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“PRO vs NEWBIE” 😂 Biarkan doi berimajinasi 😌 Gini aja udah seneng mintak ampun • Nb : foto blur, gegara lensa bedebah 🤭 Oh, saya nya yg gak bisa motret 🙄 • • #balizoo #balizoopark #balielephant #baliindonesia #balianimals #elephant #zoo #travelsisters #travelbag #travelgram #zootopia #baliadventure #balibeautyfullisland
BAWA’S STERILIZATION SCHEDULE FOR WED AND THURS Join BAWA this Wednesday or Thursday for our health days in Sanur and Kesiman. We'll be offering sterilization and basic vet care, and the Government will provide rabies vaccination. We would like to thank the Denpasar Animal Husbandry department for working together with us for the health and welfare of dogs in the community. Prevention is the best cure! WEDNESDAY 18TH JULY: Venue: Banjar Medura, Sanur Kauh Time: 10am until finish THURSDAY 19TH JULY: Venue: Banjar Tangtu, Kesiman Time: 10am until finish If you are bringing your dogs for sterilization, please do not feed them breakfast. Please note we do not sterilize owned breed dogs according to local regulation. We hope to see you and your dog’s there!
DREAMS DO COME TRUE! My name is Goldie, four years ago I had my right back leg amputated after I was hit by a motorbike crossing the road and the vets could not fix it. I have been cared for ever since by all my wonderful friends at BAWA, and every day I hoped that someone would adopt me. I would dream of finding a loving home, but it seemed everyone only wanted cute puppies, they would just pass me by, but I never gave up hoping and dreaming that I would find a forever home. Well, my dream came true last week when a lovely Balinese man came looking for a special dog and when he saw me there was an instant connection between us. I now live in a beautiful area, and I have become a bit of a “celebrity” as no one in my new village had seen a “3 legged dog” before so I have had lots of visitors, and everyone has made me feel very welcome. I have a cozy spot to lie down outside on my new blanket during the day, and places to explore in my safe yard and I am eating like a “King”, nothing but the best for me! So sometimes dreams do come true, and I hope all my other friends who have been years in the BAWA adoption centre also find someone as amazing as I have.
JESSIE AND DAISY - Just Out Of The Gutter These two beautiful three-week-old puppies were cruelly taken from their mother and found by BAWA dumped in a drain this morning. Both puppies are believed to be very healthy, but had they not been seen with the rain today, they would have most likely drowned. We desperately need to find a foster carer / adopter for them. They can eat and drink on their own, but they need someone to love them and care for them as they are so tiny and vulnerable. If you can foster or adopt these lucky puppies, please email info@bawabali.com Thank you so much, and please do not breed or buy - please adopt, never shop. Be a part of the solution and not the problem. Donate Here: bawabali.com/donate-to-bawa/ ADOPT DON’T SHOP: www.bawabali.com/our-programs/rehabilitation_adoption/adopt-dont-shop/
JET’S A STAR Jetstar or Jet for short is the remaining puppy out of 4 we have been fostering. Jet now needs a home and human who has a big loving heart and will appreciate her antics, her beauty and help her never look back at the life she had before she was rescued from a parking lot filled with tour buses. Only the lucky ones survive that place and Jet was one of the lucky ones. Now, please help her to be even luckier and find a permanent loving home. Jet is super smart, loves food and toys and her most favourite thing in the world, which she hopes her new mum or dad will keep doing, is giving her a chest and tummy rub each night before she goes to sleep. She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep and dreams of a new home. If you have room in your heart and home for this beautiful girl, please email info@bawabali.com and let Jet become your “star”.
We had our first traveling birthday this week as Aimee turned 7. Kara got a cake made, that came with the wrong age and a few live ants on it, but it was awesome anyway. Ants are pretty much part of every day life. Then Aimee got to choose where we went on Saturday, and she chose #balizoo . It was a pretty good day out, although some of the enclosures were pretty small. Here's to hoping that most of the animals are rescues? We wrapped up by dropping the kids off at their favourite kids club so the adults could do a bit of shopping :) could get used to that. 2 birthdays to go over the next month... #travelwithkids #travelbirthday #balianimals #7goingon17 #familytravellove
OUR EDUCATION PROGRAM IS GROWING We welcome our twelve new full-time teachers and one additional programme manager who have just joined our BAWA Education Programme (Dogs Trust Worldwide) for Elementary Schools. The programme is about to be launched in Badung and to run again in the Denpasar region, where we will be testing knowledge retained and expanding children’s understanding of how to take care of our canine friends. The teachers are now taking part in an extensive training programme, developing their knowledge of dog welfare and their practical teaching skills for delivering our student-centred and interactive lessons, five to six days per week. Children are the next policy makers and enforcers, the future governors and mayors and leaders. Let’s teach them well to encourage kindness and compassion. We thank Dogs Trust Worldwide for making for possible to continue and to extend our programme. We also thank the Government Agriculture Departments of Animal Husbandry and Health; and the Technical and Operation Units of the Education, Youth and Sports Departments of Badung and Denpasar.
Poor scared darlings 😫 my heart is completely with you all 🐥🐔#balianimals
Hatten gestern Abend einen kleinen Besucher am Fenster 😁 #explorebali #balianimals #honeymoon
Meet our newest baby Cookie (she also has a sister called Micky). These two little sweeties were dumped at my husband’s workshop because people do that here 😡. At least now they’ll be fed and taken care of. The kids think it’s wonderful that pups keep arriving 😂 . . . #bali #balilife #balikidsguide #dogrescue #balianimals #bawabali #balidog #newpuppy #lifeinbali #balitoday #baliholiday #baliwithkids #familyfriendlybali #liveinbali #expatlife #expat
BAWA would just like to take a moment to acknowledge some very special people and businesses who have so kindly donated to the dogs of Mt. Agung. Firstly, to Skye Garden and Agathe, for the generous donation of 20 bags of 22kgs of dog food. Agathe, we are so appreciative of your continued support. To Nats Pet Store, for organizing donations and continuing to help the dogs of Mt Agung. And to Karin Karner, for your tireless efforts to collect donations and never-ending passion to help those animals in need. To the rest of the donators who are helping to keep the volcano dogs alive, we THANK YOU! Without your help, these animals would not have survived.
Cześć, jestem Luwak, czyli Łaskun - zwierzę, ktore zjada ziarna kawy, a następnie... wydala je w całości 🙊 pózniej z jego 💩 wydobywa sie ziarenka kawy, poddaje rożnym procesom i tak mili państwo, powstaje kawa, z która niektorzy płaca setki, a nawet tysiące złotych! Mowa oczywiście o jednej z najdroższych kaw na świecie czyli #kopiluwak ☕️ #laskun #łaskun #kopi #luwak #luwakcoffee #luwakkopi #luwakanimal #animals #bali 🌴 #bali #balitrip #blogipodroznicze #balilove #balitour #instatrips #travelers #travelholic #zakreconapodrozniczka #zakręconapodróżniczka #polskieblogipodroznicze #podroznik #zwierzęta #asia #azjaexpress #baliadventure #baliawesome #balianimals
STERILIZATION DAY AT KESIMAN KERTALANGU VILLAGE, DENPASAR To prevent the spreading of rabies in the Denpasar Regency, the Animal Husbandry Agency has arranged to hold a Vaccination and Sterilization Program together with Yayasan BAWA. The agency will coordinate with the local stakeholder at Kesiman Kertalangu Village to support the program. EVENT DETAILS: When: Wednesday 11th July 2018 Time: 8.30am until finish Venue: Bale Banjar at Kesiman Kertalangu Village, Denpasar We would also like to show our appreciation to the Government for supporting these sterilization events by providing rabies vaccinations and working together with us for the health and welfare of the dogs in the community. Only through rabies vaccination can we eradicate rabies from the island of Bali.
LOST DOG Rich is missing, and owners desperately want to find him. Name: Rich Breed: Small-sized Bali dog Last Seen: Kerobokan one week ago. Description: Brown and black coloring, entire male and wearing a blue collar. If found, please WhatsApp +7 911 120-30-04 OR contact BAWA at info@bawabali.com or 081 138 9004 as soon as possible.
ADOPT. LEARN. CHAT WITH BAWA Adopt. Learn. Chat with BAWA this coming Saturday as we give out free puppies for adoption. Learn and chat with our friendly staff on how to adopt healthy, rescued puppies for free, and how to care for them long-term. Shop for your furry friends and enjoy puppy cuddles while sharing the fun with BAWA and the community. ADOPT. LEARN. CHAT with BAWA WHEN: Saturday, 14th July 2018 from 1.30pm to 4.30pm WHERE: Happy Pets Petshop, Pengosekan (next to petrol station) MORE TO ADOPT: www.goo.gl/H1hxym ADOPT DON’T SHOP: www.goo.gl/ltffsY WHY THE BALI DOG IS SPECIAL: www.goo.gl/ZZMNyU ADOPT TO SAVE THE BALI DOG.
When all else fails #actcute . That last kid could have been u. @elbert_t Babe ilu so please swipe ◀️
💔Sorry to break your hearts, but this is what we saw today. Tiny baby monkeys, fear evident in their eyes, chained to filthy cages and for sale. The mums are often killed or simply bred for these markets. It is extremely hard not to just get them all and bring them home, but there were about 30 in the market and I have no idea what we would do with them. Really wish there was something we could do about it.😥
IRRESPONSIBLE TOURISM RESULTS IN CRUELTY AND TORTURE FOR ANIMALS Our last post received a lot of criticism from people attacking the Balinese people and Bali for cruelty to dogs. We would like to put on record that many tourists are also responsible for animal cruelty and torture in several cases. For example; Tourist dollars are spent on visiting dolphin pools where dolphins are captured from the ocean and forced to live a life of horrific captivity and cruelty. Tourists visit elephant parks where often these elephants are forced to sleep standing up chained in place and subjected to other cruel actions by the handlers. Tourists hire the carriage horses in Kuta to take them through busy streets, these horses work and stand for many hours in the blazing hot sun with no water. Tourists take photos with dancing monkeys who have been stolen from their mothers and forced to dress up and entertain. Tourists also pose with reptiles and other wild animals that belong in the wild. Tourists drink Kopi Luwak, coffee made from the faeces of what were once wild civet cats who are now forced to live in captivity. Luwaks are shy animals and nocturnal, yet they are forced to stay in cages in the bright lights to entertain tourists, all for the tourist dollars. What is needed for Bali is education and animal welfare laws that are enforceable. There is animal cruelty everywhere in the world, but in most western countries there are strong laws and penalties in place. Tourists can play their part in ending much of the cruelty by not supporting places that have animals for entertainment – please be responsible tourists, there is much more to see in Bali than animals being kept and often tortured for entertainment. www.bawabali.com/our-programs/responsible-tourism/
When will the senseless, barbaric slaughter of innocent animals stop? There are national laws in Indonesia against torturing and harming animals. Yet day after day we continue to see dogs poisoned, beaten and tortured for no other reason than the village no longer wanting them, or they go to the dog meat traders. It is shocking to see our island of Bali based on Ahimsa, nonviolence, and Tri Hita Kerana which is the Balinese philosophy for a harmonious life. Respect for God, respect for other humans, respect for the environment and animals, with so much cruelty and violence towards their animals, especially the dogs. This case recently reported on Facebook Group Bali Dog Lovers, took place on Wednesday apparently in Kertalangu, Denpasar, and we are still trying to understand the reason the dogs would have been so cruelly killed and left by the roadside, one with spears through its body. If you know who did this, please report to us, we will try to follow through with a police report to prevent future similar action as this is breaking the law.
MORE DUMPED PUPPIES Only weeks old, these five puppies were dumped in a rice sack outside of the BAWA office last week. This is the battle we face daily. At present, BAWA is beyond full – every single cage and kennel is occupied right now. We cannot do this alone, we need your help. If you live in Bali or visiting long term and can help us by fostering a dog or cat, please contact us at info@bawabali.com. Or please help by donating towards puppy formula, food, and vaccines. Thank you.
Bali 1st step with kiddos ❤ #balianimals #lotoffun #cannotmoveon
ELIMINATION ALERT: The Animal Husbandry of Badung issued a letter stating that dogs not caught for vaccination will be eliminated. The method of combining mass dog vaccination and mass dog elimination (culling) for more than ten years has not succeeded to end rabies in Bali. We encourage everyone in the area to keep their dogs safe. Most of all, these dogs have been vaccinated multiple times and sterilized. Just wasted efforts and funds by charities that run free spay and neuter programs. BAWA is more than willing to help catch and vaccinate the dogs to avoid unnecessary and inhumane dog elimination. See schedule in below post. Please help if you can.
Amazing restaurant Galanga in Amed and it's visitors #travelasia #balilove #balianimals
Moving to a new country is hard work when you're just baby animals. And being in #quarantine is all kinds of sucks. But we have our Mom and dad to love on us until we get out. #Benny #Totoro #balidog #balicat #balianimals #movedtoTaiwan #Taiwanliving #changes #dogsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #doggie #kitty #donkeydog #chubby #babies #familyreunion #allthelove
More cool monkey photos. What was really neat was watching them use 'tools.' One ground a leaf by rolling a rock until the leaf was sufficiently shredded for consumption. Others would smack whatever fruit was in a hard shell repeatedly on the ground to break it open. . . . . #ubud #bali #ubudmonkeyforest #monkeyforest #sanctuary #monkey #monkeys #monkeytemple #sacredmonkeyforestsanctuary #balianimals #animals #primates
VACCINATION SCHEDULE ALERT The rabies vaccination schedule, posted below, was issued by the Government (Dinas Badung on 25th June 2018 ), stating there will be a mass rabies vaccination in these areas. This is good news that the Government continues to run yearly rabies vaccination programs. However, in this case, we believe the local village leaders added to the elimination notice. Basically, dogs that are not wanted or can’t be vaccinated might be eliminated. We do not know how true this is, but it is something to take seriously. Therefore, following up from the notice, we request your help to inform your friends and neighbors in your village to keep all dogs safely inside or caged during this period with your vaccination books ready. Make sure your dogs are rabies vaccinated and boosted regularly. Help others get their dogs chained and safely inside and vaccinated. Evidence-based reports have shown that mass vaccination is the only way to end a rabies epidemic. The first date is on the 5th July 2018 in Lingkungan Poh Gading, Nusa Dua Kelurahan, Benoa.
RECENT MT. AGUNG ERUPTIONS LEAVE ANIMALS IN SERIOUS DANGER With the large eruptions of ash and lava from Mt Agung in the previous days including a Strombolian eruption last night that caused fires around the top of the crater, the animals in the area are under serious threat. We URGENTLY need to get them clean water and food and rescue the dogs and puppies in the danger zone. This is not an easy task as eruptions continue. We urgently need your help to continue to save these innocent creatures. Please help us get to them before it’s too late! Donate here: bawabali.com/donate
STOP THEIR SUFFERING - VET ACCOUNTS FROZEN As some of you may know, BAWA’s veterinary accounts are currently FROZEN! We DESPERATELY need your help to pay off our outstanding bills so we can continue to help those who suffer. To help save a life, click the link below, read on and help us change their lives. www.mightycause.com/story/Bawabali
Our Bali rescue kitty Jon Snow, has sadly needed to have his eye removed due to a nasty abscess that has formed. 😿 @villa_kitty_bali is in desperate need of donations to help pay for his surgery. If you could help and donate please go to www.villakitty.com Every dollar will make a huge difference. DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
MONKEY NEEDS HELP Chained to a short string at the back of a shop in Ubud, this poor monkey had little chance of happiness. So many people passed this innocent animal and yet only one person felt saddened enough to take action. Thanks to Andrew, a caring tourist, the owner has agreed to surrender Boo Boo the monkey as he understands he cannot provide the adequate care she needs. Now, we need your help to find her a home where Boo Boo can be happy and live freely. Can you open your heart to this cute and friendly girl? Boo Boo has been chained for months because guests did not like her free in the homestay. She will be chained for life unless you can help. For more information, please email info@bawabali.com
Thinking of the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali after Mt Agung volcano erupts again 💜 The local economy relies hugely on tourism to survive, so we hope this eruption doesn't cause harm to the friendly people, beautiful animals, tourists and the land 🙏🏽 via @KyndCommunity 📸 @BaliDaily
ASH IS FALLING - PLEASE HELP THE DOGS OF MT. AGUNG For the past nine months, BAWA has rescued, sheltered, and fed the dogs of Mt. Agung seven days a week. With ash raining down again, the dogs of Mt. Agung urgently need your support. We have to get them clean water and food and rescue the puppies and dogs in danger. Our teams are on the way up now. PLEASE don't forget these dogs; help us save them. Donate here: bawabali.com/donate
“Boss - i can’t work cuz I’ve to laze with my cat”. Are all cats this adorably rude? 😭😭 my heart is full. #needycat #somuchlove #balicat #balilife #nofucksgiven #stolemycarrotcake
IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE, BE A RESPONSIBLE TOURIST Did you know that more than five million tourists visited Bali in 2017? With many of these people still visiting tourist attractions that exploit animals. When you visit such places, your money supports animal cruelty. So, while holidaying in Bali, please choose the places you visit and support with caution. Ignorance is no excuse. If in doubt, please contact BAWA on 0811-389-004 or email info@balianimalwelfare.com For more information on Bali's wildlife attractions, please click on the link: https://www.worldanimalprotection.org/news/bali-horror-wildlife-tourist-attractions-are-living-hell-animals
Its the golden fish “Ikan Arwana”. A very expensive and most favorite for aquarium collection for some of the people. . . This time our team and customers have visited this lobby barong of @balisafari and got observe this mascot. . . So lets join our excursion for the next day to visit #balisafari . . . #balitrip #balisafariandmarinepark #balisafaripark #balisafarimarinepark #balisafaripark #balidriverguide #bali #baliexcursion #baliholiday #balitrip #balitravel #balidriverandguide #balidestination #baliindonesia #lovebali #indonesianzoo #animals #safari #safaripark #animalconservation #wildanimals #loveanimals #animalsanctuary #asiananimals #balianimals #lovezoo #zoo
CAN YOU CHANGE THEIR FUTURE? BAWA is overwhelmed with puppies and we urgently need your help! These puppies have never had a home of their own, no family to spoil or place to settle. Can you open your heart and help us change their lives? If you can adopt or foster, please contact us at info@bawabali.com
STERILIZATION IN SANUR KAJA Join BAWA and Program Dharma on Thursday, June 28th, for a health day at Pantai Matahari Terbit (Br. Batan Poh). We'll be offering sterilization and basic vet care, and the Government will provide rabies vaccination. We would like to thank the Denpasar Animal Husbandry department for working together with us for the health and welfare of dogs in the community. Prevention is the best cure! WHEN: Thursday, June 28, 2018; starting at 10am WHERE: Pantai Matahari Terbit (Br. Batan Poh, Sanur Kaja) We hope to see you and your dogs there!
BANDIT Bandit has been on the streets for a long time searching every day for food, somewhere to sleep and someone to love him. A kind local spotted the dog and reported him to BAWA, but he proved to be somewhat elusive and could not be found when we went to find him, but thanks to the excellent detective work of Starla Marie and Putu Gede they established the dog came out around 5pm most nights. Bandit was picked up last night and is now recovering at Central Vet Clinic in Kerobokan. This sweet boy will need extensive treatment to heal him both physically and emotionally after a lifetime on the streets. If you would like to donate towards Bandit’s care, donations can be made via our donation link http://bawabali.com/donate-to-bawa/ or tax-deductible donations from Australia can be made via the Bali Street Dog Fund www.balistreetdogs.org.au/donating Thank you to everyone involved in the rescue of Bandit.
Hi all friends of Shaggy. As you all know Shaggy had many little friends who took great comfort in snuggling up to him and hiding in his cosy fur. I now have two little beautiful kittens that need a home and I want to use Shaggy's account for outreach since several followers live in the Bali area. This little fellow is Arthur, he is two months old, dewormed and vaccinated. He is actually Atticus's brother, Atticus was one of Shaggy's dearest friends. Arthur came to me later than Atticus and it therefore took me longer to domesticate him. But now he is the most adorable snuggle bunny, so fun and clever. Anyone who gets to enjoy the company of this little guy is lucky. If you are in the Bali area and might know someone that is a responsible pet owner and will give him a loving home please contact me. You can also find me @hallagunnarsdottir Thank you all! #balicats #balicats #balirescue #balikittens #balianimals #rescuestories #balicatslover
Future Animal Ambassador Bianca has just turned 9, and it was her wish that her family and friends not buy her birthday gifts but donate money for BAWA and in honouring Bianca’s wish she raised $600. Bianca has also in the past raised money for dogs in Sri Lanka and Koh Samui. This special young lady certainly is a future ambassador for animals. Thank you so much, Bianca and everyone at BAWA hopes you had a wonderful birthday.
Amazon Supports BAWA Do you shop on Amazon? Then why not use smile.amazon.com for the same Amazon experience AND help BAWA, at no cost to you. Select BAWA on Amazon Smile, shop away, and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase price to Bali's animals. It's an easy, great way to support Bali's animals in need.
BAWA AND PUPPIES AT SANUR Tomorrow, 24 June, join us at Sunday Market Sanur to Adopt. Learn. Chat with BAWA. We’ll have healthy, rescued puppies waiting for their new home. Come and chat with our friendly staff about how to adopt puppies for free and about how to take the best care of them. Shop BAWA branded merchandise while cuddling some adorable puppies. We hope to see you there! ADOPT. LEARN. CHAT with BAWA WHEN: Sunday 24 June 2018. 10am-6pm PUPPIES: 11.30am-3.30pm WHERE: Sunday Market Sanur (Mercure Resort Sanur)
ANOTHER DUMPED HUSKY BAWA has rescued too many sick, abandoned, and distressed Huskies lately. What is going on? Are breeders selling puppies and dogs to anyone, regardless of their ability to care for the dog? When a dog gets sick, do they just get thrown away? It seems like many people buy breed dogs but then cannot financially care for them. This is very cruel, and of course dangerous in a rabies epidemic. Maybe this dog is lost; we hope that is the case. Do you recognize him? But if he had a loving owner, surely, by now, one of the rescue organizations would have been contacted to help find him. BAWA rescued this poor pup, and he’s now receiving treatment at a clinic. He has many holes in his body, ticks, and severe anemia, probably due to blood parasites. Please help us with his medical bills; his care will be expensive, and his road to recovery will be long. Thank you. Donate: bawabali.com/donate
KAMI KAMI CHARITY BAZAAR Join BAWA and numerous other charities at Kami Kami Charity Bazaar on Saturday 23 June 2018. Chat to BAWA and learn about how to adopt rescued puppies, dogs, kittens and cats, for free. You can even purchase our BAWA branded merchandise, wristbands, badges and T-shirts, with all proceeds going to the animals in our care. Bring your children, family and friends and enjoy everything this great event has to offer. There will even be a session on gadgets and how children can use them healthily in the home! WHEN: Saturday, 23 June 2018 from 3 pm to 7 pm. WHERE: Lada Putih Resto Bali. Jl. Dewi Kausalya No. 7B, Legian, Kuta. Hope to see you there! ADOPT DON’T SHOP: www.goo.gl/ltffsY WHY THE BALI DOG IS SPECIAL: www.goo.gl/ZZMNyU SHOP WITH BAWA: www.goo.gl/hNUzq9 ADOPT TO SAVE THE BALI DOG.
Интересное ощущение когда плывеш себе спокойно, потом оборачиваешься и понимаешь,что тебя окружили и любопытно смотрят на тебя с неменьшим интересом, чем ты на них #photobali #divingindonesia #divingbali #балифорум #индонезиябали #fridaynightlive #фридайвинг #дайвинг #дайвингэтокруто #дайвингидругоймир #дайвингнабали #travelblog #indonesia #морскиеживотные #океан #seacreatures #ocean #devil #nature #wildnature #lovenature #oceananimals #fish #рыбки #balianimals #балифото #окружающиймир #ноги #нога #путешествие
We just received a report from a concerned citizen that dog elimination is planned for Br. Bhuana Gubug, Jimbaran tomorrow morning, Friday June 22nd, in response to a rabies case. Please get all owned and vaccinated dogs safely inside. Please help spread the word and alert your neighbors. Make sure your dogs are rabies vaccinated and boosted regularly. Evidence based reports have shown that mass vaccination is the only way to end a rabies epidemic. http://journals.plos.org/plosntds/article?id=10.1371/journal.pntd.0002372
SCARED, HUNGRY AND CONFUSED This sweet girl was found wandering the streets, dazed and confused. Underweight, with barely any fur and covered in a skin condition, Kesha was in desperate need of BAWA’s help. Unfortunately, when Kesha was brought back to the clinic, we noticed she was lactating, thus explaining her confusion and the sadness in her eyes. We think someone may have taken her puppies when she was out looking for food and became disoriented and lost when she went in search of them. With a bit of love, patience and the right medical treatment, Kesha is thriving. All this would not be possible without your generous donations. Please help save lives and donate at bawabali.com/donate
В Убуде в зоопарке встретили вот такую редкую красавицу, которая обитает лишь на северо-западе острова Бали. Знакомтесь- балийский скворец или балийская майна #balianimals #balizoo 🐀🐁🐭🐮🐘🐗🐦🐓🐎🐯🐪🐣🐷🐽🐫🐕🐈🐅🐆🐍🐬🐊🐸🐒🐌🐙🐝🐞🐚🐡 #zoo #bird #birds #balibird #nature #naturephotography #trip #travell #travelblogger #travelgirl #animals #animal #балифото #птицы #птица #эндемик #путешествие #животное #животныймир #редкиеживотные #зоопарк #ornithology #орнитология
I wasn’t ever ready to say goodbye to you two...😢🐶😛 #imissmybalipuppies
PLEASE DON'T LET THEM GO HUNGRY Feeding hundreds of hungry animals every day takes a tremendous amount of food, and our stock is critically low! Can you please donate dry dog food, rice, eggs or vegetables to help Bali's animals? All the hungry animals we supply nutritious meals to would be so very grateful. Every day we feed hundreds of street dogs and cats that have no other reliable food source. We supply all of the animals in our shelters, so many in the volcano area, and we deliver food to foster homes, some adoptive homes and to some homes at which people love their animals but cannot afford to feed them properly. Donations can be dropped at our BAWA shops (www.bawabali.com/contact/find-us-in-bali/) or if you would prefer to donate funds for us to buy food for the animals, please visit: bawabali.com/donate-to-bawa/
NEVER GIVE UP Found by a former local volunteer, Joey was brought to us in a bad way. Picked up in an area where dogs are often unwelcome, Joey is believed to have had his neck slashed with a blunt knife for making messes in the trash and sneaking into people’s homes for a snooze. Taken by the BAWA ambulance and rushed to Central Vet, Joey was treated for his wounds. Fast forward to today, this handsome boy is really starting to shine in our shelter. Despite all Joey has been through, he is still so loyal and full of love. His eyes light up for walks, he gets excited about treats and has such a sweet and gentle personality. We are so grateful to Nabila for contacting BAWA and giving Joey the opportunity he so truly deserves. Joey is now ready and healed and is looking forward to finding a new loving forever home. If you would like to foster or adopt Joey, please contact info@bawabali.com
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