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Hold Space for all that is happening so that it has the chance to reveal the wisdom that resides in it ❤ 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ E Q U A N I M I T Y 😍 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ You are the ocean, no need to gasp the waves, learn from them and let them pass by. . . . COME PLAY on the mat! Tonight at @hyayoga Miranda 4:30pm Open, 6pm Yin & 7:30pm Open 💛 Tomorrow at @hyayogacronulla for the best double ever: 6pm Slow Flow & 7:30pm Yin 💚 . Love, Karina xxxxx . . . . . . 📸 @hazel_moonlight 💖 Tags: #thetahealing #yoga #yogateacher #yogateacherlife #yogisofinstagram #yogasydney #yogainspiration #baliyoga #yogagirl #yogafit #mensyoga #mentor #coach #soundhealing #sydneyyoga #yogaaustralia #womenshealth #yogaglo #yogainnature #equanimity #consciousness #awakening
✨Transformational tuesdays! ✨ Above is my scorpion journey over the last three years, These 3 pictures all have one year apart, the first picture was taken 3 years ago when I first started my yoga journey, the second picture is after two years of practising yoga and the bottom is now after three years of consistent practice. Each picture shows the journey and time it’s taken me to get to full scorpion with practice 🙏😘 as you can see I was by no means as flexaible as I am now when I first started yoga 😂 I remember the top photo being taken when I attempted scorpion for the first time and thinking back I’m no where near flexible to do it, but then I thought to myself, I’m going to try my best, continue with regular practice and and see where it takes me! Through daily practice waking up early and working on my strength and flexibility fast forward one year again I progressed further, I became more flexible in my lower lumbar, stronger in my back and shoulders more mobile and able to hold myself up in pincha longer too! Still not there I continued to practice practice practice and told myself I will get there by myself soon. Until 3 years later I’m now in full scorpion. 🙏 If someone told me three years ago I could do scorpion 3 years down the line I would of been baffled as to how! What I have learnt most of all the last few years is yoga can’t be rushed, it takes time and continuity, to see results and to feel the rewards of the practice inside and out we have to keep going with it, even if we feel we can’t, because in the end we’ll get there! ❤️ anything is possible if we put our heart & soul init it! I hear all the time “I’m not flexible enough for yoga” but what I have learnt on my journey is flexibility comes with practice not to start 🙏❤️ Always believe you can and you will ☺️ these pictures show you with practice you can! If I can you can 😘 #myjourney #journeytoscorpion #pincha #balance #flexability #keepgoing #believeyoucan #andyouwill #scorpion #journeytoscorpion
🌳👣 @adamwhitingyoga We are sliding head first into the last few days of teacher training here in Bali. The end of trainings always bring with them a plethora of emotions. Excitement with a fair share of fatigue. Deep love with a side of sadness. And an endless reservoir respect for all of the students that showed up every day and every night with open hearts and shining spirits. • I’ll be hanging out in Bali a bit longer and am so happy that the stars and schedules have aligned and I’ll be teaching at @radiantlyaliveyoga next week! • Thursday | Nov 1 | 9:00am All Levels Vinyasa Thursday | Nov 1 | 6:30pm An Evening of Kirtan Saturday | Nov 3 | 12:45pm The Heart of Hanuman • Come sing, move and play with me in Ubud if you are on this big beautiful island next week! • #ybtt #baliyoga #radiantlyalive • lens: @drishti_videography . . . . #adamwhitingyoga  #yogalife  #yogalove #yogaeverywhere  #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeveryday  #fitness  #fitspo  #hatha #vinyasa #igyoga  #inspire  #connect #yogainspiration #instayoga  #vinyasayoga #movement #yogateacher  #yogainstructor #igyoga #igyogi #yogainspo  #yogainspiration #loveyoga
...just @mediterraneanyogi taking me to places I’ve never been before, per usual! ((this time it was through my own legs)) ‘one more sip....one more....two more....one more’ 🤪 . . Practicing in my new @bambooty.clothing slinky•suit that I absolutely L O V E. It’s so soft that I can hardly tell I have clothes on at all 💕 ethical + sustainable + plant-died here in Bali.....Did I mention I’m in love already? . . . #yoga #merakiyogatrips #bambooty #shopconsciously
✔️Чек лист для тех, кто летит на Бали: . 1. Заняться сёрфингом.🏄‍♀️ 2. Пожить в Убуде среди рисовых полей🌴 3. Практиковать йогу в yoga barn🙏 4. Посетить лучшие органические кафе и выбрать любимое.🥑 5. Попробовать клубничную пиццу с шикарным видом на севере острова🍓 6. Научиться ездить на байке🛵 7. Устроить шоппинг на самой знаменитой улице мастеров в Убуде, где обычно совсем нет туристов (не на рынке, так как там раз в 5 дороже и очень много людей)🏷️ 8. Встретить рассвет на White Sand beach🏝️ 9. Научиться готовить местную еду на кулинарном мастер классе🥗 10. Сходить на местный рынок за фруктами ранним утром (обычно начинают работу в 6 и заканчивают в 9)🍇 . 🌺Это небольшой список из тех вещей, которые помогут почувствовать остров. Почти все это мы делаем в нашем девичнике на Бали. Следующие туры будут в апреле и мае. . 🖊️Пишите мне "хочу с вами" и я отправлю подробную информацию вам на почту.
SAVE THE DATE!!!!!! In one month, I will give two Events @desaseni_avillageresort ————————————- The emotional body is located with the mental, the thoughts. The emotions help to materialise the thoughts, it is the translation between the mind and the physical self. It is what makes us experience thought as real. In order to heal the emotional body, yoga offers a beautiful tool. We do not need to change anything, we do not need to fix ourselves. We need to give the uncomfortable feelings, the pain, the sadness its space. In our YIN session we will help the healing process by releasing the discomfort, creating space and just be with whatever comes up. The painful experiences related to matters of love, isolation, acceptance are situated it the physical body around our vital organs, around the ribcage. We will address the five layers in our chest opening yin practice so that we can allow for them to integrate. It will be a beautiful gift to yourself and the first step towards feeling joy, is allowing yourself to receive all that love you want to give to others, to yourself first. In our MEDITATION, we will concentrate on the emotional body and give the space for it to talk to us. We will then take this further into a visualisation with inner child healing. #seeyouonthemat #practiceandalliscoming #yogaeverydamnday #yogapsychology #calmyourmind #meditation #yin #canggulovesyin #bali #baliyoga #yoga #desaseni
this yogi reached 🇮🇩🙌🏻✨Welcome to Bali, Abi! 🙌🏻😄💕indonesia, you truly are incredible 💋 #incredibleindonesia namaste 🙏🏻💕 — . . . . . . #namaste #balance #standingpose #flexibility #fitnessph #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #love #namaste #yogaloveph #meditation #workout #fitfam #gym #healthy #health #yogachallengeph #yogagirl #motivation #yogini #yogaeverywhere #igyoga #balance #yogalife #fitspo #pilates #instayoga #inspiration #yogaeverydayph #yogainspiration 🙏🏻🧘🏻‍♀️💕 #baliyoga
Tag your friends to do this😍 Follow @spirify_yoga for more👈🏼 @aalsu #baliyoga #poolyoga #groupyoga #yogaposes #yogafun #yogabali
When your homestay is the most beautiful backdrop to your morning yoga session. #baliyoga #yogagirl #yogaeverydamnday #mostly #leoyogini #bali #balitravels #airbnb
CZ/EN Mantra OM - symbolizuje ji znak 🕉. Ve skutečnosti však necháváme tělem znít AUM. Po hlubokém nádechu začínáme A, které zní z břicha a dále pokračuje nahoru U znějící z hrudníku. V poslední fázi dechu necháme doznít se zavřenými ústy M, které vedeme vzhůru. Vyvolané vibrace připravují tělo na praxi, spojujeme své bytí s universem. Používáte rádi tuhle mantru? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Mantra OM - symbol 🕉. However we sing the sound AUM. After a deep breath we begin with A, which sounds from the stomach and then U continues upwards from the chest. In the final phase of breathing, let's pass out with the closed mouth M which we keep up. Vibrations prepare the body for practice and connect our being with the universe. Do you use this mantra? | Ala ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #yogi #yogalife #yogainspiraton #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogaforeveryone #yogapractise #myyogalife #igyoga #yogapose #yogaaddict #yogalove #namaste #joga #jogadnes #joganapohodu #joginka #czechyoga #czechyogi #bali #balilivin #balilife #balinese #baliyoga #balistudio #ilovebali
Are you looking for a retreat in Ubud, but don't need accommodation? We have some great news! You can join our 7-days retreat in December 9-15 at a very low price. Apart from our residential option with accommodation and meals included, we now have a Non-residential option! The NON RESIDENTIAL option for the Retreat includes: 📍Morning and evening yoga sessions with Linda Madani 📍A Batik workshop – traditional Balinese art 📍Tirta Empul temple visit and purification ritual 📍Gunung Kawi temple visit and purification ritual 📍Haven – fire ritual for purification 📍Kirtan session (devotional singing, mantra chanting) All these at a Super Special price ONLY 8million IDR(aprox US$525). Book your spot today, beginners are welcome to join. Read more details on the website, link in bio . . . #travelasia #yogatravel #yogaindonesia #yogaforall
"I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul." – Rumi .
Besok hari rabu waktunya kita yoga, yuk ikutan serunya kelas #Yogaanak di Balistung 🙆🙌 #Yogaanakbali #lesyogaanak #yogabali #kursusyoganak #kursusyoga #baliyoga #yogadenpasar #denpasaryoga
SPINAL WAVES Because I just love them. It's a part of my daily routine and it's a part of every class I teach. People often approach me after class and share how their back pain is gone or how much better they feel after this movement. Others - give me a annoyed looks during the class when I focus too much on mobility. :) The first group- coudnt make me happier. As I often doubt myself in regards of my teaching philosophy and style. I guess, we all do sometimes. I try to focus more on staying true to myself rather than fitting into the 'box'. And thanks to all the wonderful people who cared to share their good words with me, I believe more n more that "being true to yourself' is the right way. So if you resonate with someones ideas/teaching ,- do let them know. Good feedback motivates. It's very needed. For everyone. 💛 Move your spine often. Daily. Attempting to isolate one vertabrae at a time. Dont rush. Accept the stiffness in certain areas. It does get better. Try to get into that point between the shoulderblades. Stop collapsing into the lower back. Slow down. Dont rush. You are doing it for yourself. Dont cheat. And remember- you are as old as you spine feels. Stay young! 🙏💛
Preorder Kahlo Tees from Yoga Democracy. For exclusively curated awesome activewears, shop online at www.dmc-wear.com Local shipping in Singapore and Indonesia. Follow our accounts @dmcwear and @dmcwearactive for complete updates! Preorders are available through our online form or contact us directly. #sgyogaga #sgyogis #namaste #noexcuses #yogaworks #poundfit #runootd #yogamats #yogasg #yogajakarta #fitnessapparel #yogawear #bikramyogasingapore #yogajakarta #yogajambi #yogayogyakarta #yogajogjakarta #yogamedan #adidaswomen #yogasby #yogabali #baliyoga #yogakupang #jakartayoga #yogasurabaya #yogainindonesia #yogagirl #activewear #celanayoga
I love you Bali ❤️🧘🏽‍♀️🙏🏼
I’ve had a very consistent meditation and mantra practice for over a year now and it’s still not always easy. Even now, I’m doing this post instead of meditating! 🙈But no matter how challenging it is for me to sit my butt down every day I still seem to make it happen and I always feel better afterwards. More than better, I feel ready. Ready for whatever comes my way. If you have any questions about mediation or mantra please shoot me a DM. These tools have literally changed my life and more than happy to share whatever knowledge I have. ☺️ 📸 by @sfreneenyc 🌺 Featuring @henrywins 🧜🏼‍♂️ . . . . ALSO - come BALI with me and @antonbrandt for @thesacredfig ‘s annual NEW YEARS RETREAT @bluekarmasecrets + @uluwatusurfvillas 💓💓 - click link in bio to sign up!
Our brand new luxury villa "Mandala. The Home" @mandalaplaces sets amidst the lush tropical forest, perfect for your peaceful getaway in #Bali .⠀⠀ Book now 👇: 📩hello@themandalahousebali.com ⠀⠀ #M .Developments
How are you feeling today? 🌼
We are sliding head first into the last few days of teacher training here in Bali. The end of trainings always bring with them a plethora of emotions. Excitement with a fair share of fatigue. Deep love with a side of sadness. And an endless reservoir respect for all of the students that showed up every day and every night with open hearts and shining spirits. • I’ll be hanging out in Bali a bit longer and am so happy that the stars and schedules have aligned and I’ll be teaching at @radiantlyaliveyoga next week! • Thursday | Nov 1 | 9:00am All Levels Vinyasa Thursday | Nov 1 | 6:30pm An Evening of Kirtan Saturday | Nov 3 | 12:45pm The Heart of Hanuman • Come sing, move and play with me in Ubud if you are on this big beautiful island next week! • #ybtt #baliyoga #radiantlyalive • lens: @drishti_videography
❤️🍒🍷Today is smiles and kicking butt. Last night I was processing old programs of Am I doing enough. . . I’m Lani. I work daily to keep my frequency high. Sometimes I feel afraid my heart will get broken if I trust too much. Sometimes I get in my head and have nightmares about my abusive past. Sometimes I get white girl wasted and split twerk 🍑🍑🍑 And I def cry when I’m processing energy. . . But most of the time.... I feel like a freaking Bad Ass 👊🏼🙋🏽‍♀️😁 Right now I’m in my Feminine Power. I’m loving and nurturing my body. My heart is wide open ❤️ I feel unity with every woman. I feel so loved and I feel safe enough to drop off the Earth with my eyes closed while mama Universe catches me 💫 . . You’re not alone sister. You can learn how to shift fear into love at my Ubud Healing Event 🌈 Feel Yin & Yang Energy meridians through your body. Feel pure Yoni love 🌸 . . We all heal together. I am open AF about my past, my trauma & my practice to stay grounded Right Now. . . I teach truth baby. It’s natural to cry & release and then feel really Bad Ass while you dance in your power 💥 . . My live healing event is Sunday Oct 28th in📍Ubud at 11am. You will learn how to Get In Your Power Instantly and let go of feeling like you’re not enough 💙 . . After my last workshop my client said she was in therapy on and off for 10 years and she wasn’t ever able to have the epiphany she had doing her first healing workshop with me 🌸 . . It’s magic! 🌴Bali Women we are greater together! 👯‍♀️Tag a Bali friend and you will both receive my Morning Healing Meditation as a bonus when you purchase your tickets 🎟🌞🔥 . . Comment or message me for info ⚡️⚡️⚡️ . . I’m wearing @ilovebaliboutique My fave store ❤️ AND they have Halloween costumes at the Padang Store so get there NOW 🎃 . . I love you. I see you. Sister I stand with you ❤️ . . Let’s be Bad Ass together 👊🏼 . . #ubud #bali #baliyoga #balievent #ubudyoga #balihealing #feminineenergy #divinefeminine #energyhealing #ubuddance #yoni #balilife #ubudmeditation #iambadass
I’ve been afraid to fall for a very long time. When I started to work on my arm balances eight months ago, it became a real problem. I had to face my fear, to acknowledge it and overpass it. I came to realize that I was deeply afraid of getting hurt and suffer. It wasn’t really about falling or failing but about pain and suffering. What if I injured myself? What is true though is that I kept going to arm balances classes every week, I kept challenging myself and practice until I started trusting myself. My body knows how to fall, and it had known it all the way. But my head was stronger. My head kept asking me what if. What if I die from brain concussion? We move forward in life with our head, with plans and ideas and strategies. We move forward in life with control. Not only we have no control at all but more importantly we’re missing the point. We’re missing the magic of life. The magic of my body who knows exactly what is good for me, who knows exactly who I am and what I am made for, who knows exactly how to take care of myself, how to catch myself if I fall, how to heal if I get injured, how to grow. We just have to listen and trust. Your body tells you everything you need to know. Your body has your back, and from day one. Listen and trust. #selfexpressionisselflove - Thanks to all my teachers who told me this a million times but you know, until you realize it for yourself you don’t hear 😂. @yoganthropologist @murnimade @markdas @carlostaomovement @julcirkyoga
Planning a Bali wedding? Keep @thedosebali in mind for the recovery brunch 🥂#BaliBrides #DestinationWeddings
If you want your own peace and quiet, be in yourself, be at home, be grounded, in the body🧘🏼‍♀️, in the moment.👁 #bepresent Otherwise, all the benefits for your efforts will get someone else instead of you.☝🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ My #sadhana for the teacher course "Yoga of Awareness" in Serbia.🏵 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Если вы хотите вашего собственного мира и покоя, будьте в себе, будьте дома, заземляйтесь, находитесь в теле🧘🏼‍♀️, в моменте.👁 #bepresent Иначе все преимущества за ваши старания получит кто-то другой вместо вас.☝🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Моя садхана для учительского курса «Йога осознания» в Сербии.🏵 . . #yoga #yogalove #travel #mylife #myspace #myreality #revitonica #youngface #art #views #balilife #baliyoga #caretolife #trueloveunity #truelovetour #masterclasses #voice #beautiful #storyofmylife #kundalini #happy #earth #bali #singaporeweekend #singapore #kundaliniyoga #truelovetour
When was the last time You made some one happy 😃? Maybe a complete stranger ? 💖🌟 . . . . #gratitude #gratefulheart #happy #smile #lifegoals #yogagivesback #love
Back in yoga studio after week break from gym. ✔20 minutes walk ✔yoga session - forward bend 🌞🌞🌞🌴🌴🌴 What are you guys up to today? #fitmom #fitnessmom #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #yogagirl #baliyoga #yogagoals #loosingweight #gettingfit #gyminspiration #fitnesslifestyle #chudnutie #dnescvicim #weightloss #yogamotivation
Walking out of @thepracticebaliyoga after a wonderful yoga session and seeing this little cutie... 🐱
Expect nothing, accept everything. So much of a meditation practice is about managing expectations. We can't chase sensations! Not every meditation will be like sitting in a rain of glory. Some days your monkey mind will jump around from branch to branch. Other days you may feel like Buddha himself. There are no "bad" meditations – simply more or less awareness. Be patient with your practice. Be indifferent to whatever experience that is offered, and you will reap the beautiful benefits.
Our 2019 offering is almost complete and ready for YOU! •••|||••• Are you ready to.... Experience Mama Bali like never before? •••|||••• Explore her hidden gems away from the tourist trail and hear the wisdom of the island from the locals? •••|||••• Dive deep into movement as a medicinal practice which will elevate your spirit, nourish your embodiment and give you something to take home and share with your tribe? •••|||••• Learn how to make your own skin care products and extract flower infusions for their unique skin enhancing properties and divine smell? •••|||••• Laze around the pool in a sublime tropical paradise which will make you pinch yourself to ensure you're not dreaming? •••|||••• Learn about daily ritual in synch with the natural cycles of existence and the world around you? •••|||••• Embody, practice and fall in love with yourself as you move and flow around the mat twice daily with sunrise qigong practices and Prana Vinyasa yoga? •••|||••• Connect with like minded friends on the path who will feel like family when you return home? •••|||••• Each year our tribe grows and blossoms as we soak up the bhav of Mama Bali, layers upon layers of goodness filling your mind, body and spirit with the only magic this island of the Gods cultivated. •••|||••• Stay tuned for our date announcement and special early bird booking exchange! . . . #delamaydevi #movementmedicine #yogaretreat #baliyogaretreat #yogateachertraining #movementasmedicine #movementismedicine #dailyoffering #baliyoga #pranavinyasa #pranaflow #yogateacher #yogamentor #yoginilife #yoginilifestyle #yogatribe #agnihotra #fullmoonritual #fullmoonvibes #yogapractice #iloveyoga #movementritual #balineseceremony #sacredritual #grateful 🙏
Taman Hatiでのクラスはその日私含め3人だけだったんですが、日本人の女性の方とそのお友達のバリ人のデサさん(旦那さんが日本人♡)が話しかけてくれて、すごく嬉しかった💛 その後、近くの日本食屋さんでランチをご馳走になったし、サヌールまでのバスの手配まで手伝って下さった😢 ありがとうが止まらなかった! バリで色んな人に助けてもらったので、日本で毎日徳を積もう。 #bali #baliyoga #ubud #yoga #ヨガ旅
English in comment🔽 Часть 2. Продолжение. Если не видели начало, то сохраняем этот пост и читаем сначала вчерашний. ▶️Через год или два горизонт стал расчищаться от туч и начало пробиваться солнце радости и удовольствия от практики. Я начал чувствовать тело, оно становилось податливее и отзывчивее, сильнее и здоровее. Я стал менее вспыльчив и раздражителен, меньше нервничал и стал более сфокусирован. Постепенно перестал есть мясо, без насилия над собой - просто не хотелось. Потом ушёл и алкоголь и поменялся образ жизни. Здоровье начало восстанавливаться. Колени, которые ни один врач не могл вылечить, сначала прекратили прогрессировать, а потом пошли на улучшение. Все это проходило через боль, дисциплину, усилия, но зато я получал ценнейший опыт. Не из книг, а я проживал это сам, чувствовал в своём теле. Постепенно пришло осознание, что этот опыт может быть полезен другим, и несправедливо держать его только при себе. С тех пор начал делиться опытом и знаниями - преподавать и консультировать. Теперь мои двери открыты для всех желающих. 🤗 Я специализируюсь на Хатха и виньяса флоу йога. Также провожу сессии йога-нидры (глубокое психическое и физическое йоговское расслабление), медитации (випассана, метта) и с недавних пор - стретчинг (растяжка). Занятия подходят для любого уровня подготовки за счёт того, что я даю вариации асан от простых к самым сложным. Таким образом новичкам всегда по силам сделать базовый вариант, а продвинутые могут углубить свою практику и освоить что-то новое. Во время практики я помогаю персонально каждому ученику корректно и безопасно отстроить асану с учетом возможностей его тела. Например, была ученица с травмой голени. За счёт индивидуального подбора асан и использования йога блоков и ремня она могла полноценно заниматься вместе с остальной группой. . Кто готов - записываемся в директ. 📩 Продолжение следует. . . #yogateacher #balilife #балийога #yogajourney #yogapractice #yogalife #yogagram #yogadaily #yogainspiration #asana #yogapose #yogalove #baliyoga #йога #йогакаждыйдень #медитация #асана #йоганабали #бали2018
TEMPORARY CIRCUMSTANCES ⭕️ Today I had some interesting conversations about embracing your emotions. Society forces us to cover up our emotions as long as they are not aligned with what the people around you want to see in you. You are not allowed to be unhappy, scared or depressed for more than a couple of days. BUT sometimes those feelings stay with us for a much longer period. Instead of hiding, blocking or covering that emotion, I want to invite you to give in to whatever you feel. Listen to your body, your heart and your mind and just accept the emotions you have. Don’t be scared of being vulnerable. The only thing you have to do is accepting every emotion as a temporary state. Nothing lasts for ever neither our emotions nor our bodies. Everything follows the principles of “Memento mori”. Life is comparable to water. We are in constant motion and surrounded by different vibrations. If you can accept everything that happens as a temporary circumstance, you will always keep on moving forward. I wish you a wonderful Tuesday and feel free to join our beautiful “get together Sunset 🌅 yoga class” @thepaluh at 6 pm tonight. 📸 @diographyproduction
🙏 @seebenow Our bodies energy channels – are they real? Some people say if we can’t see it, it’s not there. . The meridians in Chinese medicine, or Nadis in Yogic Philosophy, can be described as carriers of the flow of energy that moves throughout our body. I’m blessed to enable you to experience them, and help you believe these channels are real. . . Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced practitioner, this Immersion Series provides a chance to go deeper into the connections amongst the many organs and systems in our body, and understand how we can better optimize health, wellness and performance. . . Check out “Yoga Therapy" and "Elements of Yin Yoga" series on www.seebenow.com . HINT: use code TINA and receive 33% discount on annual membership!!! . . . #tinananceyogatherapy #tnyt #yoga #meditation #yinyoga #mindfulness #yogatherapeutics #embodiedfeminineawakening #seebenow #yogavideo #baliyoga #yogateacher #yogini #yogateachertraining @elementa_app #elementaapp
Going out on a limb! Braving the heights, and trusting your centre . There is a richness in trust that allows freedom in the mind and the body. A call to find the ability to trust that in some mad way we are all held .. by the web of the universe. Sat nam! Cott Wednesday : 6am Mal is ready to take you through the practice, “no bone unturned” 900 am join @earthpulls ! Cody will as always invite every sense into the Asana.. expressing love with fingers, toes, breath and mind 🙏🏻 445 it’s a must!! Calling all serious yogis to the mat! @bkwantfood has what you need! 630 @beme_yoga will soothe your achey minds , don’t miss this inspired woman! City: 700am a call to city yogis to meet @beme_yoga as she opens up your day with a perfect flow. 1200pm @malaboy007 for a recharge flow. 545pm @agirlnamedshayne is back to yinspire! #sakshi #yoga #notperfect #keepitreal #yogalife #fitfam #baliyoga
D A Y S . L I K E . T H E S E ... 🌈 even when the glare is a little blinding lol... Always make room for what fills up your spiritual reserves and sets your creativity and your heart free. 💙💚💛 . . . . . . . Tags: #thetahealing #yoga #yogateacher #yogateacherlife #yogisofinstagram #yogasydney #yogainspiration #baliyoga #yogagirl #yogafit #mensyoga #mentor #coach #soundhealing #sydneyyoga #yogaaustralia #womenshealth #yogaglo #yogainnature #equanimity #consciousness #awakening #selfie
This is my first birthday without my beautiful mommy in this world... and even with this horrible pain in my heart, my wonderful family managed to make it so special for me! Thank you @shnuriksyr for giving me royal treatment (on my birthday and always) 😘❤️😘! Each year you keep on outdoing yourself, can’t wait to see what my 80th birthday will look like😅! . . . #bali #birthdaytrip #baliyoga #mybalitrip #yogaonvacation #omsquaredgroup #yogawithyulia #yogaeverywhere #yogalove #yogalife #yogafun #domoreyoga #myyoga #namaste #lovingkindness #yogatime #yogaeveryday #strongyogi #yogachallenge #inkedyogi
Remember to smile, for it is a window for your soul to be seen 😁🙏🏻
Sunset waves 💥 @sashafr0mrussia
Don’t be that guy. #randomtalkingvideo
EVENT | The Art of Sequencing with Paul Teodo Are you a teacher looking for teaching inspiration or a newcomer wanting to build a home practice? Either way this 1 day workshop with Paul Teodo is a fabulous opportunity to reap the benefits of his teaching experience at Santa Monica Power Yoga, the first 'power yoga' studio (Bryan Kest's studio) in the US. With a focus on creating strong yet safe sequencing this workshop will allow you to work through yoga sequence breakdowns with plenty of opportunity for questions and answers. In recent times Paul was named #1 Yoga Teacher in Los Angeles by the Culture Trip and we are blessed to have him on our team. . 📅 Tues 30th October, 9am to 5pm . 📸 @teodoyogaguitar
💫 Magiskt💫Överallt dessa vackra offergåvor till gudarna. Varje morgon och kväll. Dess rökelse vars doft man kan ana. Omsorgen om blommorna, färgerna och sammansättningen🌸. ____________________________________________ #bali #yoga #magi #baliyoga #mindyouryogini
If you are aiming to relax, feel good and enjoy this paradise in a beautiful quiet villa as we immerse into the practice of yoga, and many other beautiful activities as surfing in these paradisiacal views this is your place to be, welcome :) • • • • • #yogadaily #yogaretreat #yogaandsurf #detoxretreat #ayurvedabali #yogaeverydamnday #yogatrip #baliyoga #balisurf #surfingbali #yogatherapy #balitravel #balidaily #visitbali #baliretreat #balilove #balilife #lovebali #indoyogaretreats #balitemples #yogainspiration #ayurvedalife
A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. ~Zen Shin
. Beneath the pain is a lesson Beneath sorrow is hope Beneath the struggle is courage When it seem all is lost, you find what you really need... ~Dodinsky . . #yoga #yogagirl #yogapose #yogaflow #yogaforlife #freedom #letgo #mylifejourney #walkaway #bali #yogacanggu #canggu #baliyoga #bali #lovebali #balibaby #myyogajourney #aloyoga #devisuyogajourney #October2018 @aloyoga
No worries, we have all the equipment in our Yoga Shala you may need for a tranquil yoga session. 📿 #seedresort #roteisland #baliyoga #yogalife
Yessss! It is time to get ready to BALI 😍 We only have few spots left. I am thrilled to be part of this incredible Experience at @soulshinebali yoga retreat. Join me, my soul sisters @beta_lisboa & @filipaveigayoga to a juicy yoga retreat in Bali. November 17th-24th Check out our website for details http://elkayoga.com/yoga-retreats/ #yogaretreat #baliyoga #retreatbali #soulshinebali #livingthejuicylife #rechargeyogaretreat #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamday #ubudyoga #ubud #bali
LET IT HEAL AND LET IT GO 🍃 . Zen of Touch Workshop: Thai Yoga Massage #DYF2018 by Made Agus Wirayasa @madeyoganae . Workshop yang dibawakan oleh Bapak Made Agus Wirayasa kali ini bertujuan melengkapi latihan yoga dengan perpaduan antara yoga dan Thai Massage. Dengan mendalami ZenThai Shiatsu beliau belajar banyak tentang teknik Thai massage dan Osteopath untuk kesehatan tulang belakang. Ditambah lagi dengan memasukkan unsur Yin Yoga kedalamnya, maka akan sangat membantu untuk menambah kenyamanan anda saat beryoga. . Massage ini bisa dilakukan terpisah sebagai terapi untuk penyakit-penyakit tertentu karena cara kerjanya serupa dengan yin yoga yaitu dikembangkan dari ilmu Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian. Satu kode umum di dunia massage adalah pemahaman bahwa disana akan ada sentuhan (body contact). Ini seharusnya dilakukan dengan landasan ketulusan hati dan perasaan saling percaya. Inilah yang akan membuka ruang bagi kesehatan tubuh dan keselarasan jiwa. . 📷 by @wpbali 🔸DENPASAR YOGA FESTIVAL & BALI YOGA AWARD 2018 🔸#DYF #DenpasarYogaFestival #happiness #ZenOfTouch #YogaWorkshop #ThaiYogaHealingMassage #festivaldenpasar #yogafestival #festival #baliyogateacher #denpasarnow #eventdenpasar #yogaindonesia #namaste #namaskar #yogagram #yogadaily #yoga #yogi #yogini #baliyoga #yogiofinstagram #yogagram #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere
Virabhadrasana 2. Surrounded by nature again and in my happy place 🌿
🧘🏼‍♀️Savasana @mojo.surf @redislandsurfcamp
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