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HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO THIS WONDER WOMAN! ♥️♥️♥️ @sanpan211 thank youuuuu for being the best person that you are. Everything that you do or say, is wonderful! I wish you nothing but endless happiness, ma’am! 😘💛 I pray to allah to always strengthen your faith more in positivity, hope, light and love! I pray to Him; to give you toooooo much of His blessings and keep you under His love. ♥️ Ma’am, we love the way you are so supportive and so involved into what we do for sooraj. It just shows us that we have got the “approval” from the pancholi family to be the way we are! 😂♥️🙌 ~ We looooovveeee you so much! we love you we love you we love you we love you! please don’t change at allll... and stay the same amazing person. 💛🤗 AGAIN, we LOOOOOVVVVEEEE youuuuuuuu!!!! 😍😍🙌🙌🤗🤗💛💛♥️♥️😘😘😘 .. @sanpan211
• • 🎥 Герой / Hero 🎥 • 📆 2015 📆 • 🎶 O Khuda 🎶 • 🎭 @athiyashetty & @soorajpancholi 🎭 • 📜Сурадж — уличный гангстер, которому однажды пришлось похитить девушку по приказу своего отца, криминального авторитета, мотающего срок в тюрьме, и очень жаждущего отомстить своему обидчику. Радха — дочь главы полиции, гламурная девочка с амбициями, которые быстро развеялись, стоило ей оказаться в руках симпатичного незнакомца. Впрочем, о том, что ее похитили она даже не догадывается, а спокойно наслаждается жизнью в компании веселых ребят и того самого красавчика. Сердца молодых людей замирают при виде друг друга, и, кажется, вот-вот настанет момент, когда будут произнесены заветные три слова «я люблю тебя», но тут им вдруг напоминают истинную цель их странного уединения. Реальная жизнь вклинивается между влюбленными, пытаясь разлучить и заставляя сделать трудный выбор между чувствами и семейным долгом. • #️⃣ #india #bollywood #followme #salmankhan #athiyashetty #surajpancholi #soorajpancholi #hero #mainhoonherotera #love #индия #индийскоекино #индийскийфильм #индийскиефильмы #болливуд #салманкхан #атьяшетти #сураджпанчоли #герой
sooraj snapped at bastain today!! he looks so cuteeee when he smiles 😂♥️😍😭 welcome back to your hometown herooo! 🙌 .. @soorajpancholi
some aesthetic for youuu, hero! ♥️♥️ i love you now, and forever! ✨🙌 // @soorajpancholi
Damn baby ! Feelin’it 👠 with @mrigakshij #shemoveitlike @iamwarinahussain
sana ma’am, it’s your day tomorrow!! it’s your birthday and i cannot wait for ittt! you’re a beautiful soul inside out and anyone like you, deserves nothing but endless happiness! ♥️♥️ love you always! love your energy and love your positivity towards many things. love how you smile and talkkkk! 😘♥️🙌✨ ~ Happiest birthday in advance, you beautiful hearted person! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ .. @sanpan211 @soorajpancholi
him viewing my story is all i neeeeddddd!!! thank youu so much for this sooraj! we LOVE youuu! ♥️♥️🙌💃 have a safe flight to mumbai, love! ✨ .. @soorajpancholi
guess who’s going back homeee? please tell us satellite has been completed 😍♥️ can’t wait to see you on screen baba.. make it happen sooonnnnn please!! 🙏🏻😭💛 .. @soorajpancholi
Another One...💫 One of my fav song😘 #mainhoonherotera #hero #surajpancholi #athiyashetty #armaanmalik
“Dunya yeh jeet gayi, dil haar gaya... nahi socha tha mil kar, kabhi honge judaaaa”😔💔 One of the biggest problems a relationship can have is the families not agreeing because of whatever reason and at that point you can’t hurt your parents so most of the time you just decide to sacrifice your love🤷🏻‍♀️ ♥️ Am I right?? Movie: Hero Song: O Khuda❣️ @athiyashetty @soorajpancholi #love #hero #okhuda #athiyashetty #soorajpancholi #pyaar #mohobbat #ishq #dhoka #ektarfapyaar #couples #sadsong #bollywood #bollywoodsong #waitingforlove #india #indiansong #bollywoodactors #family #majboori #shayari #khuda #lakeerein #dil #intezaar #tseries #taqdeer
wanna end my day with this beaauuutiful duo of mother-son! i absolutely love how they are so close and cute all the time!!♥️♥️ mashallah!!♥️♥️🙌 .. @soorajpancholi
Gold of Bollywood 🌟. @soorajpancholi
Miss.Precious👑 @athiyashetty
Throwback ~ proud proud moment for all the soorajians.. sooraj winning the best debut!! ♥️♥️🙌💃💃 many many more to come sooraj baba!! ♥️ .. @soorajpancholi
sooraj x instagram story! ♥️♥️ this team is surely dedicated and passionate towards the film! can’t wait to see how this effort pans out on screen! ♥️🙌💃 .. @soorajpancholi
this made me smile. sooraj, you’re a beauuuutiful soul! ♥️💛 i can’t wait for the world to see you on screen.. i simply can’t waitttt! 💃♥️✨🙌 .. @soorajpancholi
happy birthday @sooraj__afsha i hope you have a good day! ♥️♥️ and i hope sooraj wishes you too! 🙏🏻♥️ .. @sooraj__afsha @soorajpancholi wish herrr! 💛✨
seeing all of these pictures is just making me more excited!! ♥️♥️🙌🙌 all the best herooo.. you’re gonna become the dancing star soon 😂♥️💃 .. @soorajpancholi
Song: Dancing Floor Ka Legend Movie: Hero #bollywood #dance #athiyashetty #hindi #desi #bollywooddance #love
Slay Game On 🎯 .@iamwarinahussain
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