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Bali oh Bali ! why are you so mesmerizing • • • • • 📧 : hello@silangitphotography.com 📱 : +62 821-2518-9969 www.silangitphotography.com #SilangitPhotography #BaliFamilyPhotography #BaliFamilyPhotographer
Kabar gembira Buat yang berprestasi! Untuk mahasiswa dengan IPK di atas 3.4. Gratis! Print + Frame ukuran 12R jumbo (30 x 45 cm) disertai dengan pembelian minimal salah satu paket foto wisuda di studio kami. Syarat dan Ketentuan: Follow profil @fotowisudabali. Repost poster ini dan Tag profil @fotowisudabali. Promo ini berlaku bagi mahasiswa dengan IPK di atas 3.4. Lulusan minimal tahun 2017. Membawa Ijasah asli dengan informasi nilai IPK. Membawa identitas diri (KTP/KK). Promo ini berlangsung selama poster masih terpampang di akun IG kami atau berhenti jika ada pengumuman resmi dari kami. Promo ini hanya berlaku di Bali. Good Luck!! 😀 Informasi dan booking silahkan hubungi: 089527471799 (sms, whatsapp, call) info@otigaphoto.com
Could these two be any cuter? Sweet sisters, wild and free 💫
How much love & happiness in one photo 💓 • • • • • 📧 : hello@silangitphotography.com 📱 : +62 821-2518-9969 www.silangitphotography.com #SilangitPhotography #BaliFamilyPhotography #BaliFamilyPhotographer
'How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard' ❤ For bookings whatsapp +27791734697 or email sunshiningraine@gmail.com xxx | @summerrainephotography @thesoulshinefamily #baliindonesia #balifamilyphotographer #balifamilyphotography #baliwithkids #baliwedding #baliholiday #balifamilyholiday
One magical morning @baletudor in Ubud, Bali. Basking in the first rays of sunshine before a beautiful new days begins again 🙏🌴🌄 These soft grassy river banks were my favourite! I miss the sound of the river and the smell of rain... It's been dry here near the coast so hopefully we get some soon. Or we might just go back to Ubud, who knows😄💚 Been fun having such a flexible itenerary (more like non-existent)😛. What are some of your favourite areas in Bali, if you've been?? Anyone who wants to meet up for a photoshoot? | @thesoulshinefamily @baletudor #baliphotographer #baliindonesia #balilife #balibucketlist #balifamilyphotographer #balidaily #baliubud #balihotelsandresorts
warmest greetings from bali • • • • • 📧 : hello@silangitphotography.com 📱 : +62 821-2518-9969 www.silangitphotography.com #SilangitPhotography #BaliFamilyPhotography #BaliFamilyPhotographer
Love is Play ❤ @jinti_fell recently made a post about love & what it means to her daughter Aya. She asked her "Aya, what is love?" to which Aya sweetly replied "Love is play". What beautiful truth🙏 All children feel most loved when we give them our uninterupted time & attention. When we forget about the grown up world for just a couple of minutes & tap into our inner child, fully grounding ourselves in this present moment, being silly together🤗. I definitely need to make more time for River. Sometimes, (like I am now💩) I'll sit with him while he plays & I get some work done on the side. But it's not enough, he needs to know that he'll always be more important than any of that & the reason we chose this lifestyle in the first place, is so that we could spend more time together as a family. So that's exactly what I'm going to do now. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday spent with loved ones!🌺🌴💑 | @baletudor @thesoulshinefamily #loveyourtimetogether #familytravel #travelingfamily #veganfamily #baliindonesia #baliwithkids #balilife #balifamilyphotographer
He always be my best friend He always be my teacher He always smile for me #TagYourDadPlease • • • • • 📧 : hello@silangitphotography.com 📱 : +62 821-2518-9969 www.silangitphotography.com #SilangitPhotography #BaliFamilyPhotography #BaliFamilyPhotographer
#HappiestMoment at Bali 💞 • • • • • 📧 : hello@silangitphotography.com 📱 : +62 821-2518-9969 www.silangitphotography.com #SilangitPhotography #BaliFamilyPhotography #BaliFamilyPhotographer
Thanks Sue and family for having another shoot with #darphotographybali #bali #holiday #baliphotographer #balifamilyphotographer #followme
A magical fairy tale picnic next to the Ayung river for 3 little hungry bears 😍✨🌷 A scene you'll only find at Balè Tudor 🙏 | @thesoulshinefamily @baletudor
And just like that, our little baby turned into a little boy❤ River turned 2 on Saturday (birthday VIDEO link in bio)🦋🎂 and is morphing into a kind, friendly, confident lil human who introduces himself, puts on his own shoes, carries his own things, says hello to everyone wherever he goes & is loving hide & seek now more than ever😄 Thank you for choosing us precious soul✨ I don't know how we ever got this lucky to be able to call you our sonshine🙏 You have amazing things to do on this Planet & have already brought so much love and happiness to othe people's lives by merely existing! We couldn't be more blessed. Happy bEarthday beautiful River😙🎈🎉 The stars are shining just for you! | @thesoulshinefamily #virgochild #virgolove #luckiestparents #vegantoddler #starseed #lightworker
Dearest souls of planet earth, We love you so, we really do. We’re you’re biggest fans! But.. you can be so incredibly stubborn! When something doesn’t work out for you like you planned, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. All blocked roads are blocked off for a reason. Either because of danger, construction or a dead end. Don’t over-complicate things. There is a much easier way to get where you want to be. It’s us gently guiding you, telling you ‘this way my child’. It doesn’t mean that you still can’t get to where you want to be. We’ve just got a wider perspective on things from up here & are able to tell what the easiest route would be for you. We’ve got the satellites. When you resist, it’s like banging on a closed door when there is an open one right next to you, filled with magical possibilities. But you can only reach it once you take a step back, and get clarity on your surroundings. Take a deep breath & proceed to the highlighted route. You’re welcome ❤ Been listening to lots of @abrahamhickspublications & channeled this beautiful message this morning🙏 I cried tears of joy twice already today. Haven't felt this aligned & tuned in to N:OW in a very long time..🌅 So grateful for this beautiful day! I AM love💗
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