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We rise by lifting others! 🌟 • • Paying off this high amount of debt is exhausting at times. Getting started was the hardest but keeping it going is a mental game. Thanks for the continuous support and motivation, #debtfreecommunity 💛• • #notquitting #isitpaydayyet #snowballgoals #inspiration #babystep2 #totalmoneymakeover #budget #totalmoneymakeover #financialpeace #financialpeaceuniversity #debtisdumb #ynab #ynabcommunity #debtfreejourney
Along the #debtfreejourney one will probably encounter a few if not many detractors. Those who blatantly detract say things like “you’re crazy/missing out/irresponsible (??!) by not having a credit card” or “that’s impossible to do as a (insert career here)” or “well, you’re always going to have debt” Some are more subtle. In my own experience, subtle detractors say things like “well, shouldn’t you have a REAL job to be able to do something like that?” (Side note: being a musician or other artist is a REAL job. We work, we get paid. Simple as that. If you base the “reality” of a job by whether it fits the 9-5 workday, that is absolutely ridiculous. Plenty of other jobs like nurses, doctors, construction, etc do not fit this mold. Additionally, in the music world, people often look at core symphony members as having “real” jobs but freelance musicians tend to be seen as not having a “real” job. In reality, we hold down at least 7-10 jobs that are definitely not “imaginary”.) A couple of weekends ago when I was out of town for work, I spent a lot of time with one such subtle detractor, who implied that it’s impossible to get ahead financially in such a volatile career. Here are some ways I deal with detractors: 1) remind yourself of your goals, and how far you’ve already come. No one can take that away from you. 2) remember that detractors say unhelpful things because they feel as though they can’t achieve what you can so to make themselves feel better they drag you down, even if they don’t “mean to” 3) only engage if you want to. Don’t feel like you have to. I try to look at detractors as motivators for me to prove them wrong. Also, if someone implies that being a musician, or furthermore, being a freelance musician isn’t a “real” job, I gently ask them to tell me about my “imaginary” job, or something to that degree ;) How do you deal with detractors? #debtfreecommunity #debtfreemusician #babystep2 #debtfreeliving #daveramsey #motivation #jobs #work #daveramseybabysteps #detractors #cheerleaders #detractorsaremotivators
Woohoo! I’ve just had our confirmation that we’re entitled to the Tax Free Childcare scheme now I’m in my new job 😁 This will save us £90-120 a month on childcare which is a huge help as we have no family who can help with childcare so it costs a fortune 😬 What a good end to the week! Happy Friday 💜 #debtfreegoals #babystep2 #becomingdebtfree #debtfreeuk #debtfreejourney #ukdebtfreecommunity #debtfreecommunityuk #debtfreecommunity
Didn't even think about this until we met with our financial planner that I should change my withholdings since we recently had a baby this past September. I changed it this morning and am interested to see how much this changes my take home pay. #debtfreejourney #daveramseybabysteps #babystep2
Savings goal update time! We are still chugging along and so close to meeting our goal, which is awesome because the end of February was what we were shooting for when we started. # However, once all is said and done, we will have spent slightly over what I estimated for one full IVF round when I was figuring up our savings goal. Of course we are hoping and praying like crazy that this one is enough to get us to our sweet babe 🙏🏼 but if it’s not, we would just continue to save while going through another retrieval and should be able to just squeak out enough in savings to cover a 2nd - so I’m not too worried about it at that moment. # Since the last update 2 weeks ago, we have paid our embryo biopsy fee to the fertility clinic and the cost of one last ultrasound. Now we wait a few more weeks until we can begin our transfer cycle 😬 this will include some more medications and ultrasounds, but overall is a fraction of the cost of what the retrieval process was.
One year ago today I added up ALL my debt- not just credit cards- and saw a really big number. While I’m no Dave Ramsey purist, I’m definitely grateful that he got me started. To date, I’ve paid off $21,721 and I have high hopes of being debt free in 2020!
Small Victory: my car loan is under $10K! It’s so exciting seeing only 4 numbers in the balance as opposed to 5 😂 • #babystep2 #babysteps #debt #debtfreejourney #budgeting #budget #financialindependence #frugal #minimalism #teamsmallshovel #singleincome
I joined the #debtfreecommunity a little over two weeks ago and already have over 160 followers! 😳 So I thought I might introduce myself. I’m a single mom of three girls. This is my 13th year as a teacher in the elementary classroom. With the way my paychecks/bills are set up, I can only pay down my debt with my paycheck from the 15th of the month, and it feels like six months between these times. I have been following Dave Ramsey on and off for a few years (mostly off). But now I am totally on board and I’m SO thrilled to have found such a supportive group of folks to help me along with my journey! Thanks for following and I hope you stick around. 🙂
So home decor whilst getting debt free. I know those who go Gazelle Intense would say not to do it however we have been needing to get our hallway/diner re painted for over a year 🙈 We’ve held out, mostly due to time as we do all our decorating ourselves. But I don’t want to wait any more 😬 The hallway is so patchy as I done a bad paint job last time and the walls just look awful from the general wear and tear of having young kids. So I’m thinking of using @decoratingcentreonline as they colour match so I can get my much wanted Farrow and Ball (without the price tag!) and from following them I can have it mixed to allow me to wipe off the kids mess without leaving marks and stains! Has anyone used them before? They seem to have amazing reviews and hopefully the husband will paint this time as I’m really not very good 😂 Happy Friday! #debtfreegoals #becomingdebtfree #babystep2 #debtfreeuk #debtfreejourney #ukdebtfreecommunity #debtfreecommunityuk #homedecor
📝💵This paychecks budget: 💰Sinking: $70 💸Bills: $834 💸Snowball: $330 💲Spending: $125 Oops only $55 was to go into sinking fund but oh well I'll be ok this paycheck. This account only lets us move money so many times per month so I don't want to mess with it. . . . . #payday #payingoffdebt #paydebt #debtjourney #debtfreecommunity #debtisdumb #budgetlife #budget #budgeting #budgetmom #budgetplanning #sinkingfund #saving #snowball #snowballdebt #babystep2 #daveramsey
По ржём? ⠀ Я дикая сладкоежка, если в придачу к шоколадке вкусный капучино. Но разговор не про это. Хочу поговорит о конфузных ситуациях. А у меня это всегда связанно с конфетами и тд. ⠀ Однажды я будучи молодой и незамужней девушкой, собралась с подругой на крутую вечеринку. Как вы понимаете город у нас не большой, что-то от кого-то скрыть прям проблема. Мама была против, может подруга не внушала доверия, может я ещё малая была. Ну так суть в чем, будучи хореографом я не имела права поправляться. Значит питание строгое, конфетки нельзя! А тут мама с кульком любимых «Бабаевских» пришла домой. Пошли пить чай с конфетками. А я наивная, думала в клубе все калории сожгу. Побежала одеваться бигуди раскручивать! Смотрю в зеркало, а там! Одним словом, конфетки я больше не ела в таком количестве, а вместо клуба с мамой пошла к..... ⠀ Так что помните много сладкого приводит к ..... ? ( напиши свой вариант) P.s всегда помнит мама плохого не пожелает)
Stopped into a discount shop today between appointments and I'm very happy with my haul. Bbq sause for $1.50 each and its so good as a marinade. Lcm's 2 for $5. $2 for freezer bags. Poptart's for $5 each. and 24 mars bars for $5. I'm looking at a 1lt bottle of soy sause for $3 As soon as I finish off the bottle we have and keeping an eye out on what else is coming in. Have you found and bargins this week? #debtfreeby30 #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #frugalmum #debtisdumb #debtpayoff #debtfreecommunityaustralia #ozdebtfreecommunity #frugallife #ozdebtfreejourney #debtfreeby2020 #debtsnowball #daveramsey #frugalmom #barefootinvestor #babystep2 #ozdebtfreejourney   #ozdebtfreecommunity
Heres a tip for ya. If you're like me at all and you can't be trusted to walk into a store without spending lots of money on unneeded things with money you were not supposed to spend on it. . Try the #walmartpickup option. Saved me BIG time this last few months. . #momlife #lifeadvice #savetime #savemoney #budget #cashenvelopes #babystep2
How many of you question whether you really need something before making a purchase? This is something I have a battle with on a regular basis - not because I have a spending habit or a shopping problem, but because I struggle to justify spending money on something I actually really NEED (and yet will think nothing of ordering a takeaway). . Like a winter coat, for example. Earlier this week, the zip on my coat refused to do up. Then yesterday, it came clean off in my hand. Now I’m sure you’re all aware there’s a cold snap on the way, and I can’t be going on the school run or taking the dog out with a great gaping space across the front of my body! So I had to go and buy a new coat. . I wanted something that would be practical (water resistant, with a hood, for getting caught in showers), warm, and yet looking fairly nice and stylish too. I also wanted it to be fairly good quality. So after about 2 hours browsing shops and trying on several models, I finally found one I was happy with. . I’m just glad I’ve got a little bit of money leftover while we’re still in January, as clothing and shelter are basic human needs. . I’m sad that I won’t have that money to put towards debt, but if I wasn’t on this #debtfreejourney I’d probably have bought the coat on my credit card. . (And I’ll be giving my old coat to a homeless charity because other than a broken zip, it’s still functional enough to keep someone warm.) . . . #getoutofdebt #debtfree #debtfreegoals #debtfreecommunity #moneygoals #financialfreedom #financialfreedomstartshere #moneymotivation #everypennycounts #misspennymoney #debt #debtproblems #debtsnowball #debtfreecommunityuk #babysteps #babystep2 #daveramsey #debtrepayment #debtjourney #moneysavingexpert #ukdebtfreecommunity #money #ukmoneybloggers #budget #budgeting #livingonabudget #spendless #needsvswants
I’m so so SO glad it’s payday tomorrow.. starting to feel uneasy with only $70 in my account 😂 but it’s definitely awesome to be under budget during the first 2 weeks into the new year 👌🏻 ... #minimalist #minimalism #debtsnowball #babystep2 #budgeting #debtfreecommunity #debtfree #debtsnowball #debtfreeliving #debtfreegoals #daveramseybabysteps #daveramsey #hawaiidebtfreecommunity #hawaiilife #gazelleintense #moneydiary #money #getrich #millionairemindset #cashenvelopes #cashenvelopesystem #creditcarddebt
This week I’m feeling impatient. It feels like it will just take SO LONG to get out of debt!! But I’m still trying to celebrate every small win, and every line I get to fill in on my #debtfreecharts . Onwards and upwards! . . . #debtfreeby30 #debtfreegoals #daveramseybabysteps #debtfreeaustralians #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunityaustralia #babystep2
Getting serious about being on this journey! So this just happened ($119 saved). No more random splurging. I feel confident that cancelling my membership will allow me to focus on my debt payoff goals. Amazon was my go to if I needed anything and I really think this will help me be better. debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #babystep2 #frugal #chasingminimalism #debtfreechasing #financialfreedom #babysteps #learning #daveramsey #sickntired
This is a quote that lays deep in the archives of my childhood, I’m sure most of you know this one😀My mom used to say this to me all the time growing up. Today it was a perfect reminder that there will always be an opportunity to become the best version of me. The sky is really the limit. As we are focussed on paying off debt or achieving other financial goals, let’s not miss out on the opportunities to grow in other areas. Work for that promotion, start that business, get that education, spend time with your family, work on your friendships etc... No matter what personal growth looks like too you, do it! Just remember to maintain a balance. Do you. Be you. For you. #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #debtfreecommunitycanada #babystep2 #goals #determination
Anyone else have these moments when looking at financial documents?! 😆
Today is payday and time to pay off some debt! Sometimes I think that this debt free journey will be too long and I won't succeed. So this quote of the morning was just for me!
My #nospendjanuary is going relatively well. I did spend $10 today that was not budgeted....ran my car through the car wash, and I don't regret it for a minute. 😂 My car was a #hotmess 🚗 🚘 🚗 #debtfreecommunity #debtfree #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #debtisdumb #beweird #budgeting #daveramsey #daveramseybabysteps #livelikenooneelse #totalmoneymakeover #babystep2 #gazelleintense #zerobasedbudget #thestruggleisreal #icanteven #sorrynotsorry
Almost full.. straight to sinking fund once it’s cashed in .. #babystep2 #daveramsey #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #sinkingfunds
In 17 days, my student loans have accrued $31.96 of interest. That's an average of $1.88 Every. Single. Day. This is why student loans suck. This is why they take so long to pay off. And this is why I'm so glad that my student loans are going to be paid off within the next 3-4 months. Why I've paid almost $4k towards them in the past 30 days. If I can be perfectly frank here... Fuck student loans! 🎓 🎓 🎓 #debtfreecommunity #debtfree #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #debtisdumb #beweird #budgeting #daveramsey #daveramseybabysteps #livelikenooneelse #totalmoneymakeover #babystep2 #gazelleintense #zerobasedbudget #thestruggleisreal #icanteven
Not your typical before and after! The left picture is from September and the right is from just now. It’s been 15 days since I removed my breast implants and I’m very happy with the decision. Refer to previous posts for why I removed them. • • Recovery: How do they look? They look a whole lot better than I thought they would and they will continue to change as I heal. No, they’re not caved in or flabby looking. I have a decent amount of breast tissue and good skin elasticity. ☺️ How are your scars? My scars are healing nicely. They are 5 inches long under each breast and are right in the crease. They will barely be noticeable once healed. I can start scar treatment after the 30 day mark. How has recovery been? It hasn’t been bad. The pain was manageable with extra strength Tylenol. I got a rash from the Neosporin that I could have done without. It’s also been frustrating not being able to do a lot with my arms. I’m on restriction from lifting anything heavy, making sudden movements, and working out for 30 days. • • On another note, I’m much more comfortable with smaller boobs. I was having back pain from the weight and was uncomfortable even in my pajamas. My implants weighted almost 2 pounds. I’m happy to report that the overpriced swim suit I bought during our debt free journey still fits. It’s still my goal to fit comfortably in the swim suit. 👙Can’t wait to start working out again! 💪🏻 • • #debtfreecommunity #debtfreeinsunnyca #daveramsey #debtfree #financialpeaceuniversity #debt #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #babystep2 #thetotalmoneymakeover #budget #zerobasedbudget #livingthatbudgetlife #breastimplants #breastimplantremoval #explant
Why, why are you still calling me #navient ??? I am paying you double and I’m not behind!? But they leave me voicemails a couple times a day to call them. If I’m in good standing, should I call them??? Anyone else still dealing with them? What does #daveramsey say? Give Sally Mae her eviction notice! I can’t wait to be done with them this year . . . . #debtbuster #babystep1 #babystep2 #debtfreejourney #marriage #debtfreecommunity #budget #financialfreedom #financialpeaceuniversity #studentloans
My #why . As I lay in bed without my hardworking husband who is 1 1/2 hour drive from me I reflect on our motive. Why am I working away from home when my dream is to be a #stayathomemom ? Why is he working for a company when his dream is to own his own? Well, because we have debt & until it’s gone forever we don’t get to tell our money where to go. We are #slaves to the lender. & that thought is earth shattering to me. Wow, I don’t want to be a slave & I especially don’t want my kids to grow up in the bondage of slavery. This is HUGE #debtfreecommunity stopping a generation cycle of debt is life changing! If you haven’t made your first budget yet, do it, it’s so worth it! If you are in the deep of #babystep2 like us, keep going, it’s going to be so worth it! If you’re already past debt pay off comment & tell us your favorite thing about being debt free! I’m humbled tonight with the thought of being a slave, I’ve never thought of it that way, I have the ability to be free but it’s going to take hard work & diligence. But my why is WORTH IT! What’s your why? -J
Today I was telling a coworker that I like to budget and his reply was that budgeting is boring. He said, “what’s the point in dying with a million dollars and having no fun in life.” Of course I disagree! How would you respond to this? . . . . . . #budgeting #daveramseybabysteps #babysteps #savemoney #budgetmomma #moneytalks #babystep2
Yes! This this this. I don’t know how many times in the past year I’ve had to explain to people that I just don’t want to spend my money on certain things. When you’re climbing your way out of debt, every dollar counts and shouldn’t be spent frivolously. x x #Repost @becsbudget with @get_repost ・・・ One of my goals this year will be to stop saying “I can’t afford it” to people and to myself. I think it’s a very negative way to look and feel about money. And all of the things I can I can’t afford, I can I just chose now to. So that’s what I will be telling myself and others this year so I keep a positive and growth mindset about my financial status. 🌸✨
My check hit my bank account tonight, so I decided to pay off my VS card, finally!! It started at $767, but has been over $1000 in the past 😱 I had paid it down to $250, got dinged with $14 interest and burned my Christmas gift card and Angel reward on 3 pairs of knockout leggings for $23 OOP. So excited to finally have this one paid off!!! On to the next... #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #avalanchemethod #daveramsey #babystep2 #debtisdumb #victoriassecret
Tithing. Do you tithe during BS2? We do to a small extent. I admit, we do not tithe 10% yet, but we do what we can and are comfortable with. We give to our church every week and while it isn't much, I know God understands how thankful and blessed we are. Once we are rid of this debt, we plan to do the whole 10% and then some (give like no one else!). Today we received a letter from March of Dimes and felt compelled to donate. I'm glad we were able to cut a check and give to an organization that helps babies on the NICU and their families. We were blessed to not need the NICU and with a healthy pregnancy, but others are not so fortunate. I don't know who I would be without my little man. He is my absolute world and makes me want to be a better person. #daveramsey #daveramseybabysteps #babysteps #babystep2 #studentloans #cash #cashflow #cashenvelopes #budget #budgeting #mealprep #mealplan #frugal #frugalliving #financialfreedom #totalmoneymakeover #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfree #debtsnowball #debtfreeliving #debt #debtfreegoals #debtfreedom
Haha no! This is an expensive gift & my husband is on a budget 🤣😁😂
Payday! In my opinion, this is how it feels when you first start on a zero based budget. 😂 My dollars came in and they now all have a job and a purpose. Which I know is good- but still feels a little foreign right now! 🤷🏻‍♀️ #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #journeytofinancialfreedom #financialfreedom #financialpeace #daveramsey #babystep2 #ynab #ynabcommunity #youneedabudget
The amount of student loan interest paid this year. I CANNOT WAIT until I’m not throwing my money away. Keep sight of your end goals👍🏻
Let the fear of what others think go. It doesn’t serve you and will not elevate you to higher levels of success. Stay in your own lane mentally and just keep doin you boo. 💕Create your success and live your happiness.✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ New post on the blog- Freelancing 101. Link in my bio 👉🏽⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #stop #caring #fearless #mindyourbusiness #dontworry #businesswoman #debtisdumb #paychecktopaycheck #stress #daveramsey #daveramseyplan #budgeting #budgetplanner #budgeting #babysteps #tips #tipsandtricks #winning #mindset #beyourself #marketingstrategy #marketingideas #plannercommunity #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #babystep2 #manifest #lawofattraction
I was always thinking small and only emailing foods and beverage companies for coupons. Today I took time emailing skin care companies and this was the excellent customer service I received from .@cerave_canada I can't wait to see what they send. #canthurttotry #canthurttoask #ideasharing #canadiancoupons #skincare #fragrance #freeluxury #coupon #couponing2019 #couplegoals #couponcrazy #dealsfordays #happyfriday #customerservice #lucky #extremecouponing #extremecouponingcanada #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #babysteps #babystep2
With social media being a huge way of life for us now, we can’t help but compare ourselves. You see the kid that works a minimum wage job traveling to japan. Then you see a single girl working part time driving a BMW. We can’t help but be curious of other people’s financial situations. Just remember, you don’t have to tell everyone about your big moves. Chances are, your are doing better than you think. 🙌🏻
A little recap on the week, just so I can look back on this: Jan 16-gave my two weeks notice at work and picked a healthcare plan through covered California. Insurance for two: $650 (gold plan and crappy dental coverage)🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m ready to have more good days at work and feel more challenged. 🍊 #Freelancing full time isn’t easy but I’m ready to be back. My student loan refinance was approved and I’m thrilled with the rate! 5.4% I’m currently at 9.4% so this is amazing! I just have to sign the papers. I ate the least amount sugar this week compared to probably any other week in my life. Feelin’ good! Today was the most rewarding day I’ve had at work in like two years. Acknowledge yourself if you do a great job. I’ve worked hard to get to this point and I’ve learned a lot. A company that I had a bad experience with from the start (I’ve only worked with them this one time and it’ll be the last) finallllly sent me a paycheck-and it was wrong. $65.00 lower than it should be. Now I have to deal with another run around. 🍐 got a 100.00 billing statement from chiropractor which was an error. Always call if you suspect something is wrong! Glad I didnt pay that. My checking account has $1.97 in it but I get paid tonight! Combination of a Christmas trip we didn’t budget for (we didn’t charge anything but I didn’t plan) and some unexpected parking charges for work. I also didn’t cash out all my vacation time at Christmas so I still have 29 hours left. I finished my first book of the year; catcher in the rye and I’m almost done with chasing slow by @erinloechner !
Hello all! Today I went to the library as I was thinking about doing all week. This place is a goldmine. FREE books! I don’t know how I was sleeping 😴 on this for so long! • I picked up two books 1) Rich Dad Poor Dad and 2) 7 habits of highly effective people! • I was recommenced the second book as a motivational tool to reach goals. And I was intrigued to see what the entirety of the dfcommunitu was reading this month. • I dove into Rich Dad Poor Dad right away and found myself agreeing and disagreeing as I read. So far I agree with most of what the author says. However, my empathetic heart can’t help but argue against certain aspects of the book. • growing up middle class makes this book a very real reflection of what daily life is like. For example, don’t talk about money at the dinner table. Keep finances private. Work hard and save. It really has thrown everything I think I know out the window. Although I still believe in working hard and saving. • I love books that give a new perspective. If more people read, we’d live in a much better world! #debtfreecommunity #babystep2 #debtfree #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #babysteps #personalfinance #debtfreegoals #financialfreedom #financialpeace #financialgoals #moneygoals #daveramsey #money2019 #financialplanning #debtfreedom #livingonabudget #budgetlife #totalmoneymakeover #richdadpoordad #debtfreebookclub #dfcbookclub
On the computer where the #sidehustle lives, I’ve added a little @DaveRamsey motivation. #babystepping #babystep2 #livelikenooneelse #sleepwhenyouredead
It’s still really hard to think back on this day even though we all made it to the other side both physically & financially. It was a really low point in our relationship & lives. . That’s our sweet boy Domino. I adopted him from the shelter as a 6-pound puppy, three weeks before I met Ant. He had a genetic disease called Intervertebral Disc Disease, but we had no way of knowing this. IVDD causes the discs between vertebrae in the spine to harden. Please look in the comments for symptoms/warning signs/breeds. When they harden, they can easily shatter from something as simple as the dog landing from a jump to catch a ball. Signs can be progressive or sudden. Domino’s nerve damage was almost instantaneous. He shattered 3 discs, severing his spinal cord in many places. . We didn’t know the extent of the damage until a surgeon got in there & took a look. (Of course, it was the Sunday of MLK weekend so a surgeon had to be called in on a holiday/weekend/middle of the night. $$$) The news was so bad. The only time I’ve EVER seen my husband cry was when we got that phone call. Domino was only 4 years-old & this was so unexpected. He’s the best dog in the world & I swear I’m not just biased. Everyone that’s met him feels the same way. & now the terrible part: we couldn’t afford the surgery & recovery time. . We started to wonder, if we couldn’t afford this, HOW would we afford to have children? That’s what we’ve both always wanted. But clearly, living on the edge financially would not work. A stressful situation was amplified exponentially because of money. We refused to let that happen again. & that was the beginning of our journey. At the time, I cried every day because I felt like our negligence with our money was what caused this to happen to him. We needed this financial wakeup call, but the fact that it came at his expense was devastating. I’m so grateful that he is still such a happy, determined little guy here to show everyone that meets him not to give up. He doesn’t let paralysis stop him from loving his life. Most of the time, I don’t think he even realizes he’s paralyzed honestly. But we will never forget that feeling of financial desperation.
I had an interview with LA Fitness tonight & it went pretty well! I have a second interview with the VP of the club on Saturday. I also was called about another opportunity at a different fitness center & I have a meet on Saturday for that one. ✨ #jobsearch #jobinterview #jobopportunity #unemployed #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #debtavalanche #debtfreedom #debtsucks #debtisdumb #debtisslavery #studentloandebt #studentloanssuck #babystep2
I've been avoiding budgets but today I finally did one. Then I liked it and made a projected one for the month of February too! I'm doing them Bi-weekly since my husband's pay varies greatly. I'll update you in two weeks how this goes!! 😊 #budget #budgeting #budgetlife #cashisking #budgetfriendly #dfc #dfcbumpin #debtfreejourney #debtfreeliving #debtfreecommunity #debtisdumb #debtsnowball #babystep2 #daveramsey #financialpeaceuniversity
Today marks our 1 year anniversary of beginning Financial Peace University. One year ago, Mr. B and I made one step forward in the direction of our dream to be debt free and we have kept making those steps forward. We have paid off $21,579 in 52 weeks! Give yourself a chance ❤️ . . . . . #debtfreejourney #debtfreedom #fpu #daveramsey #frugal #debtfreecommunity #financialfreedom #goals #2019goals #zerobudget #envelopesystem #babysteps #babystep2 #budgeting #budget #financialpeace #totalmoneymakeover #debtfreeisthenewsexy #debtsnowball #debtpayoff #debtavalanche
Transformation Thursday? . This is over 10ish weeks, eating cleanish, drinking my shake almost daily & working out 4x a week. . I lost 6.5 pounds, 3.5 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my hips, 1 inch off my thighs, & 1/2 an inch off my arms; . Before this I never really committed to a program; I just kinda worked out when I wanted & messed around in the gym. But this; this is what happens when I committed to a program developed by professionals & followed it no matter how long it took! . And why did I commit? What kept me going? Because I’m on a mission; to bring healing, hope & freedom to others as a coach... . So I showed up everyday; to walk alongside others on their journey; to struggle with them, to show them they aren’t alone... . If it wasn’t for the inspiration of coaching; I wouldn’t have these photos today; I’m so so grateful for the opportunity to help others, but also for the inspiration this business as been for me to get serious about my goals & health. . Now, that photo on the right is my new “before” photo...I can’t wait for the next part of my journey... & I’d love for you to join me too!!! 😘
This was extremely hard for me to accept. I spent 4 years trying to increase my income and have a “high enough credit score” to buy a home. After I was FINALLY approved for a home loan I couldn’t find a home to buy 🤣 I was upset and heart broken. How could I spend all that time working so hard towards something to not find a home? Well that was Gods gracious way of telling me I wasn’t ready and now that I look back I wasn’t. I wasn’t ready to make such a commitment financially. Here I am swimming in debt and I wanted to buy a home! As hard as it was for me to back out of buying a home I did. Then a few months later I discovered Dave! And here we are working our tails off to become debt free and THEN buy a home. ❤️ crazy how life works, right? #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfree #babysteps #babystep2 #finacialpeaceuniversity #debtfreedom #daveramseybabysteps #finacialfreedom #budgeting #budgetingtips #financiallifestyle
Total Debt Paid Thus Far!!! A little over 4 months . #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #babystep2 #babysteps2wealth #daveramsey
This is everything. 💸 What kind of spending are you doing? Ask yourself if it’s a need or a want with every dollar spent? Ask yourself if you are buying it for attention or for your own satisfaction? Ask yourself if you have the cash for it? Or do you have to add it to your debt? Chances are, those answers to the questions will lead you to make the right financial decision. Do not buy a new car because you can. Buy one because you need it. Do not buy that purse when you have 20 others sitting on the floor of your closet. Do not buy that $6 coffee when you have coffee at home. Little smart decisions made over a period of time turn into massive gain! Josh and I are planning a BIG payment on our Lowe’s card next week because we have cut out ALL purchases besides NEEDS!!!! Today I splurged, no joke, I felt guilty for spending $1.34 on a black coffee this morning because I was running late and had no time to make my own. That’s how strict we are being! Sacrifice now to live the best life later!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #DaveRamsey #StopSpending #debt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #debtfreeclutterfree #workingwoman #healthylifestyle #savingmoney #money #financialfreedom #financials #motivation #intentionalliving #happiness #livelikenooneelse #babystep2 #success #mindset #mindfullness #frugal #frugalliving #frugallife
Ribs done, receipts my husband has accumulated this week, he has a cold and needs stuff and another item, a push lawnmower, he has found on the side of the road and thinks we need. It's a very "redneck" backyard at our house. He is a keeper 😀 . . #debtfreecommunity #debtfreeplan #daveramsey #babystep2 #financialpeace #budgeteverydollar #frugal #save #smallshovel #accumulater #thursday #friends #fire #home #yard #pushlawnmower #clutter
While things haven’t been easy.. things have been moving forward! We are still working on becoming debt free. — Look at them giving debt free advice 🤗🤗
Once the #irs opens for business, my taxes will be filed. To be honest, I'm surprised to be getting this much back. I adjusted my withholdings last year, to ensure I wasn't paying too much. Prior to entering all my deductions, my return was only at $242. This unexpected refund will be headed straight to my #emergencyfund as I'm not super comfortable having only $1k in there. How much are YOU expecting to get back (or PAY) during #taxseason ? . . . #debtfreecommunity #debtfree #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #debtisdumb #beweird #budgeting #daveramsey #daveramseybabysteps #livelikenooneelse #totalmoneymakeover #babystep2 #gazelleintense #zerobasedbudget #thestruggleisreal #icanteven
The deeper I get into the debt freedom journey, the more I realize I have some money hording issues. I know I have plenty of money this month to cover all of my bills, but I still feel compelled to pay my bills as soon as I get the amount! Thankfully almost everything is paid for this month and the rest of the month can be devoted to paying extra towards out debt!!! . #adulting #budget #financialfreedom #babystep2 #daveramsey #debtfree #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #frugal #sidehustle #money #sinkingfunds #creditcard #gradstudent #gradlife #goals
Here it is. The grand total. . So the first plan of attack is to take out the car loan, mostly because it's the largest payment on its own at $235. That would free up a lot of extra money per month to throw at student loans or an emergency if we had one. The goal is to have the car paid off by the end of April 🤞🏼 . Next up will be the high interest student loans (fed loan #1 , navient #2 and #4 ), which I'm hoping to have taken care of by the end of July. A lot off this is up in the air considering my work schedule is very inconsistent with my day jobs and my etsy shop, but we'll see how it all pans out in the coming months:) I want to set realistic goals so I'm not disappointed 😂 . I've always wanted to get rid of these loans, but never knew where to start, if saving for retirement was better, etc. All in all, I'm glad that I started my Roth when I was 23 because that's time that I never could've gotten back, but now it's time to knock these babies out! 👊🏼
Don't throw shade. We are all on a journey. Baby step 1, 2, 3, 3a etc, etc. It doesn't matter root the next person on. The journey is so much sweeter when encouragement is in the air.
Apparently I just enjoy being fashionably late to the party. 🤣 . Driving down 202 (where I took this photo), I finally thought about what would make me feel the most accomplished this year. I’ve spent a lot of time the last few years focused on things that don’t ultimately matter. Whether it’s the number on a scale or approval from others, I really haven’t been paying attention to what makes me feel the most me. . This is what choosing myself looks like to me. 2018 was a beautiful year of relearning and growing. I can’t wait to see what this year holds in store.
This is what I spent some of my Christmas money on.. Michaels had a special order on line , pick up and save 30%.. I’m waiting for the plastic envelopes to come in tomorrow so I can label them and stuff them with our cash budget for two weeks. For me organization is key so I stay focused and nothing falls through the cracks.. #babystep2 #daveramsey #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #sinkingfunds
Raised a glass to George and hubby put the marinated ribs? on the old grill. Because we alternate paying for the suppers on Thursdays our meal tonight is free! We will provide next Thursday. It's a budget friendly way to keep in touch with a few good friends without going out to eat or a bar. #debtfreecommunity #debtfreeplan #daveramsey #babystep2 #financialpeace #cashisking #budgeteverydollar #mealplanning #frugal #save #smallshovel #wegotthis #goals #savings #homeowner #friends #emptynest
Mike and I have been debating back and forth for a while now about how much our wedding should cost. I keep throwing out low numbers like $5,000 while Mike constantly has to remind me that we live in this expensive place called Hawaii that people literally spend tens of thousands of dollars to fly to and get married in and that I need to keep my expectations realistic. However! We have decided on a couple of rules for our wedding that we both agree with... • 1. We will not go into debt in any way for this wedding. Nothing is going on a credit card, a loan, or even from borrowing money from people. If people gift us money to spend on our wedding then that’s fine but we don’t want to owe anyone anything after the honeymoon. 2. We are aiming to spend at or less than $8,000 for the whole wedding. Dress, food, invitations, everything has to fit under an $8k budget because we can easily cash flow that amount for the next six months. 3. We will continually remind ourselves that we did not get engaged to have a wedding but we got engaged to get married... which are two completely different things. We want to make sure that we don’t lose sight of our relationship while we plan this fun party to have with all our friends, family, and church congregation. • And those are the rules we came up with! Do you think there’s anything we should add? Let me know! • #babystep2 #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #ynabcommunity #ynabcommunityaboutme #ynab #dfc
Tonight was our “leftover” night only there really wasn’t any leftovers because we ate them all week for lunches. So it was a whatever you can make from the fridge (eggs, cereal, etc.) I made the kiddos and myself Hawaiian ham quesadillas in the quesadilla maker and the hubs had cereal (he’s not a fam of ham or pineapple especially not together) #budgetmeals #daveramseybabysteps #babystep2 #debtsnowball #debtfreecommunity #debtfreecommunity #whatsonmyplate #wfd #whatsfordinner #nospendjanuary #pantrychallenge #zerofoodwaste #mealplanning
This is a motivational page. Used #unburyme and #easybudget calculators to calculate when I will be debt free depending on how much per month I pay on my debt. Every extra dollar will get me closer to my goal of being debt free! 😊 #debtfreecommunity #daveramsey #babystep2 #debt #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #debtavalanche #budget #debtprogress #planningouttadebt #livingthatbudgetlife #thetotalmoneymakeover #financialpeace #livingonabudget
Another way I’m trimming the food budget is less trips to Costco! I use to do Costco once a week, but now I’m trying to do it every 2 weeks until I can get myself to once a month. Little changes add up to big results right??? I’m making lots of little changes to help me reach my goal!!!#babystep2 #daveramsey #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #sinkingfunds
Using this page to track extra payments (payments above the minimum) towards debt. My goal is $1500 extra per month 😊 #debtfreecommunity #daveramsey #babystep2 #debt #debtfreejourney #debtsnowball #debtavalanche #budget #debtprogress #planningouttadebt #livingthatbudgetlife #thetotalmoneymakeover #financialpeace #livingonabudget
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