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They tie you up and cover your mouth You can see the injustices but can’t stop them You can scream against the hand that holds you But no one will hear you And even if they did... What do you care, right? Nothing’s happened to you Yet. —————————————— Te atan las manos y tapan la boca Puedes ver las injusticias pero no pararlas Puedes gritar a la mano que te calla Pero nadie te oye Y aun si lo hicieran... Pues a ti que te importa verdad? No te ha pasado nada Aun.
tranquility 🚤
[ dawn ] met a man who could tread the waters and overcome the thunderstorms ——————————————————— 📸 • @editt.ed 🎆 • @editt.ed 📍 • Philippines ——————————————————— #aov #way2ill #astifilia #ig_color #yourshotphotographer #alphahype #illgrammers #gramslayers #moodygrams #gameoftones #ourstreetdays #houseoftones #serialshooters #rawurbanshots #urbanromantix #cripixtmovement #unknownperspectives #mightydreamers #nightshooters #heatercentral #creativeoptic #artofvisuals
Live in peace With others and with yourself Everyone has their own world inside their minds Be part of it Add to it But don’t destroy it ————————————— Vive en paz Con otros y contigo mismo Todos tienen su propio mundo dentro de sus mentes Se parte de el Agrégale Pero no lo destruyas
. Walk with me by my side, May nothing give you fright, All we need is each other, Now and in the hereafter, Feeling the enjoyment Moment by moment From my mind to your mind, When you walk with me by my side. . . . . . #yeg #Edmonton #kellyramseyyeg #city_features #gramslayers #urbanrogues #infinityurban #urbanluminous #sevenaround #theperspectve #acreativevisual #theimaged #killercaptures #gramvisions #astifilia #wizardsoftones #killaframez #optimalmoments #artofvisuals #ig_killerz #fatalframes
Be wild Chase dreams and climb trees Don’t let anyone stop you As you climb your way to happiness ——————————————— Se salvaje Persigue sueños y trepa arboles No dejes que nadie te detenga Mientras que trepas hacia la felicidad
Open your mind Expose it To different people To different stories To different situations And learn to appreciate them Even if you don’t like them Even if you don’t agree with them —————————————— Abre tu mente Exponla A diferentes personas A diferentes historias A diferentes situaciones Y aprende a apreciarlas Aun si no te gustan Aun si no estas de acuerdo
we love beauty so much that we cut the most beautiful flowers just so we can have possession of them, and even though we know they’ll die, we’re still satisfied; cause for one moment, we held something so beautiful
whats the use? 🏎
The Watcher
Girls can like wearing suits too Girls can like the color blue Girls can like whatever it is they like Whether it is architecture or design Girls can be ‘masculine’ too And that doesn’t mean they are worth any less ——————————————— A las mujeres les puede gustar usar trajes Les puede gustar el color azul Les puede gustar lo que sea que les guste Ya sea arquitectura o diseño Las mujeres pueden ser ‘masculinas’ también Y eso no significa que valen menos
In the bleak midwinter
We don’t have to conform to what society says we have to be Let’s be who we want to be —————————————— No nos tenemos que conformar a lo que dice la sociedad que tenemos que ser Seamos quien queremos ser
Goodies 😀 #wakai
Boys can like flowers too Boys can like pink too Boys can like whatever they like Whether it is ballet dancing or skating or both Boys can be ‘feminine’ too And that doesn’t mean they should fear for their lives —————————————————— A los hombres también les pueden gustar las flores A los hombres también les puede gustar el rosado Les puede gustar lo que sea que les guste Ya sea el ballet o patinar o ambos Los hombres pueden ser ‘femeninos’ también Y eso no significa que deberían temer por sus vidas
its not living if its not with you 💕
there’s always something good coming. remember that.
So you think you can tell heaven from hell?
Don’t let the insecurities the world presents you eat away at you. The “you should” and “you were better when”, The “if you just did this” and “if you just had that”. Celebrate Yourself. ———————————————————— Que no te coman las inseguridades que te presenta el mundo. Los “deberías de” y “estabas mejor cuando”, Los “si hicieras esto” y “si tuvieras aquello”. Celebrate
this used to be a worm with legs ——————————————————— 📸 • @editt.ed 🎆 • @editt.ed 📍 • Philippines ——————————————————— #aov #way2ill #astifilia #ig_color #darkmobs #alphahype #illgrammers #gramslayers #moodygrams #gameoftones #ourstreetdays #houseoftones #serialshooters #rawurbanshots #urbanromantix #cripixtmovement #unknownperspectives #mightydreamers #nightshooters #heatercentral #creativeoptic #artofvisuals
This year i’ll be doing the new edits for @supersocialamsterdam 💥🔥 also awesome to team up with my homie @vience96 who’s making all the beats for the edits!❤️❤️❤️
Tunnel vision
Always reaching for something else, someone else. That you can’t have, that you can’t be. So let’s just try to Love Ourselves ——————————————— Siempre tratando de alcanzar algo mas, a alguien mas. Que no podes tener, que no podes ser. Así que solo tratemos de Amarnos.
I like dark days, sometimes....🌫
No one knows who you really are Not even you do Look closer Get to know yourself ——————————————— Nadie sabe quien eres en realidad Ni siquiera tu misma Mira mas de cerca Conócete
finally got a chance to shoot some landscapes 🏞
“Her mind was like a balloon with static cling, attracting random ideas as they floated by.” -Jonathan Franzen ———————————————— “Su mente era como un globo con estática, atrayendo ideas mientras pasaban flotando.” -Jonathan Franzen
“I’d be smiling and chatting away, and my mind would be floating around somewhere else, like a balloon with a broken string.” -Haruki Murakami ———————————————— “Estaré sonriendo y hablando, y mi mente estará flotando en algún otro lado, como un globo con el hilo roto.” -Haruki Murakami
“Hope is a helium balloon. It is a wish lantern set out into the dark sky of night.” -Sharon Weil —————————————— “La esperanza es como un globo con helio. Es una linterna de deseos liberada en el cielo oscuro de la noche.” -Sharon Weil
Stumbled upon this block party at the top of a stairway in Pula last summer!👌🏻
my brother: “it’s a big dog!” ——————————————————— 📸 • @editt.ed 🎆 • @editt.ed 📍 • Philippines ——————————————————— #aov #way2ill #astifilia #ig_color #darkmobs #alphahype #illgrammers #gramslayers #moodygrams #gameoftones #ourstreetdays #houseoftones #serialshooters #rawurbanshots #urbanromantix #cripixtmovement #unknownperspectives #mightydreamers #nightshooters #heatercentral #creativeoptic #yourshotphotographer
“The heart of another is a dark forest, always, no matter how close it has been to one’s own.” -Willa Cather ——————————————— “El corazón de otra persona es un bosque oscuro, siempre, sin importar que tan cerca estuvo al de uno mismo.” -Willa Cather
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