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BALI_____🗺🏝 •______#bali •________ @amoilmondo_to Perché partire? PER GODERE DEI STUPENDI PAESAGGI BALINESI, IMMERSI NELLA NATURA. PER VIVERE APPIENO UBUD, IL CUORE DI BALI •_________🛶 05/08 Malpensa - 16 giorni Tour + Mare da €1990 •_________✈️ #bluvacanzealpignano #amoilmondo #bali #baliindonesia #bali_travel #bali_experience #bali_is_my_life #bali_photography #travel_ph #travel_drops #travel_world #travel_ig #ig_bali #travel_magazine #travel_tourist #tourist_places #tourist_bali #tourist_travel #travel_gram #tourist_destination
Walking on the biggest and holiest temple of the island is indescribable....Such a unique complex comprising at least 86 temples, in addition the breathtaking view of nature surrounding ✨👀🌿🌾#HuygoesBali • Which was the most beautiful spiritual place you had visited ?
Take me back to the nature 🌿💦#HuygoesBali • 🤔 Where should I go next ? City exploring or more nature adventure ?
Into the ancient mysterious Elephant Cave, even though there’s no sign of elephants at all anywhere 🐘👀!!! #HuygoesBali • Even though the site’s name translates into ‘Elephant Cave’, you won’t find any pachyderms here. Various theories suggest the origin of the name, such as back in time the Petanu River was originally called ‘Lwa Gajah’, meaning the ‘River Gajah’, before it came to be called Petanu River. Other sources state that the ‘Gajah’ or elephant aspect came from the stone figure inside the cave depicting the Hindu lord Ganesh, who is characterised by an elephant’s head.
Chasing waterfalls in Bali 💦
Tirta Empul is a place to purify your soul 😌🙏🏼 • For more than 1,000 years, The Balinese have been coming to this sacred temple just for that. Built on a bubbling spring that flows from the Pakerisan River, Tirta Empul Temple is a popular spot for ritual purification. Locals and so tourists bathe in the holy water to cleanse their souls and ward off evil. 🛀🏼👹🌊✨ • • This is truly a special cultural tradition, and we are so blessed to be able to experience it. Definitely a must do when you visit Bali !!! • #HuygoesBali
Must have shot when in Bali - Rice Terrace Shot 🌾🌾🌾 #HuygoesBali
Hey guys, meet my long lost twin brother 👯‍♂️🐵 !!! #HuygoesBali
A little corner of Bali 🇮🇩🙏🏼 #HuygoesBali
• beware of the monkey •
We had an amazing opportunity to watch the Balinese dance last night, and I was completely amazed ...it was an excellent way to become immersed in local culture here in Bali 🌴 • The costume and specially the makeup used in Balinese dance is just “spectacular”. It’s bright, colourful and shining 💃🏻🌺✨ • SWIPE LEFT FOR MORE 👉🏼 #HuygoesBali
I’m so lucky enough to spend my last days in bali chillin’😍♥️🌊 #melin_graphy #travel #life_style #photopraphy #Australia #world #love #love_travelling #bali_photography #bali_photography_beach
Can’t get enough of these golden light in Bali 😃💛☀️✨ // Bali been wonderful to us, this is truly one of the most amazing trip we’ve done in Asia....
Feeling like a real Balinese in the sarong 😜🙏🏼 #HuygoesBali • The “KAMBEN” a.k.a. the sarong visitors are required to wear prior to entering temples. Kamben is a cloth worn to cover the lower part of our bodies; it is tied around the waist and falls just right below the knees. For men, it is customary for the kamben to be wrapped from left to right, representing the good (dharma). Their kambens cover the legs down to the ankle, which suggests that men should cover more ground in supporting their family. As for women, the kamben is worn from right to left, a sign that the women are saktis, keeping the men balanced. • It’s always been so fascinating to learn about different cultures, what is the most interesting fact you have learned from a different culture ? •
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Walking around Ubud is like walking the movie set 🎥 // “ISLAND OF GODS” - it is the perfect name for Bali 🙏🏼🏝
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Who would think a lumbung [traditional Balinese rice warehouse 🏕] can be so luxury ✨....it only at @glampingsandat #HuygoesBali
Pusing buat halalin kamu😁 #journeybali #nakbali #bali_photography
Chilling in our private pool @glampingsandat 🌴⛺️😌💦// Much needed after a long day exploring the island #HuygoesBali
Sunshine on the ground 🌞🌞🌞
What a day today🤦🏻‍♂️!!! I just need some time walking in this beautiful greenery to clear my head 🍃🙉🌿 • What do you think about the impact of nature to de-stressing ? •
Nothing but this amazing peaceful view ✨👀✨/ The island of gods is truly working its magic #HuygoesBali
Hidden canyon Beji Guwang may be hidden, but definitely no secret....four hour trekking through rivers and waterfalls 🧗🏻‍♂️💦 absolutely worth it // Stunning creation of nature !!! #HuygoesBali
The people of Bali belief that nature is made of spiritual power and that the universe itself with all elements surrounding us such as large stones, trees and other objects, posses souls and are the dwellings of invisible beings. The soul is the principle of life and health and we live in a magical world of people, spirits, gods and demons. The mountains are the highest and holiest of all places as it is belived that good spirits reside inside of them. Evils spirits live in the sea or water. Houses are oriented towards the mountains and beds are positioned so head is closest to them. Mount Agung is regarded as the dwelling place of the gods. Ancestor worship is also a part of the beliefs. The balinese believe that since spirits are everywhere a family member return every five generation, each new reincarnated from a more divine state. Life is seen as a cycle that begins in a holy state as an infant. As one grows older one moves away from this state of holiness and returns to it again at death. Spirits and ancestors are treated with respect and every morning offerings are placed in places off the ground to pay homages to the good spirits and discreetly left on the ground to placate the evil ones. Mystics, healers and artists are just as essential to a typical Balinese community as farmers and merchants. Those who have money share it with those that don't and land is owned by the gods who are benevolent enough to lend it to human beings for temporary use. Today it is Galungan, the most important festival where the Balinese people honour their creator of the universe and the ancient victory of dharma (good) over adharma (evil). Happy Galungan to you spiritual island💙
Our crib for a week on the island of gods 🏡🏝🌿// Totally immersed with nature #HuygoesBali
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Desa pusah Padan luwih - это название храма , ну по крайней мере нам так сказал охранник. Очень красивое место которое мы нашли чисто случайно 🤷🏼‍♀️, мы просто ехали на водопад и увидели его вдоль дороги. Остановились ... были просто уверены в том что нас туда не пустят . Но ☝🏻охранник, который по совместительству садовник с радостью стал нам его показывать. Открыл двери во внутрь храма , там на столько красиво . 😍😍😍 просто нереально, глаза разбегаются от узоров , цветов , лепнины и статуй 😻😻😻, с уверенностью могу сказать что это лучший храм что видела . Сам храм был отреставрирован только 4 месяца назад, в нём проводят церемонии только в самые важные дни балийцев . Так что можно сказать мы скорее всего были одними из самых первых туристов что посетили этот храм. Невероятно сколько красивейших мест в мире , которые не показывает гугл. Гугл не знает всё, а вот местные жители точно расскажут вам о самых невероятных местах☺️ #marisav_travel_asia #marisav_indonesia #marisav_bali #bali #balitravel #наслаждаюсь #bali_photography #bali_model
🌊BALI🌊 Как же я давно мечтала попасть на сказочный остров 🌴. Здесь нереальная атмосфера , не зря сотни тысяч туристов остаются тут жить навсегда. Прилетев однажды на Бали ты просто влюбляешься навсегда 🦋 Как много всего я ещё тут увидеть , жаль что в этот раз времени у меня мало ( Несколько советов для туристов 👇🏼 🌀вызывайте с аэропорта grab ( приложение можно бесплатно скачать в App Store), это дешевле в раза 3 чем просто взять такси с аэропорта . 🌀Grab не приезжает в аэропорт, все такси стоят на стоянке напротив аэропорта на 5 этаже, найти его легко 😉 🌀обмен валюты можно сделать в аэропорту, местный курс не особо отличается. Как отдыхать красиво 😍 расскажу дальше 😘 #marisav_travel_asia #marisav_indonesia #marisav_bali #bali #balitravel #наслаждаюсь #bali_photography #bali_model
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