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1,500ft over Great Salt Lake, Utah, shot from a Cessna 172. ✈️
The size of the dunes in Namibia just makes you feel insignificant, it’s like you exist but don’t really matter. Landscapes of this magnitude make me happy. 🤩
Hey hey, I'm back.... ~ Been a long while but I finally have some time to post regularly and keep you up to date with my goings on. ~ This shot from the @chivalryroad presents @melodownz concert a wee while back. ~ Got some crazy concert shots on the way plus a few surprises... and I'm going to be posting every 2nd day so stay tuned. ~ Stay Spicy 🌶 @thejamgram
#TBT to some of the most incredible trails I’ve had he pleasure of running. #Norway you’re incredible. ____________ #FollowTheHat ____________
Some #catfish is using this photo again in Boston. Please report. Also, I think I need to change my hair up. 💁🏼‍♀️💄
🔊 SOUND ON: Owned by Chris Burch (co-founder of Tory Burch), it’s no surprise that this eco-sustainable luxury resort has won “best everything” since its inception. Nihi Sumba promises the return to a life well lived where rugged luxury meets unregulated freedom. Book a stay here from USD 1,265++ a night at theluxenomad.com and tag someone you’d want to go here with✨ . Can’t get enough of these luxe eco resorts? Check out our full list on wanderluxe.theluxenomad.com - link in our IG stories 😉 . Video by @nihisumba 🌴
One of the most surreal moments in life.. that time we drove over the crest of mountain in South Africa and saw this heard of elephants!! Nothing can ever replace experiences!! #africa #elephants
Definitely how the stairs are meant to be used.
Calgary Skyline
Another cheeky pic from Peyto Lake cause that area is beautiful.
Sunrises make the lands of Mordor (in real life known as #Tongariro , New Zealand) look like paradise 🌄 .⠀ 📷 Stunning shot by @giuligartner 👏🏼⠀ .⠀ .⠀ 👉🏼 For a chance to be featured, follow @mtngeographic and tag #mtngeo #mtngeographic
Mount hood from across the Columbia River somewhere near the top of Dalles Mountain. #mthood #oregon #columbiarivergorge
serving night-time captures soon. stay tuned.
Please, tell me more about how woke you are, I'm actually really interested!!!!!
Throwback: Probably one of the coolest concerts I’ve ever been to. Paramore performed at the @usnavalacademy for the spring concert and it was an absolute blast. Shoutout to @paramore for the great memories!
Le SS Maheno est un navire écossais construit en 1904. Il était utilisé comme navire-hôpital pendant la 1ère Guerre Mondiale. En 1935 il fût prit dans un cyclone hivernal et a échoué sur Fraser Island.
“Visited this attraction, and was amazed by the architecture - it looks like a work of art from the outside! Would recommend looking at this, and perhaps going inside if you like”
The deciduous beech in all it's Autumnal glory
Oh just branching out. 🌳
218/365 忘了在哪看過一句話:「A monster never stops. 」,意思是怪物永不停歇,萬物總在變化,過去這一年發生了很多變化,以前的我喜歡規劃未來,希望事情按照預期發展,漸漸地我發現越是這樣想,突發狀況發生時越是痛苦。其實「不能預知的人生,是幸福的。」當變化來臨時,有耐心地接納生命中各式考驗,柔軟地面對挑戰,才是人生有趣之處! "A Monster never stops." I forgot where I saw this sentence from. Everything keeps changing in life. There were so many changes for the past one year in my life. I used to plan my future and hoped things developed just like my plans. However, I realised that when unexpected things happened out of my control, I felt more miserable. In fact, unexpected life is a kind of happiness. When challenges happen, accept them patiently and face them with flexibility. That's the fun part of life! . . . #reflection #Monster #dinosaur #taipei #taiwan #world #ig_world_colors #ig_captures #vacation #traveladdict #instadaily #vscocam #minimalism #awesupply #stayandwander #beautifuldestinations #igers #explore #travel #wanderlust #passionpassport #travelgram #placestogo #travelphotography #olivia的攝影日記 #instatravel #travelblogger #photography #instagood #instalike
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