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Sometimes you need to slow down, remain calm breathe and simple let life happen... 💙🌲🙏 #mountains #lake #explore #adventure #views #watter #treeking #roadtrip #bears #challenge #explore #love #outdoors #travelingram #discovernature #ig_world_colors #world_great #awesomeworldtrip #canon 📸 #canada 🇨🇦
✧ In my happy place: a backpack, bare feet & the desert ✧ ➵ ✧ Who of you girls have done backpacking and how was your experience? What was the most challenging thing for you? Would you do it again? ✧ #namibia #desert #desertlife #freedom #hippieforlife #hippie #barefeet #africa #iloveafrica #travelforever #travellerslife #afghan #couple #travellers #aroundtheworld #bestplacestogo #wonderfulplaces #damaraland #awesomeworldtrip
✧ The road to freedom seems easy, but it’s hard work. As we don’t post about those hardships, you only get the idea that we have a perfect life. And all we do is traveling, which we don’t. As we both tasted how it was to be working a 9 to 5 job, we are working hard to stand on our own feet and be digital nomads for the upcoming years. Unless an offer comes from Google or Apple of course, which especially Farhang would happily accept 😂 ✧ ➵ ✧ BTW, who of you guys works in or around Silicon Valley and would like to give us a tour around any of the Big Tech campuses? DM us, please! ✧ #freedom #workhard #dreams #digitalnomad #lifegoals #nzmustdo #nz #newzealand #newzealandfinds @purenewzealand #beautifulview #allaboutadventures #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #wanderout #raodtrip #hikingcouple @beautifuldestinations #earthpix @earthpix #tourtheplanet #takemoreadventures #awesomeworldtrip
✧ Next week we’ll land in the Big Apple, the city of big dreams! After that, we’ll roadtrip through California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada. Curious if the landscape will be as impressing as New Zealand 🙈 ✧ ➵ ✧ Have you been to both countries? Which one is your fav? ✧ #nzmustdo #nz #newzealand #newzealandfinds @purenewzealand #beautifulview #allaboutadventures #lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #wanderout #raodtrip #drone #droneshot #hikingcouple @beautifuldestinations #earthpix @earthpix #tourtheplanet #takemoreadventures #awesomeworldtrip
✧ Artists’ paradise in Melbourne ✧ ➵ ✧ We are ready to show you guys our itenerary for the USA , check out Stories! Although we’d love to meet many of you guys in the USA, it’s difficult to plan beforehard as we’d like to keep our itenerary flexible. Maybe it’s a better idea if we do a meet&greet in NY or San Fran to be able to meet all of you at once! What do you guys think? Vote on Stories 🤙🏼 ✧ #melbourne #visitmelbourne #melbourneiloveyou #art #grafiti #seeaustralia #travelaustralia #downunder #iloveaustralia #beautifuldestinations #travelholic #travelblogger #lovetotravel #afghan #afghani #travelinspo #afghancouple #mytravelgram #travellerslife #awesomeworldtrip
✧ Traveling is most epic when nobody else is around! Exploring countries the mass tourism hasn’t discovered yet came with the best experiences for us ❤️✧ ➵ ✧ Which countries have you visited that was the same? No tourists, no clicking cameras, no instagrammers 🙈 , etc. Let us know, so we know where to book next! ;) ✧ #tajikistan #pamir #pamirhighway #roadtrip #hiddengems #offtheroad #centralasia #silkroad #putcentralasiabackonthemap #heritage #femmetravel #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #traveltheworld #mountains #mountaingirl #traveljunkie #seetheworld #afghan #afghangirl #afghancouple #awesomeworldtrip
✧ That detailed mosaic though ✧ ➵ ✧ Thank you all for your lovely comments and dm’s about our Guzaarish video! Would you like to see more of these short vids on our insta instead of just highlight videos of countries we visit? They sure are fun to make! ✧ #uzbekistan #bukhara #tashkent #samarkand #uzbek #centralasia #silkroad #putcentralasiabackonthemap #heritage #femmetravel #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #traveltheworld #dreamy #traveljunkie #seetheworld #afghan #afghangirl #afghancouple #awesomeworldtrip
✧ And the celebrations continue! All dressed up because hubby’s birthday <3 ✧ ➵ ✧ An evening with closest family, some nice food, music, dance and fun games! ✧ #afghan #afghani #couple #travelcouple #travelbloggers #afghans #afghanistan #holland #birthday #happybirthday #birthdayparty #birthdaygirl #birthdayboy #birthdaycouple #birthdaycelebration #family #friends #dressedup #awesomeworldtrip
✧ One of the most unique places of Namibia; when the ocean and the sanddunes meet 😍✧ ➵ ✧ Two more weeks to go until we hit the road again, sooooo excited! ✧ #namibia #desert #desertlife #ocean #oceandrive #misty #africa #iloveafrica #travelforever #travellerslife #afghan #couple #travellers #aroundtheworld #bestplacestogo #wonderfulplaces #swakopmund #awesomeworldtrip
✧ It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday Imma spend my money, it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday Imma live my fantasy! This girl is 30 years old pheww! 🎈🎊🎉 Many ask me how it feels not being a 20-something anymore and I answer that it ain’t feels different at all! The thing is that I had certain thoughts about what I wanted to achieve before my 30’s and I got all I wanted (feeling blessed); Graduation, marrying my soulmate, traveling the world and living/working in a whole other country! If you have no REGRETS, you’ll be HAPPY no matter your age. Next goals before reaching 35; starting my own company to live the digital nomad life for a few years, moving to the USA and last but not least, becoming a mom 🙈 ✧ ➵ ✧ How do you feel about your age and what do you think about people giving themselves ‘the famous afghan age-discount?’😂✧ #afghan #girl #afghans #afghani #afghanistan #exploring #amsterdam #canals #iamsterdam #holland #birthday #happybirthday #birthdayparty #birthdaygirl #birthdaycelebration #family #friends #awesomeworldtrip
✧ Waiting for Aladdin to enter the scene🙈 ✧ ➵ ✧ So many of you who decided to visit Uzbekistan after we posted about our travels there! This only keeps us motivating to share more of our experiences with you, so you can enjoy the world as much as we do!💙 ✧ #uzbekistan #bukhara #tashkent #samarkand #uzbek #centralasia #silkroad #putcentralasiabackonthemap #heritage #femmetravel #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #traveltheworld #dreamy #traveljunkie #seetheworld #awesomeworldtrip
✧Three generations ❤️ ✧ ➵ ✧ Working on new travel videos, so excited to launch them soon! Keep an eye out guys 🤙🏼✧ #rajasthan #incredibleindia #travelrealindia #indiagram #everydayindia #storiesofindia #travellifestyle #culture #cultural #tradition #asia #seetheworld #travelholic #lovetheworld #awesomeworldtrip
✧ Many people have asked us how we manage to travel together for so long and not have killed each other by now! I always say that if you want to know how solid your relationship is, go traveling 😜 Living together can be easy peasy compared to living on the road. There’s more stress involved, like finding a decent roof above your head (without cockroaches, mice and lizards chilling around), having food on time (without getting sick) and preventing hangry moments, dealing with unanticipated events (like getting your mobile stolen), many other (negative) surprises and therefore more fights! So how do we deal with this? From our own personal experience, we can give you the following advise: - While travelling you take more risks, so take care of your own and partners’ health and safety as you’re responsible for each other - Give each other space when needed, like going for a walk or jog-session - Try staying flexible on plans and ideas (everything can change in a second) - Discuss frustrations openly and actively preventing sudden outbursts - Take a break from traveling every now and then and stay longer in one place to get mental and physical rest - Make sure to have spare snacks and drinks, and have meals at regular times to prevent fearful hangry symptoms - Try to split up work on preparations, budget controlling, etc, so one person doesn’t have all the responsibility Having said all this, we are blessed to have a really good connection and wanting the same things. This automatically leads to less tension in our relationship whether we’re living together in one place or traveling all the time ✧ ➵ ✧ How do you guys cope with each other while traveling? What works for you and what absolutely not? Share share share🙈 ✧ #afghan #afghani #couple #travelcouple #travelbloggers #travelpic #travelinspiration #lifelessons #awesomeworldtrip
✧ This was our very last night captured in Melbourne. We remember we actually wanted to do nothing that evening and just watch the sunset for one last time in our beloved city. Wasn’t surprised when Australia was showing off once again knewing that moment will be engraved in our minds forever✧ ✧ Damn you Melbourne! Why did you have to be so perfect?! 😭😍✧ #melbourne #seeaustralia #travelaustralia #downunder #iloveaustralia #awesomeview #beautifulsky #orangesky #sunset_pics #sunset_captures #travelholic #travelblogger #lovetotravel #awesomeworldtrip
✧ In Japan, we got introduced to many beautiful aspects of the Japanese culture, its respectful people and their way of life. But quite unexpected, we were also shocked by certain things: 1. The Japanese work ethic; they are one of the most hard-working people, maintaining a 60-hours workweek is seen as very normal and going home before your boss is frowned upon. In big cities like Tokyo, Hiroshima and Osaka, we would see so many men in suits wasted on the streets, right after working hours. Locals told us this strict work performance and peer pressure is taking its toll in that way. 2. Japan has one of the highest suicide rates due social isolation (technology making this even worse), financial pressure and because of its rule oriented society; there is no room for emotions or expressing your feelings. 3. This also leads to the next problem: intimacy & sex. When walking past many stores in the inner cities, we felt we got exposed to many forms of fetishism, but it got worrying when it came really close to pedophilia. We felt as if the country was turning a blind eye to this problem and as if was just accepted as it was. There were actually stores where you could buy pedophile manga, sex dolls which were supposed to portray children and many other sick things like adult manga girls on the street acting like children (high pitched voice, behavior, etc.) Why is this even okay in Japan? ✧ ➵ ✧ What shocked you the most while traveling in a certain country? ✧ #japan #japantravel #culture #lifestyle #shocking #wth #mentalhealthawareness #travels #worldtrip #travelstory #travelforever #travelmoments #traveltheglobe #afghan #couple #awesomeworldtrip
✧ Take only memories, leave only footprints✧
✧ Loved photographing young novices in Laos! Life in the monasteries can be super tough: The young monks follow a strict daily routine, living communally, sharing food and daily chores. Some former monks said that they would often go to bed hungry, but that this was necessary to prepare for life as a fully-fledged monk, who often practice strict regimes of fasting and meditation 🧘🏽‍♂️✧ ➵ ✧ Send us your portraits of locals when traveling! I’ll share the most unique ones on our stories 😊✧
✧ After visiting so many countries, there are always some places that captures your heart in a different way. Byron Bay was that kinda place for us, don’t know wether it was the laidbackness, the hippy vibe, serene beaches or the never-ending summer nights. All we know is we promised ourselves that one day we’ll go back to live there ✧ ➵ ✧ Which place makes your ❤️ go faster? ✧
✧ There is a desert I long to be walking. A wide emptiness. Peace beyond any understanding of it ✨Rumi✨✧ ➵ ✧I know there are some Rumi lovers out there, what is your favourite Rumi quote? ✧
✧ When you get lost in the Namibian desert, so you make the best out of it! 😍Best place to meditate with the wind gushing through your hair and some unusual animal sounds✧ ➵ ✧ Do you meditate? There are people who think it’s wack and then you got people who are big fans. Which one are you? And if you are familiar with it, what has it taught you so far? ✧
✧ ‘Hey Mursal, go and stand there so I can take pictures. And don’t worry about all those people staring. They’ll go away’ said Farhang. Until they didn’t. And it all became pretty awekward 😂 ✧ ➵ ✧ In many countries, including Uzbekistan, India & China, we almost felt like famous movie stars due to the (extreme) curiosity and interest of locals (which was real fun btw❤️) In which country did you experience the same? ✧ Wearing @kewangen
✧ We won’t stop traveling until we’ve seen the sunset from every coast in the world✧ ➵ ✧ Our tickets to the US are booked baby! We are looking for iteneraries around New York and California! Who of you guys are from the US or have ever been there? Put yo hands up 🙌🏼 What are the absolute must do’s/see’s around those areas? (as you know, we are always looking for hidden gems, off the beaten tracks, non-touristy spots, you get the idea 😋) Let us know and help us create an awesome route through the USA ✧
✧ Bagh-e-Fin is a beautiful historical Garden in Kashan with baths, greenery and natural springs, all surrounded by the hot & dry desert. Closest thing that comes to a real-life mirage we’ve ever seen✧ ➵ ✧ Have you been to Iran? How was your experience? And how true did you find the stereotype image of the country the Western media likes to portray? ✧
✧ One of the sickest sunsets we’d seen in Australia during our roadtrip from Melbourne to Sydney✧ ➵ ✧Comment with 🌅 & send us your most epic sunset pics! I’ll share the most beautiful ones on our Stories! ✧
✧ Kisses from Berlin ✧ ➵ ✧ We enjoyed our long weekend trip here in Germany, Berlin sure is somewhat different from other European cities; it’s laidback, not too busy or touristy and so so cheap haha, as you may have noticed from all the food we were endulging 😭 @germanytourism
Springtime at Mt. Fuji 😍🗻 Follow us: @_allthingstraveling_ for daily beautiful pictures of the Earths beautiful wonders! 🌏 . . . . 📽 Photo by @nois7
✧ Thank you for your lovely comments and messages on our wedding performance. Although Farhang couldn’t sleep well last night, because his street cred is gone according to him (and already planning to up his game again), we still appreciate the love you shower us with. This also motivates me to upload part 2 haha! ✧ ➵ ✧ So another thing I did on our wedding is surprising him by singing one of our fav songs. I don’t speak Portugese, but I learned how to sing a song in that language 😅 Ps. My bad hair is due the humidity that night (remember Monica in Friends) and ok all the dancing obviously 😛✧
✧ As some of you already dm’ed us about it (can’t believe you guys remember btw 😍❤️), it’s our 11th year anniversary! ✨🎈🎉🎊As the tradition goes, I always post something from our wedding so we decided to post some of the performances we did. Obviously it was gonna be on a MJ song. Much love to all the background dancers who performed with us. Although they might have needed some extra practice, especially the guys in the back and don’t get me started on Farhang 😂✧ ➵ ✧ So this was the point when our parents wished they had normal Afghan children. The bride who changed and came back as MJ and the groom as a zombie? 😂Would you also perform on your wedding? And what theme would it be? Tell us! ✧
✧ For me personally, spring stands for new beginnings. So it was then when I gave my notice at work, explaining why I couldn’t work there anymore. I have learned what I find important in a job; growth and development opportunities, inspiration, diversity, room for manoeuvre and creativity, but also freedom to determine my own working days, times and vacation 🙌🏼. It’s difficult to accept that in these times we are still being told how to work and are binded to so many rules as if we can’t be responsible enough to determine this ourselves✧ ➵ ✧ So to keep it short, I am looking for a new career path! For that, I need inspiration and have been reading around about all the possibilities out there. I am also very curious what kind of jobs you guys have (and secretly I also just love to get to know you better!😜). What do you do for a living? Are you working for someone else or do you have your own start-up? What do you appreciate about your job, but also what do you hate about it? What does a dream job actually mean to you? ✧
The Taj Mahal is so distractingly astonishing that you forget the buildings surrounding it are also pearls on their own. Who can tell us the story behind the Taj Mahal? ➵ Thank you all so much for the responses on our previous post: so most people mentioned NY, California, Canadian cities, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Guatemala and Nicaragua (try pronouncing this without twisting your tongue😂), Paraguay and some European countries like Spain, Sweden (brrrrr, as if Holland isn’t cold enough), England and Austria! Off all this, USA & Canada stays the most interesting for us. Just the weather in Canada scares us off, because we’re not a fan of -30 degrees winterdays 😅 Let’s see where this adventure takes us!
Blending in with beautiful backgrounds in Uzbekistan 🙈 ✨ ➵ As many of you guys know, we are thinking of moving back abroad, changing jobs, (again 😅), etc. We millenials are in a luxurious position of being able to choose where we want to live and how we want to live our lives. Australia was amazing, but there are many other countries that intrigue us. America is what we’ve always dreamt of, but with Trump being president now, we need to have a plan B. This brings me to the following questions; I’m curious in what country you guys live and how you’re experiencing it? What are the advantages of living in your country? Which part of the world have you always dreamt of moving to and why?
We’ve been on the hunt for lots of cafes and dessert bars in Amsterdam lately, and we found this cute place which makes these beautiful creations. Name anything sweet, it’s got it all in one jar. Let’s say we had our share of sweets on Eid ;) ➵ Get 15% off on the @danielwellington site using code WORLDTRIP #danielwellington #DWnewclassics #ad
~ Let the sea breeze blow your hair, let the sunset bring tranquility to your heart, let the distant places you travel allow you to explore yourself ~ ➵ Wish you all a happy and blessed Eid wherever you are!
Hi Instafam, we’re back! 👋🏼 The social media detoxication was much needed with all the big changes going on in our lives, but we’re ready to pick AW back up 😉 Let’s start with a photo where you literally see us standing on top of the world 🌎 Miss doing hikes like these where the amazing views at the end totally make up for the tough climb where we mostly end up almost dying from dehydration or respiratory problems 😅 Heck, we’d do it any other day all over again! It’s been a while and I’ve missed you all, so come say HI! ❤ ➵ #destinationearth #roamtheplanet #nzmustdo #nz #newzealand #newzealandfinds @purenewzealand #beautifulview #allaboutadventures #lonelyplanet #wanderout #hiking #hikingadventures #hikingcouple @beautifuldestinations #earthpix #tourtheplanet #passionpassport #takemoreadventures #awesomeworldtrip
Can’t wait to hit the road again to get lost in a new country, sleep in our tent, forget the concept of time and location and just enjoy sunsets like these on a daily basis. Oh the simplicity of life😍🙏🏼 . Fun fact: Did you know we ALMOST bought a 4WD to roadtrip through Australia and do the Silk road all the way to Europe? . #roadtrips #travelingtheworld #getoutstayout #intothewild #mothernature #Namibia #awesomeworldtrip
It’s tulip season in Holland, that means good weather, rainbow colours and unbelievable flower fragrance which all makes it such an incredible experience! 😍 Make sure to get lost with your bike and we can assure you’ll stumble upon different, yet equally beautiful flower fields! #tulipseason #holland #netherlands #Lisse #awesomeworldtrip
#Repost @awesomeworldtrip (@get_repost ) ・・・ Country 5/10 : Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 For some reason, these historical places in Uzbekistan had a mythical mystery surrounding it. Here lay the foundation of one of the most significant empires in history. Much of todays’ science, literature, poetry and architectural wonders originated from here, founded during the Timurid dynasty. Up until today, doctors use knowledge out of the Medical Canon written by Avicenna. Up until today, millions visit one of the most stunning architectural wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal (India). Though we perceive ourselves as world citizens, we couldn’t ignore feeling a bit proud of our Central Asian backgrounds. Which with todays events in the region can sometimes be a difficult task. Back home, it was surprising to hear from my grandmother that my roots actually lie in Bukhara, Uzbekistan 😱❤️ Do you know where your roots lie exactly? #uzbekistan #silkroad #putcentralasiabackonthemap #awesomeworldtrip #2018travelgoals #VisitSamarkand #Uzbekistan #Samarkand #Registan #travel #Asia #CentralAsia
285 | On certain days , I let myself flow . Break all the barriars , all the chains , all the walls that would keep me back. On certain days , I would shine through the eyes and smile with my heart all lit up . On certain days , I would think and over think and then it all ends . . . #thoughts #flower #red #himachal #realityconnectingthoughts #india #globaldaily #bleachmyfilm #ftwotw #expofilm #quietthechaos #featurepalette #folkgood #instagood #livefolk #visualauthority #ftmedd #moodygrams #AGameofTones #AOV #visualsoflife #VSCO #CreateExplore #thecreatorclass #awesomeworldtrip #motivation #sonyalpha #indiaunraveled #thetravelturtle
This waterfall, to many known as a surreal sighting, was for me a pretty scary experience. First of all, the water was so cold I had trouble breathing normally. Second of all, the power of the water (with a drop of 20 meters) can easily be underestimated, it can not only hurt you but the constant steam makes it even more difficult breathing for an already highly claustrophobic person. And knowing we’re in far north-Queensland, a place infested with crocodiles, it wasn’t really a relaxing swim to say the least. But guess what? It was awesome when I finally swam underneath it, climbed over the stones and was literally standing behind it to enjoy the magic. I felt like Tarzan. But my Jane had no plans whatsoever to swim in the cold water… #waterfall #australia #tarzan #awesomeworldtrip
Aaaand the wedding season is back! We love Afghan weddings and as it is a big part of the Afghan culture (for those who are interested in this) we thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about it; - A traditional Afghan wedding starts around 5 pm, but guests usually arrive just before dinner which is around 10 pm or so when everyone is showing symptoms of starvation. - Afghan food on weddings sure is the best, but bad news for vegetarians; 98% of the food contains meat. - People put a lot of effort to look at their best. And they should, because of this staring contest of who can stare the longest at each other with the least amount of shame. - When the ice-breaker song starts, everyone waits till another group hits the dancefloor first. Because it’s so uncool to be dancing first obviously. - Afghan people dance exactly the same at every wedding. Compile some random wedding videos, put literally any Afghan song underneath it and you’ll be convinced it’s your cousin’s wedding. - There is usually a couple of guys whose beards are trimmed so sharply they could potentially stab someone with it. And their dance evolves from shy and nervous moves at the beginning to deadly spins and hyper-clapping louder than the 120dB sound-systems present at every ear-damaging wedding. - At every wedding you’ll usually have the exact same small talk with far relatives of the neighbour of your uncle’s wife you’ve never met before. “Kuja asti ke daraket nest?” “Walla, masroef astam da kar/dars”. While both of you know they are stalking your Insta account saying you just came back from holidays in Turkey. - Afghan weddings are THE place for your mom to find your future wife (or husband). - If you’re in need of some smoke- or alcohol-intoxication go to the women’s toilets or the men grouped at the parking lot discussing politics. - Afghan singers are proud of their Hindi accent and so will happily ruin your childhood songs forever. Do you have more fun facts? Share them with us! #afghan #afghancouple #afghanwedding #wedding #awesomeworldtrip
The mere mention of Bali evokes thoughts of a paradise!😍😍❤️ #Repost @awesomeworldtrip (@get_repost ) ・・・ Luscious rice terraces, Balinese flower baths, rich culture and spiritual yoga. Watch. Listen. Feel. 🙏🏼 ✧ Who of you guys has ever wanted to go to Bali? We’ve got a little surprise coming up for you in a few days… Stay tuned! 😉 ✧ @komanekaresorts @timur_kitchen Thank you for your hospitality ❤️ ✧ ✧ ✧ #bali #baliindonesia #visitindonesia #indonesia #ubud #balilife #baliisland #wonderfulindonesia #personaindonesia #exploreindonesia #indonesiaparadise #richculture #travelvideo #videooftheday #videography #drone #djimavic #dronefly #dronelife #traveljunkie #lifetotravel #beautifuldestinations #komanekaresorts #worlderlust #discoverearth #bestplacestogo #livetravelchannel #awesomeworldtrip #etpt
Сегодня мы чествуем с­амых красивых, дерзки­х, непредсказуемых. Т­ех, кто умеет вдохнов­лять и делает это каж­дый день. С праздником! Милые барышни!
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