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Hit the mega sunset jackpot tonight
presents a featured photo by @joslynkramer #igersphx
👋We've got Chas Karakey today on why Dose is AZ's ❤️favorite moving company. With 🚫NO EXTRA FEES! 😱 plus a Dose Saving Special Alert 🚨 you'll definitely want to stay 🍿tuned till the end of this 🎥video! Swipe ⬅️ to see more!
Golden Hour on Thimble Peak ✨ #whyilovewhereilive
It seems fall has decided to be much more winter like this year. Glad we got out to see the prime colors ahead of it.
When the clouds kiss the trees...
Love this shot from Saguaro National Park, Arizona! 😍 ↠ Use #ArizonaIsGorgeous to be featured! ↠ Shop our must-have Arizona apparel at the link in our bio! ↠ ↠ ↠ (📸: @bella_nugent )
...and into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul 🌲🌲🌲 #StartEmYoung #NurtureNature
Rainy day in Arizona
Story time: If you ever been to Windy Point Vista, there's a grip of people that like to go and scale the rocks. Myself included. Anyways, as I was getting as far out as I could, this concerned mom was with her young adult son. They were scaling the same rock I was on until there was a break in the rock. This little crevice in the rocks requires a light hop. Mom was not having it and made it verbal to her son. lol anyways, I took this shot when they decided to scale the rock next to the one I was one. I never got a chance to catch up and show them the pic, as I was hopping over crevices... · · Btw thank you so much for the love on the last post. My biggest hit out of all the pics I've posted. Bigger than that blood moon one and the downtown building with lightning. Thank you. * * #igarizona #explorearizona #igersaz #arizonaisgorgeous #igsouthwest #oh_arizona #ilovearizona #westbysouthwest #weroamarizona #az365 #swimages #lifeisgoodarizona #everythingarizona #azgrammers #ig_arizona #azlife #shotzdelight #mg5k #gs10k #igerstucson #igersarizona #whyilovewhereilive #tucson #arizona
Gahhh ... take me back! First time true boon dock camping with the kiddos!! That view was everything we could have wished for and more! 😍 We also quickly realized how much wildlife Arizona has when the sun goes down!! 😳 Love making these memories with my babes!!
Y’all ... I’m sipping on my coffee listening to absolute downpour going on outside and reminiscing over our little getaways this Summer. We traveled less this summer or really this year in general than we have in the past 3 years and that is hard for me. We have had so much take place in our personal & business lives this year that it has been an incredibly exciting year but if you know me, travel is my love language. It absolutely refuels my soul ❤️ Just look at these adorable babes!!! What a great big brother helping his little sis climb the big hill Bc her little legs were too tired!! They make my heart pitter patter 💞
What’s your favorite trail to hike? . . . The #siphondrawtrail out in the #superstitionmountains is one of my favorites. It’s one of the more difficult hikes in the Phoenix area but extremely rewarding, as once you reach the Flatiron summit you are blessed with 360 degree views. It was a great day hanging out with @sierrarbrown and am eager to hit the trail again soon.
After power napping at the Stateline Campground on the Arizona and Utah border, I was determined to hike as many miles I could physically do to witness one of the longest slot canyons in the world. I headed out on the Wire Pass trail at 5am. As the trail is mostly a flat wash, I was determined to get off the trail and get to higher ground enjoy the sunrise. Eventually I made it back down to a wash and must have found the wrong trail as it dead ended. Luckily it ended at this arch and I was able to sit and enjoy the early morning sun as the clouds started slowly rolling in. #arizona #utah
Was blessed today to find another gem Arizona has to offer. On the way to Fossil Springs there was still some water from the monsoon runoffs along the trail. Hiked 9 miles round trip ending at an area that was truly unbelievable (future post). #hiking #fossilsprings
Beautiful day hiking along Oak Creek, just north of Sedona. It is one of the few perennial streams in the high desert of northern Arizona. #sedona #oakcreekcanyon
Would you like to see this amazing natural wonder? - - - Grand Falls was such a gift to be able to witness. Also known as Chocolate Falls, it’s one of those rare spectacles of nature that you are at its mercy as this waterfall is dry the majority of the year. At 185 feet, it is taller than the famous Niagara Falls, and is located on the Navajo Nation about 30 miles northeast of Flagstaff. #grandfalls #arizona
Fossil Creek is one of Arizona’s most beautiful and popular destinations. It’s source is Fossil Springs which keeps it flowing year round. It is designated as a National Wild and Scenic River. You need a permit to park from April to October and this waterfall is about a mile hike from the closest parking lot trailhead. #fossilcreek #arizona
The sun glitters off the muddy wash-off waters of Christopher Creek located east of Payson, Arizona. This box canyon is a popular spot for canyoneering and a summertime water hole. #christophercreek #arizona
Who would have though that these out of world places existed in Arizona? Beautiful hike up to Water Wheel. #waterfall #arizona
Good Morning Arizona! #sunrise #arizona
Handstand at Mooney Falls. #handstand #waterfall
Mesmerized by this magical place. Havasupai has so much to offer and leaves you with an empty feeling once you leave. #havasupai #waterfall
At 6am, Clear Creek was actually “clear”. Less than an hour later the runoff from the previous nights monsoon storms raised the water level by several inches and turned into a coffee with cream brown. Great oasis in the desert not too far from Phoenix. #creek #arizona
After a breathtaking hike through 7 or so miles from the Supai Campground we reached the Havasu Creek and Colorado River. The temperatures from wading through the creek to the beginnings of the strong currents of the river must have been at least 20 degrees colder. I was a bit disappointed that the Colorado wasn’t “muddy” to provide us with a greater contrast of the Confluence. #confluence #coloradoriver
“The feeling like no matter what I do, I'm going to fall. Something will toss me over the edge. Instead of letting that happen, I make the decision myself. I get to decide when to jump.” - Rebekah Crane #cliffjumping #arizona
“Childhood is that state that ends the moment a puddle is first viewed as an obstacle instead of an opportunity” - Michael K. Williams #sunrise #reflection
Was able to get relatively close to the lamb as daddy was stalking nearby... #bighornsheep #wildlifephotography
It’s a shame that this picture won’t be able to be replicated in the future because of this years’ monsoons... #supai #waterfalls
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