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Camping in February...a little bit crazy and a lot bit awesome. It was exactly what our hearts and minds needed to slow down in the midst of this busy season. And it was just cold enough to make it challenging. Super thankful for these girls that share life with me through all the excitement and challenge. Grateful for time in the desert to refocus and rest. I am always surprised at how immersing myself in the desert shapes me and allows me to think more clearly. The desert holds so much life, though at first glance it appears that nothing can thrive in its habitat...yet in this place flourishing is truly present. . . . #beutahful #getoutside #goexplore #utah #arizona #lakepowell #rei1440project #backpackermag
Worth the entire trip just for this scene.. #visitcatskills
The neon lights shine a little brighter in the small towns || 🎥 ______________________________________________________________________ #texasisbeautiful #movietheater
MINANG KABAU TOUR 4D3N AND 3D2N,WEST SUMATRA,INDONESIA ----------------------------------------------------------------- . . INFORMATION DETAIL AND INTINERARY : WA / CALL : 081378908868 EMAIL : Chandefri@Gmail.com WWW : Igonsumatratour.blogspot.com #backpacker #backpacking #backpackerlife #backpackerz #backpackerindonesia #backpackerinternational #backpackernusantara #backpackermag #travels #travelling #traveller #travellife #travellerau #travelbag #poto #potografer #potography #potograph #potograferindonesia #potografher_day #fotografheryerde #fotostudio #fotografer #likeforliketeam #teamcamera #teamtravelers #indonesia #sumatra
Wallace Falls State Park is a 4,735 acres state park located on the west side of the Cascade Mountains. It's only a 55mi/1hr drive North East of Seattle Tacoma Airport. The park features three waterfalls, old-growth coniferous forests, fast-moving rivers/streams, and three backcountry lakes. I felt like I was walking into Fern Gully or Avatar🤣. The parking lot is easy to find and has bathrooms with drinking water. It's only a 4.7 mile round trip hike to the Middle Wallace Falls which are the main attraction. Only another .5mi and you'll be at Upper Wallace Falls. I'd highly recommend this nice little hike if anyone is looking for an easy yet beautiful day hike while in the Seattle area. This is just a little cascade off a side trail at the beginning of Woody Trail. The Lower, Middle, Upper Wallace Falls are hundreds of feet with multiple cascades. Stay tuned for that post! [] Want to see the full picture and more? Click the link in my profile. [] . . . . . . . . . . #waterfallsfordays #waterfall #waterfalls #pnw #ferngully #fern #longexposure #beautiful #beauty #naturephotography #nature #wilderness #wildernessculture #optoutside #hike #hiking #adventure #adventuretime #adventureawaits #adventurelife #wildandfree #wanderlust #pnwonderland #roamtheplanet #natgeoyourshot #natgeo #backpack_motivations #backpackermag #visitseattle
Ladies, this is HUGE! • FREE Charcoal Mask ($49 value) with the BC Membership!! Ask me how to become a member! ...and about all the perks! 😉
Yeah, so that ball of hair to the left is actually seaweed. Funny enough, that's how much hair comes out every time I take a shower. Like how do I still have hair on my head? Can anyone answer this perplexing life question of mine? #whoswithme #dontlieladies
This is what it’s all about! Thirteen hours and three modes of transportation across Guatemala, with the last three hours being down dirt roads. Finishing the journey with the hike to the mirador. The reward... Semuc Champey! High in the mountains of Guatemala, these natural pools are paradise.
How awesome is San Pedro? Going to miss living down these narrow corridors amongst locals and expats. Day in and day out at the base of San Pedro Volcano where land meets the infamous Lake Atitlan. Here, I also experienced my first dentist appointment in a foreign country (yes, I still have all my teeth). Nothing will compare, but to some my next destination, Semuc Champey, is the most beautiful spot in Guatemala.
Home for the last six weeks. What a life! With the visa running out and my head overflowing with new Spanish material, it’s time for something new. The best part of travel life, where to next?
Not often does my life on the road meet my life back home. Amazing four days with some of my closest friends. Antigua reunions, volcano summits, and lava dinners. Life memories.
Wake. Surf. Eat. Repeat. An hour down Guatemalan dirt roads to this oasis. Home for the last four days.
Summiting San Pedro Volcano before four hours of Spanish class. Killing it today!! Perks of living at the lake. What a view.
Thanks to all for the birthday love. Only one way to spend my 28th birthday when the tallest summit in Central America is within reach. Shotguns at the top. Never felt more alive, always young.
Another year on the road. How has it come and gone? Climbing volcanos in El Salvador, boarding down them in Nicaragua, sailing from Colombia to Panama with 18 amazing others, trekking Patagonia, biking the World’s Most Dangerous Road, random statues in Brazil, traversing the glacier that sank the Titanic, few beers on the Amazon and catching caymans, road tripping Bolivia’s Salt Flats. What?! Absolutely in love with life. Thanks to all who have made the last year another incredible chapter in this adventure called life.
I have mastered the art of Chicken Bus travel. What is a Chicken Bus? Old American school buses, painted with sound systems, and filled to the max with people from all over the local area. Always three deep in the seat with people leaning on you from the aisle. Today’s adventure consisted of four chicken buses, three hours, a child in my lap for an hour, a chicken on the loose for two minutes, and numerous questionable food purchases from the indigenous on board. Next time when you find yourself looking to book the easy, direct shuttle or bus, take the less traveled path on the Chicken Bus.
El Salvador for the win. Blown away. When lunch is spent at the ridge of an active volcano...
Big new world out there. Good luck buddy.
Today is a volcano boarding day. Climbed to the crater of Cerro Negro in a massive volcano complex. What sounded like thunder was actually active volcanos all around us. Flew down the volcano, every limb still attached.
So much personality here in Granada. One of the oldest towns in the New World. If only these doors could tell the story.
Morning climb into the clouds to the top of the volcano. Lunch along the crater edge looking into the abyss. This is life!
We survived. What a crew. Sunday Funday at its finest.
How neat is that?! 75 foot climb through a Ficus Tree AND witnessed a proposal. Will you be my Jane?
This is it. This is how it ends. Just another statistic.
Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!! Just out here collecting stamps.
Wildcard life for the week. 18 strangers, open sea, no alarms, no showers, family meals, good drinks, better company, 18 friends.
Six days of sailing and island hopping the Caribbean with 18 legends. Coming in hot country 40!
Cemeteries, voodoo, bourbon street, oysters... Nawlins has it all.
Nawlins for the forth.
What else is there to do after a Sunday Funday... Cayman on the Amazon! Quick catch and release.
How else would we road trip in Brazil?
Home for the last six days. Bought a hammock, tied it up on a cargo boat with 150 locals, and took it up on the Amazon from Belem to Manaus.
Random statue in Rio. So many people, guy must be important.
The good life! Futbol match in Brazil!
Love you long time Rio!
Rocinha, South America's largest favela. Channeled my inner Paul Walker strolling through gangsta’s paradise.
I drive a scooter, James Bond drives an Aston Martin. I wear my bathing suit everyday, he wears a tux. When I catch myself with a full passport and multiple currencies, I like to ignore the minimal differences and think we lead a very similar life.
A month and 80 hours of Spanish classes later I have escaped Buenos Aires. My Spanish still sucks, off to Uruguay!
After nearly five months of following the Andes south, I have arrived at the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia. Only 600 miles from Antarctica, I will be back for an expedition.
Four days, 45 miles with just the bag on my back. No showers. No electricity. No wifi. Drinking from rivers. Numerous naps whenever and wherever I felt. Read an amazing book. This is life.
Chippewa Falls Jack Dawson has nothing on me.
Perito Moreno... The glacier that sank the titanic or something like that.
Even though Fitzy spent the day in the clouds I'm still drunk on Patagonia.
Lol. This is ridiculous. Arrived in Patagonia last night.... What?
Lakeside views.
Really miss Indiana winters... Just kidding! 🖕😝 Summer in Chile.
Not leaving the office today, especially after being up all night with bed bugs for the third time in two months.
Possibly my favorite border crossing of all time. What's not to love about Adobe buildings in the middle of the desert?! Bolivia➡️Chile
Three day Bolivian expedition through the World's largest salt flat, multi-color high altitude lakes, numerous volcanos, and the World's driest desert. Is this earth?
World's largest salt flat.
Survived mountain biking down the World's deadliest road! ✔️
Lake Titicaca.
Little bit of a different birthday trekking through Peru's Colca Canyon, but coming back to birthday messages and videos was the perfect gift! Definitely feeling the love, blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people!! Thanks y'all!
5100 meter Rainbow Mountain. 2017 is a go.
2016. What a year! Exploring India, temple hopping Bagan, Thai elephant sanctuaries, abseiling in Vietnam, cruising Halong Bay, swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines, surfing Bali, volcano trekking Indonesia, and summiting Peru's Machu Picchu have been just a few of the highlights. Leaving my job in 2015 for a life of bouncing around the world with a bag on my back has been hands down the best decision of my life. Like any change, it hasn't always been easy. Many aspects of life are put on hold or delayed, family and career being two. But knowing that I took a leap for a better life and future when the current one wasn't making me happy, gives me complete faith that I am on the right path. Five year old me would approve, bring on 2017.
How neat is that! Inca trail.
Day 2: Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu!!
The Nazca Lines! Created 1500 years ago, there are more than 70 biomorphic shapes. Top of the tree seen here. Exploring history.
Dune buggy and sand boarding for sunset.
Snow, rain, and wind but we still made it. 4500 meter lake kind of day.
Swingin & swiggin. What day is it?
Squad goals. Perfecting the thumbs up!
Now that's what I'm talking about! Toilet views.
Good morning Quito! New day, new country, new adventures.
400 years looking over Cartagena. I live for this.
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