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she loved herself but didn't wear it on the outside this love came from the inside as a deep, calm confidence in who she was on this earth— a quiet respect for the person she saw in the mirror. 💫 @atticuspoetry . . . The fabulous Lisa of @warriorsofthedivine , wearing her stunning angel wing kimono in mushroom purple 💕💫 . . . #bali #balifashion #baliphotographer #dreamjob
Sunday morning vibes with @warriorsofthedivine ☕️💫
Pretend I wasn’t even there. Do the silly dance, jumps, run, tickles, giggles! Connect with your love one and be playful just like how you do behind the scene. #familybeachphotos
my hands are so beautifully tied to my dreams 💫 — @loveaprilgreen . . . . . @erinkindt in the gorgeous @warriorsofthedivine Mermaid Dreams dress 💕
And one of these days we’ll no longer betray ourselves in any way, we won’t all look the same way down | @verdkris ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Never speak a word again, i will crawl away for good. | @verdkris ⚡️⚡️
Warm chai and deep breaths of fresh, salty air to start the day with @warriorsofthedivine ☕️🧚🏻‍♀️💫
Look who’s back? I’ve been caught up with works and life events recently which made me didn’t really take photos that much. But I’m glad that i can get the ball rolling again. Hope each one of you is doing great! | @verdkris ⚡️
that wildness inside you where the salt in your bones moves like the tide, and you loosen your grip on the earth - don’t run from that wildness 💫 —@loveaprilgreen . . . . dress: @warriorsofthedivine ‘Summer Wilding’ model: @erinkindt hair: the Bali sea makeup: the sun shoes: barefoot, always 🙏🏻
. Кушать пиццу в 24:00, встретить персональный рассвет в 11:00 и прийти в себя после двойного эспрессо в 13:00 дня... И даже на райском острове люди стремятся прос.. пать жизнь... . От места положения тела в пространстве, часовых поясов, континентов - ничего не меняется. Никакие гуру, коучи, мотивации, ретриты не будут иметь эффекта без намерения изменить себя. . сформулировал давно для себя. Возможно будет полезно. . Спи и ешь меньше, бегай и заплывай дальше. Меньше говори, больше смотри и слушай. Чувствуй глубже, осознавай больше. Будь благодарен и люби безусловно. 🎥 Ph. SONY #rx0
I know you look at my caption.
High tide or low tide, I’ll stay by your side 🌊❤️ Sunnies : @maxgearwear
Had a campaign shoot with @basribali , go check their collection | Masha ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Had a campaign shoot with @basribali , go check their collection! | Masha ⚡️⚡️
Had a campaign shoot with @basribali , go check their collection! | Masha ⚡️
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