6) SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! #asthma #asthmasucks #asthmaattack #asthmatic #asthmaproblems #asthmaawareness #asthmalife #asthmasucks 😷 #asthmaprobs #asthmarunner #asthmauk #asthmafunk #asthmaeducation #asthmarelief #asthmatreatment #asthmawarrior #asthmainspiration #asthmatics #asthmaattacks #fuckasthma #asthmaandallergies #asthmafoundation #asthmasurvivor #worldasthmaday #runningwithasthma #asthmastinks #asthmacat #asthmatriggers #asthmaissues #asthmaticrunner
The true unsung hero’s behind my allergies are these guys (+Benadryl) they’re not glamorous but a necessity for everyday life!
‘Tis the season 😷. . . . . Not much will slow down my girl, but her poor lungs just can’t keep up some days. I’m so thankful for the wise and caring doctors who do their best to get us through this time of year. . . . #asthmakid #asthmasucks #breathingtreatment #weatherchange #asthmaandallergies #allergymom #asthmamom #momsofinsta #texasmom #texasweather #girlmomlife #blessedmommy #joyfulmommas #december12 #documentyourday
My first cake with kithenaid standmixer. I made a chocolate cake with self rising flour. Don’t need to worry about baking powder. Here is my mama’s recipe Selfrisingflour 1 cup Cocoa powder 1/3 cup +one tablespoon Sugar 3/4 cup Oil 1 and 1/3cup Vanilla extract 1 tsp Eggs 2 Beat eggs and then sugar. Add vanilla and then oil. Mix well and add flour and cocoa powder and mix the batter for 5 mix on high. Bake it at 350 degrees for 30 mins. Enjoy👍 #ilovebaking #bakingacake #dairyfree #soyfree #nutfree #wisconsinfoodie #asthmaandallergies #kidswithfoodallergies #cake #kidsbake #littlechef #todaysfood #learningtobake #usa #bakingforfun #joyofcooking
Things that make me sad. You’ll never get an attendance award. Upper respiratory horribleness will forever keep you from it. I’ll always have anxiety over if you’re learning enough vs the days you’ve missed. Day number 12 this Monday. Let’s see how long this one lasts. . . . #asthmasucks #asthmaandallergies #upperrespitory #anxiety
Yesterday was a good day. It was still difficult to get any food down, but her energy was up. That changed today. Her throat is so tight she's having trouble swallowing water and it's all starting to depress her. She was in tears asking when we can get into the GI doctor, of course no matter how often I call....everyone has an emergency and needs to see the GI so we have to wait until December. The last real food she was able to eat without feeling an allergic reaction and going into Esophageal spasms was sweet potato so I peeled, roasted, and blended one thinning it out with water. I have to wait and see if she can drink it though as she has now fallen asleep from all the frustration and pain.12 days is a long time to only have broth for food.-mom 😷#esophagitis #eoe #esophogealspasms #eosinophilicesophagitis #foodallergies #asthmaandallergies #pollensucks #guthealthmatters #chronicesophagitis #hungry #liquiddietsucks #autoimmunedisease #dysphagia
Parent Sucking Baby's Pacifier May Benefit Their Health If you’re a parent, you’ve probably done this at least once (it’s okay, admit it, we won’t judge). Your baby’s pacifier falls to the ground and you’ve got nothing to clean it with. So, you put it in your mouth for a quick saliva rinse before giving it back to your little one. Although it may seem gross to some, it may benefit your child’s heath, according to new research from the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. The study found that babies whose parents used this unconventional cleaning method had a lower level of the antibody that is linked to the development of allergies and asthma. The researchers, led by Eliane Abou-Jaoude, MD, a Henry Ford allergist fellow and the study's lead author, theorize parents may be passing healthy oral bacteria in their saliva that will affect the early development of their child's immune system. "Although we can't say there's a cause and effect relationship, we can say the microbes a child is exposed to early on in life will affect their immune system development," Abou-Jaoude said. https://bit.ly/2Q2WNlp #henryfordhealthsystem #asthmaandallergies #immunesystem
Last week’s post about the fact that vaccinated kids suffer more chronic illness than unvaccinated kids generated a lot of conversation. Many asked for the data supporting this claim. This graphic represents the data from one recent publication from 2017 representing more than 700 6-12yr old kids. As you can see - both sides have risks. Unvaccinated kids have an increased risk of measles and chickenpox (both of which are VERY treatable with Naturopathic medicine). What’s worse is the fully vaccinated kiddos had double the rate of chronic diseases like asthma, eczema, recurrent ear infections, etc. So what should a parent do? Well if your child already suffers from any of the conditions listed here, you may want to consider delaying or skipping any upcoming scheduled vaccines (talk to a well trained functional medicine doc first). Also if you have a strong family history of asthma, allergies, autoimmunity, etc then you may want to delay or minimize vaccines for yourself AND your children. #factcheck #asthmaandallergies #allergykids #earinfection #foodallergyawareness #atopicdermatitis #adhdawareness #educatebeforeyouvaccinate #stopmandatoryvaccination #ifthereisarisktheremustbeachoice #vaccines #vaccineinjuryawareness #vaccineadverseeventsreportingsystem #holisticfamily #holistickids #functionalmedicine #holisticurgentcare #scottsdaleaz
Traveling with Food Allergies makes finding local markets a must. This Whole Foods market was 4 floors of beauteous! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 But those meringues though!😳🤣
Supporting our health is doable while flying with bring along snacks👍🏽 Portable turmeric mix is just the thing for fighting off germs and inflammation! Just open & pour into your drink! Gluten free to go please😆 I prefer to bring my own snacks so I’m not at the mercy of airlines or airport stores👍🏽👍🏽 Healthy travels!🛫
when you suffer from #asthmaandallergies #asthmatic #asthmaattack #asthmaproblems #springandfallaretheallergyenenmy #allergiesarekillingme #allergens 😱😣😒😷😩😧😳 🚫🌱🌾🌳🍃🍁🍂 🚫🐈🐕🐇🐦🐎🐐 #etc ...
Pictured; My sweet, wild haired, blue eyed, sometimes nursing, mostly bottle fed, your air ways are so small boy. Not pictured; The new nebulizer tubing prescribed just for him. The moment his Peds dr handed it to me, apologizing. Knowing. The wind was knocked from my lungs. Not pictured is My anxiety that could fill a room. The ignorance I feel, spinning from a whole new set of needs. Always separate from a road I’ve previously had to navigate. Not pictured the hours spent listening to you breathe. Traveling a well worn path between our bed and brothers. Always listening. Continuously flirting with a line drawn in the sand. The line never escaping the waves. Endlessly changing. Not pictured, my inability it recover. Damage control. #asthma #asthmaandallergies #asthmajourney #round2 #fortheloveofboys #mommyanxiety #momlife
Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and apple crumble is definitely a must-have recipe when the leaves start falling 🍃🍂🍁. Today’s recipe is SO SIMPLE and so good, you have to try it out: Crumble - 1/2 package @deemuesli - 2 apple cinnamon Ommie bars - 1/3 cup ghee - 1/2 cup almond flour - cinnamon to taste Apples - 7 apples peeled, cored, chopped - 1/4 cup ghee - 1/4 cup date syrup or maple syrup - cinnamon to taste Layer crumble, then apples, then more crumble. Bake for 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees until apples are soft. With a scoop of ice-cream.... delish!! . Recipe and 📸: @cookingwithkristina . #allergyfriendlyfood #healthyfoods #cleaningredients #delicious #sweettooth #vegan #energybars #allergyfriendly #foodallergyfriendly #eatmindfully #vegansnacks #vegan #healthysnacks #healthyeats #asthmaandallergies #allergies #foodallergies #allergy -friendly #allergyfree #kidsnacks #schoolsafesnacks #healthysnacksforkids #healthysnacks #snacksforkids #snacktime #snackfood #snacks #veganfoodshare #entrepreneur #iamOmmie
I have completely given up on pretending that I’m not completely exhausted more hours of the day than not. If people don’t like it, I just tell them to try breathing through a coffee straw for years and then get back to me. Scared for surgery but also so very hopeful that it’s really going to change my life. #trachealstenosis #badatbreathing #asthmaandallergies #soverytired
Asthma is a lung problem that can make it hard to breathe. Breathing, as you know, is pretty important when you're running a race or working out...Your body needs the oxygen it gets from breathing to work properly. And your body needs even more oxygen when you're exercising...childrens Growing up with asthma is tough. Not because of the everyday symptoms such as wheezing, suffocation, dry cough and the perpetual cold. It is hard because of the things they had to give up, and the things they couldn't have... some children s are born healthy, but after a couple of years..sone may develop poor lung function. A range of factors could trigger such symptoms, such as dust, pollen, cold beverages, fur from animals and stuffed toys, smoke, exercise, and dry or cold air...many of children's are prone to Allergic asthma...this condition is more harder for parents to deal with it... asthma needs to be taken seriously. Trigger avoidance is the best way to prevent an episode, but in the event of one, don't try to alleviate symptoms for you or your child with home remedies. An episode is almost always accompanied by a panic attack, and only the person suffering from it understands its severity. Steroidal treatments are the only way to stop an attack, and taking asthma casually can result in frightening consequences - even death. Asthmatic kids shouldn't have to live sheltered lives. It's important to take precautions and always be prepared for the worst, but it's important for a child with asthma to lead a normal life. Even though most asthmatic children can't undergo strenuous physical activity, parents should still let children be themselves and engage with their friends. Through education and appropriate treatment, asthmatic children can fit in with their peers and enjoy a normal childhood. #asthma #asthmaproblems #asthmaandallergies #asthmatic #keepbreathing #momblogger #kidswithasthma #poorlungs #eatfresh #air
Those pesky sneezes from cold & flu season ( and more) can spell trouble for those with asthma!🤧😱 Vanessa & Mikal have a new blog post all about this!👍🏽 Titled Asthma & Sneezing, What Can You Do? Under Asthma nHealth & Care 👏🏽 Grab a tissue and come on over to LivingThruGrace and learn how to protect those weary lungs from flaring from sneezing & wheezing!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
When all of our specialist appointments are in Ft. Worth we squeeze in a zoo trip to our day 🦏🐅🐆🦓🦒 #zooday #fortworthzoo #familytime #girlmomlife #toddlermomlife #dfwmom #texasmoms #documentyourday #asthmaandallergies #earinfection
As a parent, you’re always aware of your child’s health and needs. Every little sign such as a slight cough or simply feeling unwell makes you to be aware that your child is ill. Your child more likely might have a need for nebuliser if they have a respiratory disorder like asthma, chronic bronchitis or other symptoms that cause the need for breathing assistance. SelfDiagnostics KIWI Nebuliser is a easy method for your child to inhale medication where required.#asthma #breathfreely 🍃 #happykids #healthyliving #familygoals #nebulizer #beresponsible #breathingtreatment #hayfever #breathingmask #asthmaandallergies #asthmaandkids
The dark circles were back the week you started school. The wheezing started shortly after, while you had the stomach virus. Tonight the deep rattle has set in. Well within your chest. Shattering my heart as I sit and listen to you breathe. It’s barely October, but our season has started. My anxiety is crippling. All over again. . . . #asthma #asthmaandallergies #fortheloveofboys #croupseason
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