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Yesterday we went to visit the rice feilds in bali, I had no idea that to prepare the feilds to grow the rice these beautiful creatures are tied up and forced to walk back and forth through deep mud each day whilst pulling behind them a heavy plow with a man standing on top of it. This cow is only a one year old and the other 2. They live on average 1 and a half years before they are killed as a blood sacrifice for "god". After their torturous day they are tied up to ropes (most of them that we saw not even a metre long) with their heads stuck in feeding troughs that they cant move away from. The third photo shows a cow that was going insane throwing his head from side to side because he couldnt move away from the trough. I untied him and made the rope as long as it could go. The other cow struggling to get out of the rope (in the second photo) didnt have a rope long enough for me to lengthen which was heart breaking. I was in tears seeing the lives of all of these beautiful gentle and kind natured creatures. This goes to show that even if you think a food is cruelty free (such as rice) it may not be. I wish I could let you free and I'm sorry ❀
Saw another one of these guys. He was peeing right into his own face. 🙄 #flyingfox #notinacagethistime #peeface #balianimals #bali #indonesia #bigyawn
Why love one and eat the other?! Dog meat trade in Bali is pretty big and I saw a lot of posts on the community groups of videos where dogs were being stolen to be killed and cooked for selling as street food. Most of the footage I saw the people would pick the dogs up off the street after kicking them unconscious and sling them on the back of their scooter. Well known restaurants and beach clubs as well as back of the alley warungs (Indonesian restaurant) have all been known to use dog meat but telling their customers that it's chicken because it's much cheaper for them to make a profit. While most people are outraged and disgusted when they find out dog meat is being sold I can't help but wonder how we still haven't made the connection..... Domesticated animals and farmed animals still feel the same pain, have families, want to live, enjoy freedom and happy moments with their fellow friends and family and do not want to die. So really what is so weird about the dog meat trade?! It's about as messed up as killing a pig and eating it's dead flesh that gets left to work it's way through your colon for the next 72 hours. It's about as messed up as cooking up a chickens period for breakfast. Its about as messed up as drinking milk from another being that is not your mum! #maketheconnection 🌱 #govegan #plantshaveprotein 🌱 #stopobsessingoverprotein 😂
Кажется, что они друг другу совсем не нравятся, но когда собака оступилась, макака участливо удержала её за хвост #animal #dog #monkey #animalfriends #balianimals #friendship
WHAT IS THIS? Is it a giant bat?? It’s terrifying. It looks like a dog ferret with wings. #balianimals #whyinacage #surprisefind #bali #indonesia
I can’t express the love I feel for this innocence. We thought he was too sick to live but he has so much determination. If we can live happy any healthy without harming others, then why wouldn’t we? 😢❤️ • • • #villakittybali #kitten #rescuekitten #balikitten #jonsnow #sunsetvetbali #animallover #rescuecat #balianimals #balicats
Sapi : "Kamu ngalangin jalan saya" #cow #nusapenida #beautiful #balianimals
Sasa😽 . Tak ada kasih sayang yang tulus,setulus kasih sayang seorang IBU👸 Ada yang mau adopsi???😊 . . . #balianimals #savecat #animals #balivideo #balividgram #balichanel #littlepony #littlecat #duniabinatang #duniahewan #latepost #catlovers
Doggo greetings at @barc4balidogs Sanctuary where hundreds of dogs reside, awaiting furever homes 🐕
My friends helped me with my cats, now I hope I can help these animals in need at Gunung Agung...🌋 *Bantu Hewan Gunung Agung* #PeduliHewanGunungAgung Bali Rumah Singgah Satwa (Bali Russ) dimiliki secara perorangan oleh seorang wanita bernama Tyo Russ yang kini sedang berusaha keras bersama tim untuk membantu kelangsungan hidup hewan-hewan yang tertinggal di Zona Merah Gunung Agung, yang sekarang terdampar setelah penghuni dievakuasi. Selama ini, dana yang dia dapatkan adalah dari uang pribadinya dan sumbangan2 donatur. Kesehariannya Tyo bekerja sebagai tour guide atau apa saja yg bisa dilakukan untuk memberi makan anak-anak kaki 4 yang diselamatkannya, yang jumlahnya sudah mencapai 100 ekor di rumahnya (diluar korban Gunung Agung). Meski saat ini status gunung Agung sedang rawan erupsi Tyo beserta para relawan tetap melakukan kunjungan ke desa-desa di zona merah yg sulit dijangkau setiap hari, yang hanya dapat dilalui dengan motor. Untuk anjing yang masih bayi, kucing, dan hewan-hewan kecil sudah diungsikan ke shelter terdekat namun yang dewasa saat ini dengan terpaksa ditinggalkan karena shelter yang disediakan beberapa masyarakat karangasem sudah penuh. Sekarang, tim relawan Tyo masih mencari orang yg memiliki tanah di daerah zona aman Karangasem untuk shelter, dan untuk sementara mereka merolling pemberian makanan kepada hewan2 yang ditinggalkan. Saat ini penggalangan dana Peduli Hewan Gunung Agung sedang dilakukan dan sangat dibutuhkan. Untuk melihat kegiatan Tyo dan kawan-kawan, mohon di check FB nya di Bali Rumah Singgah Satwa Unt memberikan donasi berupa uang: BCA 0402594274 atas nama Tyo Ros PayPal Acc tyoros.id@gmail.com Donasi berupa makanan, handuk, kandang, dll dapat dititipkan melalui alamat: Russ - Toko Kamera Fuji Profesional Jl. Diponegoro No. 84 Denpasar Bali Telp: +62 815 815 8000 Terima kasih sebelumnya sedalam-dalamnya dari Tim kami disini. #payitforward
Spidey here doesn't want me to switch on the AC. Maybe he is cold 😑 . Btw, notice something different with Spidey? . #pejeng #spiders #aircon #labalaba #spiderman #arthropod #TarraBali
Partition à quatre mains #bali #balianimals #monkeylife #macaque
We’ve been on a quest to find the biggest Tokay in Bali, this one was 40cm and really intimidating.
Almost every frog we’ve seen has been a new species for us, loving these tree frogs 🐸
Adopte (plutôt) un petit animal #balinature #balianimals #baligraffiti
@bawabali_official urgently needs 》》canned pet food / towels / cages / other supplies and donations to help Bali dogs and other animals currently affected by Mt Agung. Please help #bali #balilife #mtagung #mountagung #balineeds #balinese #balidogs #ilovebali #balivillagelife #balivolcano #balihelp #balianimals #skoobali #skoomedia
The eruption of Mt Agung's volcano forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes, with most making the difficult decision to leave their pets behind to fend for themselves. Many volunteers are working hard to deliver food to as many animals as they can in the area daily. Find out what you can do to help save the beautiful animals of our neighbour island Bali 🌴 via @missionpawsible 🐾 #mountagung #mtagung #bali #volcano #prayforbali #balianimals #ashcloud #supportbali #island
LOVE + STRENGTH // Amongst the midst of evacuating the erupting Mt Agung, many villages have left animals behind and abandoned. Head over to @bawabali_official to help & donate in anyway you can to rescue and help save the lives of these animals. Sending so much love to the beautiful people of Bali, stay safe & look out for one another - both human & animal 🙏🏼 Image via @the_seminyak_snob
🇲🇨 I wish I could have a monkey as a pet! They are just so adorable ❤If I didn't move around so much, I'd consider it. 🙈 Maybe the reason I love monkeys so much is because it's one of my nicknames back home haha 🙊 #monkeyofthehouse 💡💡💡Tip: Spend 1-2 hours at Monkey Forest to enjoy your time. 🐒There are also lots of shops and restaurants around the area, and you can find some of the best currency exchange rates on that street 🤑 #nofilteratall #baliadventure #balitime #monkeyforestubud #ubudbali #balianimals #monkeytime
Hands down this is my favourite moment in our Bali holiday. Kuta beach.... letting rescued sea turtles back into the ocean. Amazing experience!! It might be simple but I love travel moments like this capture. It's soaking up another culture and their everyday life. It makes me incredibly happy to share these moments with Reed. Just looking back at it is giving me the urge to travel again! Look at my smile - pure happiness. Do like I have and share your ultimate travel moment with the hashtag #frequentsmilers @tidaustralia #tid #tidtravel #ad . . . #influencer #influenster #instainfluencer #influencerau #influenceraus #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleblog #momcommunity #mommycommunity #momblog #momblogger #mumblog #mummyblog #mumblogger #bloggingmom #bloggingmum #bloggingmums #home #australia #perth #sydney #brisbane #melbourne #adelaide #australianmum #australianmums
🐱 SnugglePot 🐱 Miss this little dude - we rescued SnugglePot from the side of the road a couple of weeks ago and took him to Villa Kitty. If you didn’t see the video of the rescue, head to our YouTube Channel and check it out! (Click the link in our bio and tap the YouTube tab on our homepage or search for Adventure Travel Family on YouTube). 👍🏻
🕸👀That moment when you almost shit your pants because someone (🕷) is looking for dinner / Тот момент, когда паук пожрать собрался, а ты в штаны чуть не наложил) 😂 Photo by @bali_brother #пауки #паук #балибагус #spiders #spiderweb #balispiders #balianimals #balilife #balihouse #villabali #balivilla #balirent #balitravel #balibukit
Captured this rooster mid air on my morning walk 😀 #balianimals #photobyme 📷
💗 Animal rescuer 💗 This little one is fascinated with animals and loves watching animal rescue programmes on TV. Click the link in our bio to read about the tiny kitten we rescued, and see some pics of the little cutie! 🐱
Found this rabbit Injure in front of my sister door. Too bad they cant keep it because it not allowed to keep pet with the land lord. Tatiaaan.. Ada bekas disiram ma sst yg lengket. Jd mengering bulunya smpe kulitnya. Adek2 ksh namanya embul. Coba bersihin pelan2.. Moga mo ilang.. Anyone want to keep it?? Around Bali only.. Poor Embul 😢 ° ° ° #balifriendship #balipet #rabbitlovers #balianimals #jbtetlow #helpthisanimal #adopt #balianimalswelfare #bawa #adopsi
Meet my friend Bringo. A bali dog that loves the beach and goes mental in the waves. Bringo is a fortunate dog that has a loving home, but there are many others that nobody cares for. Help them by supporting the local organisations such as @missionpawsible and @balipetcrusaders or if you live here, you can become a foster home where the dogs can stay until a forever home is found for them.
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