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Peering through the gap wishing you were in a big grassy paddock instead of dirty bush and rubish 😢......this little one is no bigger than a medium sized dog • • • • #newbabycalf #balicalf #babycalf #babycow #balibaby #babyanimals #wishingforabetterlife #balianimals #animalsofbali #2018balitrip #balihoneymoon #holidays #travelblogger #travel #wanttotravelmore #baliindonesia
TRAGEDY IN SULAWESI - THE ANIMALS NEED YOUR HELP! On 28th September 2018, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake in Sulawesi Indonesia triggered a tsunami, destroying towns and villages and everything in its path. The combined destruction from the earthquake and tsunami led to the complete collapse of infrastructure and the heartbreaking loss of thousands of lives. BAWA’s disaster relief team is on the ground going out to the hardest hit areas, rescuing animals from ravaged villages, crawling under collapsed homes and buildings, and doing all we can to help. The animals are starving, injured and scared and we are rushing them for treatment from our veterinarians and providing them with temporary shelter where possible. We have found so many animals that have not had enough food or water for weeks. The ones we can rescue we bring to shelters, but those we can't catch we have to provide with food and water, and then go back another time to help. It’s extremely dangerous and time-consuming work. It is vital that we raise funds to continue our relief efforts. We must save the pets that survived when their owners and homes did not and help evacuees that are in camps to help their animals. Your help is urgently needed to save them now before it’s too late. Your donations ARE life-saving and desperately needed. Your help absolutely counts! TO DONATE: bawabali.com/donate
It's a beautiful morning to start a fun activity. Some people are comfortable to ride on an elephant circling the beautiful of Bali. If you are interested, just come straight to Bali Elephant Camp. ______________ 📍 Bali Elephant Camp ✈️ 1 hour 27 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport 📷 @truebaliexperience ———————— Badung - The Soul Of Bali Explore Badung with Badung Tourism Department Tag @badungtourism and #badungthesoulofbali Badungtourism.com ———————— • • • • • #badungthesoulofbali #badung #bali #indonesia #holiday #elephant #balianimals #nature #rahajengsemeng #highlyrecommended #elephantcamp #balinese #explorebali #explorebadung #balilife #balicili #baliguide #baliindonesia #adventure #balitrip #balitravel #balitravelguide
if you want to succeed, there must be a lot of obstacles, if you want to find a place that is beautiful and can make us calm, there will be a lot of trouble going to the place. want to know how? ... just a smile that can overcome all that, 😃 smile ==================================== Good selfie. share your amazing photo while living in Bali with using hashtag #dimikisitours and follow @dimikisitours for a chance to be featured. Visiitor inquiries: www.dimikisitours.com WhatsApp: 081 238 285 61 E-mail: info@dimikisitours.com ===================================== Photo by: dimikisitours and Mr. Mindauges >< gerda #bali #balitours #balitourism #balitrackingtours #balicontrysidetours #balidive #balipreweddingphotographer #baliselfies #balitemple #balisurfing #baliwaterfalls #balisepiritual #balialkohol #balijungles #baliheaventrip #balibeach #balistatues #balienjoy #balismiles #baliaura #balispirit #baliyoga #balikarma #balinatural #balianimals
INTERNATIONAL COMPANION ANIMAL WELFARE CONFERENCE Earlier this month, BAWA was honored to be invited to speak at the annual ICAWC about our experience in disaster response and management on Bali’s Mount Agung, Lombok, and now also Sulawesi. This year the conference was held in Krakow, Poland with 271 delegates from 107 organizations in 39 countries. We would like to thank Dogs Trust for the fantastic opportunity to gather together to learn and share ideas with colleagues from all over the world. Together we make steps to improve animal welfare internationally. Photos by Richard Murgatroyd Photography
Uluwatu monkeys. Most funniest and exotic animals in Bali. These little furry dwellers of the Uluwatu Monkey Forest – and most of the Bukit forests – share the common playful characteristics of those in Bali’s other notable monkey forests such as Sangeh and Ubud. Some people are scared but there is nothing to be scared of unless you take sunglasses, a hat or some food with you. They look really friendly but actually they are very good actors so dont caught up on their performance! 🙊🐒🙈 . . #uluwatu #uluwatutemple #uluwatumonkeytemple #monkeyforestbali #monkeyforrest #balimonkey #balinesemonkey #balifullife #uluwatubali #balianimals #veganforanimals #funnymonkey #monkey 🐒 #monkeysofinstagram
THE TRAGEDY IN SULAWESI AND BAWA'S EFFORTS TO HELP On 28th September 2018, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake in Sulawesi triggered a tsunami that swallowed the ground and destroyed everything in its path. The combined destruction from the earthquake and tsunami led to the complete collapse of villages and the deaths of thousands of people. Please see the link to New York Times article: https://nyti.ms/2yeIeQU BAWA’s disaster relief team is on the ground along with the local government and police discovering the extent of the disaster and doing all we can to help. We were told that when the earthquake first happened in the village of Balaroa, villagers ran outside to stand in a field for safety when the field itself collapsed into the ground underneath. Witnesses said the mud spewed up higher than a coconut tree and completely swallowed the entire village. At this site, the search and rescue team found approximately forty dogs standing on top of rubble mounds, signalling to police that their owners were underneath. We are attempting to catch the dogs and bring them to safe shelters, giving medical treatment, food and then hopefully finding new homes for them in safe locations if we are unable to locate their owners. BAWA's emergency response team are delivering aid to the hardest-hit villages. We are grateful to be working together with Dinas Peternakan (Animal Husbandry Department) and police in Palu coordinating the relief efforts for companion animals while the Indonesian Veterinary Association, PDHI, also focus on livestock. The relief truck that we filled with supplies has just arrived and is ready to distribute to the areas that need it most, but the need is still so great. It is vital that we raise funds to continue our relief efforts, helping evacuees to help their animals. We need to continue rescuing and rehoming the animals that survived when their owner's and homes did not. Please donate. Your donations ARE life-saving. TO DONATE: bawabali.com/donate
HEALTH DAY TODAY IN SANUR – FRIDAY OCTOBER 19TH Come join the BAWA team TODAY Friday, October 19th for sterilization and general vet treatment by BAWA along with free rabies vaccinations given by the Denpasar Animal Husbandry Department for cats and dogs. Please notify your friends and neighbors to bring their dogs for free vaccinations, free sterilization for mixed Bali dogs, health treatments and advice. WHEN: TODAY, FRIDAY 19TH OCTOBER 2018 TIME: 10am until finish WHERE: Hyatt Hotel, Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Batujimbar, Sanur We would like to express our appreciation to the Government for supporting these health days and sterilization events by providing rabies vaccinations and working together with us for the health and welfare of the dogs in the community and a rabies-free Bali. We hope to see you there!
BAWA ADOPTION DAY IN SEMINYAK Join the BAWA team this Saturday, October 20th, 2018 for an adoption day at Nat’s Pet Shop in Seminyak. Chat, meet and play with our adorable rescue puppies who are healthy, vaccinated and free to a good home. WHEN: Saturday, October 20th, 2018 TIME: 11:30 am to 4:30 pm WHERE: Nat's Pet Shop, Jl. Raya Taman No. 147, Seminyak. COME TO ADOPT, FOSTER OR CUDDLE A PUPPY 🐶
CHILDREN FROM SANUR KAJA IMPRESS THE POLICY-MAKERS ON RABIES KNOWLEDGE, ART AND MUSIC. Local children show Bali's policy-makers their understanding of rabies prevention and their talents in drawing and singing. Over eighty children from elementary schools in Sanur showed off their talents to government officials attending Sanur Kaja’s World Rabies Day event on Sunday, October 7th 2018. The children had a fantastic day eagerly showing off their colouring, drawing and singing talents, and their knowledge of rabies prevention through an interactive contest. Watched proudly by Bali province government officials and traditional leaders from Sanur and Denpasar, the children took to the stage to show off the fruits of their labour. Although nervous, the local children were keen to impress and share their art and knowledge encouraging all in attendance to have respect and compassion for animals. Later on, the children were quizzed on rabies vaccinations and what to do if bitten; both parents and officials were absolutely astounded at how much the children had learned about rabies prevention, with almost 100% of answers given being correct. In fact, they did so well that we actually ran out of prizes and trophies, all were deserving. This was a truly inspiring event where children, NGOs and government could be seen coming together working towards a rabies-free Bali. Rabies elimination is 100% possible, but people must be educated to look after the vaccinated dogs, and the best place to start this kind of educational initiative is with the decision-makers of the future. This is why BAWA includes this sort of education as a key part of programmes, ensuring that children have the knowledge and tools necessary to make the best decisions for all living beings!
Last Night My Heart Was Broken When Me And My Brother Found This Baby Kitten on the streets of Bali in seminyak. I Would Doubt She Would Make It Another 24 Hours, She Was Dirty, One Of Her Eyes Was Closed completely Covered in discharge and couldn’t even barely move, I Gave Her Food And Water And Then I Got A T-shirt And Picked Her Up And Took Her Back To My Hotel, I Couldn’t Bring Her To My Room But The Hotel Staff Kept Her In Their Office Safe Over Night, I Manage To Clean Her Eyes And Finally She Can See Out Off Both And Not Just One! This Morning I Travelled To The Other Side Of Bali And Found @villa_kitty_bali They Was Amazing! They Checked Her Over And I Can Only Pray She Will Make It! We Have Named Her Penny Star ⭐️I Want To Thank Everyone Who Helped Me And A Massive Thank You To @villa_kitty_bali Please Go To Their Website And Make A Donation! As They Need Help To Look After Animals Like My Penny Star, I Know I Am! ❤️ #villakittybali #donation #donations #animalovers #makeadonation #catlover #doglover #animalrescue #kitten #bali #balianimals #helpbalianimals #kittens #cats #help #dogs #animals #animalhelp #heartbroken #pleasedonatetoday
Enjoy every moment in Bali becasue it is always special! The view I got while practising yoga in my secret spot was amazing. There is always something that surprise you in Bali, and for my luck, it is always something positive and extraordinary 💫✌🏼 . . #balifullife #livinginbali #baliblogger #balinature #balibaby #balianimals #baliphoto #baliphotographer #mylifeinbali #nomadlife #nomadinbali #canggubali #canggubeach #canggulife #canggucommunity #bestofbali
Supporting @bawabali_official and the amazing work they do across Bali for injured and abandoned animals. Support and donate to them today if you can! #bali #balibeautiful #balidogs #savebalidogs #balicats #balianimals #balinese #denpasar #seminyak #ubud #canggu #kuta #legian #skoobali #skoomedia
Denpasar’s Deputy Mayor Launches Sanur Kaja’s Village Regulation 3/2018 Against The Dog Meat Trade On Sunday morning, October 7th 2018, Denpasar’s Deputy Mayor IGN Jaya Negara represented Mayor Ida Bagus Rai Mantra in formally launching Sanur Kaja’s Village Regulation promoting animal welfare and forbidding the dog meat trade in Sanur Kaja. The event was part of the village’s observation of World Rabies Day, with the theme “Share the Message, Save a Life.” Officials from provincial, Denpasar and Sanur government agencies, traditional and government leaders from Sanur, faculty from Udayana University and the head of Jagapati Village, Badung Regency (Program Dharma’s first expansion site) attended the launch of the Village Regulation, Peraturan Desa Sanur Kaja No. 3/2018. Guests included representatives from the Provincial and Denpasar City Health Offices, Denpasar City Parliament, and the Office of Animal Husbandry in Denpasar. This regulation or Perdes, the first of its kind in Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia, is a formal, village-level legal instrument under the Indonesian government system and is a major accomplishment that we hope will contribute to eliminating the dog meat trade and promoting animal welfare throughout Bali. In his written address, presented by the Deputy Mayor, Mayor Rai Mantra expressed his appreciation of and support for the village of Sanur Kaja for developing the Perdes. He emphasized the cultural importance of dogs to Balinese, notably in the Mahabharata as a symbol of Dewa Dharma who, in the form of a dog, escorted Yudistira to heaven. The mayor called on everyone to stop all violence against animals and stop dumping dogs and puppies, and particularly to stop consuming dog meat. The Deputy Mayor then thanked I Made Sudana, the head of Sanur Kaja, for his initiative in advocating for and supporting the development of the Perdes because it will help eliminate the rabies virus in the city of Denpasar, in which Sanur Kaja is located. He hopes and expects that other villages in Denpasar and beyond will be inspired to follow by developing similar Perdes. He also noted that the launching on World Rabies Day can provide momentum to raise a
Aww beautiful Lenny the #Balidog 🐶💕! . The hardest thing by faaarrrr about travelling for me is the whole animal situation... 🐶🐱🐮🐥🐷 . It breaks my heart 💔 seeing so many dogs and cats that we have bred to depend on us abandoned on the streets 😢. I just want to take them allllll home with me 🤗! . This lucky puppy was rescued by one of the kind hearted people we stayed with in Bali 💜. But lots are not so lucky ☹️. . Did you know that many rescue centres help you to adopt from abroad? If you are thinking of getting a doggo, be compassionate and save a life, adopt don’t shop 💕
BALI NIGHTS IN MELBOURNE THIS FRIDAY 19TH OCTOBER 2018 Fancy a great night out on this Friday? Our partner organisation, the Bali Street Dog Fund, are holding their annual fundraiser for BAWA this Friday, 19th October 2018. This magnificent cocktail party is being held at the Rowing Club Boatshed (Richmond Rowing Club) situated on the south bank of the Yarra River opposite Federation Square from 7 pm to 10.30pm and is being hosted by Pete Smith, Patron of the Bali Street Dog Fund. There is live entertainment, a silent and live auction. Every item for auction has been donated, so every dollar raised will saves lives and will support BAWA in the efforts to save thousands of animals affected by these natural disasters. Indonesia has been struck with three natural disasters in last twelve months, and thousands of animals have been affected by the eruption of Mt. Agung, the devastating Lombok earthquakes and more recently the deadly Sulawesi earthquakes and Tsunami. BAWA has teams at the volcano daily, teams in Lombok rescuing and feeding animals, and are now sending a large team and supplies to Sulawesi. At present, BAWA's resources are stretched to the limit. Please join us at this extraordinary event! You will have a fantastic time and save lives at the same time. We cannot help these beautiful animals without your support. Tickets are only available to purchase online for $100.00, with 80% of the ticket being tax-deductible. Tickets can be booked via www.balistreetdogs.org.au/book-bali-nights-tickets or through Paula on 0438 645 141 and include vegan food and drinks.
Bali Safari & Marine Park Book through me for 10% OFF Tickets to Bali Safari and Marine Park. Welcome to Bali Safari Home to over a thousand amazing animals - Bali Safari is your destination for an adventurous, fun, educational experience. #baliisland #balitour #balisafariandmarinepark #balisafari #balitourguide #balidriver #balidriverguide #balicheaptour #balicheaptransport #balianimals #balianimalrescue #funtour #balifuntour
SOS - URGENTLY NEED HELP TO SAVE THESE PUPPIES Please everyone in Bali - please donate your time to bottle feed these babies until we can locate a lactating mother dog. BAWA has no facilities right now that are healthy enough to keep these puppies fed and safe. Clinics are full and can’t take them in. We urgently need someone to take them, even a few days will help until we can find more volunteers or a mother dog. PLEASE HELP ASAP! What’s app or call us on 081 138 9004 or +62811389004 or info@bawabali.com. These puppies need you to keep them alive.
LOVE IS BLIND Beautiful Sherry is blind and desperately needs an adopter who can can care for her. Sherry came to BAWA with cherry eye and was treated in a clinic for this common condition. Sadly, as time went on, we learned that she was going blind. Sherry can still see some things, shadows for example, but mostly she is blind. But it does not hold back her zest for life and love. Sherry loves running free and cuddling up with people and is such a sweet dog. She just needs a safe home and someone who is willing to learn how to care for a blind dog and show her all the love and affection she deserves. If you can give Sherry a forever home, please email us at info@bawabali.com
DOGI TALKS DOGS. SEE YOU AT THE BALI VEGAN FESTIVAL THIS SUNDAY IN CANGGU! Gede Ngurah Surya Anaya, better known as Dogi, is a veterinarian with a Master's in Public Health who has been a consultant to BAWA for over a decade. Dogi will give a talk at the Canggu Bali Vegan Festival about what is required to effectively end the dog meat trade. In a previous post, we mentioned the village of Sanur Kaja where the village government has announced the first-ever village government regulation (Perdes) against cruelty and the dog meat trade. Dogi will explain a bit about the complexity of Indonesian laws related to animals and challenges in their enforcement and will explain why this regulation is so important. Bring your questions and enthusiasm to help us stop the dog meat trade as well as cruelty to animals in the villages where you live. If you are just visiting, we will explain how you can help BAWA stop animal cruelty. The event is this Sunday, October 14th from 1 PM in Canggu (near Oasis Canggu at Jl. Nelayan). Next to Oasis, there will be a temple, and next to the temple there will be a field with tents. The event is FREE!!!
SOS - MOTHERLESS NEWBORNS Two more neonate puppies have just been brought in to the BAWA office. They were found abandoned at only a few weeks old. BAWA urgently needs a lactating mother dog to ensure their survival or a volunteer foster feeder. These tiny babies will need constant care in order to stay alive. All BAWA foster carers and staff are at full capacity; so we need your help to save them. If you can bottle feed every few hours or have a healthy lactating mother dog, please email us immediately at info@bawabali.com or call 081 138 9004. Your help will save their lives.
the smile of a child and father, in that smile contained a great meaning. please take care of your smile !, don't get lost !, like you take care of your parents and children. ==================================== Good selfie. share your amazing photo while living in Bali with using hashtag #dimikisitours and follow @dimikisitours for a chance to be featured. Visiitor inquiries: www.dimikisitours.com WhatsApp: 081 238 285 61 E-mail: info@dimikisitours.com ===================================== Photo by: dimikisitours and Livia #bali #balitours #balitourism #balitrackingtours #balicontrysidetours #balidive #balipreweddingphotographer #baliselfies #balitemple #balisurfing #baliwaterfalls #balisepiritual #balialkohol #balijungles #baliheaventrip #balibeach #balistatues #balienjoy #balismiles #baliaura #balispirit #baliyoga #balikarma #balinatural #balianimals
Царевна лягушка 🐸 Frog. #bali #animals #balianimals #balilife #islandlife
POOR OLD BROWNIE Found in the bushes, scared and injured, outside of the BAWA adoption center by volunteers, Brownie was rushed to Sunset Vet Clinic in Ubud and is currently undergoing treatment for his severe head wounds. So weak he was barely able to walk, Brownie was put on an IV drip, given antibiotics and is under ongoing medical treatment. Quiet and reserved, Brownie is an old dog who will need a loving forever home once he has recovered. Please can you help us and donate towards Brownie’s medical costs? Our monthly bills are huge and we can only rescue and provide life-saving treatment with your help. If you would like to adopt a sweet old senior dog who is easy-going, please consider Brownie and email info@bawabali.com
Pytaliście ostatnio, czy nie bałam się małp grasujacych na Bali. W Monkey Forest - nie, ale przy niektórych świątyniach, gdzie żyły dziko, owszem. Nieopodal świątyni Uluwatu grasuje właśnie takie stado, które kradnie, co popadnie, warczy na przechodniów, przebiega między nogami i straszy. 🐵🦍 tak, tych zdecydowanie można się bać 😉 w połączeniu ze zbierającymi się czarnymi chmurami (z których, o dziwo, tylko trochę pokropilo) efekt robi się naprawdę ciekawy! 🌫🌫 • #balitemples #uluwatu #uluwatutemple #balitemple #baliindonesia #baliholiday #monkeyfamily #monkeys #templeinbali #templebali #templeonthehill #uluwatubali #lovebali #balimagic #balilover #polskieblogipodroznicze #polskieblogi #blogipodroznicze #podrozemaleiduze #zakręconapodróżniczka #zakreconapodrozniczka #animalsshots #balianimals #asiaexpress #travelislife #travelphotos #travelporn #fly4free
Astungkara thanks you for join with me #balizoo 🐀🐁🐭🐮🐘🐗🐦🐓🐎🐯🐪🐣🐷🐽🐫🐕🐈🐅🐆🐍🐬🐊🐸🐒🐌🐙🐝🐞🐚🐡 #ubud #bali #balianimals #balidriver #freelance #taxidriver #inubudbali
SOS: PARALYZED MOTHER DOG - NEWBORNS URGENTLY NEED A HEALTHY LACTATING MOTHER DOG TO SAVE THEIR LIVES. Permata was recently rescued from the streets, pregnant and alone. BAWA found her paralyzed, with no reflex at all. Grave concerns were held for Permata and her expectant litter of puppies, so she was rushed to a clinic for an immediate C section. Last night, Permata gave birth via C-section to three healthy puppies who now desperately need help to survive. We urgently need a lactating mother dog to give them a chance at survival. If you know of a healthy, lactating dog, please contact us right away. We do hope that Permata will recover and if she does, we will move the puppies back to her. But for now, we need your healthy mother dog to feed these newborn babies. If you can help Permata and her puppies, please email info@bawabali.com
FOSTERING SAVES LIVES! Adorable Lunis came to BAWA in early August 2018, found by tourists who funded his vet clinic bill and then fostered him for about six weeks. Lunis’s AMAZING foster parents kept him cared for in a loving, home environment through numerous medical challenges and helped build his immune system until he was strong enough to join the healthy puppy pack in a BAWA safehouse. Can you believe this is the same dog? Fostering really does save lives. If you would like to foster for BAWA or adopt Lunis, please email info@bawabali.com
ลิงกินน้ำ 🙊 (เมื่อกี้แคปชั่นไม่ขึ้นอะ) 🙈 • #bali #baliindonesia #balianimals #ubud #ubudbali #animal #animals #animalphotography #animalphoto #animalplanet #monkey #monkeys #monkey 🐒 #monkeyforestbali #forest
Wake up call from Bali! Have good start into the new week 😎! #nomondaymadness #backstreet #chicken #ubudmarket #balianimals #balilife
not a few people wander to places like this, Forests and jungles are lives that cannot be separated from us, what are they looking for ?, nothing more than: peace of life and smile. ==================================== Good selfie. share your amazing photo while living in Bali with using hashtag #dimikisitours and follow @dimikisitours for a chance to be featured. Visiitor inquiries: www.dimikisitours.com WhatsApp: 081 238 285 61 E-mail: info@dimikisitours.com ===================================== Photo by: dimikisitours and Livia #bali #balitours #balitourism #balitrackingtours #balicontrysidetours #balidive #balipreweddingphotographer #baliselfies #balitemple #balisurfing #baliwaterfalls #balisepiritual #balialkohol #balijungles #baliheaventrip #balibeach #balistatues #balienjoy #balismiles #baliaura #balispirit #baliyoga #balikarma #balinatural #balianimals
단이를 위해서 무조건 보자마자 예약한 마라리버사파리 ㅎㅎ 저렇게 방에서 동물이보이고 수영장에서 코끼리와 코뿔소가 보인다 동물에게 직접 먹이를 주며 첫날일정으로 넣고싶었지만 김단성격에 매일 저기타령할거 알기에 마지막에 넣었는데 역시나 아까도 “엄마 이따가 코뿔소 갈꺼지?” 이제 비행기타러 가자 발리안녕 사진 찍은거 언제다보냐 ㅋㅋㅋ 집에가서 얼릉 삼겹살에 소맥먹자 동조야 ㅠ #마라리버사파리 #marariver #balisafari #balianimals #bali #marariversafarilodge #marariversafari #마라리버 #마라리버사파리롯지 #에버랜드연간아깝네 #당분간동물타령
Puppy power
HAZIMAH HAS A HOME! A few weekends ago, a nice family came into the BAWA office to adopt a dog now that they were settled in Bali and had a pet-friendly place to live. Enthusiastic about giving a dog a home, the family chose Hazimah and were devoted to giving him the best life possible. Hazimah had been dumped in a rice sack outside the BAWA office gates in the early hours of the morning and was just skin and bones, fighting for his life. With some love, nourishment and care, Hazimah is now a healthy and playful puppy who is off to his very own forever home! If you’re looking to foster or adopt, please email info@bawabali.com
AFTER SPENDING HIS LIFE IN A CAGE, BADI IS FINALLY FREE Trapped, unable to move and severely malnourished, Badi was forced to live his life inside a tiny cage. Rarely fed and fur so matted with faeces it had to be shaved, Badi was unwanted and unloved. Thanks to some concerned tourists who reported Badi to BAWA this week, the team were able to negotiate with Badi’s owner to surrender him, so we could finally give him the life he so desperately deserved – one free from cages and cruelty. Once Badi was at BAWA, staff had to cut and shave off all his fur and were saddened to see that he was just skin and bones. Despite his horrible ordeal, Badi is a loving, friendly and happy dog who adores walks and interacting with both people and dogs. Badi is learning to adjust to having a bed and blanket for the first time in his life and is enjoying four meals a day so he can return to his appropriate weight. The caging of dogs in Bali is very common and only through education can we stop the cruel and unnecessary suffering. Please support our education and advocacy programs. Your donations do save lives and do make a difference. TO DONATE: bawabali.com/donate
BALI VEGAN FESTIVAL Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), will be joining the Bali Vegan Festival again this year on October 5th to 7th in Ubud and 12th to 14th in Canggu. BAWA works to save, protect and improve the lives of all animals in Bali and beyond. A key focus is Bali’s Heritage Dog – the island’s genetically unique street dog that is under threat. On Sunday, there will be a presentation from Levin Kalalo about the “Dog Meat Trade: Ways To End The Suffering” and a Q and A session on the topic. So, bring your friends and family and enjoy this fantastic event!
Tänään maksoin euron siitä, että pääsen halailemaan käärmettä. Ne jotka minut tuntevat, tietävät miten paljon rakastan käärmeitä (ja tiedoksi teille, joita en tunne: rakastan käärmeitä TODELLA paljon). Tajusin kuitenkin saman tien, että tuo vaivainen euro tukee eläinturismia, ja kannustaa villieläinten pahoinpitelyä. Siitä tuli tosi paha mieli. Tehty mikä tehty, mutta toiste en tee vaikka menisi pää. ••••• English: don’t support wild animal tourism. 🐍💚 • • • • • #iscrewedup #dontsupportanimaltourism #saynotoanimaltourism #ilovesnakes #snakesofinstagram #wildanimalsbelonginthewild #reticulatedpython #balipython #balisnakes #balianimals #balitour #balilife #bedugul #bali
BAWA’s COMMITMENT TO THE DOGS OF BALI BAWA was invited by the Dinas Peternakan of Denpasar to participate in an event on Sunday, September 30th for World Rabies Day. Together with Program Dharma, our Sanur ONE HEALTH ONE WELFARE program, the team treated 46 dogs for skin ailments and parasites and spay-neutered 19 dogs. For twelve years, BAWA has delivered spay-neuter programs and provided health treatment and education in villages throughout Bali. We are in the field with our mobile spay-neuter team five to six days every week. These programs are vital to the communities who either cannot afford medical treatment for their dogs or have no one else to help the community dogs. We also promote the Bali Heritage Dog at the same time and educate children about how to care for their pets. Please help us continue to run this valuable program. Your donation of $25 USD will sterilize a dog, provide medication as required and much-needed education to the community. BAWA health days need your support. Please consider making a one-time donation or becoming a monthly donor to help us help the dogs of Bali and the cats of course! TO DONATE: bawabali.com/donate
BAWA ADOPTION DAY IN UBUD Join the BAWA team this Friday, October 5th, 2018 for an adoption day at the Bintang Supermarket in Ubud. Chat, meet and play with our adorable rescue puppies who are healthy, vaccinated and free to a good home. WHEN: Friday, October 5th, 2018 TIME: 11 am to 4 pm WHERE: Bintang Supermarket - Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Campuan No.45, Sayan, Ubud COME TO ADOPT, FOSTER OR CUDDLE A PUPPY 🐶
Это детеныш монстров которые живут в кустах напротив нашего дома. Он к нам пришёл, прям вот сейчас. И это, если честно, обосратушки те ещё. Как по мне так это почти крокодил). 🐊Родители у него в 2 раза больше. Кошарик мой испугался и влетел в дом, я пошла посмотреть что за грохот и сама чуть инфаркт не заработала. Зверье моё блин! #balilife #islandlife #bali #lizard #balianimals #жизньнаострове #бали #зверьемое #ящерица #обосратушки
Our premium pet beds are now available at Yuni Bali Furniture @yunibalifurniture in Kerobokan 😍 Available in a number of styles, sizes and prints, all pet beds are made with the highest quality materials - durable and comfortable for your furry loved one. Best part is that 100% of proceeds made from the sales of our beds go straight back to our animal aid cause, so by purchasing you are helping other disadvantaged animals to have the chance to lead a better life 🐶🐱 • For more information, have a look at our website in our bio above 👆🏼, send us a DM for direct purchases or pay a visit to our friends over at Yuni Bali Furniture ❤️ • #ilovebalidogs #bali #balianimals #adoptdontshop #balidoglover #balidogcharity #bravecto #balipetbeds #littlestepsmatter #tenete #tenetepetbeds 💫
who wants to be a Balinese? ... let's register with me, but if you are a Balinese you will live a simple life and follow the culture like the picture above. This middle-aged woman was carrying a young coconut leaf which was placed on her head for a ceremony, although she lived a simple life but was rich in culture: helping each other, loving each other, and also full of smiles.😃😜🌺 ==================================== Good selfie. share your amazing photo while living in Bali with using hashtag #dimikisitours and follow @dimikisitours for a chance to be featured. Visiitor inquiries: www.dimikisitours.com WhatsApp: 081 238 285 61 E-mail: info@dimikisitours.com ===================================== Photo by: dimikisitours and Alix and Alice. #bali #balitours #balitourism #balitrackingtours #balicontrysidetours #balidive #balipreweddingphotographer #baliselfies #balitemple #balisurfing #baliwaterfalls #balisepiritual #balialkohol #balijungles #baliheaventrip #balibeach #balistatues #balienjoy #balismiles #baliaura #balispirit #baliyoga #balikarma #balinatural #balianimals #baliculture
J'ai hésité mais j'ai finalement foncé ! Une occasion comme ça ne se représentera pas deux fois ! #snake #memepaspeur #jaihésitéquandmême #balianimals #tropfieredemoi
BIG NEWS: SANUR KAJA BANS DOG MEAT BAWA, IFAW and Program Dharma congratulate Desa Sanur Kaja for the first ever Dog Welfare Regulation, Peraturan Desa Sanur Kaja 3/2018. This is the first village animal welfare and dog meat regulation in Bali and all of Indonesia, an exciting outcome of BAWA’s extensive advocacy and program support. This community-based initiative to respond to animal welfare issues and the dog meat trade in Bali is a pioneering effort that we hope will inspire other villages in Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia. Key points of the regulation forbid: - Torturing, killing and stealing dogs in the village of Sanur Kaja - Producing and/or distributing food that contains dog meat - Stocking, purchasing or producing dog meat or food that contains dog meat for their own or anyone else’s consumption - Selling dogs, alive or dead, as an ingredient for food, for their own or anyone else’s consumption - Dumping dogs, alive or dead, in the area in the village of Sanur Kaja - Dumping dogs, alive or dead, outside of the village of Sanur Kaja We thank Ida Bagus Kiana, SH of the Denpasar Parliament (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah Denpasar); Ida Bagus Alit Sudewa, SH, the head of the Sanur Kaja village parliament (Badan Pemusyawaratan Desa Sanur Kaja); I Made Sudana, the Perbekel of Sanur Kaja; Udayana University Public Health Studies Program, Prof. Windia of Udayana’s Faculty of Law, and BAWA’s legal consultant Dr Simplexius Asa for their commitment to making this happen. BAWA hopes that this Peraturan Desa will promote more compassionate treatment of dogs and contribute to stopping the dog meat trade in villages throughout Bali. * Please note: We understand that there is a lot of confusion about existing Indonesian government laws and regulations that are relevant to the dog meat trade. We’ll be covering this in future Facebook posts.
AMAZING KIDS SHARE THE MESSAGE On Saturday, September 29 the BAWA Education team held a fantastic World Rabies Day event at SDN 3 Sempidi in Badung to raise awareness of dogs’ needs and the importance of vaccination as the only way to stop rabies in Bali. 261 students from 11 classes participated in a fun morning of drawing, colouring, puzzles and quizzes, demonstrating excellent retention of what they had learned from our 16 teachers earlier this term. The highlight of the activities was the yel-yel competition where teams from grades 5 and 6 had prepared action songs about good dog care and the Five Freedoms. We are very grateful to the Principal and the school teachers for their warm welcome, support and enthusiasm! Thank you to Pak I Gede Asrama, Kepala Bidang Kesejahteraan Hewan, and his team from Dinas Pertanian Kabupaten Badung and Pak I Wayan Koper, Kepala UPT Dinas Pendidikan Kecamatan Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung for attending the event, and Dogs Trust Worldwide for funding this wonderful and much-needed programme. We believe that education is the key to improved welfare for the animals and people in Bali and that the students will take their knowledge back to their community for a healthy and happy future.
why not? ... if this beautiful bird can smile and selfie, we also have to be able to. how beautiful life is if we can smile. ==================================== Good selfie. share your amazing photo while living in Bali with using hashtag #dimikisitours and follow @dimikisitours for a chance to be featured. Visiitor inquiries: www.dimikisitours.com WhatsApp: 081 238 285 61 E-mail: info@dimikisitours.com ===================================== Photo by: dimikisitours. #bali #balitours #balitourism #balitrackingtours #balicontrysidetours #balidive #balipreweddingphotographer #baliselfies #balitemple #balisurfing #baliwaterfalls #balisepiritual #balialkohol #balijungles #baliheaventrip #balibeach #balistatues #balienjoy #balismiles #baliaura #balispirit #baliyoga #balikarma #balinatural #balianimals
POISON ALERT SOS. We have received reports of dogs are being poisoned at Pecatu and Bingin beaches. Please keep your dog’s off these beaches or leash them and do not allow them to eat from the ground. Please help get beach dogs inside until we find out what is going on. We do not know who is doing this or why they are doing it. What we do know is that many dogs have died and that it could keep happening. Poisoning dogs and losing herd immunity is never the answer to ending a rabies epidemic or to clear beaches of dogs. More dogs will move into the territory, and these dogs may not be vaccinated or sterilized, therefore putting the community and tourists in danger. Humane population control, and of course, rabies vaccinations for the dogs is the answer. Please report any strange activity, information on poisoning, or any poison cases to info@bawabali.com
HELP MIRNA SEE AGAIN We recently received a call about a dog with a prolapsed eye who had been hit by a car three days earlier. The neighbor of the dog’s owner contacted BAWA and asked for help as she could not stand to see this poor dog suffering and the owner could not afford to help the dog. After racing Mirna to the clinic for treatment, the vets said that her eye had burst, and enucleation was the only option. Despite her ordeal, Mirna is a beautiful girl who is healthy and playful. We have also vaccinated and sterilized Mirna. Please, can you help us help Mirna? Once again, BAWA’s clinic bills are soaring. We cannot do it alone, we need your help. TO DONATE: bawabali.com/donate
Все местные жители нашей округи хотят пройти мою звериную фотосессию) итак, я призываю в гости варана и сколопендру! Жду вас) #balinature #bali #balianimals
daily life of a farmer always works hard, but they always smile because their lives are very simple. let's learn simple life so we can smile. ==================================== Good selfie. share your amazing photo while living in Bali with using hashtag #dimikisitours and follow @dimikisitours for a chance to be featured. Visiitor inquiries: www.dimikisitours.com WhatsApp: 081 238 285 61 E-mail: info@dimikisitours.com ===================================== Photo by: dimikisitours And Karin And Frank family. #bali #balitours #balitourism #balitrackingtours #balicontrysidetours #balidive #balipreweddingphotographer #baliselfies #balitemple #balisurfing #baliwaterfalls #balisepiritual #balialkohol #balijungles #baliheaventrip #balibeach #balistatues #balienjoy #balismiles #baliaura #balispirit #baliyoga #balikarma #balinatural #balianimals
JOIN OUR VOLUNTEER FAMILY Hard-working and animal-loving volunteers needed at BAWA. Volunteers are essential for socializing scared, sick and traumatized animals, which is vital to their recovery. Volunteer with BAWA and spend your time walking dogs through the rice fields, cuddling and socializing puppies, helping at meal time and so much more. Rabies vaccinations and a minimum of five days of commitment are required. Though, the five days do not necessarily have to be in a row. For volunteer inquiries, please email info@bawabali.com. We look forward to hearing from you!
Her eyes have the strong power to speak a great language. And we call them dumb animals...for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they dont suffer less because they have no words. That’s why “our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrance all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty” A. Einstein. . . . #compassion #balianimals #animalphotography #animalphotos #veganfortheanimals #animalsarefriends #animalsarenotfood #becompassionate #mylifeinbali #balirescue #cows #cowsarefriendsnotfood #veganlifestyle #veganlifestyleblogger #veganlifestyleblog #animalscanfeel #goveganfortheanimals 💚🐷🐮🐣🐖🐗🐰🐔🐟🐬🐋🐵🐐🐏💚 #govegan 🌱 #takecareofyourself
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